So that happened.

By: Ricky Rodriguez

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 4th Mar 2022

We did it.


I can’t..fuckin believe it..we did it.


Nah, I’m not talkin bout our match against Pheely and LC. I meant a lilbit Vegas. We all were there for the Denzel Invitational. The event itself aside, it was really great to be out with everyone, havin a hell of a time. I didn’t know Jennie was gonna be there at first, but when she told me she was, the trip became sooo much better.


It was like things were back to normal. I couldn’t have imagined it being any better. But it did. It got better..a whole fuckin lottabit better. We got married. We weren’t even drunk like that. I had heard bout this spot with really great liquor slurpees and told Jennie bout it. On the way there, somethin caught our eye.


One of those quick ass weddin chapels.


It was like we couldn’t take another step. We looked each other in the eye and it’s like..we both knew. Two phone calls later and we were joined by Thad, Sahara, and Ashlynn. Nothin super fancy or super fuckin extravagant. Just three of my best friends and the love of my life.


I knew we were gonna hafta do somethin, eventually. Too many people I know would be upset with me that they weren’t here for this. Prolly somethin on the smaller side..or somethin overly fuckin fantastical if Thad and Sahara get their way..which they will. But that’s okay, there’s only one thing that matters most bout it all.


Jennie’s my wife. We’re married. 


Life is mostly great. There’s still the whole Jennie not being home. When it was time to leave Vegas, we went our separate ways. I went back to New York and Jennie went back to..wherever she’s been. 


I hate it. 


She’s much better than she or anyone else thinks she is. I’ve told her this. I’ve done and said everythin I can think of to help her see it..but she doesn’t. Instead of listenin to the good, she focuses on the bad. She focuses on the shit like Atty or even her own fuckin sister Tara have to say.


There’s nothin I can really do bout it tho. I’m..helpless in this situation. I hate these kinda situations. And usually, this would be where I run. Things are damn near too much to handle and I got every fiber of my bein screamin at me to it. Up and haul ass outta this situation. But that’s not me..not anymore. I’m not runnin.


So..I’m waitin. I’m gonna enjoy each and every moment we have together. But even with bad without her. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not exactly lonely..nottabit at all. Not with Thad and Sahara..and now Kiran. But it’s not the all. The way she lights up a room. The way her smile makes me forget bout all the stupid shit goin on. That’s not here anymore..


But I’m not gonna dwell. As she went off to better herself, Ima do the same damn thing for myself here. That win we was great and I want more. I want gold. 


I look back at all of those missed opportunities and it turns my stomach. I should have won. I should have actually won a championship here with all the shots I’ve had. But that’s okay..those were learning experiences..those were growth spurts.


I’m gonna stay on this path. I’ve figured out how to stand up and after the feelin I got from that? I’m never gonna sit down again.


And with that, that somewhat short video had stopped recording. Ricky tossed his phone to the side, seemingly taking a moment or two to collect himself. After doing so, he turned to look at his confidante Big Ass Bobby.


Big Ass Bobby: ‘You think they’ve caught on yet?’


Ricky thought about that question Bobby asked. He really didn’t know. It never really came up. Unquestioned. At that point, all Ricky could do was give off a slight shrug.