She Has Ascended

By: Todrick Tabor-Ramsey

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 13th Oct 2021


Sunday, October 10, 2021
7:00 a.m.
A plane headed back to NYC
The Friendly Skies



“Avoiding Thinking Traps”


Another exhausting plane ride after yet another commitment for an appearance. Todrick and Austin had flown to ATL to appear at Manni Lounge with other cast members of The Life NY. Her dates for all these appearances had not interfered with one another and had allowed her to collect her thoughts for each event. Since winning the Manhattan Championship, she had been doing a lot of charity work to promote FIGHT! NYC in a positive light and hopefully draw interest into their product. As always, Austin was by her side and supporting her the best way he knew how. Sometimes his actions didn’t add up, but one thing Todrick was certain of was that his heart was in the right place.

Her thoughts had been jumbled when it came to what was going on in FIGHT. Ascension was fastly approaching, and Dynasty was a hot ass mess. Toddy felt alone when it came to this situation because she knew Austin was heartbroken that he wasn’t selected to be in Dynasty. Austin trusted all of them, and it really crushed him when Paul asked Toddy to be the team’s fifth and final member. Toddy was just as shocked when she was asked to be a member, but that was how the chips fell. Of course, she accepted, but she didn’t need to look at Austin to know he was hurting. Austin did his best never to show it, but it was clearly a subject that would be off-limits in the Ramsey household.

”Here we are, I’m a part of a team, but I feel so alone. I want to talk to Austin about it, but I don’t want to cause him any more harm. He’s lashed out, and a new #Austin has revealed himself, and no one likes this one. He won’t tell you who he is, but it’s clear he is mean-spirited and up to no good. I’ve been with Austin long enough to know what is happening, but the others won’t. Sahara has taken to tormenting him and poking the bear, and it has been getting progressively worse. I should’ve seen this coming after the tension at Michelle’s Baby Shower. Todrick closes her eyes, and her mind wanders back to the baby shower Paul Montuori threw for Michelle.

Austin Ramsey and Todrick Tabor-Ramsey pull up to Paul Montuori’s place and sit in the line of cars at the valet. Usually, they would be holding hands, but Toddy had felt the tension from Austin all day. Dynasty would all be here, and they were supposed to be his friends, but they had rejected him. Austin usually lashes out first, so the rejection is easier for him to digest, but he was robbed of this opportunity. Toddy wondered whether she was going to be on babysitting duty with Austin. Todrick was having to be Wonder Woman these days juggling everything, and Austin. Her outfit reflected it with a Wonder Woman tee, cut-off shorts, gauntlets, and gladiator sandals.

They exit the car and walk into the party. Austin is carrying a giant black box with a gold ribbon and bow on it. Todrick smiles and waves at people as they head towards the gift table. Todrick sees Austin smiling and is relieved that he is in a good mood. The two continue to greet people until they see Brandon Moore. Austin has a smile plastered on his face as he pulls Toddy in that direction. Austin goes to get his attention when Joe cuts them off. Joe pulls Austin in, and the two embrace. Austin is still smiling because Joe has always been friendly to him. He treated him with dignity and respect, and that was something Austin took very seriously.

Toddy leaves Austin chatting with Joe and goes up to Paul. She tells him how beautiful the place looks and what a wonderful event this was. She nods at Alexis Hunter and then heads off to find Michelle. Austin was looking for Brandon but couldn’t find him, so he headed back to Toddy. The two make their way up to Michelle. Austin spies Sahara, and his smile disappears until Todrick squeezes his hand, diverting his focus. Todrick tells Michelle how beautiful she looks and how excited they both are for her. Todrick can feel Austin’s mind wandering, and she tells Michelle they will be back.

Michelle watched as Todrick and Austin stepped aside. Todrick was giving Austin that low, whispering, but stern talking to.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Austin, you will behave, and I don’t want you arguing with anyone. Stay clear of Sahara, and things will be fine.

Austin Ramsey:As long as she doesn’t play shit games, she won’t get shit prizes.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Austin, I’m serious, don’t make a scene. Please do this for me.

Todrick pulls Austin to the bar and makes him a drink. Austin gulps it down and hands the empty cup back, and Todrick rolls her eyes and makes him another drink.

Austin Ramsey: Fine, for Baby Moore, who I totally want to babysit. I’ll behave.

The two continue to mingle with the other guests at the party. They casually chat until Paul begins tapping a glass of champagne. He welcomes everyone to the shower, and #DJAustin turns the music back up, and everyone resumes what they are doing. Ricky Rodriguez makes his way up to the two of them and puts his arms around them. The trio laugh and talk amongst themselves. He broke off and made his way over to Sahara, Dane, and Allison. Austin’s eyes begin to darken, and Toddy takes his hand and pulls him away. The two head to the bar and take a shot of whiskey. Alessandra comes up and taps Toddy on the shoulder, and whispers in her ear that there is a team meeting. She directs Austin’s attention to Brandon and Baby Ezra and sneaks off.

”Dear God, Please don’t let any shenanigans ruin this lovely party. This team needs a miracle that only you can provide. While I like everyone on the team, baaaaaby, we need divine intervention. First, there is me and Ricky, who have a match the night before, and I know, that won’t be an issue because we have been best friends for SO many years and competed against each other in the past, and there is never any hard feelings. Then you have this co-captain situation that I don’t quite understand, but when you have several strong personalities in the group, I’m sure this was the only way they could co-exist to hold this team together. I have no issues with taking orders from either Paul or Michelle, but will they be on the same page? What if they don’t win their matches on night one and say fuck it all? I love Michelle but let’s not forget that her husband is the leader of The Cure Team, and if it were to come down to the two of them, then what? Sigh. NSQ is on fire right now, and in some ways, I think they underestimate us, but we all know that is a grave mistake. Is Ricky over his loss to Shawn? Will he get overconfident and do something that puts the team in danger? FYA, there is so much to unwrap here, but the elephant in the room is that Joe Montuori has baggage with the entire team, but specifically Sahara. Will he be the veteran I know him to be and focus on the team and victory, or will he go straight after Sahara? Surely, they will count on that and have a plan. After what Dean and Allison did to him to lose the Island Championship, they will indeed have yet another strategy for Mr. Montuori.

Chile, look at this hot mess unfolding in front of my eyes. I cannot.

In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Michelle is looking at Joe, who is the last to arrive.

Michelle Moore: KNEES TO CHEST, JOE.. KNEES TO FUCKING CHEST! I don’t have all fucking day!”

That was it, the spark lit the fuse, and the two began to argue. Toddy sighs and Paul lets out a loud sigh. He got Michelle’s attention, and she proceeded to give the team a pep talk about pulling it together. Of course, the conversation was in Michelle’s fashion, so it was positive and shady at the same time. She made some very valid points, and all seemed to be going well until the inevitable happened and Joe and Ricky got into it. Toddy rolled her eyes and shook her head. Now they were in each other’s face. The toxic masculinity was flowing, and when Ricky said, ”You won’t.” Joe threw a right hand, and the two of them were fighting. This resulted in Ricky getting tossed into the two-tiered specialty cake. Everyone stopped in shock and looked over at the commotion. Austin ran over to Todrick and saw a piece of the cake land at the feet of Toddy. He instantly got pissed, and he wasn’t the only one as Paul flew into a rage and took Joe to task.

Toddy went to help Ricky up, and the cake got everywhere. Austin stood back and glared at Ricky. Ever since he had hooked up with Sahara, he was changing into the male version of her as he kept reminding Toddy every night, so he faulted Ricky. He makes his way over to Toddy and grabs her arm, and pulls her away.

Austin Ramsey: Yo, fuck all of this! Let’s fucking go right now. Now I’m gonna have to detail the car because the cake is everywhere. You should’ve left mini-Sahara there and…

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Austin! Please stop! I am 100% not in the mood for this. Your problems with Ricky are your problems with Ricky. I have enough on my plate and look at this mess of a team. I’ve had it up to here with everyone. I want to go home, clean up, and focus on night one of Ascension. At this point, night two is what it is. I’m just done!

Todrick opens her eyes and looks over at Austin, who is asleep and falls back into her thoughts.

”Whew, Chile, that whole thing was a mess. Just a hot ass mess.”

Fortunately, they had all sort of made up in the following days, but it was still touch and go. Now Ricky and Austin were sniping at one another, and Toddy just stayed out of it. The team, however, were back on speaking terms, so Toddy had hoped they would pull it together when it mattered most, but she had no doubt they would all vote to take the blood money, and she was okay with that. The plane lands, and Toddy wakes a disoriented Austin up and patiently tells him what day it is, where he is, and what time it is. He could look at his phone, but Toddy was always the first person he looked for every time he woke up. The two exit the plane and begin to make their way home.



Tuesday, October 12, 2021
4:00 p.m.
The Shops at Columbus Circle
New York, NY



“Lessons Learned That Caused Her To Ascend”


Austin and Toddy are walking around the mall, casually shopping. Austin had his prescription adjusted, and the last several days had been pleasant. There was no arguing in the group chats they were a part of, and he had been hanging out with the group again. He and Ricky had made up, so there was no more fighting, and that was a huge weight that was lifted off of her shoulders. A group of teenagers approached them.

Teenagers: OMG, Mrs. Tabor-Ramsey, we absolutely love you.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Well, hello, my Rockstars! Please call me Todrick.

Teen: You have no idea what it means to people like me, who were born different, to see you on TV on multiple shows. You broke barriers when you won the Manhattan Championship, which is something people like “us” aren’t meant to do in a male-dominated sport.

Teen: That part! You made me believe in myself when I watched your promos. Every week you teach us something different. You had something to prove where you taught us the value of traveling down a road to redemption when offered. You taught me that I was enough, and then you taught me that I am worthy. No one has ever told me that, but through you, I heard it and believed it.

Teen: Every week, you are unapologetically yourself. You make the world see you and respect you. I try to be like that every day, and I just want to say thank you.

Teenagers: Thank you so much, Todrick.

Austin beams with pride, and tears form in Toddy’s eyes. This meant so much to her because those lessons they just stated were all lessons she was going through, and hearing that meant she had accomplished the original goal that she set out to accomplish. She was the champion and role model that she had set out to become. She still had work to do, and for that reason, victory against Ricky in their match, no matter the cost, was a must.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Come give me hugs, my Rockstars. That means so much to me to hear you say that. I’m genuinely touched. Don’t you ever stop believing in yourselves and never allow anyone to tell you what you can’t do.

Todrick hugs them, and Austin takes pictures of them with their cell phones. She signs their notebooks and writes, ”To my favorite Rockstar, the sky is the limit. You matter, and you always have my love and support. – Todrick Tabor-Ramsey

The teens all scurry away happy. Austin pulls Todrick in and kisses her on the cheek.

Austin Ramsey: You did that, Baby. Every week, you learned a new lesson, shared that with the world, and achieved your ultimate goal. You helped them out of tricky spots, and your words and actions did that. I wish I had you to help me out of my dark past.

Austin was so loving at this moment. There was no hint of the jealousy that he had been working hard to mask, but Todrick knew it was there. It was just the man that she was in love with. The two slowly walked around the mall, and everything else melted away for Todrick. She was with her lover and protector, and the rest of the problems that were looming melted away. Finally, she was at much-needed peace.



Tuesday, October 12, 2021
8:20 p.m.
Manhattan Suite, Hearst Tower
Manhattan, NY


“Baby, She Has Ascended”


Austin had insisted that he and Toddy go to the tower, which was odd because everyone knew how Austin felt about staying there outside of an afterparty with Ricky, Ashlynn, Joe, Sahara, Voo, Vodka, sometimes Paul, Michelle, Bam, and his brother, Brandon. Austin swipes his key card, and a devilish grin appears as the door is pushed open. Roses were everywhere, and Toddy covered her mouth with her hands. A giant red box was on the bed, and the room smelled divine. Austin pulls Toddy towards the package. The package on the bed, not his package, because we all know that is Austin’s ultimate goal. *Insert LOL here*

Austin is bouncing up and down like a little kid as Todrick begins to open the box. Todrick sees new ring gear that is purple, the color of royalty, and it has replica Manhattan Championship belts all over it. Like a cut-off jersey on the back at the top, it has The Champ in big letters across the top. Todrick pulls it out and holds it up.

Austin Ramsey: I believe in you that much, Baby. You have trained your ass…okay, you can never train that ass off, but you have put in the work, and I know you are going to walk in and walk out the Manhattan Champion. Now, give me my crown.

Todrick raises an eyebrow and smiles as Austin moves closer and takes control. An hour and a half later, the two head to the shower, and they are all smiles and head back into the bedroom and get dressed. They were going to go out later, and Todrick sits down to do her make-up, and Austin goes live and films her.

Austin Ramsey: Alright, babe, we are live. Let’s do this dirty laundry.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Hello, my Rockstars! Tonight, I thought it was essential to show you how she has ascended. What is Ascension? describes it as the act of rising to an important position or a higher level. I think it’s safe to say she has ascended. She has conquered all the hurdles and risen to the top of the mountain. Honey, she is here, but let’s apply our makeup. The foundation is important because, without it, you have nothing to build upon. So let’s apply it, shall we? Let’s go all the way back to Blood Money. Honey, Chef Toddy, did that. She gave you tea and a gumbo recipe that will make you slap yo momma. I threw those ingredients in a pot and described the competition and how all of us would mesh in that melting pot and for most of you, you didn’t know what to expect, but I believed that all the ingredients would work, and I made it to the top five that night. No one expected me to do it but catch this tea; I do my best work when I’m underestimated and counted out before I begin. I proved it to you then, and the Manhattan Championship around my waist proves it to your now. I even had to address the possibility of facing family with my favorite cousin Amari Kent, but family wouldn’t stop me from climbing the mountain.

That was a high point, but then came the low points. Now, most of you didn’t know about this, and please don’t judge, but Austin intentionally sabotaged me in the weeks that led up to Toxic Tag. It came out during our therapy sessions, and I chose to forgive him. He decided to do things that caused me to no-show because he couldn’t bear to see me get hurt. Was that the correct answer? Absolutely not, and we had a lot to process and deal with. Those were very trying times for the two of us. But when I took the last name of Tabor-Ramsey, I promised that for better or worse that I would stick with him. So, news flash to all those against marriage between two men or two women, we have problems just like you do. We go to therapy just like you do to work issues out.

Now we have applied the foundation, so let’s move on to blending, cause honey, some of you girls forget this part and be looking like an amateur hour person doing drag for the first time. My sisters who do drag can tell you that no matter who you are, when you improve and go back several years later, hell, even transgender and gender-fluid girls like me all say the same thing. “Honey, I looked a whole mess back then.” That’s okay because we all have to start somewhere. But you build, and you ascend into the Queen that you are supposed to be.

Toxic Tag is here, and with good reason, everyone is counting your girl out. Management, fellow competitors, and some of the fans of the other talent in that match. But baby, she had that blending magic and realized that this was her road to redemption. You need this when you are ready to ascend. Let me say this again for the ones in the back. When you encounter a setback, you don’t get in your feelings; you accept the words from management and get your ass in gear. She did that. She kept blending that foundation and told you she had something to prove. The first stroke of the brush was an appreciation for management believing in this girl enough to put her in the match. Rebuilding was not easy, but promises were made, and she delivered. Austin stepped up and trained me, he wasn’t my loving husband in those moments, but he beat what I needed into me. Say what you want about him, or call me stupid for staying, but that man loves me and will die for me if he had to.

Now let’s do the eyes. Now everyone loves a smoky eye, but she is her own woman, and I’m doing cat eyes tonight because to tell yourself and the world that you are enough requires the strength and agility of a cat. Plus, look at me; Austin can’t keep his hands off me, so she is doing something right. I am deeply spiritual, and my background in the church is important. When I got the note from FIGHT, I had to excuse myself from the service. It brought up memories of my childhood that I was not ready to confront. But how could I be this role model that I aspired to be if I wasn’t prepared to face my past? Honey, I felt like Ms. Whitney Houston when she said, “My Name Ain’t Susan.” I had to channel my inner Gaga and let the girls have it. I let you know who I am and where I came from. If I could do it, I know all my Rockstars can.

I do everything at my pace, and it works. Sometimes I feel like I live in Grand Central Station with all the things going on in my life. I adapt and push forward, but I let you all into my past. I told you that I was enough, I showed you that having everything like Joe did wasn’t everything, and she delivered. Let me assure you that facing Joe Montuori was no easy feat. He took me to my limits and back, but he taught me, shaped me, and molded me like the veteran he is. But like this foundation, you have to believe that it is enough.

Now let’s focus on the lips. The lips are one of the last things you do, where you look in that mirror after you blot your lips and stare at yourself and see that you are enough. Honey, you still think you are climbing, but you don’t realize that you are at the finish line. At this point, you should have that wig secured, edges laid, and your face is beat for the gawds. Everyone should be all in your grill, but you are unphased because you are a hot girl, and you give them, “She’s a Bitch” Now, before you get offended, let’s examine how the word bitch is used. If you called me “That Bitch” I’m not offended in the slightest because when I won the Manhattan Championship, I let the world know that she IS that bitch.

Don’t get caught up on words, and urban dictionary is your friend, boys, and girls. What you should get into is that you are worthy. Don’t believe me, turn on Missy Elliot’s All In My Grill and re-read what I just said. Honey, there is a song for any and everything that you are going through. But the time has come, and Dickie and I are supposed to square off. That matters, but the haters are always working, honey. Why, why should Todrick get to face Dickie? I am the champion right under the Empire Champion, and all that underdog BS no longer applies. I put my blood, sweat, and tears into winning this title. Underdog should no longer be synonymous with my name because she ascended. You know I ascended, and Ricky knows I ascended.

Now don’t get me wrong, we have decades of friendship but none of that matters when we stand opposite of one another. We will absolutely steal the entire show, but that means keeping all of you entertained, and that comes naturally to us. So there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that we will deliver. Our match is more interesting than will he, won’t he, in the Empire Championship match. Stealing the show is what this girl is all about. That’s why I told you that I am worthy, and that is why I will keep the Manhattan Championship.

Ricky is a great competitor, and you can never take that away from him, but I will maintain this platform. I am showing you what a champion is. The other ones are simply walking to the ring with a belt, but you all know and believe that I live, breathe, and execute as a champion should. What are any of them doing with their status? That’s right, honey, she is giving you goddess and champion of the people. I am more than a belt and spotlight on a website.

I love Ricky, but it’s not his time yet. This is my time, and I’m not giving that up. I don’t need to belittle him and threaten him. He and I both know what each other are capable of. He doesn’t know the new things that Austin has been teaching me, so he won’t be prepared for any of that. When Ricky is hot, he’s hot, but when he’s cold, then he is cold. When I step into the ring, I set the place on fire, and fire melts ice. I am just getting started, and my time is not over. That being said, I know that he will throw everything at me, minus the kitchen sink, but he knows that I am going to throw it all at him from the moment the bell rings until the smoke clears. This girl will be the one who has her hand raised in victory.

I look forward to your challenge, Ricky. I’m happy that you won the lottery bid to face me, and I would have it no other way. I know you will shine, but my light will be brighter. Bring everything you have, and when the deed is done, we will hug it out and celebrate one of the greatest matches in FIGHT history. So that is night one, but my Rockstars, there is another night where you will see your girl do her thing. I will be teaming up with Dynasty. Now you know who this team of mega superstars is. We’ve heard the mumbling and the cackling about how no one expects us to be able to function as a unit. All I’ll say to that is don’t count your chickens before the eggs hatch. I won’t deny there are a lot of egos on this team, but what you will know is that everyone on this team loves to win. That is what is going to propel us to victory.

Our co-captains have a long-standing history with one another and different leadership styles that will enable them to motivate each member in the way they need to be inspired. Now I know that a lot of the other teams are counting on Joe not being able to keep his cool and being reckless during the match, but Joe is the master of mind games and toying with the opps is his specialty. He knows how to have his cake and eat it too. Let that sink in for a moment. Again, babies, don’t put the cart before the horse. Dynasty is not coming to play with the girls. There truly are some great teams that we will be facing, and let’s not forget the mercenaries that will be seeking to knock us off one by one for blood money. If you come at me, come correct because this girl ascended and is afraid of no one. Meek and mild, she is not. I am a lioness that hunts and provides for the pack. That is what I bring to Dynasty.

I know that a lot of eyebrows were raised when I was chosen to be on the team, and let’s be honest about it, everyone expected it to be Austin, but Paul saw what you will all see on both nights. He saw the fire and desire to keep my seat on the throne I ascended to. I will stop at nothing to win and keep my seat at the table. No one, not Ricky, not the mercenaries, not FYA, NSQ, or the Cure, will get in the way of me taking my rightful place amongst the immortals. She proved her worth, she is enough, and she is worthy that’s all I need. I love you, my Rockstars. Muah.

Austin stops recording, walks over to Toddy, and playfully scoots her over at the vanity seat.

Austin Ramsey: You killed it, babe. If I didn’t believe in Team Toddy, I would be now.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Whatever, you know you love me, boy. Besides, when you put a ring on it, you were bound to me for life. Speaking of choices, have you decided to take the red or blue pill yet?

Austin looks into the mirror, and everything fades to black.