See you at the top

By: Enforcer

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 13th Oct 2021




::Seven year old Enforcer is sitting on a stoop in Brooklyn, New York as people in the neighborhood are a buzz of the murder of Paul Castellano in Manhatten the night before in front of Sparks Steakhouse. He hears alleged low level mobsters talking about the possible power vacuum from the death of Paul. One of the mobsters looks over and sees Enforcer is in earshot. The mobster chuckles and taps his friend on the elbow to look over at Enforcer.::






Mobster:You hear us talking?


Enforcer:Of course not, Paulie.


::Paulie smiles.::


Paulie:That is what I thought. 


::Paulie takes out a roll of money and hands Enforcer a twenty dollar bill. Enforcer takes the money with an excited look on his face.He stands up and puts the twenty dollar bill in his jacket pocket.::


Paulie:Why don’t you go spend that money somewhere while I talk with my friend.


Enforcer:Yes, Paulie.


Paulie:But don’t spend it all in one place.


Enforcer:(With a disappointed look on his face)Alright.


Paulie:I know it sucks, Anthony, but you’ll appreciate this when you’re older. You’ll have your good times and bad times but you have to prepare for those bad times during those good times so you can continually stay on top. You understand?


Enforcer:I think so?


Paulie:Just don’t spend it all in one place and make this twenty dollars last, Anthony.


Enforcer:Fine, I guess.


Present Day

::Enforcer is standing on Liberty Island looking up at the Statue of Liberty. He snaps out of the memory he was thinking of from his childhood. He looks out at the Hudson River before looking over at Ellis Island.::


Enforcer:So many people came through here with hopes of the American Dream and accomplishing something. Not everyone made it to the top of the mountain so to speak by accomplishing their own version of the American Dream. When I was a snot nosed little shit of a kid I thought having all the money and power in the world would be making it to the top. It wasn’t into I grew the fuck up and actually realized there was more to it then that. I do miss the days of being a selfish prick. Ok, I will admit I am still and proudly greedy as hell. What can I say? I love money. Money makes me happy and if money doesn’t make you happy then you are simply doing shit wrong. 


::Enforcer begins to casually walk around the island.::


Enforcer:Now over in Fight! NYC there is an impending battle where a large portion of the roster will be battling to get to the top of the tower to rejoice in all the spoils of victory. I can easily stand here and spout off at the mouth and tell the world that this is just about the spoils of victory but it is obviously so much more. We in the Cure are looking to fend off a so-called dynasty with delusions of grandeur of how important they are. Well, Dynasty I for one have unfortunately used the Tower public restroom after one or more of your members used the bathroom and let me tell you your shit does stink. 


::Enforcer looks at the people walking around the island.::


Enforcer:I have always been the first to admit I am shamelessly cynical about people because as we all know, people fucking suck. That way of thinking has helped me get to where I have in life. It is why I keep most people at arm’s length and strike them before they strike me. Right, Ani?


::Enforcer winks.::


Enforcer:Now we have a group of people who want to change what is going on while they keep things the same? Well…if you can pull off that oxymoron then we might need to put you in the White House. I mean shit, you can be corrupt as you want and get a pay raise every two to four years if you play your cards right and that would just be the money you might have on the books. Do you boys and girls. Hopefully for your sake you will have collected money hand over fist. May I recommend offshore accounts. Those things are pretty damn useful. Trust me!


::Enforcer begins to walk down the pier of Liberty Island.::


Enforcer:This last team we in The Cure has to put up with is actually a team filled with people I actually have some reverence for. You might ask how and why? Anyone who has actually paid attention to my career knows who gave me my big break in this business when he took me under his wing. Without him I would have to wonder where my career and life would have ended up if my wrestling career never took off. The wins, the championships, the money, meeting my now wife, and the birth of my son. My daughter and I could very well have ended up living in a shitty ass apartment somewhere in Queens working in some random ass warehouse loading and unloading trucks. So like I said the reverence I have for Damon and his family has always been there ever since before Allison was born. Now we all know Damon would compartmentalize business and personal lives. Which is why most of his former proteges end up becoming his enemy. But I am not saying I am his family’s enemy but business is business for God sakes and we all know I am pretty damn greedy. I like nice things and my ego likes to be praised. Not to mention The Cure needs to flex their dominance over Fight! NYC. We do have to ratify Fight of all the dirty ass viruses that are going on all over that damn tower. Now I realize that Season one of Fight hasn’t gone as smoothly as I would have liked. I may have had some frustrations and doubts over the last several months as to if I need to think about hanging up my wrestling boots. I am not just starting off in this business. I have kinda been around this business for a quarter of a century. But I know despite all of my doubts I had a moment of clarity that I wouldn’t have even been hired to this company if I still didn’t have it. So I will climb back to the top and ride out to the sunset of my wrestling career. By the time we are done and standing atop of the Tower everyone involved with Fight NYC! Will realize that in The Cure you all must trust.


::Enforcer gets to the end of the pier as he looks at Manhattan.::