ROAR Is Ready (For Venom #4)

By: Dark Tiger

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 6th Aug 2021

(We see Dark Tiger and Gabriella athis hous in Richmond Va. Dark Tiger is deep In thought and she comes and sit in his lap and hug his neck.)


[Gariella Tigress]


Whats on your mind my love aside from me?


(Dark Tiger chuckles a bit and smiles.)


[Dark Tiger]


Well I have always wondered whatI would be doing if I wasn’t wrestling


[Gabriella Tigress]


Well Its in your blood. It’s the only thing you basically know. Although I could see you as a model. I still have that Playgirl you were in and you havvent disappointed me yet and I know you are not going to either.


(Dark Tiger smiles.)


[Dark Tiger]


Although I was in a blockbuster movie or two so I could give acting a try. I would be too old to be a basketball player even though I also played basketball in high school.


[Gabriella Tigress]


You did say you were pretty good with that but you decided to follow in your father’s footsteps and I am glad you did and so are your fans.


{Dark Tiger nods}


[Dark Tiger]


This is true. Now I have to get ready for the tag team title match. I go from going against Lisa Marie a decade ago to now teaming with her for those title. She wants to get back at them for taking those titles from her and AdrenaLynn in OPW.


[Gabriella Tigress]


I cant blame her. Im sure Drenna will be back but now Lisa Marie has a chance to win the tag titles with one who has been a tag team specialist in yourself. You have been known to give our partners advice and the have taken it and you and your partner have won gold.


[Dark Tiger]


And I also listen to my partner and see what they would want to do to win the gold and we make it work. I cant wait to team with Lisa Marie for this. She wants revenge and I want to help her. I am glad we are friends.


[Gabriella Tigress]


Me too.


(Dark Tiger carries Gabriella upstairs and Gabriella giggles.




{They are now in NYC and he is getting ready for the tag match. A cmeraperson comes to them and Gabriella smiles.}


[Gabriella Tigress]


Hello FIGHT fans. How are we today? We hope that you are ready for Venom 4 and to see my fiancé and Lisa Marie take the titles from JMont and ARP. You see JMont, Allison, Lisa Marie is looking for revenge for when you two took the tag titles from her and AdrenaLynn at OPW. Shes ready to become a champion again and I believe she will be champion whether it be tag team or singles. My fiancé here has told me good things about her before he formed ROAR and I believe him.


You see I can tell that Lisa Marie is a fighter. She has been thru so much and not only has her fiancé Josiah Black ha been there for her so has AdrenaLynn and we have been by her side as well. Now this time she gets to team with a man who is no stranger to tag team gold and there is no reason that these two wont be the Islands champions.


(Dark Tiger smiles and nods)


[Gabriella Tigress]


You see Lisa Marie and Dark Tiger have history yes but that was in the past and now they are friends. There will be no stopping them from doing what they came to do this week and that is take those titles from you two.


[Dark Tiger]


JMont I want you to listen to me and listen good. You will tread lightly when you try to underestimate Lisa Marie. Like my gorgeous goddess just said she is a fighter and she will fight forwhat she wants and she wants those belts and who better to team with her than me, a man who is no stranger to tagteam gold andwho know how to play well with others.


Trust me I am glad you and Allison are trying to make the team work but lets get something straight here. You have done nothing but try to step on Allisons marriage and I am not the type of guy to come between a woman and her love. I am happily engaged to this beauty right here.


I do hope you two areready because at Venom Lisa Marie and I intend on becoming the new Islands champions and you two will find out why we are Rebels on a Rampage. We will stop at nothing to win those titles. Lisa Marie will stop at nothing to get her revenge and I will stop at nothing to help her.


You two are truly in for a fight because the fans truly deserve better Islands champions. You two can barely get along. Just barely. Lisa Marie and I know how to get along. We are veterans of this sport and there will be nothing stopping us from becoming the Islands Champions. That has been said and it will be Etched in Stone.


(Dark Tiger continues to get ready as his theme song plays to commercials.)


End RP