ĒRising amateurs always intimidate falling masters.Ē

By: Amari Kent

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 16th Jul 2021

Washington, DC

Blood Money




The scene opens up with Amari making his way backstage where North is waiting for him with a towel and some water, she wraps her arms around his sweaty and stiff body, she takes her hand and moves it up to the back of his neck and starts massaging his neck.†


Amari was upset, he didnít understand why he couldnít get the job done, in his mind he had the match in the palm of his head but the outcome didnít turn out the way he wanted too. After being eliminated by Apathy, Amari hated losing because he knew had what it takes to be a star and a winner. The two head to his locker room and Amari plops down in the chair, he places his hand on his head and stares down at the floor. North sits down besides him and starts rubbing her hand across his back.†

NORTH WYNTERS: I really donít know what to say baby, I donít want to say the wrong thing because I can see how upset you are.

AMARI KENT: Iím more than upset, Iím passed. Fuck Apathy yo, I swear if we meet again Iím wrecking that bitch.

NORTH WYNTERS: This isnít the end baby, Iím sure better things are coming. I know you wanted to win, baby but you put on a really good show and you lasted a long time. That right there shows the drive you have to be at the top.

Amari looks at North and tries to crack a smile.†

AMARI KENT: You always know what to say to make me feel better, Iím not going to let this loss stop me from climbing to the top but damn it would have been nice to have that win on my record.

Amari knew this loss wasnít going to be his only one, he was sure he would suffer more in the future but it was something about the Blood Money match that was really important to him. He trained his ass off for days just to let Apathy eliminate him, in his mind the only thing he could see was how close he was to winning, just to let it slip right through his hands. He couldnít shake that image and sound† of the announcer confirming the elimination of Amari.

NORTH WYNTERS: Letís grab some food and get you back to the hotel. Iíll give you a rub down.

AMARI KENT: That sounds nice for real, I need it especially after tonight.†

NORTH WYNTERS: Of course babe, let me help you take your mind off of what happened, but before we go I do want to ask you something.

AMARI KENT: Whatís up?

NORTH WYNTERS: I ran into Todrick earlier and he expressed some feelings about us not attending his wedding. He seemed pretty upset and from the conversation we had, you guys havenít talked at all.

Amari looks at North and from the expression on his face you can tell he was annoyed. Amari knew not going to his cousins wedding was going to cause issues between the two and even though he could have set his hatred aside for Austin to attend the wedding, Amari felt it was best for him not to attend, he did send flowers and a letter congratulating his cousin but Iím sure his presence was preferred instead of flowers and a card.

AMARI KENT: Nah we havenít talked, heís mad at me and he has every right to be. But I sent Todrick a text explaining why I didnít want to attend his wedding and he read the message but didnít respond.

NORTH WYNTERS: Was it because of Austin?

AMARI KENT: Thatís the main reason, I donít support their relationship at all and he knows it. Austin is a toxic ass clown and when I get the opportunity to knock his fucking teeth out, I will. So itís not that I donít care that Todrick is upset with me because I do care but whatís the difference of him being upset now then later on after I beat his husband’s ass.

NORTH WYNTERS: Iím concerned about their relationship too, but at the end of the day baby itís not our business. Iím sure a lot of people didnít support us and still donít, just like a lot of people judged how we got together. But here we are still living our life and being in love. The one thing about Todrick is that he never judged us and he has always supported us being together so I think we owe them the same respect.†

Amari knew North was speaking facts, when Amari and North went public with their relationship, it wasnít received well and a lot of people dragged Northís name in the mud. The only thing Amari could do at this point was to apologize and hope that his favorite cousin forgave him.

AMARI KENT: I donít know how to approach him, I donít want to text him but maybe I can get him to meet me somewhere so we can talk about it.

NORTH WYNTERS: And do it off camera babe, itíll prove to him itís more sincere than doing it for an audience.†

AMARI KENT: You already know MIL is going to want that filmed for the show.

NORTH WYNTERS: They donít have to know.†

AMARI KENT: Iíll reach out to Todrick and apologize to him, whether he accepts it and moves on then thatís up to him.

NORTH WYNTERS: Thatís all you can do baby, but letís get out of here.

The two start gathering their things and head for the door, the scene fades to black.[/center]

Atlanta, GA



Amariís younger days had it’s ups and down, his relationship with his parents wasnít the best during his younger years but as he grew older the relationship got better. Just to take you back if you donít remember, Amari got caught up with his older cousin Dante Simmons who at the time was taking advantage of Amari. It wasnít just physical, but Dante took advantage of Amari mentally and emotionally. There was an incident where Dante took Amari on a robbery and the owner showed up at home, Amari was able to escape through a window but Dante stayed behind and from a distance the only thing Amari could hear was shots being fired. Now the owner didnít die but did suffer from injuries and Dante ended up escaping too. Now this secret Amari has held onto for a longtime and it has been eating at him since, Dante wasnít letting him live it down and now that Amari is getting some money, Dante wants in.

Atlanta, GA



Amariís House

“Rising amateurs always intimidate falling masters.”

The scene opens up inside of Amariís house, Amari is shown using some of his workout equipment trying to make sure his body stays right and on point. He switches to another machine but stops when he hears a bang at his front door. Amari jumps up and rushes to the front window and notices a Black Excursion sitting on his front lawn, he looks through the window and doesnít see anyone inside of the car so he pulls out his phone and looks and pulls up the ring app.

AMARI KENT: The fuck is he doing here?

Amari notices his cousin Dante standing at his front door and in his hand heís holding a Glock 9.†


Dante continues banging on the door.

DANTE SIMMONS: Iíll shoot through this motherfucker, fuck your neighbors and fuck the police, I said OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR PUSSY.

Amari slowly walks to the front door, he stands there contemplating if he should open the door. The gun his cousin was holding didnít scare Amari because Amari was used to being around guns, but the fact his cousin knows where he lives kind of made him feel uneasy. Amari finally opens the door and Dante charges in pushing Amari to the side, Dante turns and points the gun directly in Amariís face and he pushes the door closed.

DANTE SIMMONS: Why the fuck it take you so long to open the door nigga? I know you saw me, you got cameras all around this bitch.

AMARI KENT: What do you want, Dante? And get that fucking gun out my face! I know you’re not going to shoot me nigga.

DANTE SIMMONS: Yea you right Iím not going to shoot you, but I could shoot your bitch and not give a fuck.

AMARI KENT: Leave North out of this because she has nothing to do with this shit.

DANTE SIMMONS: Why are you faking on letting me smash that hoe, back in the day we were smashing hoes together but now you are holding out.†

Amari balls his fist up ready to punch Dante in his face. But Dante pushes up on Amari and this time the gun is touching Amariís forehead.

DANTE SIMMONS: I told you donít play with me fool,†

AMARI KENT: I asked you what the fuck you wanted.

Amari pushes the gun away from his forehead and he turns and walks toward the living room. Dante chuckles as he places the gun back in his pants and follows behind Amari, both sit on the couch but on opposite sides.

DANTE SIMMONS: I need you to hold onto this money and some other shit I got just until the heat on me dies down.

AMARI KENT: What? Fuck no. I already told you I wasnít doing that shit anymore, bruh you are in your late 20ís still hitting fucking licks!

DANTE SIMMONS: Not everyone has it easy like you Mari, I do what I need to do to survive in this fucking world. Why are you acting like you donít want to help me yo?†

AMARI KENT: Because I donít. How do you even know where the fuck I live?

DANTE SIMMONS: I already told you that you canít hide from me for too long, we have this connection like twins so Iíll always know where to find you. I know your secrets and all I have to do is expose them which will cause you a lot of trouble, possible jail time.

AMARI KENT: You keep threatening me to expose these secrets but if you expose mine then youíll only expose your own so the same trouble Iíll get into will be the same trouble that will happen to you and from what I know your already on the run for some charges† so Iím sure you wouldnít want to add more to that already growing list.

Dante chuckles.

DANTE SIMMONS: You think you got it all figured out huh?††

AMARI KENT: Thatís not me anymore, Iíve changed and right now my focus is whatís happening for me now.†

DANTE SIMMONS: Itís weird to me because normally when one makes it then the rest of the family makes it. You havenít treated us like weíre family in a long ass time, that shit doesnít sit well with me or the family at all.

AMARI KENT: I just donít fuck with you. I guess youíve forgotten the trauma you caused me growing up, you’re the reason why Iím so fucked up in the head now.†

DANTE SIMMONS: Nah nigga I only helped you realize who you were, we was young and experimenting, and you still holding onto that shit.

AMARI KENT: That’s some shit you can never get over.†

DANTE SIMMONS: I need you to do this for me yo, only for a couple days.†

Amari sat there speechless, his mouth was so dry that he couldnít even form spit to swallow. The shit his cousin put him through and now he wants Amari to help him, he didnít know what to do. Deep down inside Dante was still family and Amari didnít want to turn his back but at the same time the hurt Amari experienced at the hands of his cousin continued to boil deep down inside of his soul and he wasnít ready to forgive him just yet.

AMARI KENT: The last time I saw you, you tried to threaten me by exposing some shit and now you need me to hold some illegal money for you. I have a career now and if I get caught up in some shit then I could lose that and possibly go to jail.

DANTE SIMMONS: I went to jail for you a couple times. Look I hide the shit in the back and no one will ever know itís there, Iíll pick it up in a couple days when Iím ready to make some moves and Iíll even break you off a cut for letting me do it.

Amari shakes his head.

AMARI KENT: Whatever bruh.

Dante gets up from the couch and heads to his car to grab the bag of money and the other items he needed to stash. Amari stood in the back window and watched his cousin lock the stuff away in the shed in Amariís backyard and the scene fades.

Atlanta, GA




“Don’t aim to break records, aim to shatter them.”

The scene opens up with North standing in her #KylieWear lingerie, on the other end Amari is holding up his iPad Pro filming North.

NORTH WYNTERS: Yíall pussy ass hoes better stop playing with my man and respect his come up. Heís out here putting on shows not only in the ring but on millions of peoples tv screens and some of you clowns are giving him a hard time. Letís see my man has more wins than losses, and when he steps foot in that ring, he puts on a good show.†

North smiles, blowing a kiss at Amari and towards the camera.†

NORTH WYNTERS: And itís clear as day the big heads in the back notices the hard work he puts in because now he has an opportunity to become a champion. Watch the haters now babe, when that card dropped Iím sure they were throwing their phones on the ground and screaming out in anger, poor babies.

North chuckles.

NORTH WYNTERS: Anyway you know I will always have my man’s back so baby let the people know that FIGHTS NEXT BIGGEST STAR is going to be the next BROOKLYN CHAMPION. “The Maverick” is going down!

Amari hands North the iPad and the two head outside.

AMARI KENT: Venom! The Brooklyn Championship! And here I am facing Mason one on one. I know heís probably excited, he probably thinks heís about to get his revenge for the “irrelevant loss” which is what he calls our little match back before OPW closed its doors. But that match alone should have shown you that I was a threat.

Amari pauses for a second, before he drags Mason down to the pits of hell there were a couple things he wanted to address.

AMARI KENT: But before I get into your ass Mason, I need to talk about some other shit first. I wanted to address my cousin Todrick because I know heís going to see this, we need to sit down and talk, have a real conversation and try to come to a common ground because no matter what we are family. I respect you enough not to address the issues we have on this camera because it needs to be private, and Iím not an attention whore like your husband Austin.

Amari chuckles.

AMARI KENT: And speaking of Austin, I need you to check him before I have too and if I do it then it wonít end up pretty. Iím tired of your “man” disrespecting me and the people I care about so unless you don’t want me to hurt that clown, I suggest you control him and make sure he takes his meds so we can keep the peace. Heís already calling shots on my title that Iím going to take away from Mason and Iíve already accepted the challenge, it would be my pleasure to finally stomp my fucking foot in Austinís ass.

Amari stares right into the camera.†

AMARI KENT: And we all know Austin likes anything in his ass. But back to Mason.†

NORTH WYNTERS: Get back to whatís important, baby, bringing that title home and shutting that narcissistic prick up.

AMARI KENT: You got that right, homie on social media posting pics in his small ass underwear thinking he is a model and shit. Iím surprised he hasnít stalked my timeline knowing we have this match coming up, but maybe heís taking this time off training hard because he doesnít want to suffer a loss from the “underdog.” Iím just waiting to hear his cries about how “Iím not worthy of a shot at his title” or how “heís going to beat me.” But your little title run is coming to an end and I can finally shut you the fuck up.

Amari shrugs.

AMARI KENT: Ayo listen Mason when I beat you, I want you to publicly tweet how I was the better man and finally some fucking respect on my name because Iím leaving Venom the champion.

NORTH WYNTERS: Baby his pictures arenít even cute anyway, itís giving me unseasoned chicken.†

AMARI KENT: Itís giving me “he needs work because after I beat him, I wouldnít be surprised if he retired.” Heíll probably call that win irrelevant even though the title is going to switch hands. This is the same man who judged me being on a reality tv show when heís tweeting low budget thirst trap pictures.

NORTH WYNTERS: Not everyone is going to look as good as you baby, plus that title will looks so fucking hot on you baby.†

AMARI KENT: Iíll have that title dripping with all this juice. Blood Money didnít go my way, I did what I needed to do to try and win but I failed. Venom will make up for that, the people in the back notices my drive and my ability to be the best and thatís why the opportunity was given to me and I donít need someone like Mason to tell me what I deserve and I want I donít. All I know is Venom will open more doors for me and give me my first real title run ever.

Amari gets excited about possibly winning the championship, he knew Mason was going to be a challenge but he was going to do whatever it took to bring the title home.†

AMARI KENT: And to all the people who said “I canít do it.” Including my opponent who still doesnít believe Iím loyal to this sport will choke on all the fucked up shit theyíve said, because once I snatch this title from Mason, Iím only going for the top. This victory is going to be satisfying, to watch Mason suffer yet another loss to the person he believed couldnít hang. I bet his ole cocky headed ass is going to be a Twitter gangster leading up to a match and thatís fine with me, he can bring it on because all that talk wonít stop me from stomping his face through the mat.

NORTH WYNTERS: FUCK HIM UP BABY! Bring that title home to momma.†

AMARI KENT: Iíll hit that top rope and drop the Amari Cutter and when the ref counts that 3, Iíll stand above you and hold the title high in the sky celebrating a victory of “wannabe icon.” And prove to you that the “underdog” can make an impact too.

Amari letís out a small grunt.

AMARI KENT: Shit Iíve been shaking tables and since I stepped foot in the ring back in F2B and there too I was gagging the audience with my skills. So Mason Iíll give you the same advice that Iím sure you were going to give me, be on point because this fight wonít be easy, Iím giving you everything I got to walk away with that title and I refuse to lose, Iíve beaten you once and I can do it again and nothing is going to stand in my way to claim that gold.

NORTH WYNTERS: Tell him baby.

AMARI KENT: Fucking nothing, Iím done.

The two finish up the shoot and the scene fades to black.

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”