The GodFather

By: Anicka Swan

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 6th Aug 2021

The scene fades in and we find ourselves in an elevator, in the center was none other than Ms. Anicka Swan. You canít see her, since she is hidden by a stack of clothing boxes in her arms, she has 2 bags in each hand as well, but sheís dressed in a tight leather corset and a next to nothing mini skirt, with matching heels so tall they would make Barbieís feet ache walking in them and a leather jacket. The doors opened and she stepped out onto the 16th floor, being careful not to topple the leaning tower of boxes in her arms. She walked over to the white door, accented in gold and keyed in the number for the keypad and walked inside.

LeíAndra Black was sitting in her living room apartment with her feet propped up on the couch as her personal assistant Chan was sitting on a footstool in front of her; he had just repaired a chipped fingernail and was currently painting it to match the rest. Leí was dressed in a pair of yoga pants and a tank top, while Chan was dressed in a pair of black pants and one of the loudest shirts made in the history of loudest shirts, white with overlapping triangles in blue, bright green, orange and yellow. When they heard the front door to the apartment open, they both looked at each other; Xavier wasnít due home for hours… and then they heard it.


Yep, you guessed it, Anicka Swan. They gave up changing the passcodes to the door, she always managed to have the new one; after the 5th passcode change she realized there would be no keeping her out. They arenít sure how she got on the veranda of their 16th floor condo, but they woke up one morning and there she was outside sunbathing.

You think if weíre quiet she wonít notice us?

There you are, Le-Le! Aniís been shopping! Anicka came walking in carrying the bounty she acquired from a store called Mommies Rí Us. Ani couldnít see over the top of the boxes and didnít know that Chan had pulled out the coffee table so he could sit in front of Leí and she caught her knee on one corner of it hard enough to catch the woman whoís balance is always on point, off-point. Ani, boxes and bags went flying. Mother dick!

Oh, my God, that was so worth this visit. He laughed and almost fell off the stool. I am shocked to see you wearing panties.

Inside voice, Ani. Leí encouraged her.

Looking at Aniís crotch? She rolled over and smiled at Chan. Ani knew you werenít gay-gay. She looked at LeíAndra. Aniís been shopping! Same amount of excitement but in a softer voice as she slowly got to her knees grabbing boxes left and right and stacking them in a neat pile.

Hard not to, itís always out in the wind.

Will you two stop it? She looked at Ani. Itís too early to be shopping for them, Ani. We donít know their genders or anything, yet.

But Ani didnít go shopping for them. She smiled big at the other half of her bestie. Ani went shopping for Mommy! Everyoneís out there buying things for the babies, no one buys things for mommies.

Ani, you shouldnít have.

Oh, but Ani did.

Leí couldnít help but smile as she watched Anicka open one of the boxes and began to show her dress after dress. Anicka was every bit of the name she picked as her hacker handle, Anomaly. One day sheís a business woman slaying it in the boardroom, the next day swinging fists like a prize fighter, the next in “whore mode”… sometimes a child trapped in a womanís body. Xavier had told her that was what had him fall in love with her, you never knew what to expect. Leí would be the first to admit, she hated her at first, and then Xavier forced them together. And then Leí got to know her and found out that she is not the woman that most people see. A person did not enter and take on someone like Thomas Marke in his own territory unless they knew they could win and yet, Anicka kicked in the door with both guns blazing and did the unthinkable. She toppled a giant and then became one. She thought that Xavier had been joking when he told her that she was like a pitbull, relentless and doesnít back down from a fight even when injured or close to death. She will go down fighting and take whoever and whatever sheís fighting with her, just like it was any given Sunday. And thatís why Xavií and her are going to make herÖ


Not your typical female role, but Ani wasnít not your typical female. She had done so much for Xavier and her; they felt the need to include her. Especially since she couldnít have children of her own. She watched as Anicka pushed two of the bags that she hadnít pulled the items out aside.

These two are for Michelle.

Oh? Leís eyes got big and she looked at Chan to see if he heard the same thing, his face reflected her own, she blinked a couple times. I am sure that Michelle will be equally as shocked as I am now, Ani.

Also, Aniís got you this. She reached in her handbag and pulled out an envelope and handed it to Leí.

What is this?

Open it and you will see.

LeíAndra opened it and read the document then turned and looked at Ani when she was finished. She really didnít know what to say. Ani knew that she had been stressed since everything went down with Stylez and worried that she would have to find a new place to live.

John-John may or may not have transferred the title to this building to Ani before he went away and now Aniís giving it to you.

Does John-John know he transferred the title to you? Anicka didnít say anything.

Chan-Chan is taking that as a No-No. Chan stood up and began stacking the boxes on top of each other until he had one stack and picked them up. I am going to put these away. He looked at Ani. Pretty sure you know where the fridge is if you want something.

Aniís not going to be here long. Sheís still got shit to do. Sheís going to invite Enforcer and the Missus to dinner with her tonight.

Just to dinner, right? She looked at Ani with her brow cocked slightly. Last thing we need is for you to add them to your list.

Ani promises she will be on her best behavior as long as they are.

Iíll take that. She crosses her fingers mentally that Enforcer and his wife stay strong. Well, I wonít keep you long, but I do need to ask you to do something for me.

Ani will do anything for her baby momma.

How about stop calling me your baby momma? Leí chuckled a little bit. I know you were there when they were created but saying thatís going to raise some eyebrows.

Like Ani doesn’t already raise eyebrows?

Good point. Which is why I want to talk to you, I want you to raise eyebrows in Norway for me this year. She didnít wait for Ani to tell her what she meant by that, but kept on talking. I canít represent my family in the Clan Wars this year.. She pointed to her stomach and the still nonexistent baby bump. Because of them. And Xavií can not since he has a dick. Sure I could pick someone from the Clan, but I also want Xaviís family represented, too and quite frankly, youíre the only one who could do it.

Ani could just tell by the tone of Leís voice she was starting to get worked up. Over the past year she watched as this woman turned from someone who she thought was going to come between her and Xavier and the relationship with him into someone just like him, that she couldnít live without. Leís family and the 13 clans all rallied to help them bring down Xís dad and helped speed the process along and shorten the . This woman knew how to fight with almost every form of weapon and would have to be unconscious before she threw in a fight. But she had watched her change over the past couple of months, a soft material side was slowly emerging from under the armor of the warrior.

Ani would be honored to be your champion.

Thank you, Ani. I was worried.

Donít be silly, isnít that what Companions are supposed to do? Anicka winked remembering what LeíAndra had called her at a family dinner in Norway and stood up. Like Ani said, sheís got to go. She has shit she needs to do and she needs to find someone to help her practice up on her fighting.

I will send for someone to train with you.

Your brother? Anicka smiled real big and wiggled her eyebrows up and down.

No, not my brother. Absolutely not.

Just checking. She stood up and gathered up her bags. Sure, if Ani needs to fight like a viking she should train like one.

And I know exactly who to call.

Anicka eyes shot open. You better not call your father.

I didnít think about him, but now that you mention it, at least I donít have to worry about you trying to fuck him.

One way to make Ani concentrate. Ani will see you later. She made her way back the way she came as soon as she hit the foyer she yelled as loud as she could. Chan, Aniís leaving Le-Le alone.

I am not an invalid.

Anicka chuckled as Leís voice trailed after her. She left the apartment and made her way back to the elevator, this time carrying a slightly lighter load. She wondered where she should take Michelleís presents to her. Last time she saw her, she was staying at PMontís place because she and Moore werenít together. Paul was staying at the Tower. Or was he? Donít the Montuoris have a building in NYC? Peeps currently wondering who is the baby daddy, is it a Moore, is it a Montuori? Man, they are multiplying like the Riggsí and Wolf.. Fagan.. Black familyÖ Ani loves you all but…

Fuck, yaíll can we pick a last name and stick with it?
…Aniís having problems keeping up
And she feels like sheís missing a name or two.

She continued to think about her upcoming match with Enforcer going up against the Cure; jeez, how many times have he and her faced off against each other and now they are teaming with each other? Sure they were in a stable with each other back when FIGHT! was still running around with three letters and they didnít hesitate to come swing in the ring if they needed back up, but this was different. This time, they were going to be dependent on one another in that ring from the very start. Ani didnít trust many people in that type of situation, but she did trust Enforcer to have her back when she and him stepped into the ring with Dollface and Eion OíRourke. Eion, who she just faced a few weeks ago in a bare knucks match and has punked her down a couple times with the Cure. Pretty sure, he might be thinking that Aniís got some brass knucks to go with her set of steel balls.

She made her way from the elevator and out on the streets, just as soon as she stepped out, eyes began to shift her way. Half of them admired her beauty and grace, while the other half was wondering how much she charged by the hour. She walked down 57th street and took a right at 6th ave and headed down to the small grocery store not far down the street from her place that she could grab something to eat to hold her over until dinner. When she entered she was greeted by the owner, Mr. K.

Ms. Ani, always a pleasure to see you. He nodded her way.

Likewise, what do you have on the steam table thatís good today?

For you, Ani, I am thinking the lobster and maybe the buffalo chicken teriyaki.

Aniíll take it and an extra order of buffalo chicken. Aniís baby momma is going to love that.

Your what? He was confused and this caused Ani to chuckle.

Long story short, Aniís friends are pregnant with twins. Heís Aniís baby’s daddy, sheís Aniís baby momma.

Kids gonna be lucky. He smiled at her. Iíll get your order ready.

Thanks, Mr K.

Anicka walked through the store walking over to the produce and grabbing a couple of already pre cut fruit; pineapples, strawberries and grapes and one with nothing but cantaloupe; it was there she ran into Mr. Kís 18 yr old grandson, who was stocking shelves.

Hot damn, Ms Swanís in the house. He reached his hand up for a high-five and Ani was happy to oblige.

Hey, Jamie, howís the night?

The usual, hustling fruit for the pops. You?

Did some shopping and grabbing a bite to eat. Later tonight Aniís going to dinner with Enforcer.

Oh? New man?

No, heís a married man.

Never stopped you before. He joked.

Got Ani there. Happily married man then. She chuckled and smiled. Weíre just gonna talk about the match.

Cure right? Dollface and Eion?

Yeah, those are the ones.

Man, when I first saw Dollface, I am going to be the first to admit, I thought that was you. The way Johnny was calling you his Doll and you had your little Dolls hanging around you. I thought you were trying to be sneaky.

Ani thinks a lot of people thought Ani was trying to be sneaky.

When you K.O.íed her at Blood Money, that was awesome. Hell, you KOíed Eion, too. Not once, but twice.

Yeah, not sure how everyone in FIGHT is, but Aniís been busting people with her fists for a while, none of that wrestling shit they are used to. And fists are welcome there. Sheís already busted both of them down, Ani knows they are gonna be looking for some payback. And none of that sneaky ass shit of sneaking up on people. They are both gonna have to face Ani and Enforcer head on.

Not something I would want to walk into a dark alley and find. He shrugged his shoulders a little. Be honest, it wouldn’t be something I would want to run into in broad daylight.

Ms Swan!

Got to go, stay out of trouble. She winked and turned and walked away making sure to put an extra bit of wiggle in her hips, knowing the kid was watching. The kid rested one hand against the display case beside him and his hand went to his heart. He was so glad that FIGHT! Made NYC itís home and he was so glad she lived nearby.

Anything else for you, Ms Ani?

No, this will be it.

He rang up her items and she paid and left and made her way back to her building and entered via the private entrance for the residents that lived in Barad-dŻr, which was what she was jokingly calling Swan Imports. The doorman inside at the desk went to stand up to run and press the button for the elevator for her but she waved him back down. She didnít need that kind of service. She would let the other tenants have that service; her bank account may be bottomless now, but she was in some ways keeping it humble and this was one of them. Once inside the elevator, Anicka reached into her bag and pulled out her cell phone case with the new Anicka Swan case and quickly searched through her contracts to find Enforcers number and started a text message.


She stepped out of the elevator and into the foyer of her apartment, she placed the bags for Miss Michelle on the table that stood just opposite the elevator and then made her way to the kitchen and put the stuff on the counter before she made her way over and took a seat on the couch. She lifted the lid on the silver box in the center of the coffee table and pulled out a blunt and a lighter. She placed the blunt in her lips and lit it. Inhaling deep on the smoke and holding it for as long as she could before she released it.

Damn, Eion, Ani can only imagine what you must be thinking stepping into this match again with her. Like she already hasnít knocked you out twice, how many times canít a bitch knock a mother fucker out? Ani doesn’t know, but looks like weíre going to find out. Maybe this time will be the charm with Dollface in your corner? This is FIGHT, anything can happen. But, you all know itís not going to be an easy task, if Ani and Enforcer are going down, you best believe weíre going down fighting. FIGHT! Has caused everyone to have to step up to the next level, the only question isÖ have you? Are you like the others out there trying to step up their game before they are run over and left behind by those who have and those whoíve been coming in? Aniís been checking out these new peopleÖ and they arenít like anything NEW and OpW people have seen. Itís going to be time to step up or step out, no excuses as to why you have failed other thanÖ you just couldnít hang. The easy life you had vanished and was gone in thin air. Ani guesses only time will tell.

She winks as she takes a hit off the blunt.

And way to go, Dollface, do you know how many months Ani has had to put up with people asking her if she was secretly you? Like holy hell, bitch, all Ani heard was, come on, you can tell me, itís really you isnít it? Itís gotta be you. Even when we were seen together, people kept asking, telling Ani she hired someone to “be Dollface” when she couldnít. Kind of funny that people would think that Ani would be that diabolical. With what happened with Johnny and Xís Dad it might cause people to think that she was diabolical.

She shrugs and takes another hit off the blunt.

Kind of flattering too, really, if you thought that Ani would be the perfect disguise, knowing that everyone would be thinking she was you and they wouldnít really know who you were. Hell, who is Ani kidding? It is something Ani would do, join a federation and wear a different face, just to prove a point. What point do you have to prove and who do you have to prove it to? Maybe there really is no one? Maybe youíre just trying to prove a point to yourself? Aniís been there.

She nods and hits it again.

Been there plenty of times Aniís said things or done things just to prove a point. She and ARP stayed in aW, just to prove a point that they could win the tag belts they said we couldnít. Ani proved a point to Xavierís father that he couldnít do mean and bad things and not expect them to come back on you. Then again, maybe youíre that thing that was sent to Ani to prove a pointÖ that she needed to step up her game before she got ran over, she needed to step up her game to make sure that she lives up to that long list of adjectives that have been used over the years to describe her, to make sure she stays the Mountain in the ring that everyone claims her to be.

She paused for the cause as she hit the blunt.

Ani and Enforcer might not be in a stable, but we were, we spent plenty of time training together and getting to know each other moves as allies and lord knows we know how we move as opponents. Enforcer knows without a doubt heís got one of the most fierce of partners to step in the ring and sheís by his sideÖ the only question isÖ

do you?

Anicka snubbed out the blunt in the ashtray and got up and made her way through her apartment to her bedroom. She needed to get in a shower before dinner tonight. She and her partner had shit they needed to talk about, as she disappeared through the darkened doorÖ the scene fades to black.