The Book of Bhourbon.

By: Bhourbon Rose

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 13th Apr 2022

I grew up in Las Angeles; despite the fact everyone will tell you that no one grows up there. I was raised by a single father, imagine that? My mother ran out on us when I was two, I have absolutely no recollection of the woman. My dad had one photo of her he kept hidden, or thought he kept hidden. I found it once, I look like her. I knew that had to torture my dad terribly.

But, to know him, you’d never suspect he hurts every day. That he missed the woman who left him because of the child she did not want. Despite it all though, he always made sure I had everything I ever needed or could want. He worked at a thankless job, at one of the studios in Hollywood. He was always gone until late, leaving me alone most of the day.

It never bothered me.

The alone time allowed me to follow the things I loved, to learn everything I could about muder mysteries, crime stories, makeup and wrestling. I know. Odd combinations. But, I’m a complex girl. I look like Sugar and Spice, but really, I’m Leather and Lace. Who knew, however, that those interests would one day prove useful. Almost as if it were my destiny…

Now, my whole life changed when my dad was murdered for his watch and the few dollars in his wallet. If the man had just asked him… He’d have given them to him. He’d have done anything to protect me.

See, we were celebrating my 17th birthday, leaving a hibachi joint on Sunset Boulevard, when someone grabbed me from behind. It all happened so fast, I barely saw the man’s face. But, I’ll never forget the sounds. I’ll never forget… He screamed at my dad, almost completely unintelligible and before my dad could react, I heard a shot ring out.

My ears were ringing… My head was throbbing… It was slow motion; like in a movie. My dad grabbed his chest as he collapsed to his knees. I felt a searing pain rip my back but it was the violent shove that shook me awake. I pulled my dad into my lap and I remember crying. Screeching for someone to help us, but no one even batted an eye.

I tried to put pressure on the wound but… I wasn’t strong enough. My own body was weakening, the adrenalin mixed with the shock in my system and I was on the verge of crashing. “Daddy no!” As pitiful as it was, that was all I could manage. My throat felt like it had closed; and breathing was getting harder and harder.

But from the whole thing, it wasn’t the gunshot, the blood or the helplessness in my fathers eyes, it was the words he tried to choke out to me… “Bhourbon… Find… Better….. Idols… I lov-”

I remember the whole thing. And it plays in my dreams, to haunt me, every night. As if the scar on my back wasn’t enough reminder…

I told you that piece of my history to tell you this; I’ve had a wonderful life. A happy past. Loving family. But, despite all of the goodness and the wholesome nature of my life, there is a darkness in my heart. One that is only quelled by violence. Shocker, right?

It really shouldn’t be. Look at me. Head to toe in tattoos. A Glamazon. A few well-chosen piercings. I used to drink. I only smoke. Now, that is basically where my “bad choices” end, I never really slept around. I had a few boyfriends and one girlfriend, but that was really it.

Until she walked into my life…

Ophelia Pain-Pinkston.

A Goddess among mortals.

See, I had been working at Starbucks in Los Angeles when I saw her. She was in my line, and I was awestruck. She was beautiful. She was charming. She was one of those Hollywood Starlets, I had seen so often growing up. And now… She was staring directly at me! My heart fluttered in my chest, and I was sure the embarrassed hue was bleeding through the makeup on my face!

That whole day was a whirlwind. We talked on my break, and she offered to take me to dinner. We talked the whole night. I’m honestly not even sure we ate dinner. I had never met anyone like her before, she was quite possibly the only creature that walked where humans did, and where Gods did.

Pretty soon, I had left Starbucks and paid out of my lease and my whole life changed. Again. Met at the airport by an old man with a bigass mustache; who knew I’d grow as close to him as I had been with my dad?

I had never really left California before, and here I was in Tennessee and in desperate need of a whole new wardrobe! I’d never seen snow. Actual real snow before in my life. So I needed to buy a coat. Now, when my father died, he had a trust put together for me. I never touched it. I never wanted to. It was the last thing I had of his; but it felt apropos to use it now.

He’d always wanted me to expand my horizons and visit new places. Hell, he wanted me to find real love.

And I finally had.

With Ophelia.

Every morning I woke up with her beautiful face next to mine, I was living in a dream. But, like all dreams, they come to an end. An abrupt. Painful. Soul-crushing end.

I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, this was going to hurt…

”When we lost Walter… I didn’t think any of us would survive. Ophelia was shattered, and that was the first time I had any real contact with Murder…” I sighed, reliving the whole moment. Tears briefly glinted in my eyes. Losing Walter was like losing my dad all over again. And I barely survived the first time… But now, now I had Ophelia, and I had Murder.

Not the emotion murder, but the personification of it.

Pheely’s “Other half”. The voice in her head that burned her fires bright.

While LC and I did everything we could for Pheely and helped her with Walt’s final transition, Murder whispered in my ear where she saw my future going.

Some days, it was infuriating. Other days, it was a demented solace.

Of course, when Pheely came back to us, I discussed everything with her. Spent nights thinking. Was Murder right? Did I have what it takes? Could I follow in my beloved’s footsteps and reach that ring?

You are God Damned right I do!

”I signed the contract with Miss F in secret, only Pheelz knew at first. We trained every day for what felt like years. She put me through my paces, and she kicked my ass. Hard. She gave every ounce of who she was every single time we stepped into that barn. She gave me no room to breathe. She pushed me to my limits, and beyond.”

”And I worship her for that. She trained me in her image. She trained me in Walt’s memory. She gave me everything I needed to take my first step. And here I am. My first match. And it’s against you, Aiden. I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what accolades you have under your belt, but that doesn’t really matter, does it? This is fresh ground. Brand new territory.” I sighed a bit, looking in the mirror in front of me. Was I scared? A little. Was I nervous? You bet. Was I going to run and hide? Fuck no. That would go against everything I am, and everything Ophelia, my dad and Walt instilled in me.

”I’m sure you’ve done great things in your career, Aiden. Probably held some fancy titles. Beaten some big names. I applaud you. Now, you don’t know me for anything.” I continued doing my makeup, scoffing slightly as I raised a brow then smiled. ”I’m a newbie. This is my first show. Very first. And honestly, no matter the outcome of this match, I’m already a winner. And not because my mommy said so, I don’t have a mom. So, why? Because I showed up. I’m here.” I grabbed my red lipstick and painted my pout. “I’m a full-fledged Fighter. Trained by one of the best in the industry. Of course I’m nervous, who wouldn’t be? You’re Aiden fucking Reynolds. And who am I? Some streetrat named after a booze, with an attitude and perfect lips.” I smirked, adding the finishing touches. My lashes. I went absolutely nowhere without my lashes. Call that my vanity.

”I may not win this. I may end up covered in blood. But, I’ll stand toe to toe with you in that arena, and when those people scream my name, I’ll smile.” I grinned. Now, I was in my ring gear, complete with my boots. The posters behind me were of the opening of a new, free-standing Hot Topic in Brooklyn. And they had called me! So, in conjunction with FIGHT! NYC, I was opening the store! It was a beautiful event! I’d be fully sponsored by Hot Topic, LTD. and FIGHT! NYC. I had no problem being their little show pony. It helped Fight, it helped a company I loved working for and it helped me! We designed my ring gear to reflect that sponsorship. Very Gothic Chic; with Fight’s emblem emblazoned across the back of my extra small t-shirt and Hot Topics logo across the front.

”I’m really not a bad person, no secret rage or hatred, I am just one of those women who loves to fight.” I laughed, adjusting the ties on my boots. ”This industry has mesmerized me my whole life, from watching the greats on TV, to my first live show in LA. I never thought for a second I’d be able to see my name on the marquee next to a wrestling promotion’s name and hear the crowd lose their shit as I step into the ring.” I smiled, closing my eyes for a moment. I could hear the crowd outside my room, I could hear the speakers doing their spiel. That was when someone slipped into my room and whispered in my ear; ”They’re waiting for you Miss Bhourbon…” I nodded and smiled. ”I’ll only be a moment.” I touched their hand and nodded, it was almost time for me to skedaddle and be the good, pretty show pony I was.

”We have no idea how things will turn out, Aiden, but I do know, this is a bare knuckle match and I am a hell of a scrapper. I’m not a powder puff. Not afraid to break a nail or shed some blood. So, you’ll have a definite fight on your hands when they ring that bell. Win or lose, it’ll be a hell of a ride.” I grinned, fluffing the curls in my hair as I stood up. Checked the mirror one final time, making sure there were absolutely no flaws or errant whisps or anything. ”Maybe I’m at a disadvantage because I don’t know you. Maybe you’ll knock me flat on my back and get the 3 count. Maybe you’ll ring my bell and I’ll never step foot in the ring again. But maybe not. Maybe I have enough will, enough strength and enough… Well, enough enoughness to take you on and to get the win. Who knows?”

I took a deep breath, adjusted my boobs and smiled. ”But, come Monday night, LIVE on the Fight! Network, We’ll find out! See you then, Aiden. It’ll be nice to meet you, and come what may, I’m going to have a blast!” I blew a kiss and ducked through the curtain behind me. The crowd lit up, and began to chant Bhourbon at the top of their lungs.

”We’re honored to welcome Fight’s newest talent; Bhourbon Rose!” Boomed over the loudspeakers and as I waved to the crowd and began my own speech, everything began to fade to the background. All good things had to come to an end, and this was just the beginning of my story. This was my next chapter. I closed the book on my boring, normal life and turned the page to excitement, pain and the adrenalin rush.

This was The Book of Bhourbon: Chapter Two. And you’re all a part of it!