“Surprises.. or something clever.”

By: Miss Michelle

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 13th Aug 2021

A few weeks have passed since she found out that she was with-child, and the whole thing came as a surprise. 

So many things were on her mind, I mean, she wasn’t exactly planning on becoming pregnant. I mean, she had recently separated from her husband and for lack of a better word was whoring around a bit. 

Not only was she whoring around but she was drinking quite heavily with Paul Montuori on a nearly nightly basis. And she was still competing out there in the ring.

Needless to say she was a little worried about the damage that she may have done to her sweet innocent little boy. She hated even thinking about it.

Her record with pregnancies wasn’t very good,  ya know? The longest she had previously carried was twenty two weeks, so being at twenty nine was new and yet so very scary for her.

She had spent most of her adult life telling herself she didn’t want or need a baby – that life was better off without the burden of a child and in all honesty, she was probably right. I mean, her husband had gone off the deep end. He had gone from being the cause of so much joy and happiness in her life, to being the one who stressed her out the most.

But damn that stupid thing called love – she couldn’t leave him. Even during the separation where she initiated the divorce proceedings, she still found herself drawn to him. She still found herself bedded by him – she just couldn’t stay away. I mean, she had loved him almost her entire adult life. She didn’t know how to be without him and the thought of being without, absolutely crushed her heart.

Perhaps that was why she acted out and spread herself out to anyone who would oblige. Like a bipolar person who acts out sexually during a manic episode. 

Whatever the case may be, it didn’t take rocket science to figure out how she ended up in the predicament she was in, however, it was going to take a lot of time to figure out how she was going to handle everything. 

One of the best parts of this whole situation was how much attention everyone was paying. You all know how much she loves to be the center of attention and you all are feeding right into it.

Every time she enters the room, or makes a post on Twitter the first thing some half-wit comes at her with is, “how does your husband feel knowing he isn’t your baby’s father?” Or her favorite, “at least I don’t need to go see Maury to find out who the daddy is.” You are all so enamored with this shit..

But here’s the thing. She knows exactly who the father of her child is, without a doubt in her mind. Think about it.. twenty nine weeks ago, was what? January 20ish?

Separation happened in May? One plus one equals what? Yeah exactly. You figure it out. 

Oh and she is so tired of the intellectually impaired making comments of P being the father.  That literally offended her to her core.  I mean, yeah, she had spent a lot of time with him and yeah she was kind of living in his home but he was only a friend.  She has never and I do mean never slept with that man.

Not for lack of trying on his part though, he was steady trying some shit. She didn’t even really like him at first. He used to be the moron who used to drag Brandon out to do stupid shit, but you know, as much as she would hate to admit, he turned out to be a pretty damn good friend to her – but she will never admit that to him. 

Anyways, enough of that. I’m tired of entertaining you nitwits about that situation. 

While being pregnant had taken over a major part of her life, there was still the part of her that absolutely loved her career and she refused to let it go. 

Up until two weeks ago she was still handling her business and kicking ass out there in that squared circle and she wanted nothing more than to keep doing so – but it’s hard now you know? But Brandon had a great idea, as he always does.

Using Poptart made the most sense. I mean, he is the bigger bastard and he had the most loyalty to our family, he has been here since I can’t remember when. He was loyal, and we needed someone loyal.

Sure, he had a rough go against Ryan Elias but it wasn’t his fault. It was thrown on him last minute and if you didn’t know, Poptart isn’t exactly a ‘competitor.’ He’s a bare knuckle fighter and when it came down to it, being unprepared left him laying on his back in the ring, but that won’t happen again. 

Her thoughts were interrupted as she heard a door slam downstairs. She rose up to her feet from the vanity, a full face of makeup on and her hair in perfectly curled beach waves. She adjusts the straps on the sides of her lavender bikini bottoms, removing the slight wedgie she had.

She walked across the carpet and reached her hand out to grab onto the doorknob in front of her and pulled it open. Stepping through the threshold, she peered down the hall before eventually walking through it and down the stairs. As she turned the corner into the kitchen she could see through the sliding glass door, out onto the back porch Mama Moore was standing at the bar Brandon had put in next to the pool. Mama had her hands on a bottle of grey goose and was lining up shot glasses like she had company. 

Michelle chuckled to herself as she walked out the sliding door and over to the bar with Mama. She reached over and grabbed a bottle of water from the small mini fridge before speaking.

“It’s a bit early, don’t you think?” 

“Oh shut the hell up!” She snapped at her. “I get enough lip from my boy,  I don’t need it from you too.”

Michelle laughed to herself, shaking her head.

“Well do you really think you need six shots right now?”

“I’m just getting them ready.. I think ahead ya’know. If they’re already poured then I don’t gotta waste time later..”

Mama Moore sat the bottle down onto the bar and slid herself over a bit, pushing herself between Michelle and the counter as she reached for a cut lime. As she slid back over she brushed against Michelle’s stomach which was visibly starting to stick out.

“Might wanna get yourself on a little diet there fat ass..”

Michelle chuckled, unbothered by Mama’s comments. See, Mama was blind, legally anyways. She could still see some shapes and shadows but for the most part she can’t see shit. On top of being blind as a damn bat, she’s also drank herself nearly stupid. Michelle knew to take the shit she said with a grain of a salt.

“I will. As soon as you give up drinking.”

“I wouldn’t hold your breath then.” Mama said with a hiccup and a chuckle.

Michelle shook her head and watched as Mama took two of the six shots, back to back without so much as a flinch or even a chaser.  Michelle turned around and walked across the large deck towards the pool.

As she got to the poolside area, she sat the bottle of water she had down onto the table and flung her hair over as she pulled it up into a ponytail at the top of her head. She then walked up to the edge of the pool, lowering herself down into a seated position with her legs dangling in the water. She rested the palms of her hands on the deck behind her and leaned back a bit. 

“These past couple weeks have been enlightening for me, I guess you could say. I have been learning to deal with things as they come and realizing that you can’t plan every aspect of your life, like I was trying to do. Just when I thought I had everything figured out..”

She sighed, smiled and continued. 

“Life’s full of surprises and you gotta just roll with the punches, I suppose. Not only am I twenty nine weeks pregnant with a surprisingly perfectly healthy baby boy, but I am still a contracted member of the FiGHT roster, and as so I have obligations that have to be filled or you know, I risk being on the wrong end of a breach of contract lawsuit..

I wouldn’t want that. So, Brandon being the handsome,  creative and smart man that he is, found a loophole. We send someone to do it for me and who better than his lifelong best friend? 

Yeah, he had a rough go two weeks ago against Ryan Elias,  but who wouldn’t? I mean, he had no notice, we just sent him out there with no warning and expected him to do what we train for. He went out there blind and came pretty damn close to winning so I ain’t even mad.

However this week will be different. He has known for a good bit that he’s going out there for me again and he also knows that a loss this week will come with serious consequences for him because there is absolutely no reason at all for him not to be able to beat Kasey Winterborn.”

As she said her name she rolled her eyes in utter disgust. She pushed herself up off of the palms of her hands and lowered herself into the crystal clear water, submerging her lower half and allowing her body to acclimate to the temperature of the water.

“See, Kasey,  I’m not like these other bitches, I don’t need any friends. So I’m not going to sit here and tell you how we’re besties and that anything that happens in the ring isn’t personal.  

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I admire your work and your ability in the ring – not only because it isn’t true, but also because I honestly have never heard of you.

I mean, I heard you’re Shawn Warsteins girlfriend, but I don’t even know who he is. I heard you won your first two matches here, but big deal, you beat two mediocre competitors. Hell,  I beat Ophelia the day before I found out I was twenty five weeks pregnant  – she ain’t shit.

What else have you done? Oh that’s right, nothing. You’re one of those bitches who shows up, pretends to know a few things and somehow comes away with a few wins against the same kind of people as you, but when you’re faced with someone who actually knows what they are doing, you get your ass handed to you. 

However, I guess it’s your lucky day, Kasey. I say that not because I believe you can beat Poptart,  I say that because you’re lucky that this time, it won’t be me that gets my hands on you.

If you thought your battles with Ophelia and Ricky were rough – things are about to get real bad for ya.”

Her train of thought and speech were interrupted when she noticed Uncle Vlad, Brandon and Poptart coming towards the yard, through the kitchen just as she had done. She glanced over and yep, Mama was still sitting at the bar with that bottle of vodka.

As the three of them enter the backyard, she makes her exit from the pool. Uncle Vlad, dressed nearly to the nines in the finest Italian suit and loafers, and Poptart dressed in a pair of baggy basketball shorts and a white t-shirt head over towards Mama at the bar.

Brandon, dressed in a pair of black Adidas track pants and a black tank top headed off towards her as she was climbing out of the pool. 

She smiled at him, God he looked so damned handsome. She loved when he wore them skin tight tank tops, his muscular, tattooed arms were so gorgeous. 

She ran the last few feet to him and wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her lips to his. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close, returning her kiss. 

She pulled back and as she did he rubbed his hand across her belly and smiled.

“How did it go?” She asked.

“Like trying to train a puppy to not shit in the house.” Brandon said while slapping his friend on the shoulder playfully.

“What the fuck ever dude.” Poptart replied. ‘You know I was keeping up with you. You’re just jealous cuz I’m gonna outshine ya.”

“Jealous? Boy, I want you to be the best. we just gotta get you ready.”

She laughed at the bantering between the two of them.

“He doesn’t have to be that good right now, it’s only Kasey. In fact,  right now good enough will be just fine.”

The three of them continue their conversation as the scene faded out.