Revenge is a disease

By: Enforcer

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 27th Dec 2021


::Enforcer is sitting in a chair away from the main stage of the Velveteen Rabbit Strip Club in New York City. As he is drinking a glass of scotch while enjoying watching the dancer up on the stage when two members of the Club’s Security team walk up to Enforcer. The Enforcer looks up at the Security guards with a devilish grin on his face.::


Enforcer:How are you two doing, fellas?


::Enforcer takes another sip of scotch. One of the security members leans down and whispers into Enforcer’s ear.::


Security Guard:We need you to come with us.


::Enforcer looks over at the security guard.::


Enforcer:And why is that?


Security Guard:I think you are smart enough to know why…Anthony. You damn well know, if Anika arrives here tonight and sees you sitting in her club then shit will hit the fan for not only you but it will be very shitty for my team and I. 


Enforcer:You know, you are very much right and I really appreciate you thinking of me. Sure, it is probably more to do with your own self preservation than concern for me and I can appreciate that so much. I get it, I really do. But…


Security Guard:Please tell me you are not going to make this difficult.


::Enforcer smiles and takes the last swig of scotch. He then looks over at the security guard.::


Enforcer:Me? Make something difficult? Never. You guys should know that I am a very go with the flow kind of guy.


Security Guard:Good, so you are not going to make things difficu…


::Suddenly Enforcer cracks the empty glass that once held the scotch he was drinking over the head of the Security Guard. The security guard collapses to one knee as the other security guard and the rest of the security team from around the club swarms Enforcer.::


4 Hours Later


::In the middle of the night a bit disheveled,The Enforcer is riding an A train in New York City. He is looking around the train he is in and sees one transient sleeping on the other side of the train. Enforcer shakes his head as he looks out into the New York City night.::


Enforcer:It could have been worse. I could be in jail right now. Tonight didn’t go as I would have liked but tonight it went as expected. It was foolish of me to even think that I would be allowed into the Velvet Rabbit. They might have thrown me out of the club but the security team had to earn their money for the night. The silver lining is that Ani wasn’t there when I tried to go into the club. Otherwise she would have tried to kick my ass and jump on my back like a damn spider monkey. So here I am riding around the city instead of going back home and calling it a night. I am riding around the city in the middle of the night because when I go face to face with Ani our match can and will most likely go all over the city. No borough will be safe. Shit! We can end up in the giraffe exhibit of the Bronx Zoo, we can end up inside the Statue of Liberty, on a ferry as it sits in the middle of the Hudson River. Who the fuck knows? That is just the fun part of it, I guess.


::The train slows down and stops. The doors open but there isn’t anyone coming or leaving. After thirty seconds the doors closes, the train starts moving and picks up speed.::


Enforcer:This match between Ani and I is a culmination of a very bumpy road because we all knew that we formed a bond during our time in the Syndicate. A bond that spilled over to our tenure here in Fight NYC! But that bond has been fractured probably for good when I decided to turn my back on her for what I thought was a good deal. And I have been in this business long enough to know what would be best for me but I went against my better judgement to cross a line that I should have never crossed. Now here we are each preparing to go into battle in World War three. 


::The A Train begins to slow down again. Once the train stops The Enforcer gets up from the seat he was in and begins walking to the train door. He exits the train and over to the stairs. He steps over a hobo sleeping in the stairwell and walks down the stairs.::


Enforcer:Fuckin nasty ass hobo stench! 


::Enforcer shakes his head in disgust as he continues to walk down the stairs.::


Enforcer:Despite everything that has gone on for me in Fight NYC! Over the course of this past year. Much of it I brought in on myself. Which obviously includes going face to face with the wrath of Ani. I have to say that me allowing myself to think immersing myself in everything that is The Cure. I could see that The Cure was a sinking ship yet I decided to allow myself to believe that I can somehow resurrect them amongst all of their enfighting. So it is not surprising that I am here standing on the ruins that were once The Cure. Now I have to come face to face with the consequences of my actions. The common consensus would have you believe that Ani will be my maker when we do battle and I get it. Anicka Swan learned at the feet of VooDoo. As someone who has been in the ring against both ladies I know the gravity of that learning tree. Despite all the regret I have for turning my back on you all those months ago Ani I know this thing between us won’t be settled just by words. When I went to apologize to you a couple months ago I knew it was a long shot but dammit I had to try. When we ended up fighting throughout the Tower I knew this was the only way we could end this dispute between us. So here we are at the precipice of this battle that we both will do whatever it takes to be able to not only walk away from when it is all said and done but walk away with a victory. As much as I am being viewed as the underdog we all know that I can take the fight to Ani because that is what I did in our two previous encounters. Including picking up the win the last time. I mean sure, I got a little assist but I got the victory that can never be taken away. Rest assured I will bring the fight to you Ani and maybe just maybe after it is all said and done when we are covered in our own blood we could possibly put this shit behind us.


::Enforcer continues to walk away as the camera fades to black.::