Starting from scratch

By: Enforcer

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 14th Nov 2021


::Enforcer is sitting in the back of a New York City Church basement as an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting is going on. Enforcer is eating a chocolate twist donut as the church minister is speaking.


Church Minister:That is it for tonight. Good job tonight, everyone. Each of you did great. Stay strong and we will see you next time.


::People begin to stand up and exit as the minister walks over to where Enforcer is still sitting in the chair he is sitting in as he is finishing up the donut.::


Enforcer:Excellent donut and excellent meeting tonight, Padre.


::The minister shakes his head as he turns a seat around and takes a seat across from Enforcer.::


Minister:Anthony, why do you keep coming to these meetings? If it isn’t Alcohol it is gambling, if it isn’t gambling then it is narcotics, and if it isn’t narcotics it is pornography. If I have told you once I have told you a million times: You are not an addict, Anthony!


Enforcer:Dammit, Padre! Will you be able to say that any louder? I don’t think anyone in New Orleans heard you.


Minister:You’re right, Anthony, but that doesn’t change the fact that you aren’t an addict.


Enforcer:How dare you, sir?!?! I will have you know that I am an addict. 








Enforcer:Seriously! Come on Padre, you damn well know that I am cakeaholoic. 


Minister:You are addicted to money?


Enforcer:Yeah, it is a burden that I have to carry.


Minister:So you are admitting to being a whore?


Enforcer:What the fuck, Padre? I may have done some whorish things in my life…


Minister:Like turning on Ani?


::Enforcer shrugs his shoulders.::


Enforcer:Point taken but doesn’t mean I am not a whore…


Minister:I am by no means a psychiatrist but you really do sound like a self loathing narcissist. 


::Enforcer scoffs and stands up.::


Enforcer:Fine Padre!!! If you didn’t want me to come to these meetings and try to better myself all you had to do was just ask. You didn’t have to throw being a self loathing narcissist back into my face. You’re a monster!


::Enforcer storms out of the church basement as the minister shakes his head in confusion.::


Fourteen Hours earlier


::Enforcer is walking through a hallway of the Fight! Tower. He unties his tie and lets the tie hang from around his neck.::


Enforcer:I just had a very productive meeting with Fight NYC! Management. I admit I am not one to sit down with management very much in general. One would have a better chance of seeing Tekay Mcgregor roaming through the halls of Fight! Towers. I usually let what I do in the ring do my talking. But a meeting I had and now I can focus on stepping back into the Fight! Ring. 


::Enforcer gets to the elevators of Fight! Tower and presses the down button.::


Enforcer:I can stand here and put myself over along with a stacked Fight! Roster. In a moment of honesty we can put this roster up against anyone’s roster anywhere in the world. So clearly I need to step my game up and make what happens in this building a higher priority. With that being said I know I will have a hell of a time when I step into the ring for the first time of Season two since I am stepping into the ring with Kasey Winterborn. A woman with just as many nicknames as I have. A woman who has all the ability in the world, which is why she is part of the Fight! Islands champions with her fellow New Status Quo brethren,Betsy Granger and Shawn Warstein. Which is extremely impressive, Kasey. No fucking bullshit. 


::The elevator doors open, Enforcer steps into the elevator, and presses the lobby button. The doors close and  the elevator begins to go down.::


Enforcer:I have to admit, I am a fan of the whole concept of this oxymoron of the New Status Quo. I just get a kick out of the name and each member kicks some major league ass. They whoop that ass of everyone they come across and leave them at the base of Jackass Hill in Cleveland. That is just embarrassing and I’ll be damned if I am going to be the next one who succumbs to that same fate. 


::The elevator stops at the lobby and the doors open. Enforcer steps out of the elevator and begins to walk through the lobby.::


Enforcer:It has been months since I did the schmuck move of turning my back on Ani despite the fact that she was the only one who stuck around after that whole shit show of the Syndicate’s demise. Still I am getting peppered with questions as to why I would do such a thing. Why would I need to explain myself to anyone when each of you already have your minds made up on why I did it. Each of you smart marks already have it cemented in your minds that Ani is going to whoop my ass. I know what I would be in for since I have been in the ring against Ani before. The heckling of all of you know it all in the internet wrestling community is both very annoying but also very amusing. But to think any of you are getting under my skin so much that it would cause me to do something uncalculated and reckless. And to think that any of you have any effect on my decision making is erroneous. I have been doing this for a little while and I have been leaving the bullshit noise from the masses out of my head because I have always openly admitted that I look out for number one, first and foremost. Because if I don’t advocate for myself then who would do that for me? So whenever I decide to address Ani and execute any plans I might have to get Ani before she gets me. Until then I am focusing on Kasey, getting back on the winning track around here, and actually having a successful run in Fight NYC much like I did in OPW. That is the status quo I want to get used to.


::Enforcer walks out of the Fight! Tower as the camera fades to black.: