By: Korrupt

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 3rd Sep 2021

Dear Noelle Rivers,

This is a formal letter, informing you that your best course of action come Venom is to hide. Find a way that you can escape from this match — because as heartless as Korrupt is. As soulless as he may appear to be on the outside, internally he does feel a sense of remorse. A sense of sorrow each time he must put somebody out of their misery. Each time they walk into the ring, believing that they can survive the wrath that he has in store for them.

Korrupt sits within his chambers, thinking deeply. Primarily about everything that has been going on around him. Of people believing that he has somehow lost his edge in recent times.

***They do not know just what awaits them. Just what shall rise, when I set foot into the ring against Noelle.***

He lets out a grunt, as he drives his fist into the air, pretending that he is driving it through Noelle’s helpless body. A soft smile across his face as he does.

***Soon, they will find out***