By: Eoin O’Rourke

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 23rd Jul 2021

-After Blood Money, I honestly thought this Fight, had no more use for me. I had dipped myself into the New York populace, a place I ultimately found… Disgusting. I couldn’t stomach how these people could dare call themselves human beings for what they do, what they choose to be. Ignorant, selfish, and above all else, scum. After two days, I retreated myself back to Boston. The city was smaller yes, but at least the people there aren’t inherently evil, they don’t ignore their homeless. At least from my point of view. I returned to my old home, thought I would get a beer from the pub before going to sleep for the travel. I downed a few lagers, the barkeep was a new guy, the owner had to hire some new local people. They were alright. if not snobby. After taking a gulp of my drink, I noticed Eric flying by my stool. He ran up towards the stairs part of the bar, which was reserved for people who lived here. At first the new kids didn’t know what to do, and tried to get security. I stood up and told them, I’d get him. Eric being my brother, and this place being my old security job, it went hand to hand. I hadn’t seen Eric face to face since Ireland still. As I marched up the stairs, I got a message to my phone, telling me that I was booked back over at Fight. I was surprised by this, but I didn’t read the whole message, not yet. Family matters first. As I walked up to the second floor, I saw my old room door open, Eric is most definitely in a hurry. I chose to stand in front of the door and wait for him. After another minute, Eric pulled the door open and saw me and was startled, as if a ghost appeared in front of him-


Eric: Ohmygod! Oh my god… Holy shit bro… What the fuck are you doing here?


Eoin: Thought I’d stop by and see my old place to live, before I saw you rushing up here. What is it Eric? No “Hello?” No “How is it going everyone?”


Eric: If ya don’t mind bro, I’m kind of in a hurry. So-


Eoin: I think we need to have a nice brother to brother talk don’t you think?


-Eric tried to walk himself past me, but I put my hand on his chest and pushed him back inside. The look on his face was that of sadness and defeat. He knew he couldn’t beat me in a fight, we’ve had too many already. The fact he wants to rush past me, out of here, is most disturbing. He carried with him a duffel bag with something in it. I wanted to get to the bottom of this.-


Eoin: What is going on little lad? Why are you in such a hurry?


Eric: Their… Their here man. Their coming to take me to their place… And do to me like they did to, Rick, Eddie, and the Bamrook twins! Those monsters!!


Eoin: What? Eric relax, sit down and-


Eric: Nonono… There isn’t any relaxing they really are here! This place, this state, this country! “One nation under God…” Does God really hate those who he sends to hell? Or does he just he allow his churchfolk to get away with what they do to us?


-And then it hit me, I knew what he was talking about-


Eoin: Eric my lad, keep calm. You’re an adult now, your not in your orphanage anymore. Those priests can’t get you now.


Eric: Why not? Whats to stop them, from using their words of god and religion from brining me to grapple their balls or ass?


Eoin: I’m here mate. I wouldn’t let those wolves get you.


-And I wouldn’t. Not after what Eric told me, a few years ago.-


=May 14th, 2017=


-I had just gotten a job working for this place, in exchange for a room for myself. The job was, security, on call 24/7, and I didn’t need to pay rent. Food was free, but often was garbage. Eric had only moved in with me the previous year. It wasn’t easy, being with a half brother I barely knew at the time, one who had severe mental problems and mostly alone. Since he was my brother though, I couldn’t just leave him out alone on the street. He couldn’t get his life together, not without help. I however was not in a position to help him get what he needed. Just a roof over his head, where he could delve into his drug habit carelessly.-


Eric: You know bro… This stuff from guacamole is pretty strong.


Eoin: Guatemala! The place is Guatemala! Tú fiend drugaí dúr. Don’t you have anything better to do?


Eric: No?


Eoin: Ó mo dhia maith. Of all the relatives of my life, why do I get to be stuck with you? You’re nothing but trouble to me, somehow your related to me, and I barely know ye! Like how in the world did you even become to exist?


Eric: Well, the sisters at the orphanage said I was really special.


Eoin: Oh? Oh you’re special alright mate. Bloody hell, your one fruitcake.


Eric: Pastor Thomas gave me a fruitcake before I grew up to leave the orphanage.


Eoin: Mighty nice of him.


Eric: Yeah, but I didn’t like what they had me do on my birthday, on everyones birthday. They had us go to confession boxes, and when we tried to mention our sins about what the head priest was doing to us-


Eoin: Hold the fucking phone. What are you even talking about? How fucking high did that weed make ya huh? Do you even know what yer talking about? Where you are? Who your talking to?


Eric: Uhh… Let me see.


-Eric took another hit from his weed and I sighed. I felt that, he was rambling into nothing about nothing. However I was about to be hit in the face-


Eric: Mmm… No dude. I’m totally here. About on every birthday, we had to confess. But we were forbidden from speaking about this to anyone who wasn’t considered family. The family we had was, everyone in the orphanage. Its only the nuns and priests that weren’t… So we couldn’t talk about it to. We couldn’t release our anger, our pain, our frustration. We could only just hold it in. And if we told anybody from the church… Our family would get smaller.


-While I was security for this bar, I was never too rough. I could’ve been considered too nice to the patrons, but when Eric told me that he, and everyone who was in the orphanage were more or less a haven for those sick fuckers in the church… I could only hold in my anger for so long.-


Eoin: Eric… Who was the head priest of your orphanage?


Eric: Oh uh… Father Abe.


Eoin: Why don’t you come with me?


-Father Abe. Yeah, that name stuck. He was a semi-regular at the bar, though he had becoming around less and less frequent when Eric first moved in. I’d reckon that slime was here this night though. Sure enough, he was over in a table with some other people, one had a grey suit, the other two were most likely church members. I made my way towards them-


Eoin: Excuse me, Father Abe?


Father Abe: Yes? Can I help you?


Eoin: I’d like a word or two if you don’t mind.


Father Abe: Actually my son, I am rather busy at the moment, could this wait?


Eoin: No sir. This cannot wait.


-Abe sighed with a smile and put his hands on a book. He may’ve thought it was a bible, but it was just a regular old book. He turned to look at me about to say something, then he saw my brother standing behind me-


Father Abe: What… What is this?


Eoin: Do you recognize this young man Father? This is my little brother, Eric Libby. Ring any bells?


Eric: Hey Father.


Eoin: Pipe down Eric. The adults are speaking.


Father Abe: I… I do indeed recognize this man yes, he was brought to my orphanage at a very young age. I see he is doing-


-I could bare no more of his words, I grabbed him by his jacket and stared him dead in the eyes fuming with rage-


Eoin: Eric! Was the man who did what you told me?


Father Abe: Now don’t be hasty my son-


-I gave the father a headbutt, straight on the nose. Then the room went dead silent, everyone stared at me. I struck a priest, a well known and respected father of a church that many people around the bar attended. Soon after, blood started dripping from Abe’s nose and one of the other members rose up-


?: How dare you?! Do you know who this is?!


Eoin: This man molested my brother when he was living in the orphanage! Not only him, but every boy and or girl there!


-The room filled with gasps and shock. The man in the suit tucked his tie and grumbled. I stood in front of the father, hate in my eyes. I grabbed him once again, and began punching his face as hard as I possibly could. I had been angry before, but never like this. Never this angry, this man who did untold damage to hundreds, maybe thousands of children and no one knew. After a minute or so, I stopped. The priest was a bloody mess on his face, blood on his robe, his black pants, and it fell on the hardwood floor that is still there to this day. After I finished the beating, my knuckles were covered in blood, god’s blood. On my hands… It still wasn’t enough. I wanted to end his life, right there. I instead grabbed him by his collar and dragged his body out of the bar and tossed him to the concrete ground-


Eoin: You mother fucker… You monster. How could you? How could any of you people who work under the word of God, do what you’ve done? How can you call yourself a human fucking being? If you have ruined the lives of children?! You bloody cretin!!


-Then a hand was placed on my shoulder-


?: I believe thats enough son. Call me Harold, I work for the governor. We’ve had suspicions of Abraham for some time, and with your word son, I think we have enough to end his operation.


Eoin: Wha… You knew?


Harold: We had only hearsay. As is this. But I do believe we have enough. You won’t have to worry about Father Abe anymore after tonight my young man.


-This man, Harold, walked past me with the other church members and helped Father Abe to his feet. The group helped put him in a nearby white sedan. After nodding to me once more, Harold and the others also got in the car and drove away. I hadn’t heard of Abe since then.-


=Present Day=


Eoin: I won’t let those wolves get to you…


Eric: Th… Thanks Eoin.


-My phone vibrated again-


Eric: You… You should get that bro.


-I looked down at my phone and it was the same message, this time I opened it and chuckled.-


Eoin: Oh, they do want me. Those Fight people… Say I can get myself some payback for two weeks ago.


-I turned the phone around to show Eric that my booked match is against Anicka Swan-


Eoin: It’s the lady who got me eliminated from Blood Money. Funny thing, she was the reason I got eliminated but not the cause. It was from that Dollface character.


Eric: That thing… Spooks me bro.


Eoin: It’s alright. I’m sure if that doll didn’t get involved, me and Swan, could’ve gone down either way to be frank. She’s no slouch. She’s pretty, smart, but dangerous. She could be the most deadly competitor in this environment… Bare knuckles? Ohh… This will be painful. I know she can hurt me… She will.


-I chuckled-


Eoin: I’ll have to hurt her more.