The light in the darkness (Venom#2)

By: Enforcer

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 23rd Jul 2021


::Enforcer is sitting on a couch in the Brooklyn Heights Social Club and the nightís bright moon is lighting up the East River. Enforcer picks up a glass of beer and finishes the beer that is in the glass.::


Enforcer:With OPW morphing into Fight! and moving to my backyard, my home, where I was born and raised, I canít help but reflect on the things that I have done during my formidable years. I cannot help but think of the people in my life. I think of Bruno. If he was sitting here right now what he would say to me. Heíd without a doubt ask, “Anthony, what is this life we have chosen all about? You go through life as a manís man.” What he ultimately meant by that is what you do when things are going your way and you arenít sitting on top of the world. During those times he would often tell me, “Take your bumps, do your time. That makes you who you are, what you are. This thing of ours has been around for almost two hundred years. Itís built on a foundation of the rules. You donít run, you donít lay down, you donít betray who you are. Itís self esteem. Pick it up in the streets. We have seen many friends and or associates end up doing a thousand years of not betraying who they are.” So we can deluded ourselves into thinking we are the fucking king shit just by what we tell ourselves or what we allow the people around us say about us. Which is why despite my massive ego I have always attempted to keep my head out of my own ass so when I do something like dominate and totally control the OPW Prestige championship for the better part of a year I donít allow myself to lose that hunger so I can keep my edge. It is the very thing that helped me survive the streets of Brooklyn as I came of age. Which is why I was able to break away from that life basically unscaved to be able to transition into this profession of pro wrestling. Then I was able to meet someone like Damon who helped refine my skills and was able to provide a life for my wife and kids to where I didnít have to worry about a bullet flying through my window or despite my run in with the feds a couple weeks ago I normally donít have to deal with those fools.†


::The waiter comes up to the Enforcer.::


Waiter:Did you say something, sir?


Enforcer:(Pauses as he looks at the waiter)No. I just got into my own head.


Waiter:You sure? Sounds like you had something you needed to get off your chest.


Enforcer:I suppose I do but I am alright, man. I appreciate it though.


Waiter:Very well, sir. Let me know if you need another drink my name is Gino and Iíll be over by the bar.†




::The waiter turns around and walks away. Enforcer looks over at the Brooklyn Bridge that is lit up by the full moon when he hears footsteps approaching him. He looks up to see FBI Special Agent Timothy Larkin holding a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos. Enforcer rolls his eyes and scoffs at the sight of Agent Larkin.::


Enforcer:Not you again! What the fuck do you want now?


Agent Larkin:Iíd like to talk to you again.Is that a crime?


Enforcer:It should be.†


Agent Larkin:Iím wounded by your words.


Enforcer:Iím sure. Now go ahead and talk.


Agent Larkin:Letís go somewhere more private like the FBI New York office.


Enforcer:Son of a bitch! Fine, letís go, but I am calling my lawyer to meet us there.


Agent Larkin:Thatís fair.


Enforcer:By the way, you could at the very least trash those disgusting ass Doritos. They reek of…well, Iíll just stop right there.


Agent Larkin:You clearly have questionable taste.


5 Hours later


::Enforcer and his lawyer, Rene McAllister, are walking out of the FBI field office in Manhattan.::


Rene McAllister:Didnít we just do this a couple weeks ago, Anthony?


Enforcer:(Shrugs)What can I say? I am a popular guy.


Rene McAllister:(Smiles)You have to be my favorite client. You pay my very hefty retainer, you listen to me, never complain, and never speak unless I tell you itís alright to.


Enforcer:Iíve got to keep my wife and lawyer happy.


Rene McAllister:That you do.


::Enforcer and Rene reach a black Mercedes waiting for them in front of the FBI New York office. The Enforcer opens the front passenger seat door for Rene. Rene takes a seat in the car and Enforcer shuts the door behind her. He opens the back passenger door and sits down. When he shuts the door the driver starts to drive. Enforcer looks out the back window into the dark New York night.::


October 14, 1990

::A twelve year old Enforcer is sitting playing Monopoly with a boy around his age at Juniorís Cheesecake diner at the corner of Flatbush Avenue and Dekalb Avenue in Brooklyn. Enforcer lands on Park Avenue that had already had two of his opponentís hotels on it. Enforcer pounds on the table as he hands the other little boy the monopoly money he owed him. A waitress looks up at the boys.::




::Enforcer looks over at the waitress with a puzzled look on his face.::




Waitress:You know what you did.


::Enforcer looks like he is about to respond but he bites his lip.::


Enforcer:Yes, maíam.


::Across the table from him the boy he is playing Monopoly against chuckles at Enforcer. A frustrated Enforcer becomes red in the face and tips the Monopoly board over. The now agitated waitress starts to walk over to the boys as a well dressed man in his early forties that is sitting in the next booth over sets his utensils down..::


Man:Rochelle! May I?


::The waitress stops in her tracks and looks over at the man.::


Rochelle:By all means.


Man:Thank you. Son, come on over here and have a seat.




Man:Yes, you.


::Enforcer slides out of the booth he is sitting in and goes over to the booth where the man is sitting.::


Man:You know who I am?


Enforcer:Yes, I do, Mr. Esposito.


Man:Good but you can call me Bruno.†


::Enforcer nods his head.::


Bruno Esposito: Youíre that Cross kid, arenít you? Sophiaís son?


Enforcer:I am.


Bruno Esposito:How is she?


Enforcer:Havenít seen her in a few days but that isnít out of the ordinary.


Bruno Esposito:Obviously I saw what just happened.


Enforcer:(Scratching the back of his head)Yeah, about that…


Bruno Esposito:Youíve had a rough go of it considering your home life isnít quite the best. So, let me just give you a bit of advice, kid. Never show your emotions. Tell nothing of yourself.†


::Enforcer nods his head.::


Bruno Esposito:Alright, kid. Donít let me hear or see any more tantrums like this from you anymore.




Bruno Esposito:So go clean up that mess you made instead of that busboy, apologize to Rochelle and her son while you are at it.


Present Day

::Enforcer is sitting in the back of the black Mercedes as they drive through New York the first sign of daylight starts to peek through the clouds.::


Rene McAllister:Anthony! Anthony!


::Enforcer looks up towards the front seat where Rene is sitting.::


Rene McAllister:Where did your mind wander to?


Enforcer:A random memory from when I was a kid popped into my head.


Rene McAllister:Look at you getting all sentimental in your old age.


Enforcer:(Chuckles)Bite your tongue, Rene.


Rene McAllister:You wouldnít dare want me to. Who else would defend you?


Enforcer:Excellent point, counselor.†


::Enforcerís cell phone dings to notify him he has a text message. He looks at his phone and reads the text message.::


Enforcer:Shit! Justice is wondering why I didnít come home last night.†


Rene McAllister:Do you want to head to your place first before I get dropped off?


Enforcer:Nah, itís alright. Iím already going to get my ass cussed out for staying out all night. Whatís another half hour?


Rene McAllister:It comes with the territory when you marry for love.


Enforcer:I know, right? I should have just put a hooker on retainer and called it a day.


Rene McAllister:Yuck! Donít tell me that.


::Enforcer shrugs his shoulders as they pool up to Reneís home.::


Rene McAllister:Iíll check on you in the next day or two to make sure you havenít gotten into any more trouble or Justice hasnít thrown your shit out of your bedroom window.


Enforcer:Youíre the best, Rene.


::Rene opens the door to the car, walks up to the stairs to her home, walks up the stairs and unlocks her front door. She walks into her home and shuts the door behind her.::


Enforcer:Letís head home, Chris.


::The car starts moving again.::


Enforcer:I canít help but think of all the things I have been through in my career and how I am starting a new chapter of my career in Fight! A company based out of New York City. One might call it a dream come true as I am in the twilight of my career and I get to wrestle just minutes from my home. As the tick tocks off the clock as we approach the second edition of Venom, I prepare for my first singles match of my Fight! tenure against a man named Korrupt. And no that isnít the same Kurupt that is in the rap group, The Dogg Pound. Believe me, I have already checked. This Korrupt hides behind the veil of a mask so nobody can learn of his habits. Which is perfectly understandable. I too keep things close to the vest myself but you see Korrupt in doing so for so many years I have been able to see the true greed that is in your heart. What you truly desire out of life. I am what you might call a sin eater. I have spent a lifetime of bearing witness to the misdeeds of others and darkening my soul so theirs can remain pure is what I am capable of. Which is why I am confident that I am going to be walking out victorious at Venom. Because you seem to think that just because you physically sit in the dark that you hold some sort of edge over me. Iíll leave that sort of life to the bats and vampires because my heart and soul are the things that are in the darkness. It allowed me to be the greatest and most dominant Prestige champion ever. I think it is pretty safe to say that you Korrupt are just the beginning in my pursuit of the Fight Brooklyn Heavyweight title because it is only fitting that someone from the best borough in New York is actually the Brooklyn Heavyweight champion. But Korrupt will soon find out that he actually played himself thinking I have any redeeming qualities that would lead me to the light. It has been the misconception of many that has very rarely worked out for them. You, Korrupt, wonít be an exception to the rule.


::Camera fades to black.::