The Maury Povich Paradigm – Pt. 3 of 4

By: Dane Preston

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 12th Aug 2021


Swan Imports Tower aka Barad-dûr @ New York, NY
11:35 AM – Friday, July 27th, 2021

Five minutes. Five minutes ascending in an elevator. I have never felt more Big Timed by anyone in my life, let alone my career. But, she did me a huge favor and asked that I come by to seal the deal. Whatever that means. After stepping off the elevator, I realized that I was standing in the foyer to her Penthouse.

Off the elevator, straight into luxury. Even Damon wasn’t this loaded. Slipping my hand in my pockets, I walked around for a while, taking in the art and the decor. Either she changed, or she hasn’t redecorated anything yet since moving in. After a few minutes, I called out…

Anybody home?

Of course, Ani’s home, how else do you think you got all the way up here?

Well, where is Ani hiding?

In the bubbles…

Oh for fuck’s sake, I can’t deal with this…

I’ll wait…

The fuck you will, bring that beautiful manmeat in here, Ani’s hungry…

I swear, she had better be pulling my dick…wait no, my leg. FUCK. I have enough problems with Sahara’s thirsty ass without adding Ani to the mix. I walk into Anicka’s bedroom, knowing full well we both know the rules. She won’t touch and neither will I. Her bedroom alone is bigger than the 2 room apartment Allison and I lived in shortly after we started dating.

Rounding a corner, I see her bathtub is surrounded by glass, facing a panoramic window overlooking the New York City skyline. And there, laying in the tub, blunt in one hand and glass of wine in the other, is none other than Anicka Swan, ex-girlfriend of Allison and mine, still a dear friend.

Oh poop, it’s only you…

Well, what the fuck am I chopped liver?

No, never. But Ani was expecting a home visit dick appointment…

That’s not me Ani, I can always go if you’re expecting company.

You stay right there. Are you sure Ani can’t change your mind about being Ani’s dick appointment?

Aaaaaaaaaani, you know the rules. There’s an open invitation, provided it’s Allison and me, not just one of us.

You won’t bend the rules for little ol’ Ani?

Sorry sweets, no Allie, no Ani.

But, no Allie, yes Sahara?

Stamping out her blunt and downing the rest of her wine, Ani sets the glass and blunt aside before erupting out of the tub, suds and bubbles cascading down her voluptuous form, hands placed on her hips. I sigh and close my eyes…

What, is Ani chopped liver all of a sudden? But that vixen from EWA can get Dane’s D without Allie’s permission?

Oh my GODS, Anicka! What the fuck are you and everyone else on about? There is nothing going on between me and Sahara. She is JUST a friend!

Mmhmm, and Ani was just a friend once too, look how that ended up for us.

Ani, that was very different and you know it. I swear to you, there is nothing going on between me and Sahara…

Ani sees what you don’t, and Ani sees what everyone else is seeing but you.

Babe, I’ve had a rough few weeks… Fuck a rough few months actually. This is not helping matters at all. You told me to come here to seal a deal. I didn’t know this is what you meant. I’m already in enough hot water with Allison as it is.

Ani is not a slut, Ani is a whore. Ani does not trade Ani’s kitty for favors or money. Sure, it would have been nice for Ani to enjoy that sausage of yours, but no, that’s not why Ani called you here. The lease agreement is on the table in the foyer. Allison already signed it, just needs your signature and your keycard is there as well.

Ani, you know I didn’t mean it like that…

Dane, you’re under a lot of stress, Ani gets that. Maybe Ani shouldn’t have given you such a hard time.

I hadn’t realized it, but Ani had sauntered her naked, goddess like physique up to me, grazing my shirt with her perky nipples, before kissing me square on the lips – with tongue – then slowly turning and purposely rubbing her bubble covered bare ass against my crotch before she walks away.

Let Ani put the goods away and we can finalize the papers.

I had to swallow and clear my throat a couple times before heading back to the foyer, where I began to pace back and forth. This is fine. I can handle this. Nothing happened. Nothing at all. I hear stilettos approaching, and Anicka Swan walks around the corner, with a silk camisole and sheer stockings, with 3” high heels.

Walking up next to me, she purposely stands next to me in such a way that I see more cleavage than paperwork. After a half dozen signatures, Ani slides the keycard over to me then looks up at me with hungry eyes. I feel like a lamb that has wandered into a wolf’s den, and I’m about to get eaten alive.

I start to backpedal, swinging my arms awkwardly, the elevator dings behind me. I keep backing up as I hear the elevator doors part, when someone walks past me. As I board the elevator, I see Anicka smiling…

Look! It’s Ani’s dick appointment!

I look harder and realize that her dick appointment is one of my most bitter of enemies. But it can’t be him. Can it? He’s in prison, for like, life. Isn’t he? I look again and the resemblance is uncanny. Dude looks up and smiles at me.

Sup man, you want in? I’m game…

Nope, definitely not him, may he rot in his cell. But this does go to show that Ani certainly does have a particular taste in men. So I just look away to make it less awkward as the elevator doors close, I tag the card reader with the keycard and the slow descent from the Penthouse to the 42nd floor, which is where our new apartment awaits.

A couple minutes later, the elevator chimes and the doors open to reveal white stone tile floors in the foyer. We didn’t buy this apartment, we only leased it for the year, until Allison and I figured all of our shit out and then we’d decide what to do next.

Directly in front of me was a full size bathroom, I looked left and saw a long hallway with a bedroom at the end. Looking right, I was taken aback by the huge floor to ceiling windows overlooking Central Park. Slipping my hands in my pockets, I walk toward the windows and just take in the beauty of Central Park. Soon, my awe is replaced by the sobering reminder that an entire neighborhood of Black and Irish Americans was wiped out and absorbed into what would one day be the park before me.

But that’s the way of the world, isn’t it? In order for society and civilization to advance, there will be casualties along the way. The history of this country is much deeper and darker than any of us will ever truly know. It’s always the same thing. Someone wants power or commodity and they will run through anyone standing in their way. Kinda like Joe Montuori, as he throws his weight and his money around to seduce my wife. Nevermind the fact that Allison and I have a family and that we have built a wonderful life together. Or so I thought…

How in the fuck did we get here? I ask myself. We were happy. Genuinely happy. We have our love bugs. We have Bella. We have family back in Wisconsin. How in the fuck did we wind up here? Everywhere I look, everywhere I turn, there are people supporting the thought of JAllison. Shit, now people are even running around shipping D’Hara. I don’t know what cruel game the Fates are playing with us right now, but I know that I don’t like it.

But that’s the way of the world, isn’t it? In order for society and civilization to advance, there will be casualties along the way. The history of this country is much deeper and darker than any of us will ever truly know. It’s always the same thing. Someone wants power or commodity and they will run through anyone standing in their way. Kinda like Joe Montuori, as he throws his weight and his money around to seduce my wife. Nevermind the fact that Allison and I have a family and that we have built a wonderful life together.

Leaving the Maury Show @ Stamford, Connecticut
8:27 PM – Wednesday, August 11th, 2021

I sat there numb, mindlessly staring out the window of the limo, my right elbow posted up against the window as I stroked my beard over and over. I was grinding my teeth, stewing over what just transpired. She left with him, Allison had left with him. Everyone has been right, she had been fucking him, I know it. All this time, I took up for her, saying, no, not MY Allison. Joe got into her head and then got into her pants. I bet all the shit he’s been saying is true. I bet this whole time all of these meetings for training have ended in her riding his dick.

Beside me, Sahara had been rambling on and on, I’d managed to block out her words and what she was saying a long time ago, that was until she placed her hand on my thigh and gave it a gentle pat a few times. My eyes shifted to her hand for a moment before I shifted them to her, my left brow crooked. She gave me her best devilish smile.

Just know, Dane, I will always be here for you. Whatever you need, whenever you need it. Sahara took her hand away, careful to give just enough of a caress to where it could be considered innocent. We should be at the hotel soon.

I said nothing, but went back to the window and my beard. Still I listened to Sahara as she continued to talk, when we got there she was going to call down for room service and have them send some dinner and a nice bottle of wine. All I could think about was the look on Allison’s face when I hit her. I didn’t mean to hit her, I thought it was security. I saw the hurt, I saw the anger, I saw the rage. I knew that it was just a reflection of what she saw in my eyes, my rage.

As we unlocked the doors to both our rooms, backs to each other, Sahara told me if I needed anything, she was there for me. Despite how she appears in public and on television, she knew how hard this was for me. She opened the door and turned around to tell me that she would order dinner, but just as soon as she stepped inside I rushed her.

Reaching up, I grabbed her by the back of the neck and pulled her lips towards mine and kissed her hard, wrapping my free arm around her waist and roughly pulling her against me; getting a more than shocked squeal of delight from her lips. I knew what I was doing was wrong, but it felt so godsdamned good, and I knew that Sahara was beside herself, finally getting what she wanted.

I pushed her into her room, kicking the door closed behind us and we wasted no time in getting my pants undone and down over my hips. I hoisted her up, quickly pushed aside that thin layer of cloth as she inserted my manhood and I thrust myself all the way in. We both groaned as she slowly slid down my entire length. When all is said and done Sahara can put those Dickless Dane rumors to bed, because right now Sahara appears to be very thankful for me being just the opposite.

I pushed her back against the wall and thrust myself over and over, each moan that escaped Sahara’s lips had a hint of satisfied laughter to it, which drove me madder and made me thrust even harder. We kissed long and deep as I pulled her off the wall and stumbled into the sitting area, catching my knee on the small couch and dumping us both on the floor.

We stripped off the rest of our clothes as quickly as we could, I pushed her back onto the couch and slipped between her spread legs once again as she wrapped her legs around my waist and began to push herself back into me.

Fuck yeah, Dane, just like that, baby. The words slipped from her lips every time I pounded into her; as I reamed her out, she still couldn’t believe that it was finally happening, after all this time, after all these years; she was finally getting a taste of what she had always wanted. I said nothing as I grabbed her by the throat and started to tighten my fingers tightly around it causing her to reach up and grab my wrists with both hands, but yet kept the almost victorious smile on her lips.

Finally, Sahara closed her eyes and invoked both mine and God’s name at the same time and I felt her tighten up around me over and over again; her insides quivering around me, as she let out a deep groan of pure satisfaction. But I wasn’t done yet, bitch wanted this dick, and I fully intended to give it to her.

When her body seemed to melt into the couch, I took hold of her and flipped her over on her stomach, slapped her hard on the ass before I entered her again. As far as I was concerned, the night was just starting.

The next morning I woke up to see flowing platinum blonde locks in my face. Out of habit I kissed her on the back of her head and slid my arm from under her head. Swinging my legs over the edge of the bed, I planted my feet on the carpeted floor and rubbed at my eyes. Blinking, I begin to look around and take in my surroundings. My eyes darted this way and that, a hotel room, that much I remember for sure. Looking down I see my clothes and hers scattered from the door to the bed. Slowly my head creeps downward, and I find that I am bare assed naked.

Fuck me, I say resignedly. A tired moan comes from behind me as she rolls over in bed, prompting me to turn and glance over my shoulder. There I found Lauren staring me in the face, a devilish smile plastered from ear to ear. So that really happened?

You bet your sweet ass it did. Multiple times. And…it…was…GEE-LORIOUS!

Godsdammit Lauren! We just did exactly what she was accusing us of doing!

Well, yeah, idiot. So? They’ve probably been fucking the entire time and you make me practically beg you to fuck me, IN FRONT OF MILLIONS. ME! I mean, have you seen me?! So, anyway, you’ll have to excuse me if I simply don’t give a damn. She walked her fingers across the bed and slowly crept them up my back. So what say you come over here and give me a rematch?

No! I jumped up out of bed and started grabbing my clothes. As quick as I could I threw my pants on, collected the rest of my things and headed out the door. Fumbling around with my things I frantically searched for my keycard, which I did not have. I lowered my head in defeat and knocked on Sahara’s door, which elicited a loud laugh from the other side of the door. I hear her come stomping over, as she opens the door, her gorgeous body completely exposed, her hand on her hip with my keycard protruding from her grip. Can I have my keycard please?

You can if you give me a kiss. I take in a deep breath, I close my eyes, and lean forward. Eyes open, loverboy. I snap my eyes open as we lock lips, she bites at her bottom lip as we break apart and she hands me my keycard.

FIGHT! Tower @ Manhattan, New York City, New York
10:25 AM – Thursday, August 12th, 2021

Walking through FIGHT! Tower, I see the looks, I hear the giggling, the hushed voices ridiculing me. I’ve had peers approach me and ask me outright if I bedded Sahara last night. I’ve had my hands in my pockets and my head down all fucking day. My actions were those of an angry, jilted lover, not those of a lovesick puppy dog. I’m not sure Sahara knows this, but what happened the other night was a one time deal.

I reach my locker room door and look around, I can practically feel the eyes boring holes into my very soul. With a deep breath, I tap my keycard to the reader and open the door when I see Sahara pass by with a smile plastered across her face. Quickly, I duck inside my locker room and gently close the door behind me.

The locker rooms are as big as studio apartments, they have a small kitchenette with mini-fridges stocked with prepackaged meals, energy drinks, protein shakes and water. There’s a counter with all my supplements, shaker bottles and a high-end commercial blender found in most smoothie businesses.

There is a single, large ‘locker’ which is a cubby style closet, with a drawer on the bottom, a safe above the closet rung, and a shelf above that. Sitting on the shelf is a black velvet bag, I set my hand on the bag before I have a seat on the large, overstuffed, Italian leather wrapped couch in the lounge area. Looking at my phone, I realize that it’s time for me to sit down with a FIGHT! camera crew.

I didn’t have your typical childhood; mom bailed when I was only 2-3 years old. Dad crawled inside a bottle and never crawled back out. I never had a great example of what a healthy relationship was until Grammies and Gramps came into my life and then Jenna and Damon years later. My older brother, Dylan, had to grow up fast and fend for both of us when we were kids. I got in some legal trouble and wound up locked up for five years. So when people give me shit about my toys; hot rods, choppers, dirtbikes, monster trucks, and guns, I feel pity for them. See, I can do the things now that I only dreamt of as a kid. And 90% of the time, I build my toys with my own two hands. In a manner of speaking, in my mind I never truly grew up, so you may as well call me a modern day Lost Boy…

. . . b i t c h . . .

You can call me Dickless, you can call me Basura, you can call me whatever the fuck you want, because at the end of the day, more important people call me Daddy. Soon, you’ll all call me Champion, and not long after that, you’ll call me the King of the fuckin’ Jungle. I’m tired of pussy footing around. I’ve tried being the nice guy. I’ve tried being the respectable, professional. And where has that gotten me? Huh? Where the fuck has being nice gotten me? I’ve been laid up, injured, four times in two years, three of those times I was decommissioned indefinitely. Multiple combatants every time. And now, now not only is my wife teamed up with the biggest piece of shit walking the Gods’ green Earth, she’s fucking him too. So now, I find myself teamed with, well, one of the toughest women I’ve ever stepped into the ring with.

Things are about to get really fuckin’ dicy, and I mean real soon. Last night, last night I did something I vowed I would never, ever do. I broke my vows. I broke my word. Never in a million fucking years, did I think you would screw Joe, Allison. But that shit that went down at the Maury Show yesterday, that cemented it. Sahara was right about you all along. And I was fucking blind to it. So here it is; you sat there thinking that I was fucking Sahara, all the while you’ve been letting that Meatbol play Hide the Sausage. Well guess fuckin what, Princess, if I’m gonna be accused of doing something that fucked up, then by Gods I had better be guilty of it.

You have yourself and Joe to blame for all of this. I should have known right from the jumpoff that this shit was gonna go sideways. I should have trusted my fucking gut and made that call to your Dad, exercising the Opt Out option he had written into your contract. But no. I was the good, supportive husband, trusting you to do the right thing, and just do your job and come home to me. You just couldn’t do that, could you? All those pictures of the two of you out in public, the videos, the texts and the selfies. They were all real weren’t they? And like I sucker, I fell for your lies…

Did you really buy into that bullshit Joe was spoon feeding you? He was manipulating you this entire time. Don’t think for one second I didn’t see and hear the shit people were saying. Some of the weaker minded and morally flexible in FIGHT! may have bought the snake oil that Meatbol was selling, but you? You, I didn’t expect to fall for his shit. After everything he put VooDoo through, after everything he put your dad through, you still fucking fell for HIM? What about me? What about US, Allison? What about our family? Where does Bella fit in all this? You know she’d sooner break Joe’s fucking nose than be with him. You made a shitty choice and you will come to realize it, but I don’t know that there is any coming back from this.

I don’t know what’s going to happen when you and I are in the ring, Allison. I don’t want to hurt you, I’ve never wanted to hurt you. All I’ve ever wanted was to be the one that made all the hurt go away. I’m sorry that I hit you at the Maury show. All I saw was RED. All I wanted was to get my hands on Joe, and security was trying to keep me away from him. I swung on instinct, thinking you were one of the security team. That punch was not meant for you, I hope you know that. But now, now we’re stepping into the ring with each other, Sahara at my side, JMont at yours. As much as it pains me to say this, we are each other’s enemy at this juncture. And just like your dad and VooDoo trained us for, we have a job to do. I expect no mercy from you, I hope you know to expect none from me…

My adrenaline kicks in and I jump up off the couch and begin pacing. I just can’t sit still, because this whole godsdamned ordeal has broken me. I don’t feel heartbroken, the shock and the anger are doing a damn good job masking the heartache right now.

That brings me to you Joe. I hope you’re pleased with yourself, you son of a bitch. You just broke up a family. I still can’t wrap my head around why anyone in the world would think it’s okay to do what you just did. You interjected yourself into our marriage, made all these bold claims and wild accusations, all so you could swoop in and take your spoils. I promise you Joe, if it’s the last thing I do, I’m going to destroy everything you know and love. I will set fire to your life, pour gasoline on the open flames until they become a raging inferno and then I’ll sit back and watch as your whole world burns to ashes before you. You’re responsible for all of this, the lies, the pain, the suffering, every last bit of it you brought upon yourself.

I find it odd that you, of all people, would call MY character into question. Between the two of us, I’m not the one that was going around gaslighting the entire company, trying to steal another man’s wife, threatening to kill her husband so you two could be together. Thinking about everything that has happened up to this point makes me sick to my stomach. I am beyond disgusted with Allison right now. Your actions don’t surprise me, but how easily she fell for your lies makes me wanna puke.

The last time you and I locked up, you tried everything you could in order to put me down. Brass knuckles, a low blow, and a four on one beatdown. And still I stood back up and brought the fight right back to you. I know for a fact that you are running scared. You know you fucked up, you know you bit off more than you could chew. Make no mistake about it Joe, you have yet to see me at my full potential…

I walked over and snatched the black velvet sack, reached inside and pulled out a Championship belt, which I slung over my shoulder. I flicked away some dust and lint from the centerpiece and continued.

You see this title Joe? This is the NEW Battleborn Championship, a title practically handcrafted for yours truly that I never lost. Truth be told, this is the only Championship that I’ve ever won, something I plan on rectifying shortly. While I never particularly cared to be a trophy hunter, I went after a World Champion in EWA and I took the fight to him and his entire stable. The only person that had my back was MDM. Now, clearly I did something right, because one of his former stable mates will be standing by my side when we go to war this week. But you see now, I will stop at NOTHING to relieve you of your Manhattan Championship. And despite my previous promises to not interfere in my wife’s career, I’m going to make it my mission to see to it that you two lose those tag team Championships.

Slipping the title off of my shoulder I slip it back into its velvet sack before I toss it down on the couch and continue pacing. At the rate I’m going I’m liable to wear out the throw rug in the lounge area.

But see, I’m not going to scheme, I’m not going to jump you with the help of a gang. No, instead I’m going to do shit the way I always have. Loud, confident, defiant and in your fucking face. Because that is how I conduct myself, like a fucking man. I rise to the occasion, I face all comers — yes, that means you too Brandon, don’t get your panties in a bunch, I’ll get to you as soon as I’ve left this little bitch for dead. I don’t shy away from a godsdamned challenge, not like you did on social media earlier. You’re trying to duck teaming with me, why? Are you afraid it’s going to be a three on one situation? Shit, I’ve got more balls than brains, two against one, three against one, hell four against one, I got give a fuck. Let’s throw hands and do the thing. But you, the self professed GOD of wrestling, you got your ass whipped by a cancer stricken old man, and you couldn’t even handle Vhodka Marie. And Vhodka, that’s not a dig at you, I’m just proving that Joe is nothing more than a false prophet.

The fact of the matter is this, Joe, you couldn’t win matches, so you sat behind a desk as a paper pusher and the false leader of FoCuS. I know you were considering hanging it up. What saved you from retiring? MY FUCKING WIFE did. You owe your career from April 2021 to date to HER, and it sickens me to no fucking end. Furthermore, you owe ME for making you relevant again. And you fucking well know it, I bet it gnaws away in the pit of your stomach; without Allison Riggs and Dane Preston, Joe Montuori would be another has been resting on the laurels of his past successes on some beach, screwing random broads, still thinking you’re a fucking God. Like I told Brandon when he started running around calling himself a King or a God, you can call me the fucking SLAYER. I hope you’re good and ready for the beating that you’re about to receive, because it’s unlike anything I have ever dished out. And if Allison gets in the way, well, this time what happens to her won’t be an accident, it will simply be business. And you can fill yourself with this hope that Allison is going to stay with you all you want, trust me, she won’t. And I can assure you, ya fuckin DELUSIONAL MEATBOL, she’s not going to marry you. My gods if you truly believe that, I’ve got ocean side property in Nebraska to sell ya. Chump. Mark my words, the FALL OF JOE MONTUORI kicks off this Saturday night at VENOM. You had better be ready, little bitch, because short of death, nothing is going to stop me from breaking you…

Shaking my head I wave the camera crew off and plop my ass down on the couch, taking out my phone. Scrolling through the pictures, I come across shots of Allison pouring oil into the Chevelle’s engine, Allison and Ani pushing the twins on the swings by the lake, and video clips of Bella being chased around the house by the little demons. These were memories of an apparently dead life. Would Bella stay with me and the kids without Allison, knowing I broke our rules and bedded Sahara? Or will she pack up and head for greener pastures, with less drama and heartache? Fuck, I don’t know what to think at this point. I love my wife, but I am so Godsdamned angry with her for what she did. I’m angry with myself for what I did as well. But without her falling for Joe’s bullshit, I know we’d still be sitting here right now, together. Instead, I feel that our old life is slipping away…