Some bunny to Love

By: VooDoo

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 23rd Dec 2021

It was climbing into the noon hour in the Stage four area of the Velvet Rabbit; it was sealed off to the public right now, with the expansion the Rabbit was having to hire a shit ton of new dancers. There were about 40 dancers who were either sitting at the tables filling out applications or had already filled out the apps and were stretching and warming up. Some of the women were friendly with each other while others seemed to stare with daggers in their eyes. As Candice “VooDoo” Wolf sat there at a table on the right side of the stage that extended out from the right corner of the room almost to it’s middle in the center so she could watch all three poles at once, she made a note of those who had dagger eyes. Dagger eyes meant trouble and drama and that’s just one thing that she wasn’t going to have among her Does. On the table before her were applications listing their experience or lack there of but willing to learn as well as an order of Buffalo chicken lollipops with foil wrapped around the ends so she didn’t get sauce on her fingers and carrots and celery with ranch on the side. Lizzy the bartender, made sure that her glass of Mountain Dew was never empty. Where VooDoo was on one side of the stage watching and taking notes, Ms Coney, was on the opposite side giving the women instructions on which moves she wanted to see from them. Once they were finished with their set, they could wait around to have a one on one talk with VooDoo or wait for Ms Coney to call them with an appointment next week after the holidays; most opted to sit it out hoping to get in on some holiday hours. VooDoo liked talking with the women. She liked hearing their stories and wanted to know why they wanted to work at the Rabbit. She wanted to know if they were a struggling single mother just trying to keep a roof over her kids’ head and food in their stomach. She wanted to know if they came from a family that couldn’t afford to send them to college so they turned to stripping as a means to do it. She wanted to hear they had heard about the stacks they could make at the Rabbit and wanted to get in on that action. VooDoo picked up a piece of celery and swirled it in the dressing before taking a bite and continued to watch as the girls spun and twirled on the poles. She wondered what kind of year each of the women had and what struggles they had and then she found herself thinking about her year.

She came in divorced from a man that she had been married to for a little over decade. She had three children who missed their father, two of which seemed to burst into flames at the mention of his or Vhodka’s names. Everywhere she turned, everyone was making her out to be the scarlet whore of Babylon, for getting in the middle of “true love” when she didn’t even know it existed. She had been made a scapegoat, a villain and even a scorned woman by people everywhere her name was mentioned, by friends and foes alike. And the truth of the matter… the thing that she was pissed about the most, was her kids losing their father full time. Having grown up with neither parent, she wanted her kids to have both their parents. Not that they still don’t have both their parents, she meant under one roof. But now her kids have a sister, a bonus mom, bonus grandparents and bonus all of Vhodka’s family in Bent Fork, Tn. She thought about Roger and Marie, she had no idea what to call them just yet, except for bonus Roger and Marie; but they were a bonus in her childrens’ lives.

She and Vhodka had worked out their “issues”… calling a truce before their antics really shattered the family more than it already was. It was good ratings for FNYC but it was not good for the Family as a whole and was tearing it even further apart. In a couple of days, she and the kids would be joining Vincent and Vhodka in Bent Fork to celebrate Christmas with her family. Had you told her last year this would be happening, VooDoo would have called you a liar. No regrets in the truce, her children got to be with both their parents this Christmas. Regrets in how long their “shenanigans” went on, maybe. Regrets in how she may have carried herself, maybe; she chuckled softly as she remembered the look on Vincent’s face as he watch the mothers of his four children lead their brood across the lobby of Fight Tower with all six of the covered head to toe with remnants of an entire store full of cupcakes. Regrets for not being able to see the look on Vincent’s face when he received the bill for the cupcake “bombs” and clean up from the “war”. She imagined him looking at the bill and mumbling some shit about what the fuck is wrong with these two women I actually bred with all while clenching the bill in both hands; can’t forget that vein popping on his forehead just slightly either. She also regrets not starting work on the Rabbit sooner, if all these additions had been made already, the house could have been really packed out come New Years Eve. Not that it wasn’t going to be packed out with the three floors she already had going and Michelle Moore taking Stage 1 as a Guest Doe; but man, if everything else was set up and ready to go, she would need two armored cars to show up instead of the one to make the bank deposits. She sometimes regrets being a business woman and not a full time mother. She misses out on things when she’s working, whether it be at the Rabbit or wrestling for F!NYC. Once a week she was flying her kids with her from Parts Unknown to New York City where Fight was. Doesn’t bother her kids any; it made them the cool kids, the popular kids, at school. Sure as hell didn’t bother them as they used their credit cards, that was evident every month when she looked at their bills. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Shaun the head of security enter the area leading a guy dressed in a pair of slacks and a FNYC shirt. In one hand he held a Christmas gift bag and around his neck was an FNYC employee badge; they had called over and told her they were sending over the gift from her “secret” Santa. Shaun pointed in her direction and the guy turned to Shaun and said a few words and headed her way.

Morning, Ms Wolf. He said trying hard to ignore the half naked girls that were spinning on the poles. I believe they called ahead to let you know I was coming.

Yes, Ms F did.

Yes, Ma’am. Here it is. He handed it off to her. It’s your secret Santa gift.

She thanked him and they said their goodbyes and wished each other a good day. She looked at the bright festive bag in the holiday colors and then sat it in her lap and began to move around the white, green, and red tissue paper sticking out of the top. After a few moments, she finally moved enough tissue paper around and saw it and then she immediately stood up.

Ms Coney. Have them take a break. She was already starting towards the elevator with the bag in her hand. Feed them lunch. I’ll be back.

And with that she was gone, she made her way through the roped off hall to the kitchen saying hello and good morning to everyone as she passed through until she made it over to the staff elevator and pressed the button. She kept her back towards everyone, not wanting casual conversation; after a few moments the door slid open and she stepped inside. She pressed the button for the 9th floor. Although floors 5 through 8 haven’t been fully built and were mostly hollowed out husks, the 9th floor was just the 4th floor jacket up. Her brother in law, Kal’s construction company had been working three full eight hour shifts around the clock. The elevator door slid open again and she made her way down to the wooden door to her office, passing a couple others along the way, belonging to Ms Coney and EY the head bartender. She pushed open the door and stepped inside and closed it behind her. Her office was inaccurate with grey marble tiled floors. Two walls were painted black and two were painted white with strips of asymmetrical mirrored tile criss crossing on all. To the right were two leather chairs and a couch with a coffee table in front and to the left a six chair conference table for when she needed to get together and talk with the others who helped her run this place. Straight ahead her desk, an executive desk with an enormous bookcase with lit up shelves. Behind the desk an enormous leather chair and before it two smaller leather matching chairs. Just because she hated the title Queen doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have the tastes of one. She made her way over to her desk and sat the gift bag on her desk and looked at it for a moment. Bitch, tryna get me in my feels.

She pulled the tissue paper out and sat it all in a pile on the desk and then reached in the bag and pulled it’s contents out. It was a Velveteen Rabbit. It was common knowledge that it was her favorite childhood story. It was where she got the name for the Velvet Rabbit. She still had the same one from her childhood all battered and beat up from years of abuse at home in a glass case. She walked around the other side of the desk and slid a black triangle shaped vase and a potted plant apart and made a spot… And now she had one for here.

She reached up and caressed first one ear and then the other… then slowly looked around, why she had no idea; she was alone. No one would dare enter her office without knocking. She then gave the bunny a hug. It was a quick hug, but a hug nonetheless before she put it on the shelf. Then she straightened her black dress, turned back around and got her head back into the Rabbit business at hand. She rounded the desk again, swiping the tissue paper and bag as she did so and then made her way back out of her office door.