By: Ryan Elias

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 26th Jul 2021

Let me tell you, I’m vicious

Not pass-aggressive

I got my finger on my pulse, staring straight into a hole and I’ma get it

And I’m a savage

It’s automatic

I got a way of making noise, the power to destroy with no static


A slight groan escaped the lips of Ryan as he rolled over and sat up. The inescapable thought running through his mind, Ďwhere am I?í. Two weeks ago he had been in NYC, two weeks ago he lost to that blonde chick Preston or something. Since that night, everything has been a fuzzy blur. Was he drugged? Was he…Ryan shook the thoughts from his head, it all started at that church, all started because Ryan has had an insatiable belief that he is not who he thinks he is.†


The shrinks have all told him he was crazy, everything was from the time he served in the Navy. But thatís just it, Ryan canít even remember being in the Navy, canít remember much of anything anymore. One would almost say it was like his mind had been wiped, all except a certain handful of memories that just sent him reeling in circles. Those memories have only served to increase his paranoia more, add in the lost time he keeps experiencing and one can easily understand the cause for concern Ryan is experiencing.††


Everything returned to that brown building, that place that has led him to the realization of his fatal flaw. He needed answers about why his mind was continually letting him down and that building was the only place he would get them, and so that building was where he had to go. ĎThis would be easier if you just let me in.í Ryanís own voice startled him just as he reached the door. There it was the most unsettling part of everything that had happened, he was talking to himself in his mind, and for some reason it felt all too normal.




You gotta feel courage

Embrace possession

If it was easier to shatter everything that ever mattered

But it’s not, because it’s your obsession

Be a fighter, backbone, desire

Complicated and it stings, (but we both know what it means)

And it’s time to get real and inspired

What are you doing here?” A voice yelled from behind the wooden doors of the rundown church.†


What happened to me here?” Ryan yelled back.†


The doors of the building swung open and the same man Ryan remembered from two weeks ago stepped out. “Do you really not remember?” the man asked as he strode down the steps.


I showed up, there was a pain in my head, thenÖ” In that moment Ryanís mind went wild. ĎLet me in.í His voice screamed at him from inside his mind. “You attacked me.” Ryan said with a tone of shock and surprise.


So it worked then.” The man said with a smile, waving his arms for the others that had circled Ryan to stand down. “We had feared that the process wouldn’t work. But as you stand before us, it clearly has worked quite well.” The man smiled. ĎLet me in.í Ryanís voice responded.


What process?” Ryan shot back trying to hold the growing anger inside of him.†


You have secrets Ryan, secrets that we couldnít risk getting out, so we had to take them from you.” The man raised both hands as he stepped slowly forward. “We just want to help you, the secrets were destroying you, turning you into something we know you never wanted to be.” The man placed his right hand on Ryanís shoulder.†


ĎLET ME IN!í Ryanís voice yelled at him in his mind. ĎWE CAN BE ONE AGAIN, LET ME IN!í The voice insisted. “What kind of secrets?” Ryan asked as he pushed his own voice aside.


If I told you then it would defeat the whole purpose of what we have gone through. Just know that we did exactly what you wanted, gave you what you asked for.” The man said with a smile. ĎWE NEVER ASKED FOR IT! THEY TORE US APART! THEY ARE AFRAID OF US!í Ryanís voice yelled at him from within his own head.


Let me ask you something, maybe you will understand this question more than me. What happens if I let him in?” Ryan asked as he cocked his head sideways. He didnít even need an audible answer, the fear on the manís face told him what he needed to know. ĎLET ME IN!í The voice yelled at Ryan, and he answered back. ĎYES.í


I’m gonna make it rain, so ring the bell

I know it all too well

Switchblade on the edge of your wrist

Can I get a witness? (witness)

‘Cause agony brings no reward

For one more hit and one last score

Don’t be a casualty, cut the cord


We could talk all day about what happened, how it all went down, but it is just easier to sum it all up with these words, Ryan walked away, and only Ryan walked away. In a moment everything came back to him, EVERYTHING. All that had been stripped away was returned, his memories, everything, it all made sense. Those that sought to control him were gone, the walls removed and all that remained was Ryan Elias.†




The chair twisted around and Ryan sat down in it, folding his arms over the back and leaning forward. “Hello David.” Ryan said with a smooth tone. “I will take the stunned look on your face and the fact your jaw is quite literally hanging open as you are surprised to see me.“†


Who are you?” David asked feigning confusion.


Oh David, letís not continue the charade anymore. I distinctly remember you and I, a few bottles of champagne and those lovely three blondes, what were their names?” Ryan tilted his head a bit as he asked the question. “I mean I donít remember, I doubt you truly do either, neither of them were your wife, that is for sure.


What do you want Ryan?” David demanded more than asked.


I was going to ask you why, but then I remembered just what exactly it is you owe me.” Ryan said with a smile.


Not here, donít make meÖ” Ryan cut him off.


What, have your associates pull out their guns and point them at me sideways? Come now David we are better than that, and we both know just how that would end up. No, let’s just finish our business right here, right now, you owe me and I have come to collect.” Ryan said with a smile.†


I canít pay it back right now, I donítÖ


Are you saying you are of no use to me?” Ryan asked


No, I…I will get you what I owe, just give me time.” David replied, a tremble in his voice.†


Excellent, you have 7 days.” Ryan stood up, spun the chair around and slipped it under the table. “Gentleman!” He said with a nod and wink as he strode off.†


Now victory is all you need

So cultivate and plant the seed

Hold your breath and count to ten, just count to ten, just count to ten


There is no telling how far someone will truly go to keep a secret. They will exploit you at every turn if they have too, just so they can maintain their peace of mind. I get it, donít really agree with it, but I get it. My biggest flaw has always been that I wanted to be normal, I wanted to live that life where you got up, kissed your wife, ate breakfast and went to your cubicle and did your job for eight hours. That isnít me though, it never has been and now I know it will never be.†


People exploited me for that desire, I let them, let them take from me everything, strip me of who I was, but that has changed. No more will they be able to just take from me who I was, exploit me for what I wished I could be. Things have gone back to what they were, become what they didnít want. Iím okay with that. The real question is are you? Because deep down inside you probably havenít thought this through, havenít given credence to what you are actually getting.†


No, you just saw the name, realized what had happened and gave me the gift that I needed. You knew I wanted the fallacy stripped away and so you provided me with it, all so you could make a buck at my expense. But you wonít be the one paying the price right away will you? No, Miss Michelle will be paying that price first. I truthfully donít have anything against her, but we both know that hasnít stopped me before. It doesnít have to be personal for me. Itís just another mission, another target, and you put the bullseye on her back.†


I should thank you though, I do feel free. But we both know I wonít be thanking you anytime soon, this is business and itís time for me to handle mine. Now you should handle yours, apologize to Miss Michelle now, she deserves it for what you have done to her, let her know you didnít intend for it to go this way, lie to her like you lie to yourself. Then go to bed tonight, kiss your significant others and think about what you have done. You re-unleashed Ryan Elias on the world.†


Ryan saved the video clip and handed it to Jaxon. “Send it off.“†


Do you intend to hurt her?” Jaxon asked.


I intend to make an example, Jaxon. If that means she gets hurt, then so be it.” Ryan said as he stood up.


Very well sir, there is a Mr. Specter here to see you.” Jaxon nodded as Ryan waved for him to send the man in.††


Ryan Elias.” The man in a white mask said as he strode through the door.†


In the flesh.” Ryan quipped back as he motioned for Specter to take a seat, doing so himself.† “What do I owe the pleasure?” Ryan asked.


Now that you have returned, we must talk about what that means for you, me, and the organization.Ҡ


Not at all surprising that you are the one they sent.” Ryan said with a smile. “Assure the organization that we will be returning to the status quo.“†


I donít knowÖ


It will be fineÖ” Ryan was cut off by Specter.


There are a lot ofÖ


There are no issues, the people you use are my people, they will come back to me if I want them too. Accept the reality of what has happened, you all got fat off my absence but I am back to take what is mine.” Ryan shot back.


They wonítÖ


Then make them, or I will.” Ryan said with a smile. “Now if you donít mind, Ms, October and September would like to get to know me better.” Ryan said with a wink as he tossed a calendar down on the table in front of specter. “I trust you know your way out.“†


Freedom, la la la la

Freedom, follow me

Freedom, la la la la

Freedom cut it

Freedom, la la la la

Freedom, follow me

Freedom, la la la la



Word Count: 1903