The Hand that Rules the World

By: VooDoo

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 24th Sep 2021

What you got goin on
Behind those eyes closed, holdin on
And I dont want another day to break
Take our, steal our night away

VooDoo sat on the back porch, blunt in her hand and looking into the distance as she blew out a lung full of smoke. It’s times like these, when she’s alone, that she thinks about everything that Roger told her and what he was offering her. All she had to do was say yes. But saying yes, was not an easy thing, not when there were four children involved; especially these four, who already had fucked up parents as it is. What damage would it do to them if things didn’t work out and they had to bear witness to yet another “parental figure” no longer in their life the way they had grown accustomed to. It was hard for Voo’s kids at first when Vin left. They were used to their dad being there with them, tucking them in and reading them stories at night.

Isn’t that what Roger is doing right now? She didn’t know how Marie handled it. Maybe she was too young. But from what VooDoo had seen, Marie’s mother wasn’t “mother” material. She used Marie like she was an accessory instead of a child. And she used Marie against Roger every chance she got. It got so bad, that Roger actually paid the woman off to get full custody of her. Custody that Voo had to take over after his bout with the bottle but had given him back once he was able to be a Father again. They had decided to wait until after the mermaid photoshoot to tell the kids that he and Marie were going back to Texas, but then he dropped a bomb on her that she hadn’t quite expected. The Cowboy actually left Texas for the city life, to be part of her life; well as city as you can get being on a big ass horse ranch outside of New York City but it sure wasn’t Texas. It had been weeks now and although they had talked about it; she never gave him an answer one way or the other, and it seemed like he was okay with the living arrangement that had until she actually gave him an answer. He was perfectly fine with letting her take as long as she needed, because he wanted her to be sure as well, since he had Marie to think about.

I don’t know what to do. She paused. I don’t know if it’s safe to bring Roger and Marie into the family with Sarah acting the way she is. Although, technically he’s been with the family since before. And I know she wouldn’t hurt one of the kids, deep in my heart, even though she did what she did to Vhodka. And it appears she’s on team VooDoo, but that could be just to piss Vincent and Vhodka off, but who really knows. Right now, I am torn in my feelings for her. It’s hard with your loyalties when you’re stuck in between, to me they are both STILL family. On one side I see the woman disappointed in what her brother did to me, but on the other side I see the woman who damned near killed the father of my children. Would I be in a murderous rage if I were still married to him? Maybe my kids have kept me under control, what would happen to them if I were in jail for murder? I know the family would take care of them. But with the way that FIGHT has taken off globally, my kids would have to grow up with what their mother had done. Celebrity status has now been increased 100 fold. People out there are watching us and judging us and deciding just what kind of people we are. Though I doubt any of my kids would feel shame if I actually did kill anyone. I’ve heard the pride in their voices when other kids ask them what their mom does for a living and their reply is… she beats up people for a living.

VooDoo chuckles and hits the blunt.

This week I’ve got to beat up Paul Montuori… She smiles a wicked little smile with a gleam of mischief in her green eyes. Will be a different kind of beating him up than the last time he and I faced off. It’s not common knowledge that Paul happened to be walking passed my locker room one day around Christmas as I was coming out the door and I thought to myself, girl, it’s Christmas, be a little hoe, hoe, hoe. You know Paul enough to where he wouldn’t say no.

She smirked.

I didn’t even have to say anything, all I had to do was curl my finger “C’mere” and he was checking the hallway to make sure I wasn’t talking to someone else. He slid into my locker room like it was home plate and he had hit a homerun. She chuckled softly. He knocked a few out of the park that night and impressed me a little with the Monty Python. And then he started busting bitches out of rehab and partying with them. Nope, couldn’t have that shit around my kids. Kinda blew the pooch with that one, didn’t Paul? Especially now that you’re the father of a preteen girl. You could have had the Mother of all Mother’s helping you raise your daughter, if you only knew then what you know now, huh?

She hit the blunt and blew a few circles out and chuckled a little. Seriously though, if you do need parenting advice, just give me a call. We’re both adults, in a business where we have to fight each other. I don’t really have a beef with you. If it were your brother, that would be a different story. You didn’t try to claim my twins back in the day when your brother tried, tried that same shit with trying to get me to leave Vin like he did Allison. I can’t be mad at you for being on Team JAllison; shit, half my family was divided with that one since no one really knew what was going on; since ARP was hanging out with JMont more than her own husband. That being said, I need you to make sure that your little Dynasty crew minds their business because even though I am running solo by myself, I could have people coming out to catch my back spanning every damned stable. Who would sit back and let a stable full of people beat up the Owner of their favorite place, The Velvet Rabbit. Shit, some of our visiting VIP wrestlers from other feds who are there to watch the show might even jump the barrier and slide into the ring. She snickered a little bit before her face grew serious. You know me, Paul. You know what I am capable of, just like I know what you are. So when we step into that ring with each other this week… I expect. No, I demand… That you come at me with everything you have, because I will sure be coming at you with everything I’ve got. And then some. I want the fans out there to see what two professionals in this business are capable of doing. I want a pure display of athleticism that will have those outside of FIGHT sit back and think… daaammnn, those are some savage mother fuckers over there… I don’t want a piece of that place, their fighters ain’t no joke… they’re crazy, no wonder they have 24 hr pre-show lockdowns. She smiled. So, what do you say, Paul. Let’s show them what professionals do? I’m game, how about you?

Warm shadow, yeah
What you got in store for me
Keep those eyes closed, next to me
And I dont want another day to break

VooDoo was laying in her bed, hair pulled back in a ponytail and wearing a pair of grey sweat pants and a black t-shirt that said Boss Mom on it. It was one of her Mother’s Day presents from the kids. She had the kindle out and was reading “Contamination” by T.W. Piperbrook, it was a 8 book box set zombie apocalypse series and had been for a couple of hours. She put the kindle down and got out of bed and padded on bare feet to the door. She opened to find Roger on the other side getting ready to knock. They both said Jesus Christ at the same time as they scared each other. You just took five years off my life.

Sorry, Red. He sheepishly smiled. I didn’t mean to scare you, I just came to thank you again.

There’s no need to thank me, Roger. She smiled.

Yes, yes there is a need to thank you. VooDoo’s cheeks flushed a little bit and she opened her mouth to say something; but he raised his hand to silence her. I know you’re not used to being hushed, but I need you to, just for a moment.

And VooDoo did just that. She listened as he told her how much he appreciated every sacrifice that she’s made for his daughter. Her own life and her kids’ lives were falling apart and still she was there for his daughter when he had reached the lowest point in his life and was dragging her down with him. He thanked her for each time that she tore his heart out when she sent him back to Texas. He knew why she did it; she wanted him to feel the pain of losing Marie over and over because of his actions, hoping that he would come to his senses. He thanked her for reminding him of the man that he was and the man he was supposed to be for his daughter. He thanked her for being the woman she was and that he hoped that if there was one woman that Marie would look up to, it would be her.

Oh, Roger.. She smiled as she reached up with her right hand and placed it on his left cheek. I… don’t know… what to say…

Nor did she know what to say, when he reached up with his left hand, placing it on top of hers and he closed his eyes and leaned his cheek into her caress and gently kissed the inside of her wrist. For a moment, VooDoo almost snatched her hand away, but damn, if that kiss didn’t feel good. He’s been here for her the last 8 months just like she has been there for him. They spent hours talking about everything. The kids, their relationships, anytime she had needed someone to just listen to her ramble, he’s always done so. He had laid everything out on the table for her, telling her his feelings and even building a house.

You could say “Roger, come in.” He told her.

I didn’t know cowboys were like vampires and needed a formal invite. She teased.

Tonight they do. VooDoo looked at Roger for a moment, he was in her room before; there was that night he showed up drunk and things happened. But there was something about the tone of his voice, the look in his eye; VooDoo said nothing as she took a step back into her room and silently wondered what she was doing as she said the words. Roger… come in. Roger stepped into VooDoo’s room and shut the door behind him, when he decided to come down and talk to VooDoo tonight, this was the furthest thing from his mind, but when she caressed the side of his face her touch just felt so good. Ever since they came back, he had thought about their kiss and bits and pieces of that night he had been drunk. When Roger took VooDoo in his arms and kissed her on the lips, they suddenly felt alive. It was far from their first dance, but tonight’s dance was set to an entirely different tune.

Warm shadow
Wont you cast yourself on me

Hours later as VooDoo lay awake on her side with Roger asleep behind her, he had one arm wrapped around her. She could feel his breath on the back of her neck and the warmth from his body and one thought went through her mind, this was kind of nice. Over the past few months, she had learned that Roger was actually a nice guy, she could see how Blair and Ani would be able to use him the way they did; he wears his heart on his sleeve. All three of the kids like him, Marie is just happy to have her daddy around; the family… didn’t give a damn one way or another. They’ve been going with the flow since last October, waiting to see what was going to happen, if anything was going to happen. Things were different tonight; Roger was different. He touched her differently; the tone of his voice was different. He was softer, gentler; touching her in an almost loving manner. She knew full well what the implications meant; she knew what they meant when Roger asked to come in her room, instead of just coming in. She felt he had been testing the waters so to speak, to see if things would ever progress into more than what they already were and what did she do? She opened the door and not just figuratively, but literally; she opened her bedroom door and invited him.

Wont you stop breakin in
Red sky, red light, awakenin

What was Roger thinking? Roger already told her his feelings, but it wasn’t until here recently that she started thinking about her feelings for him? Was it Marie? Has seeing her in a family setting with kids who have accepted her as if she were one of their own made him think there was only one way to make sure Marie never loses it? He didn’t think she would abandon Marie as everyone else did, did he? Was he actually considering a relationship with her after all he had just gone through with his last, just to make sure that his daughter had a mother?

What were you thinking, Candice, what possessed you last night to invite him in? It couldn’t be that you need a man around the house; all you have to do is think something needs to be done and One is doing it. Your kids don’t need a father; Vincent still calls and talks to them and sees them every weekend in New York, it was one of the reasons she took them with her. Of course she cared about him and had feelings for him, he was technically the father of her 4th child, one that she didn’t have to give birth to and she didn’t want anything to happen to him and she wanted him to be the parent that Marie needed. And just what was she considering, laying here in bed with Roger Wright curled up behind her like he belonged there? Behind her, Roger stirred and pulled her a little bit tighter to him before settling back down, Voo couldn’t help but smile a little bit. Guess we’ll see what happens when we wake up.

And I dont want another day to break, no no no
Take our, steal our night away

And before we know it, it’s morning, the sunlight is creeping in through the opening in the curtains, there is the thundering sound of hooves running down the hallway and the giggling of children as VooDoo’s little Brood got ready to throw open her door. VooDoo’s eyes shot wide open, behind her Roger’s did the same and sat up and looked at the door, they both looked at each other in panic not knowing what to do. Stop, drop and roll. Roger rolled to the other side of the bed as VooDoo pushed him and the fluffy comforter over the side of the bed and into the floor; he rolled under the bed as VooDoo quickly grabbed the sheet and wrapped it up around her. Mom, can we have pancakes for breakfast? What time do we have to leave for the plane so I can pack? You’ve known for a week we were leaving today and you’re not packed? Aunt Voo, have you seen my daddy? VooDoo was hit all of that at once. Good morning, she thought to herself. Say something Voo, like anything right now would be good.

Call, grab my robe for me. She pointed to the chair where the black silk robe was. As she put it on she fired through the answers. Yes, we can have pancakes, go get the stuff out and ready for me. I repeat Rose’s question, you’re not packed? If the answer is no and there’s not a bag packed and by the door by the time I walk past it to the kitchen someone will have a very boring weekend with no cell phone. She finally looked at Marie. Maybe daddy… um, your daddy, went for a jog, you know how he likes to go for runs before everyone wakes up. Now, everyone out of here so I can get dressed and make some food.

VooDoo watched as the kids marched out the same way they came in and once she heard the door close, she slid over to Roger’s side of the bed and leaned over and looked at him, after a few moments, they both started giggling. That was a close one. He started to slide out from under the bed as VooDoo sat back up; over the past couple of week’s that they’ve talked about them and their relationship the one thing they didn’t know was the when and how to tell the children. And them finding the two of them in bed together naked, was not the way they had planned on telling them. So, rule number 1. Make sure the door is locked.

That should also be rule number 2 as well. He picked up his boxers on the side of the bed and slid into them; Voo winced a little bit; she hated to see morning wood wasted like that. He grabbed his jeans and slid into them before he crawled on the bed next to her and gave her a quick kiss. Rule number 3, no falling asleep naked.

I hate that rule. She crossed her arms over her chest.

That rule was just made.

And I hate it already. She finally got up from the bed and walked over to her dresser.

I am sure we’ll be making up rules as needed until… He didn’t need to say anything for her to know what he meant, until they decided to let the kids know. He walked over to the door to the wrap around porch and opened it then turned back around and gave her a wink and a smile. Some bacon would be nice, too.

Thirty minutes later, they were all sitting down to pancakes, bacon, eggs, hash browns as well as sausage and gravy over biscuits. It was the least VooDoo could do since she was walking funny this morning. Both of them looked across the table at each other smiling, but both thinking the same thing… These 24 hr lockdowns before the show might suck for everyone else, but they were going to work for them.

Take our...

...Steal our...

...Night away.