“The End..?”

By: Miss Michelle

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 6th Sep 2021

FiGHT medical personnel as well as security have made their way over to where Michelle was still sitting on the ground. They are asking her questions and she is trying her best to answer them with a clear look of discomfort on her face.

“How are you feeling?” One oblivious nurse asked. 

“I feel amazing!” She responded sarcastically while rolling her eyes.

“I’m so sorry, that’s not what I meant.”

“I know what you meant and it feels like somethings wrong.. I think I’m having contractions.” 

The nurse waved over two security guards.

“I’m gonna have these men help you up, do you think you can stand?”

“I think so..” she responded.

The security guards each grabbed a hold of her under an arm as they slowly lifted her up from the ground. 

“We are gonna get you all checked out and make sure the baby’s all good okay?” The nurse said.

Michelle nodded as the security guards slowly helped her walk towards medical. The nurse watches for a moment, taking notice of the small amount of blood and fluid on the floor before looking back at Poptart.

“You might want to let Brandon know. “

Poptart raised his eyebrows and then took off in a hurry to find Brandon Moore.

As she was walking down the hallway with the help from the men on either side of her, she stopped and nearly doubled over in pain and shook her head. 

“I can’t..”

She tries to sit down, however there isn’t anywhere for her to sit at this point in time. A second nurse comes barreling around the corner with a wheelchair in the nick of time, and she pushes it up behind her so she can sit.

The two men release their hold on her arm as she hunches over in the chair with her arms around her belly. 

“Is that better, Mrs. Moore?” The nurse asked.

“Much better.” She replied. “Something isn’t right though.. this doesn’t feel right.”

“I know, honey.  We’re gonna get you upstairs and have you checked out as fast as we can.” 

The nurse took control of the wheelchair and pushed her down the corridor and into the service elevator, so as to not get stuck waiting if others used the elevator.

Michelle cries out as the elevator moves between floors and the nurse places her hand on her shoulder, trying to offer a little bit of comfort.

“There is so much pressure in my vagina right now!”

“I know, I know. Just try to hold it together for a few more minutes.” The nurse said.

“Hold it together? How? How do you expect me to do that?” She asked. 

The nurse didn’t know what to say but luckily for her the elevator dinged and the doors opened and when it did she shot through the doors like a rocket. Rushing down the hall and into the large private room at the end of it, she parked the wheelchair next to a bed in the center of the room. She quickly moved around the chair and into the cupboards above the sink, pulling down a gown.

“Do you think you can change yourself or do you need help?” She asked.

Michelle used one arm to pull her shirt up and over her head, throwing it on the floor before trying to scoot her leggings off while still sitting but was struggling a bit. She placed her forearm onto the arm of the chair and tried to push one side up to get the pants down on that side but was unable. She looked over at the nurse.

“I guess I need some help..” she sighed.

The nurse walked over and helped her up to her feet. She kept one hand on the wheelchair to hold her balance while using her other hand, as well with help to pull her pants down and carefully steps out of them.

The nurse helps her walk slowly over to the bed and as she sits down on the edge still doubled over, the nurse grabs her legs and slowly lifts them up onto the bed. Michelle places both palms down into the bed as she scoots her ass back, trying to get comfortable in the bed.

“I know it’s hard, but just try and relax. The doctor should be in any minute..”

Michelle sighed as she laid back onto the bed, her eyes closing and her mind racing. She couldn’t help but think of all the things that could go wrong and wondered if they were happening. She was feeling a lot more pressure than pain and she didn’t really know what that meant, but she knew it couldn’t possibly be good.

She reopened her eyes and as she did a small tear fell down onto her cheek. She quickly wiped it away as a tall man, dressed in all white walked into the room with a clipboard.

He sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at her, noticing the pain she was in.

“I’ll save the pleasantries for later huh?” He said. “I’m going to have a look at you, if that’s okay?”

She nodded her head as a wave of contractions hit her, she moaned out in pain, holding her stomach as it did. He watched her and also watched as a small flow of blood and fluid came out onto the bed. 

“Oh, wow.. let’s take a look and see what’s going on down here first, I guess..” he said.

He pushed her legs open a bit, looking between him before getting up to his feet rather quickly and excusing himself. 

“I’ll uh.. I’ll be right back.”

He made his exit quite quickly as she looked down at the puddle between her legs, trying not to panic but it was getting hard not too.

Suddenly the door flings open, and with tears in his eyes, Brandon rushes into the room. He basically falls to his knees at the side of the bed right next to Michelle. She is already in his arms as he pulls her close to him, and he pulls her head into his chest. Brandon kisses the top of her head as he speaks softly with a controlled tremble.

“It’s going to be okay, baby girl.” He kisses the top of her head again. “I am here and I’m not going anywhere.”

She snuggled in close to him, her arms wrapped tightly around him and her head in the center of his chest. For some reason, seeing him made it even more real and the tears just started to flow.

“Somethings wrong, Brandon. ” she said, her voice shaky. “I don’t know what’s going on, the doctor looked and ran out of here..”

“We will get it taken care of, my love.” He starts slightly rocking her, gripped firmly inside of his arms. “Our family will get through this. Whatever it takes, everything will be alright.”

He felt like he was lying to her, as he was terrified at the sight between her legs. But it isn’t his time to panic. He must be strong for the love of his life. In this moment, all that mattered was the mother and son.

“I love you Michelle.” And his firm but gentle grip never ceases an inch.

She believed him, every word he said and why wouldn’t she? He was the most consistent thing in her whole life, no matter what they were going through or how mad he was at her, he always made sure she was okay. 

“I love you too, Brandon.” She replied back, in a much quieter tone. 

At that moment the doctor returned to the room, no longer with the clipboard in his hand and this time with a nurse behind him. His demeanor wasn’t as friendly as it was before, now a more urgent tone to his voice.

“It is in my opinion that we move you into the operating room as soon as possible.” He said. 

She lifted her head from Brandon’s chest, turning to look at the doctor.

“Why? What is wrong?” She asked.

“Well.. the pressure you were complaining about a little bit ago is actually because your placenta has detached from the uterine wall and is trying to descend your birth canal.” He paused. 

“What does that mean?” Brandon interrupted.

“Honestly.. it means if we don’t operate now, you could lose your son or your wife.”

“Then what the fuck are you just standing around for?” Brandon’s voice grows into his usual growl. “Are you fucking stupid or incompetent? LET’S FUCKING GO!”

The doctor was taken back by Brandons tone. He cleared his throat and spoke again. 

“The nurse is going to wheel you into the operating room and get everything all set up and ready for me.” He paused, shifting his eyes to Brandon. “The procedure should take no more than forty-five minutes, I will come out to the waiting room and fill you in as soon as I finish.”

Brandon released his grip from around her and stood to his feet.

“Like hell you will. I’m going with her and you better hope like hell the both of them are okay when you’re done.” Brandon said.

“Sir, I understand your concern, but the operating room is a sterile environment and there isn’t much room in there.”

“There’s plenty of fucking room for me, I’m one damn person. ” he replied. “So come on, we can scrub up together.”

The doctor sighed, nodding his head at the nurse who then left the room briefly. Brandon knelt down next to the bed once more, kissing her on her forehead.

“Let’s go meet our son.”

She half smiled as he leaned in, the two of them sharing a kiss before the nurse came back in, handing Brandon a sealed plastic bag with hospital scrubs in it.

“You ready sweetie?” The nurse asked her.

She took a deep breath. “As ready as I can be I suppose.” she said.

The nurse unlocked the locks on the side of the bed and slowly began to push her out of the room with the doctor in tow. 

Brandon followed shortly behind, however when they went straight, he took a sharp left into the waiting room and spoke to Poptart who was sitting out there.

“Hey man, how is she? What’s going on?” Poptart asked.

Brandon paused and then sighed.

“To be honest man, I don’t know right now. They are taking her into the operating room for an emergency c-section right now and I gotta go scrub up, but I need you to do me a favor.” He said.

“Anything you need, what’s up?”

“I need you to tell Damon what’s going on, as much as I hate that son of a bitch, he is family and she’s – we’re going to need that.”


“Also, can you respond to everyone on Twitter? Let them know we appreciate all the love and well wishes and everything else?”

“You got it.” Poptart responded.


Brandon took off from the waiting room and made a beeline towards the operating room. As he approached the door, he was stopped by the nurse who reminded him that he had to be completely sterile before he could enter.

He stepped into the bathroom and proceeded to undress, using the cleansing wipes that were provided in the sealed plastic package. He then re-dressed himself in the provided black hospital scrubs.

He walked out of the bathroom and into the operating room but as he entered a short, brunette nurse stepped up to him with a small zip lock baggie, holding it open. He looked at her confused and she pointed to the ring on his finger. 

“Are you fucking kidding me?” He asked.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Moore. This room uses magnetic devices and it is better to be safe than sorry.” She responded.

He sighed as he slid the ring off of his finger, the ring she had placed there those thirteen years ago. He dropped it into the bag and looked at the nurse as she sealed it.

“Just don’t lose it, please.”

She assured him it would be kept safe as she walked out of the room with it. He looked over, deeper into the room and he watched as the nurses scurried along, placing things on metal tables and arranging them into perfect order on one side.

On the other side was a small table set up with plastic siding all around it making it a makeshift crib.  The soft blue blanket laid in the center on a thin pad, and diapers set off in the corner. 

His eyes were locked on that crib, it was like no matter what he did he couldn’t stop looking at it. It had finally hit him that his entire world was about to change in a matter of moments – but would it be for the better?

All of the possibilities were running through his head as he stared at that tiny bed with the sweet blue blanket. Would it end terribly? Is this the moment he would lose not only the baby he had wanted for so long, but would he actually lose her, forever? Or what if by some miracle everything was fine. What if this was that happily ever after that you read about in storybooks but never actually think could happen for you?

He is pulled from his thoughts as the same short little nurse steps up to him with a sealed envelope in her hands.

“Mr. Moore, this letter was just delivered by Miss F. I know it’s addressed to your wife, but I figure she’s a little busy right now.”

He took the envelope from her and tore it open, pulling out a small index card. The card read;

Dear Michelle,

I would say that I hope this card reached you well but obviously that isn’t the case. As you know here at FiGHT we have a top of the line medical facility, capable of handling almost any and all needs of our fighters, however, the maternity ward is one of our most recent additions and as such there are many things that we are still planning and making exceptions for.

 We value the health of you and your child to the highest regard and hope that you will do us the favor of being the first woman to deliver under our care. We want nothing more than to provide for you and your new family.



He shoved the card back into the torn envelope as the nurse looked at him, as if waiting for a response from him.

“I don’t really think there is time for anything else, run a long and tell whoever that we agree to this favor. ” he said.

And she did, she left on her merry way out of the operating room. 

Brandon walked farther into the room, stepping closer and closer to the long metal table directly in the center of the room. They had her sitting up on the end of the bed with a nurse in front of her, stabilizing her so she didn’t fall off and another nurse stood behind her, prepping her back for the spinal she was about to receive. 

He gently brushed his hand across her arm, letting her know that he was there. She reached her hand over, grabbing onto his and squeezing his hand as they stuck the needle into her spine to numb her from the waist down.

Immediately after the injection the nurses help her to lay back on the bed and the anesthesiologist proceeds to hook her up to the oxygen machine to ensure that she gets plenty.  The nurses make short work of stretching a short curtain across her abdomen right under her breasts.

And then the doctor entered the room, his scrubs matching with Brandon’s as well as the other nurses and rubber gloves pulled clear up to his elbows as he held his hands out away from his own body to keep them sterile. He looked over at Brandon, the face shield and mask muffling his words a bit as he spoke.

“Whatever you do, do not look over the curtain. “

If the doctor only knew the things Brandon had seen or even done, he would never have given those orders. Brandon nodded agreeingly to the doctor. 

The anesthesiologist slid a rolling stool up behind Brandon and he decided to take the seat. As he sat down, he looked over at her and took her hand into his, kissing the back of it. She smiled at him and he brushed the small pieces of hair from her face. 

“I’m scared..” she whispered,  a tear running down her cheek.

“Nothing to be scared of my love, I won’t let anything happen to either of you.” He responded,  quickly wiping that tear away.

She closed her eyes and he just watched her as the time seemed to pass so slowly. 

He finally stood up, which caused her to open her eyes. He peered over the curtain just as the doctor had slid both of his hands into the incision he had made just below her bikini line. The doctor proceeded to pull the baby from her abdomen and as his little body exited hers he made the tiniest little squeak which brought happy gasps from all of the medical personnel. 

Brandon just watched in awe as the doctor passed his son to the nurse standing by and as she whisked him off over to that tiny crib in the corner.

 The nurse worked fast to clean his little body up and tie off the umbilical cord before looking over at Brandon.

“Would you like to cut the cord?” She asked.

His eyes lit up, and he released her hand.

“I would.” He responded.

He walked across the floor and over next to the crib that his little boy was in. When he was close enough she extended the scissors in which he took and proceeded to cut the cord.

She took the scissors back from him and quickly diapered the baby, before swaddling him up tightly. She lifted the baby from the crib and then gently placed him into Brandon’s arms.

He was surprised. He didn’t expect her to hand him to him so soon but he was so happy to be holding his perfect boy. He walked slowly across the room, staring in awe at his son’s beautiful face.

She looked up at him as he sat back down onto that stool and as he did, he laid the baby down across her chest. She looked at him and then at the baby. 

The tears flowing from both of their eyes as they admired the beautiful life that the two of them had created. The moment was incredible – just perfect..

..until the passing nurse noticed that something wasn’t right.

The baby had turned blue.. he wasn’t breathing. 

The nurse snatched the baby from them and rushed him over to the crib where they worked hard to try and get him to breathe.