The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy

By: Enforcer

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 25th Aug 2021




::Enforcer is walking into the living room of his Central Park West high rise apartment with a duffle bag in his left hand. He looks over to see his new wife, Justice Cross, sitting on the couch holding the DWA and OTTW World Heavyweight title belts. Enforcer cracks a smile as he sets his duffel bag next to the rest of his luggage.::


Enforcer:If you want to make my dates and defend my championships for me that would be awesome.


Justice Cross:You want me to travel while you sit around at home all day?


Enforcer:Well since you put it like that…then fuck yeah. Letís do it.


Justice Cross:Um, that would be a hard pass. Unless you want to stay here with a toddler all by yourself.


Enforcer:Hell naw. I already did that with Isabella after her mom passed away.


Justice Cross:(Shakes her head) Thatís what I thought. I knew you couldnít handle that.


Enforcer:What are you saying?


Justice Cross:You are showing some bitch tendencies right now.


Enforcer:(Gasps)Bitch tendencies?


Justice Cross:Good, you heard me right.


Enforcer:What a tragic turn of events. I put a ring on that finger of yours and then the claws come out.


Justice Cross:Babe, you damn well know the claws came out long before you put a ring on my finger.


Enforcer:I will be pleading the fifth on that one.


Justice Cross:That is a very wise move, Anthony.


Enforcer:What can I say? I have three years of experience in how not to piss you off.


Justice Cross:You are catching on. Good. Very, very good.


Enforcer:Now that I have passed that test. I should take those belts and put them in my luggage.†


::Justice hands Enforcer both championship belts.::


Enforcer:That is unless you want to go wrestle Damon in the main event of the DWA show in the Grand Canyon.


Justice Cross:As tempting as that sounds I think Iíll let you handle that, babe.


Enforcer:I thought you would say that..


::Enforcer puts each championship belt into a separate halliburton briefcase.::


Justice Cross:While I have you here I wanted to talk to you about something.


Enforcer:Whatís up?


Justice Cross:Since Mikey tried to ruin our wedding a few weeks agoÖ


Enforcer:You mean our wedding where Mikeyís unhinged ass tried to ruin our wedding by kidnapping you?


Justice Cross:Yes, that would be the very wedding I am referencing.


Enforcer:The very part of our wedding that I am not even trying to think about because just thinking of that tool, Mikey Blade, makes my head want to explode.


Justice Cross:That is why I wanted to talk to you about working with Sebastian against Mikey.


::Enforcer looks at Justice with an annoyed look on his face.::


Enforcer:You have got to be kidding me, baby?!?!?! You want me to work with Seabass? He and I have known each other for about a decade now. A decade that has felt like a century because we have hated each other every second of that decade.†


Justice Cross:Yes, that Sebastian.


Enforcer:Why on Godís green earth would I ever be on the same side as him?


Justice Cross:Because the both of you hate Mikey and want to keep me safe from him.


Enforcer:In this case the enemy of my enemy is not my friend because he is also my damn enemy! Have you forgotten that Sebastian is in love with you too?


Justice Cross:Donít be like that, babe.


Enforcer:Like what?


Justice Cross:You are overreacting, Anthony.†


Enforcer:I most certainly am not overreacting. He is only playing the supportive friend in hopes that I fuck up our marriage and he will pick up the pieces of your devastated heart.


Justice Cross:Nooo, he wouldnít do that.


Enforcer:Is he a hetrosexual male?


Justice Cross:What?


Enforcer:Is he a straight man? Is he attracted to women?


Justice Cross:You know the answer to that.


Enforcer:You donít want me to tell you what I think.


Justice Cross:Stop being an asshole!


Enforcer:When it comes to you and the kids I will not stop being an asshole.


Justice Cross:Look! I need you to be on the same page with Sebastian.


Enforcer:Fine!!! At the moment he is the lesser of two evils.


Justice Cross:Good. I am glad you are seeing things my way.


Enforcer:Oh, I am not seeing things your way. I just know you arenít going to let this thing go. So, we will deal with Mikey and then I will deal with that fool Seabass.


Justice Cross:Fair enough.


::Enforcer is gathering his luggage.::


Enforcer:Good. I love you, babe, and I will make sure to do whatever is needed to make sure you are happy and safe.


Justice Cross:It starts with listening to me everyday, all day.


::Enforcer cracks a smile as he and Justice give each other a peck on the lips.::


Enforcer:Iíll call you when I get to Arizona, babe. I love you.


Justice Cross:I love you too.


Present Day


::Enforcer is walking out of Lennyís Pizza in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn, New York. As he makes his way down Bensonhurst Avenue Enforcer gets people shaking their heads at him and or giving him dirty looks. Growing increasingly frustrated by this Enforcer stops dead in his tracks.::


Enforcer:What do you want from me? I did what was best for me and I never denied to lookout for what is best for number one. I have actually encouraged greed because it is honest above anything and everything else. So donít give me those dirty looks anymore, Brooklyn. God dammit! I mean who gives a shit if I turned on Ani to join The Cure. I canít believe I am getting this bullshit from people in my own hometown. If the roles were reversed you would have thrown Ani a damn parade but nooo not me. Not your hometown boy. I love Brooklyn and this is the kind of reception I am getting from each of you. And why in the hell would I want to be Fight NYC! Brooklyn Champion if this is the kind of shit I would get from you guys?


::Enforcer looks around in disbelief before he begins to walk down Bensonhurst Avenue once again when it is clear he is just publicly talking to himself.::


Enforcer:Great! Not only do I look even more narcissistic than I already do but I look crazy for openly having a conversation with myself out in the middle of the street. You know what? I donít give a shit because I know I made the right move. The Cure has always been the solution. Ever since The Syndicate crumbled around me with Johnny boy going to the slammer he is focused on not becoming somebody’s wife. All while the rest of the group are trying to find their own path. The fact of the matter is I knew where I was going. Which is why I ended my run in OPW as the forever Prestige Heavyweight championship. Did I get any recognition for making that championship relevant? Hell no! So when Apathy came to me with the proposal of becoming the newest member of The Cure I have to admit that I took some time to think about it because it honestly wasnít an easy decision but ultimately it was and is the right decision.†


::Enforcer walks down Bensonhurst Avenue with an ambivalence to all the onlookers and haters that he is passing by.::


Enforcer:Ani has clearly and understandably so been holding on to this grudge ever since our tag team match a few weeks ago. I would have been holding onto a grudge too if I were in her position. But it is clearly hindering her performance in the ring. Otherwise she would have beaten Dollface to become the BareKnuckle champion a couple weeks ago but we saw that Dollface walked out the victor to bring the Bareknuckle title to its rightful home in The Cure. Much like I will bring the Brooklyn championship home and into my possession. Not just for the Cure, not just for the citizens of Brooklyn but for most important because of me. It was me who grew up on the rough and tough streets of Brooklyn. It was me who saw the darkside of Brooklyn as a child. While I might have come out of my formidable years with few cuts, bruises, and scars. It was me who not only survived my childhood in Brooklyn but it is Brooklyn that drove me to be a true success in this business that I have been in for the last twenty four years. Which is why I can afford to have my wife and kids live in Manhattan…What? I’m just sayin.


::Enforcer shrugs his shoulders.::


Enforcer:As I walk around seeing some of these cockroach tenements that not only I but several people have called home I cannot help but think of how some unfortunate breaks have come my way over not only my career but my life as well. Obviously there is meeting my wife Justice, being blessed with two kids. There are also those fortunate things that have occurred during my career.† Meeting Damon and Bobby over two decades ago and them taking me under their wing and laying the foundation to an impressive career if I do say so myself. It seems as though I fell into another one of those fortunate occurrences to happen in my career when the inaugural and now former Brooklyn Champion, Amari Kent needed time to sort through his priorities following the passing of a family member. It is unfortunate that Amari and his family have to endure this tragedy and hope they are able to get through in due time. But what turned my rematch with MAV into a number one contenderís match has become a triple threat championship match. Now I am sure the world knows that I am going to throw in that I defeated MAV several weeks ago. So we can all check that off of the low hanging fruit to do list.†


::Enforcer motions with his right hand as if he is making an air check mark.::


Enforcer:With that being said I am sure MAV is looking for some redemption and what better way to claim that redemption by not only defeating me to nullify my victory several weeks ago but to win the championship here in Fight! that I covet most of all. That would just be a badass boss move, MAV. I would simply have to tip my hat to you if that were to happen at Toxic Tag but we all know that I will not allow that to happen. It would have to be as those over dramatic people would say, “over my dead body.” Yes, that sounds accurate. I hope you feel confident in yourself that you have got this second chance at life around here in Fight, MAV. Not everyone gets that second chance at life. So appreciate it but if I have anything to say about it that second chance you have been afforded will come up just a little bit short. That is just the way life is, MAV. Deal with it! Now I know you, Mason, as well as our opponent Ricky havenít really had to deal with too much adversity in your lives. At least any adversity that wasnít your own doing but that is about to change. Not because I am going to go out to the ring and maime the two of you like I am some belligerent recalcitrant who doesnít know how to put a thought together and just relies on my brute strength. While it is true that I am stronger than most I also rely on outthinking my opponents, boys. It is just another fact of life, boys. Of course I am sure the two of you are at your respective places of living or wherever the two of you like to spend your time and scoff at every syllable I am saying. Which is fine because I expect such things from the people who I am opposing. Especially opposing for such a rich prize. I hope the two of you realize though that the very thinking that got the two of you here is also the reason I have got to where I am. So, if either of you think that you are better than me than why the fuck are you here in my match? Think about that, boys. So being grateful and appreciative to either one of you is just not going to happen. Because quite honestly I have seen your type before, boys. Thinking you are a prodigy of this business. The second coming of the mythical man upstairs. Anybody who has put in any time inside the squared circle, put time in traveling the world from show to show will be able to tell you that we have seen that all before. That act is a dime a dozen which makes those who follow that formula and execute it are inditing themselves as a dime a dozen. Is that true, boys? Are you in fact a dime a dozen? Can I go to any wrestling school out there in the world, walk up to the trainer, put a dime down to buy the egotistical fools who think they got it all figured out? Damn fucking right that is what it means! You guys can be “naturals” and or have your girlfriend follow you around the world as your one groupie. That would be cool, right? I donít need that shit because I am not that insecure that I need it and on top of that my wife is on the road her damn self making a legacy for herself in this business. So each of you may think you have this whole game all figured out but as it was said so many decades ago that when you have all the answers I change the question. The answer to that new question no matter how one looks at it and tries to justify it is me walking out of our triple threat match with the new Fight NYC Brooklyn champion.


::Enforcer continues to walk down Bensonhurst Avenue as the screen fades to black.::