Stepping into it…

By: Anicka Swan

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 9th Jul 2021

Dont be aroused by my confession
Unless you dont give a good goddamn about redemption
I know Christ is comin, and so am I
And you would too if this sexy devil caught your eye

The scene fades in and we find ourselves in the Empire Room, the BDSM club that was owned by the Femme Fatale, VooDoo; the New York City club was where Anicka had met VooDoo and found herself swept up under her wing and training for the ring. The place, as usual, is thumping, the house band, Blaque Majik, was center stage rocking the place hard, for the past 45 minutes they had the slaves dancing from the hanging cages above the dance floor earning their money with a nonstop set. On the other side of the club, bartenders and waitresses dressed as scantily clad slave girls and boys, were hustling drinks as fast as they could. Sitting at the bar we find who we are looking for, Anicka Swan, she was dressed in a pair of leather pants that hung so low just above her pubic line you could see her tattoo and a white wife beater over a black bra; on the bar stool beside her a black leather jacket as well as a motorcycle helmet, in New York, with no kid anymore, she was back on two wheels instead of four. She could be sitting up there on the VIP level if she wanted to but she liked the bartender, Aria, and not in an Ani kind of way, but in a way that the woman makes Ani laugh. She picked up the red drink in front of her and took the last drink from the straw so she wouldn’t mess up her lipstick and no sooner than she sat the empty glass back down, the bartender put a fresh one in its place. She had been placing them in front of her all night as well as the past three nights Anicka has been here…

Looking for…

that “special”someone…

…for the night.

Damn, you mean Ani hasn’t drank his pocket dry yet? She chuckled lightly. How many does that make?

That would be number seven. You can have one more before we cut you off. The woman rested her hands on the bar. Three nights, girl, he has been buying your drinks. He’s paid me a hundred bucks every night to make sure your glass is full at all times. I think he loves you.

We know it’s not love. Ani was in one of her moods that sheís in after coming out of a relationship and right now as far as she was concerned, the only thing that men were good for was their ability in bed. Shit, Aniís starting to think there is no such thing...

I got to tell you, Ani, itís been great seeing you back in the club. Itís always fun when youíre around. She laughed a little. You keep it interesting for the staff.

Yaíll just happy sheís back so you can take bets on who sheís taking home. She smirked and took a sip from her straw and looked at her. Yaíll think she doesnít know?

Why do you think we were all glad when we heard you were going to be a part of FIGHT! NYC? We knew youíd be making an appearance or two here a week like you did before you moved to New Jersey. Aria laughed. We had heard rumors that Xavier Wolf had bought the Hearst building and made some sort of wrestling, fight, MMA sort of thing. Weíre actually hoping some of the fighters show up here and spend their money, you know how some of them tip. I saw what JMont tipped that one guy. Shit, Allison donít want that, Iíll sure take it.

You know, Ani doesn’t know. She shook her head. He reminds Ani too much of X back in the old days. She doesnít think she could do it.

WaitÖ Aria looks at her with a confused look on her face. But didnít you.. And X and Leí justÖ you know..?

Mhm. She nodded. Was before X got covered in tattoos. Tattoos are so hot. Aria opened her mouth to say something but Ani just shook her head. Donít try to understand it, it will just hurt your head.

Copy that.

So… who is Mr. Generosity? She inquired, sheíd like to get a good look at who her benefactor was.

He would be the man at the end of the bar, long black hair with the red shirt.

Both of the women looked down at the end of the bar where just as the bartender said there was a guy with long black hair pulled back into a ponytail and a red shirt. Anicka gave him a look over, he was massive in size, pushing 6.7 and had a chest as wide as a doorway. She could feel him trying to throw out those Alpha/Dom vibes from over here, but she knew his typeÖ he was really a bottom bitch; and he didnít know it, but he was about to be used and abused. Anicka quickly did the math in her head. Three hundred bucks right off the top to the bartender, three nights, drinks all night long. Her type of man, one that wasn’t afraid to spend money. If she had to worry about that thing now; she was sitting on bank big enough that she didnít have to worry about anything, ever again. She could buy a distillery if she wanted to.

Oh myÖ he is a big one. She looks back at the bartender. He looks like he could be fun.

Been here for the past three nights and has gone home alone. He’s a regular. I’ve seen him work before, usually not this persistent. She wiped the counter absentmindedly, a task she has done many times before that has become like a habit, she looks Anicka as straight faced as possible. I’ve seen him enough to know that he’s packing some pretty impressive gear for a good time. I’d fuck him.

How much did he pay you to say that? She smirked.

The bartender looked at her and smiled. That was two hundred. Seriously though, he’s a pretty decent guy, always been a good tipper.

Well, you sold him. She reached into her own pocket and gave her another two hundred dollar tip. Looks like Ani won’t be going home alone tonight after all. Aniís going to head on to the bathroom, why don’t you tell Mr. Generosity that she will be coming over to personally thank him for the drinks.

Will do, Ms Swan. She made her way up the escalator to the VIP section. She might sit and drink downstairs, but she sure as Hell didnít use the bathroom downstairs. When she was done, she stopped by the upstairs bar and grabbed a shot glass and a bottle of tequila and poured a shot and tossed it back.

Shell suck you dry
And still youll cry, to be back in her bosom
To do it again
Shell make you weep
And moan and cry, to be back in her bosom
To do it again

Life has had so many twists and turns for her this past year. Sheís been through three relationships, technically four, since one of those relationships was with a couple.. all of them failed because of her own actions. And itís pretty much her M.O. when it came to relationships so itís one of the reasons she stayed out of them, she always screwed them up. She even messed up what would have been the perfect oneÖ with the Cowboy. She poured her another shot and tossed it back and then sat there turning the shot glass in her hand and staring at it for a moment before she sat it down, poured another drink and tossed that shot back, too.

Boy, you fucked that one up Ani. Didnít think that one all the way through but the heart wants what the heart wants, right? Or some bullshit like that at least. Maybe Ani wasnít meant to have a happily ever after that so many others get. She thought for a moment. Then again, some happily ever afters arenít so happy after all.

She tossed back another shot. But what if this is Aniís happily ever after? Maybe Aniís happily ever after is being a rich ass bitch that just likes to beat the fuck out of people just for shits and giggles and be able to hold a gold belt and say this is Aniís come take it if you can? Ani wasnít at her peak and still reigned in as Immortal Champion for almost a whole damned year. She pours another shot and sucks that one down, too.

Call Ani a paper champion. Hmph. Paper champions donít have fans. These people have watched Ani for mother fucking years, have follow Ani for mother fucking years, because they can’t wait to see what she is going to do next. They know that no matter what she do, whether sheís fucking her brains out 80 stories up on the top of a building or sitting in a plain white room… Sheís always entertained themÖ and left them like junkies, looking for their next fix, fiending for her next promo. And, everyone out who thinks otherwise is just fooling themselves.

Going for anther shot, she was on a roll.

She hopes these new people that donít know Ani, believe what they hear, that she is all show and that sheís nothing. She hopes they keep believing Aniís someone they don’t have to worry about. Go ahead, because it just makes it a whole lot better for Ani in the end. She loves it when yall put up a fight against her. She smiles really big. More than you could ever know. Thereís nothing that makes her more hot than going to the ring and seeing that person sheís facing full of themselves and thinking that they’ve got it in the bag. To watch as the fear slowly creeps into their eyes when they realize that this bitch is all mother fucking Bite. She wonít stop and donít stopÖ unless you can put her down. And not many people have been able to do that. She smirks some. It is possible but not many people can do it. Hell, rumor has it, not many people want to even attempt to do it.

She shrugs her shoulders.

Shit, Ani heard olí Brandon Moore was talking about her with a bunch of other wrestlers. He said, Holy Fuck, just imagine if Anicka only focused solely on HER career and not running off doing Xaiverís bidding? Ani got to thinking about that, too. Imagine Ani at her peak? No one knows what she could really do in the ring if she put her mind to it. Itís even unknown to her what she could do if she focused and put her mind into her career. Maybe thatís what she will do? Xavierís father isÖ out of the way now. The takeover of “Marke Imports” happened quietly without much fanfare as we all hoped it would be. Hell, the only real notice to the outside world was actually the sign that Vin made for Ani for “Swan Imports”. He made the M in imports look like Aniís ass. Aniís already put in underlings at the place whose loyalty is to no one but her running thingsÖ She can sit atop her tower of steel and glass and look down upon the rest of the world without a care in it.

She shrugs a little bit. But letís face it, that would be boring and Aniís been bored enough without John-John around. Yeah, like Ani said, your girl didnít really think that one through when she told X she would help him. But he did have a point, Johnny was off the tracks, he needed help, this was the best thing for him. Heís getting the help he needs and maybe one day he will thank Ani for that. Or not? One thing Ani does knowÖ Johnny was right about one thingÖ

She wasnít built for that Domesticated Life.
– She never has been and she probably never will be

But thatís okay, with the life Ani leads, she can live with that. Ani likes being able to pick up and go whenever and wherever she wants and not have to worry about anyone else but herself. VooDoo, that woman makes being a momma look good. Allison, sheís making being a momma look good and her life is a flaming dumpster fire right now. Hell, even Leí… sheís been a momma for a month and sheís making it look better than Ani ever could. Ani loved Marie, but man, there was just so much responsibility in making sure another human being who canít take care of themselves stays alive. She laughs a little. Aniíd rather fight everyone in this Blood Match one on one than to take that responsibility on again. Itíd be a whole lot easier for her.

She goes to pour herself another shot only to find the bottle empty.

Whoopsie. She walks back over to the bar and drops the empty bottle in the trash can and quickly rinses out the shot glass. With a quick look at the counter to make sure she didnít spill anything on it and she started to the escalator, swiping the lid to the bottle off into the trash. She made her way down and back over to the main bar to find Mr. G sitting on the bar stool next to hers waiting for her return. When she made her way over he slipped from his bar stool and offered to help her with hers. She waved him off, they wouldnít be here long enough to sit.

You have a car? She asked him getting straight to the point; she wasnít in the mood for some small talk at the bar, she was wasting no time. Ani assumes you do?

I do.

Then letís go. She grabbed her jacket and helmet then turned and started for the door. Mr. G turned to Aria as if he didnít know what to do.

Follow her, stupid. She shook her head and mumbled the word idiot under her breath as he jogged to catch up to Ani, he wanted everyone to see that he was walking out with her, that he was the next one to shoot his shot with her. One thought went through Ariaís mind as she watched them leave and the scene slowly faded outÖ that man was about to step out into the unknown and get hurt.

Jesus is risen, it’s no surprise
Even he would martyr his mama to ride to hell between those thighs
The pressure is building at the base of my spine
If I gotta sin to see her again then Im gonna lie, lie, lie

Itís thirty minutes later and we are inside Aniís three story condo at the top of 111 West 57th Street. Outside the elevator door, you can hear the muffled laughter of a man and a woman and when the door slides open, Anicka and Mr. G from the bar stepped out.

Wow, this is nice. He said as Anicka side eyed him and said nothing, she hated it when “dogs” went the small talk approach. They walked further into the great room that overlooked Central Park, he walked over to the window and looked out at the city below. Iíd hate to think of what you had to do to get this place.

You know, Ani really didnít bring you here to talk with that mouth. I seeÖ With that, he nodded and stepped to her and took her into his arms and kissed her long and deep, his hands roughly roaming all over her body, hands slipping up under the wifebeater and mauling her double Es . She returned his kiss with equal vigor and passion, her left hand slipping up and wrapping itself up in the ponytail and when she finally broke the kiss she looked at him with a smirk on her face. Rule number one with dogs, you have to assert your dominance. She slid her right leg behind his right and jerked down with all her strength and Dog suddenly found himself being pulled onto his back by his ponytail, landing with a loud thud that took the wind out of his sail. He sat there for a few moments gasping for breath as Anicka looked down at him. Once he could breathe again, he went to get up but Anicka pushed him back down with her foot and kept it planted firmly in the center of his chest. Donít think Ani caught your name… My name is…

Dog. She cut him off. From now on Ani will call you, Dog, and you will answer to Dog. Do you understand?

Yeh. Anicka shook her head, that wouldnít do, she gave him a quick stomp to the chest, just enough to hurt a little and get his attention; he corrected himself. Yes, Ma’am.

That’s more like it. She looked down at him with a look that clearly let him know just where he was in her book, and that’s literally at the bottom of her boot heel. Now, Ani wants you to strip off your clothes and follow Her like a good dog to the bedroom.

Yes, Ma’am.

She removed her foot from his chest and started for the stairs that led up to the bedroom, from behind her, she could hear as Dog began to get to his feet. She looked over her shoulder; eyes narrowed just slightly.

Excuse you, but if Aniís not mistaken, a dog walks on all fours. The Dog dropped back to the floor and began to strip off his clothes eagerly. When he was out of them, he crawled on his hands and knees in the direction she went in and began to climb the stairs on all fours, just like a good little dog as the scene slowly fades out.

My pulse has been rising
My temples are pounding
The pressure is so overwhelming and building
So steady there, Freddy
Im ready to blow
What is she, what is she, what is she waiting for?

The scene fades into a darkened room, lit by just tiny slats of sunlight coming from around the black out curtains. The silence is disturbed by a feminine groan of someone who doesnít want to be awake yet and the ruffle of sheets; and that was followed by the sound of stuff being knocked off the night table as someone feels around looking for something. After a moment, a flame appears from a lighter and Anicka is half sitting up on a couple pillows lighting half a blunt that she had pulled from the ashtray. She looked over at the form laying on the bed beside her and snarled her lip up a little. He was on his stomach facing away from her, his long hair splashed across his back; his pale flesh seemed incandescent against the black silk sheets. She groaned; she hated it when she woke up and one of the dogs was still there in the bed with her. There were rules and dogs didnít sleep in her bed. A little smirk splashed across her lips as she placed her left foot on his hip and then gave him a hard shove out of the bed and onto the floor. He landed with a loud smack on the wood floor and a loud grunt.

Ow, what the fuck? The guy stood up and looked at Anicka. What was that for?

Rules, dog. Ani told you the rules. She took a hit off the blunt and blew smoke rings into the air.

I was thinkingÖ. She shifted just her eyes towards him as soon as he placed his knee on the bed. He stopped immediately; not knowing how he should proceed. Anicka inhaled deeply and once more. Donít.. Donít what? Think… Ani didnít bring you here to think, just get your things and leave.

Without another word, he took his knee off the bed and picked up his clothes in the walk of shame that Ani has bore witness to many times before. He didnít once look back as he made his way to the door to her apartment and became the newest member of her Dog Pound. Ani chuckled as she finished the blunt and rolled over and went back to sleep as the scene finally fades to black...

til I go blind
cause no one ever survives
Prayin to stay in her arms just to die a little longer
Saviors and saints, devils and heathens alike
Shell eat you alive