Swans and Falcons

By: Anicka Swan

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 31st Oct 2021

The scene fades in and we find ourselves in the main meeting room of Swan Imports located on the 45th floor of 111 West 57th Street, the end of the month meeting was going on and Anicka Swan was sitting in a sea of professional businessmen and women half heartily listening to the head of each of the divisions going over their report. She was turned away from the black cherry wooden conference table and looking out the floor to ceiling windows behind her and not paying attention to what was being said behind her. She was dressed in a pair of black slacks and a white button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow and she would have fit in perfectly with the rest of the suits if it wasn’t for the fact that she was barefoot with her toes painted hot pink to match her fingernails. She was half listening to them as they droned on behind her as she was looking out onto the New York City skyline; namely Central Park. Central Park. The place was literally riddled with pigeons; basically rats with wings as Woody Allen called them and they haven’t been able to shake that reputation since the ‘80s. Ani wonders what bird Anne would have picked if they had been hunted to extinction years ago? Sparrow? Ani is surprised she didn’t pick falcons, they were her favorite; a white one even on her Badge. Then again, it would be hard to move through the city with a flock of falcons. Not that you see birds of any kind on the Swan Imports building; it’s previous owner had so graciously made sure there was a reflective silver coating on the outside of the building and it’s windows that deters all birds of a feather from roosting in it’s nooks and crannies. Not that an occasional one hasn’t gone splat before on the windows and the cleaners have to take a trip outside.

What in the Hell? Lana Leilani, Anicka’s executive assistant, said from where she sat during these meetings taking notes. Not notes on the meetings themselves since they were recorded now, but notes on the actions of the speakers; if they were nervous, if they acted like they weren’t being truthful. Anicka had, afterall, slid in here backed with enough money and power to take over control with some shady underhanded business tactics; she needed to know if anyone was “acting shady” and if they were she’d snoop a little as Anomaly.

Is that Ms Fury… Unseen to her, but seen by everyone else, Le’Andra Black stepped off the elevator dressed in a plain white loose fitting dress that went down to her ankles and flowed around her legs with each stride she took.

Black… Lana corrected.

…and a… Barbarian? Anicka whirled around in her chair just as Le’Andra Fury pushed open the glass door to the conference room, her cousin Brandt was with her and he was dressed for a war with an axe in one hand and a wooden shield painted in Le’s family colors. A warrior is always ready to do battle. And with that, Le’Andra raised her right arm, revealing a wooden ax and slung it with deadly accuracy in Anicka’s direction. Everyone sitting at the table screamed and pushed themselves away from the table. As soon as Le’Andra released the axe from her hand, Anicka turned into liquid and slid from her seat to the floor. The ax hit the seat dead center where Ani’s chest would have been. What the fuck? Jesus Christ! Are you crazy? Anicka looked over at the ax that clattered to the floor next to her and shook her head as she reached over and grabbed it. She stood up then looked down at the other end of the room where Le’ and Brandt stood and gripped the ax handle.

Really, Le-Le?
You’re late. Le’ fumed as her accent flared a little. You were supposed to be upstairs for training an hour ago.

Ani was in a meeting. Not like she was whoring around at Voo’s place.

Keyword: was. Le’Andra said matter of factly. You need to be training.

The women stared at each other, neither of their faces showing an expression, everyone in the room looked back and forth between both of them all wondering who was going to win. Le’Andra was the first to move, raising one hand up and motioning her to… bring it. Anicka looked at Lana. Take over for Ani. Anicka leapt up and landed both feet on the table and ran down it, scattering everything on its surface as she ran it’s length, raised the ax high and with a yell, lept into the air. Everyone on that end of the room scrambled out of the way and moved to the other and watched as the CEO of the company and a man dressed like a viking rain down blow after blow on each other, each blocking the blows as they danced together in violence. Le’Andra stood there and watched them, keeping an eye on Ani’s form. Nodding her head approvingly, Ani has been getting better. Seeing that Brandt had Anicka to where her back was towards the door, Le’Andra grabbed the handle to the door and opened it and motioned for Brandt to herd her back this way. Putting his shield down in front of him, Brandt ran at Anicka, shield catching in the midsection, he pushed her through the door and into the hallway and didn’t stop until he put her half into the wall. Behind Le’Andra she heard the rest of the people mummering things. She put on her biggest and brightest smiles and turned around.

I do beg your pardon for interrupting the meeting, but I so needed Ms Swan. Behind her, everyone was watching as her cousin and Ani did battle in the hallway. As you may or may not know, my family’s clan wars are coming up soon and she will be fighting in my place. The sound of something being shattered caused Le’ to snap her head in the direction, both fighters were in a pile of broken furniture in what used to be a small sitting area. So please, by all means, get back to your meeting. Another loud crash coming from further down the hall where they couldn’t see. Lana, please send the repair bill to me.

No problem, I will send the bill to Mr Black with the rest of the reports.

Oh, no. Le’Andra raised her finger with a smile and wagged it in the no fashion. No, please send this one to me. Xavi’ need not know about this one. This caused a few chuckles to come from everyone. If you will pardon me.

She backed out of the room and gave a curt nod of her head and took off as fast as she could at almost 6 mons pregnant. The only reason she knew where they were was the crowd of people around the door to the stairs. Pushing her way through to the door, she looked in the direction she heard the fighting coming from; up… at least they were doing up. She pushed her way back through the crowd again and over to the elevator and pressed the button. She was so not taking the stairs; she would meet them up at Ani’s penthouse. She knew it had to be where Brandt was pushing her towards.

Once the doors opened, she stepped in and immediately punched the passcode in for Ani’s floor on the keypad separate from the usual buttons. She impatiently tapped her foot on the floor as she waited for the door to open again and when it did she zipped out even though she knew there was no way that they could have made it up there. She opened the door to the stairs and looked down, they were still about 10 floors below her. She turned back around and made her way to the new training room of Ani’s and took a seat; they’d eventually make it there. Almost 10 minutes later, Anicka came flying into the indoor veranda and sliding on the compliments to a big boot square in the center of her chest. Le’Andra looked at her as she lay there holding her chest and catching her breath, Brandt came in after her, he was dabbing his fingers against the bleeding cut over his eye. Le’Andra chuckled a little knowing there was no way he was going to be able to hide the scar that leaves behind like he was able to with the one on his chin that she left behind with his beard. She’s getting better.

So it seems. Le’Andra nodded towards his eye and smirked. Not going to be able to hide that one with a beard.

At least Ani was nice enough to put it somewhere I can hide it. I gave your beard a purpose in life.

You tried to cut off my head.
You said I fought like a girl.

You were one.

Ani hates to break up this family bonding moment you two are having. She said as she sat up. But can we get our fight on?

Oh, no, I think we’re done. Le’ was looking at the time on her watch. Xavi’ should be here in a few, we’re going out to dinner.

Wait, you interrupted Ani’s meeting.. Yes, but Ani had already inconvenienced us with being late, so I thought to return the favor.

Touche. Ani looked at Le’Andra. So, what do you think, Le’… could Anne Boleyn actually be THE Anne Boleyn?

Would be funny if she were. She looked at her cousin. Could you imagine Rusla the Red Maiden being transported in time, to the here and now?

Try convincing your mother you’re not giving birth to her.

Ani thinks it’s funny that she would go into wrestling. She paused for a moment thinking. But then again, if you have some built up hostilities about something, say like losing your head, seems like the perfect kind of profession to get into. It’s not why Ani got into the business, but it’s one of the reasons she stayed. She likes the high and rush of getting in the ring. It’s better than any drug she’s put in her body.

From what I’ve seen she’s handled herself pretty well. You have to be with everyone on this roster. Ani’s been sitting back and watching, she’s got her eye on a few people that she’s gonna Buck’Up to. She’s got some pay back to some people she needs to deliver. First thing Ani needs to do is worry about Anne. Don’t worry, Le’. Ani’s focused on Anne and the match with her. It’s Ani’s first match back of the season, everyone’s out there beating their chests about they won this, they beat that, and Ani’s just been sitting back and thinking… yeah, bitches that’s cause Ani’s not been in the ring. But that’s okay. Because…

Just like Jack Nicolson in “The Shining”
…Ani’s Back…
Please return your seats to their full upright position.

…it’s about to be a bumpy ride. And it’s going to start with Anne. Ani hates to do it cause Ani really likes her style, but this is business and this is a business where even family and friends fight each other. Liking someone’s style isn’t going to stop her from getting in the ring and doing the second thing that Ani loves doing. And that’s beating some ass. Good, I like hearing that and I expect you to keep thinking that until after the Clan Wars are over. Brandt and I have found a few more people that are going to help train you. I want you to relax for the rest of the night, take a bubble bath. Think about everything that you’re about to have on your plate within the next couple of months. Figure out what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it. As soon as Xavier’s ringtone went in Le’Andra’s handbag she stood up bringing the conversation to an end. She encouraged Ani to go relax as they said their goodbyes and made their way over to the elevator as the scene fades to black.


Hours later, after taking a long ass bath and smoking a big ass blunt Anicka came padding into the kitchen dressed in a white silk bathrobe that came down to her midthigh. She had been texting back and forth with a couple of people making plans and had caught a case of the munchies. She sat her cell down on the counter and opened one of the cabinet doors, pulled out a bowl and a box of Count Chocula and poured a bowl and put it back; it’s been her favorite since she was a kid. She then reached in the drawer beneath the cabinet and grabbed a spoon and walked over to the fridge and pulled out the milk. She looked at the time and date stamp on the milk and busted out laughing. She put the milk and bowl on the counter, still laughing and picked up her cell phone and took a picture and quickly typed up a caption and then put it in a group text. Shaking her head, she poured milk on the cereal as the scene faded to black.