Sky High(er and Higher and…)

By: Ashlynn Cassidy

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 13th Oct 2021


All we see is sky for forever 
We let the world pass by for forever
Buddy, you and I, for forever this way. . .


Part 1A – Cloud 9

We catch a glimpse of Ashlynn Cassidy walking backstage after her appearance on Venom #10, her Zion Championship hung off of her back as she headed back to the locker room space. She winced as she took a seat at her locker. Her body ached because of course it did. She had just wrapped up a fight, under the banner of a promotion literally called FIGHT! Despite the pain and exhaustion, Ashlynn’s numb to it all. She’s on Cloud Nine. She’s at the absolute peak of her career thus far and she wasn’t going to not let herself acknowledge that. 

Holy shit.

Ashlynn still had the same level of self-confidence, that hadn’t changed but it was still really nice to know that she had undeniable evidence. She could hang, she could win. Dane Preston had been a challenge and she conquered him. She had made it her mission, her mountain to do her other promotion proud and to prove was a threat in this company. She did it! She couldn’t stop smiling.

She rose up and was at the top of this mountain.

What now?


Part 1B – Float

A bit of time had passed as the show was nearing its end. Ashlynn was never one who wanted to leave early if she could help it. She wanted to stay until the end. Call it wanting to support her peers, call it still being a fan deep down. She watched the broadcast from one of the monitors backstage as the main event was tearing the house down. She was as invested, as on-the-edge-of-her-seat as all the fans in the audience. 

Fuck yeah!” The fellow winner cheered as Brandon Moore reigned victorious in a show of brutality and badassery. 

Then? The closing segment, all the leaders of all the groups. Everything, all hell, violence, and disgusting things they’d all done to each other, it’s all to build to one weekend. Everything would blow off at Ascension. The big finish! The pinnacle of FIGHT! programming. Brandon was there, PMont was there, Shawn Warstein was there, and finally Dane Preston was there. Despite the fact he lost just an hour ago to a relatively unknown talent, Dane seemed to have completely dismissed it and was now fully focused on something else. 

Ashlynn wasn’t oblivious, she knew that most if not everyone else in the company was looking ahead toward Ascension. The complete nonchalant, unbothered response of Dane Preston especially helped put things into perspective. For her run in FIGHT! so far, She’d stayed focused on one goal, one climb. Everyone else in FIGHT! had their own climbs, and now that she had time to look around from her peak. There were so many more mountains to climb. There were so many pinnacles to reach. Which one did she want to go after next? 


Part 2 – New Ground

It was a week later, the high of the victory had now completely worn off. She wasn’t on Cloud 9 anymore, instead she was just… floating. She almost felt stuck. She wasn’t falling, but she didn’t have much of a foothold either. How was she meant to get any higher.

Slow down.
Look around.

“The Undeniable” opened her eyes again, rolling onto her side on her bed. She looked at her bedside and pulled her book of blank pages, just staring at it for a second.

You know, when I-

No, write that too, he should know that too.” Ashlynn spoke out loud to herself, as if to put a pause on her thoughts. 

She opened it up to a fresh page. 


When I first started writing these, it was all about you. It was all about making sure that I had something to give you one day. Later, it evolved into any time I had any life advice for you, I had to write it down. I had to make sure it got to you. By now? These are just as much for me as they are for you. 


Ash visibly cringed as she paused her writing.

Maybe even more, and maybe it’s always been true.
Shut up.
Definitely has.
Ugh! Whatever Keep writing!

Today’s lesson? A very important one on goals.

Hopefully by time you reach this letter you’ve already learned this but not every goal is going to be easy. Most of them aren’t going to be easy. Hell, I’d even say that if it’s a goal that doesn’t challenge you, it’s not really a goal worth having. 

This isn’t to say that EVERYONE has to find something challenging, just YOU! 

The estranged mother circled that part, just for extra emphasis. 

Goals will take time, they will take time, they will feel like mountains. What I need you to know is what to do after you’ve reached that goal. What happens after you’ve reached your pinnacle?

Well, first off? Let yourself enjoy it! You earned it!

After being so determined and focused on winning my first in-ring match, I did it! I fought my mind and I fought the odds. I did it. I conquered that mountain and the view from the top? It was beautiful!

Here’s the thing though-after a short while, the thrill of the climb wears off. You have to be careful, if you stay put too long you’ll lose your footing. This doesn’t always have to mean that you fall back down, even sometimes you will. Sometimes it just means that you’ll be floating in place. It might be fun for a little while but eventually you’ll want to stop. What happens then? 

You breathe, stay calm and let yourself find solid ground again. Once you do? Look around, look up. You’ll find another mountain, and you’ll still find the sky above you. 

When you’re ready, start climbing again. Find your new goal, find your new mountain. Climb and work to reach that peak. It will take time, and you will skin your knees and elbows but you keep working your way up. You won’t reach every peak but you will get to some. You might not see every peak for miles and miles up, all you see is sky. but you keep climbing. You’re allowed to get tired, take a break, even scream at the sky but you keep on climbing!!!

Ashlynn took a break, trying to visualize what her neck mountain peak was. Maybe it was a championship, but which one? Maybe her next one was one of those mountains she just wrote about where she wouldn’t see the top for awhile, only sky, forever, until finally…

After that one? Another climb, more sky. 

I wish that I could tell you that life…
No, wait. That’s YOU, Ash

I wish that my life worked differently. Maybe one day, you take a look around after all your climbing and you find that you don’t need more out of life to be happy. I hope with all my heart that you reach the peak that gives you your true happiness. I’m not like that though. I could win all the championships in my profession and I’m sure deep down there’ll always be more sky. For me, every peak, every pinnacle, is just the base of a new one. I will never be satisfied. But, every second that I climb, I think of you.

Mom, forever a climber


It just happened to be the truth, at least in that moment. She was going to somehow find a new wrestling mountain and soon. If only to momentarily distract herself from the one climb she might never complete. The guilt over losing Zeke. 

She scrambled, feeling the need to add on just a tiny bit more. 



Sorry for all the mountain talk, Ascension is days away and have climbing on the brain. Just keep chasing dreams! 🙂 < 3


Ashlynn added a little doodle at the bottom of the postscript of a little stick figure Ashlynn marching a single line incline. She drew a little speech bubble. Written inside it