Root of all Evil

By: Enforcer

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 30th Jul 2021


::Enforcer walks into the locker room of Fight Tower with an agitated look on his face just after his match at Venom#2 against Korupt. He is unwrapping the tape from off of his wrist. He sits in a folding chair as he tossed the tape into the nearby trash.::


Enforcer:Woe is me. I mean shit, I have come home to the mecca of everything relevant in this world, New York City. Yet since Outlaw Pro Wrestling transitioned to Fight! NYC I havenít been able to gain traction. Obviously Fight has a stacked roster that is literally second to none. A roster of people that I have known and wrestled with and against for if not just years but decades. Decades! So what exactly is the deal? I have been racking my brain during what seems the longest walk anyone ever takes after falling short inside that squared circle. The common denominator of my slump since becoming the final OPW Prestige Heavyweight champion. Actually since well before that if one wants to be truly honest about it. I, of course, am talking about The Cure. More specifically Apathy. Thatís right, Ms. Devreaux, you have made your intentions very clear. If you feel the urge to come for me then that is just fine with me. But we have seen that Ms. Elizabeth wants to lurk and troll around then let herself be known at the most opportune time when I am not thinking of her. Itís smart and very calculating Ms. Devreaux. As much as it can frustrate me I must also applaud the path you have chosen to go. Plus I would be foolish and naive to ask you to pretty please nut up by looking at me face to face. Those are two things Iíll never be, Ms. Devreaux. What you have done though, Ms. Devreaux, is that you have overplayed your hand. I am well aware of your intentions. Which is good for me because it is your first mistake in this thing of ours because as you may know, Ms. Devreaux, or at least you should. Things usually donít stay the same and things evolve. What you may know as the gospel truth right now may be totally irrelevant the next minute because things have a tendency to change in a split second and evolve. Ms. Devreaux, you best believe I will fucking get mine!


::Enforcer stands up and looks at the camera with an angered and focused look on his face before walking away.


36 Hours later


::Enforcer is sitting in a conference room of the Frito Lay building in Plano, Texas. On the conference room table is a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos with a picture of Enforcer on the bag. Two Frito Lay marketing executives walk into the conference room. Enforcer stands up and shakes both of the Frito Lay executives. All three of them take a seat.::


Frito Lay Executive:It is a pleasure to meet you, Anthony. My name is Jacob Sheffield and this is my colleague, Marisa Norton.


Enforcer:It is a pleasure to meet with the both of you today.


Marisa Norton:I have to tell you, Anthony, the bags of Cool Ranch Doritos bags with you in the picture have sold very well. We couldnít be happier with the numbers we have seen thus far.


Enforcer:That is great to hear.


Jacob Sheffield:Which is why we would love for you to do some commercials for us.


Enforcer:Hmmm let me think about that. We all know that I donít mind having all eyes on me, I am a slut for some extra cash, especially to promote a product I love.†


Jacob Sheffield:Perfect! We were hoping you would feel that way.


::Marisa gazes out of a conference room window. She looks perplexed as something catches her eye. Marisa stands up and walks over to the window. Both Jacob and Enforcer notice that Marisa went over to the window.::


Jacob Sheffield:Marissa?†


Marissa Norton:Yes?


Jacob Sheffield:Everything alright?


Marissa Norton:Iím alright but there appears to be someone with green haired person picketing.


::Jacob Sheffield stands up and walks over to where Marissa is and looks out the window.::


Jacob Sheffield:That is so odd. Why in the hell would anyone be picketing a chips company?


Marissa Norton:It appears our guest would know why.


Enforcer:Bullshit, Marissa. How would I know that?


::Enforcer stands up and walks over to where Jacob and Marissa are standing then looks out the window. His jaw drops a bit but he attempts to hide.::




Marissa Norton:That is how.


::Enforcer, Marissa, and Jacob are looking out at someone picketing in front of the Frito Lay holding a sign over their holding a sign that says “Cool Ranch Doritos taste like dirty ass” and on the other side of the sign says, “Enforcer wears tighty whities with pictures of Justin Bieber all over them.”::


Enforcer:Hmmmm that is erroneous on both counts! Erroneous! How dare she say such things?!?!?!


Marissa Norton:She?


Enforcer:Ummm yeah, Jerry Watts. Can you believe that loser?


::Enforcer turns and walks over to the conference room table. Both Marissa and Jacob looked confused.::


Jacob Sheffield:Huh?


Marissa Norton:Jerry Watts? Who is that?


Enforcer:Listen, I have got to go but send me over the contracts to my lawyer and I.


::Enforcer quickly walks out of the office as Marissa and Jacob are still wondering what is going on.::


Present Day

::Enforcer is sitting in the office of New York City psychotherapist, Dr. Ken Francis.::


Dr. Ken Francis:Anthony, you have been coming to see me for almost three years now and we have really got to start working on your issues.


Enforcer:My only real issue that I have is that my wife is making me go to therapy.


Dr. Ken Francis:I have met your wife, Anthony, and there is a big size discrepancy in your favor. Are you telling me you are afraid of her?


Enforcer:That would be a hard yes. Big time!


Dr. Ken Francis:And why is that, Anthony?


Enforcer:Donít get me wrong I love my wife more than anything but dammit she could very easily put a pillow over me in the middle of the night as I sleep.†


Dr. Ken Francis:I doubt she would do that.


Enforcer:Fine! Donít believe me. Since you are obviously on her side what are these so called problems I have?


Dr. Ken Francis:Where do I begin?




Dr. Ken Francis:My apologies.


Enforcer:Thank you.†


Dr. Ken Francis:Well, you are an admitted self loathing narcissist who takes pride in his greed. Who could be addicted to many vices including but not limited to gambling, alcohol, the as you put it, the purple stuff, ganja, and your wifeís “fine, fine, ass.”


Enforcer:That last one was more or less a flex on how hot my wife is.


Dr. Ken Francis:Figures. But you have said to be callous emotionally.


Enforcer:I am pretty sure I said I was dead inside.


Dr. Ken Francis:Be that as it may, it is still a problem. As well as your fixation with money and championships, your hedonism, you are indifferent to most people and or things.


Enforcer:Most people donít matter.


Dr. Ken Francis:Then there is you are overambitious, overconfident, you are sarcastic, sceptic, selfish, spiteful, withdrawn.


Enforcer:Well shit! Donít hold back, doc.


Dr. Ken Francis:I am just getting startedÖ


Enforcer:Will you look at the time. It is half past Iíve got to go.


::Enforcer stands up and walks out of Dr. Francisí office.::


Enforcer:Canít believe this shit! I am in the middle of preparing for my upcoming match against MAV and I have to deal with the Doctorís negative shit!!!


::Enforcer passes the elevators and pushes the door open to the stairs. The Enforcer starts walking down the stairs.::


Enforcer:Mason Alexander Vanderbilt, I seriously got nothing but respect for you. I donít know you well enough to like or dislike you but what I have seen of you during the last few weeks I am impressed with. Does that mean I donít want to beat you tomorrow night and start racking up the points to get my chance at the Fight! Brooklyn Championship because as my career winds down it is only right that someone who was born and raised in Brooklyn takes it back home to its rightful spot in the best borough in New York.


::Enforcer gets to the ground floor and walks out of a side door leading directly to the street.::


Enforcer:While we both have growing up in New York in common, Mason, that is where the similarities in our childhoods end. While you grew up comfortably as a wealthy and posh Vanderbilt. I didn’t, which is why I have this massive ego because I get to give that to my wife and kids. The idealistic childhood everyone wants for their kids. You know, the one you got MAV. I am not saying that out of jealousy but because it is just a fact of life. Just like another fact of life is that I donít only want to win our match but I need to win this match. I can feel that need deep down into my core. Do you have that same desire? Like I said I donít know you went enough to make that distinction but we sure as hell will find out in the Fight Tower.


::Enforcer keeps walking down West 123 Street.::