The Maury Povich Paradigm – Pt. 4 of 4

By: Sahara

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 12th Aug 2021

Stamford, Connecticut
After the Maury Show

I did my best to hide the smile that was attempting to spread across my face while Dane sat there, stewing angrily. He stared out the limo window in silence, stroking that godforsaken beard over and over again. His jaw was clenched tight as he absentmindedly made an annoying grinding sound with his teeth. Iíd never seen him this upset.

This was perfect.

That whole thing was insane, and fucking hilarious. The look on Allisonís face when Maury read the results was the most amazing thing ever. I practically squealed with delight when it happened. That could NOT have gone any better for me. Old man Riggs probably shit himself watching that debacle. His precious little perfect daughter had been fucking Joe Montuori of all people!

”Iíve been telling you, baby, it was sooooo obvious. She wasnít even trying to hide it.” But Dane wasnít listening, not that thatíd stop me from rambling on to drive my point home in his subconscious. ”You could just tell it was more than Joe just acting like heíd been with her, the way she refused to just walk away from the team, giving any number of excuses? Yanno?! Itís like sorry honey, but you canít have your cake and eat it, too! I mean, thatís gotta be a saying for a reason, right?” I looked at Dane, and for as fun as this was for me, I could see the genuine hurt in his eyes. For a moment, I actually felt sorry for the guy, so I placed my hand on his thigh, and gave him a reassuring pat. Finally, he looked at me with a crooked brow, so I gave him the most innocent of smiles I could summon.

”Just know, Dane, Iíll always be here for you. Whatever you need, whenever you need it.” I pulled my hand away, careful to give him just enough of a caress to where it could still be considered innocent. ”We should be at the hotel soon, baby.”

I waited a moment or two, but of course he said nothing in response, but went back to staring out the window and stroking his stupid beard. It didnít matter, though, I could smell the blood in the water. Dane was vulnerable. I found myself licking my upper lip as I gazed at him hungrily. Thatís when the limo came to a stop.

Weíd arrived at the hotel theyíd put us up in for the night. Eventually having made our way to our rooms — which were situated right across from one another — I turned as we both keyed ourselves in. If you need anything, Iím right across the hall, okay? Donít like, be all angry all night over what happ–“

I had just opened the door to my room and stepped one foot inside when Dane suddenly rushed me. I didn’t even get to finish my sentence. Reaching up, he grabbed me by the back of the neck and pulled my lips towards his and kissed me with an almost angry passion, wrapping his free arm around my waist and roughly pulling me in close; I squealed with delight, somewhat shocked. This was actually gonna happen. I didnít care that he was married, or that his relationship literally fell apart in real time right before the world’s eyes earlier today. This was my moment.

They excitedly stumbled into the room as Dane kicked the door closed behind them, a look of what could only be described as impassioned anger on his face. I wasted no time fumbling to undo his pants and push them down over his hips. He hoisted me up in his strong arms, quickly pushed aside that thin layer of cloth and I inserted his manhood as he thrust himself deep inside of me. I let out a moan of ecstasy as I slowly slid down his entire length, biting my bottom lip. I could finally put those Dickless Dane rumors to bed, because right now I could feel he was anything but dickless.

He took control, something I rarely allowed a man to do, but it was hot. Dane pushed me up against the hotel room wall and thrust himself into me over and over. Each moan that escaped my lips had a hint of satisfied laughter to it, which seemed to drive him madder and made him thrust even harder. I kissed him long and deep as he pulled me off the wall and stumbled into the sitting area, catching a knee on the small couch and tumbling with me to the floor. We frantically stripped off the rest of our clothes as quickly as we could, and Dane shoved me back onto the couch as he slipped between my inviting legs once again as I wrapped them tightly around his waist and began to push myself back into him. I wanted more.

”Fuck yeah, Dane, just like that, baby.” I reached up and practically gripped his suddenly manly beard as those words repeatedly slipped from my lips every time he pounded into me. God, I wanted him to fuck me silly. I was practically salivating that this was happening, after all this time, after all these years; I was finally getting what I wanted. Dane said nothing as he reached out and grabbed me by the throat and started to tighten his grip. This was like a mad rush of adrenaline, as Iíd have never expected this from Dane fucking Preston. I grabbed his wrists, but by no means was I sending him the message to stop, but to choke me even harder. Despite this, I could still feel that almost victorious smile on my lips as my blood began to boil.

Finally, I closed my eyes and invoked Godís name. My whole body tightened around him, spasming over and over again; my insides were quivering, as I let out a loud groan of pure satisfaction as I marked my territory. I practically melted into the couch after the climax, but it was pretty apparent Dane wasnít done. I wanted it, and just based on the lustful look in his eyes, he fully intended on giving it to me. He had let go of his inhibitions completely, just as I had hoped he would. Right now, Allison didnít exist. Only I did. He took hold of me and flipped me over onto my stomach. I practically jumped when he slapped me hard on the ass before sheathing himself back inside of me again. Now facing away, he grabbed a fistful of my hair, which brought an elated smile to my face as Dane pounded into me over and over, taking his pent up aggression out on me. And as far as I was concerned, the night was just getting startedÖ


The next morning I had woken up first, but laid there with a slight smile on my face as Dane continued to rest rather peacefully. Iíd drained him for all he had last night, and enjoyed every angry second of it. Hate fucking may be considered unhealthy by some, but what do they know, that was amazing–

”Fuck me,” I heard Dane stirring and could already hear the regret creeping into his voice. Whatever. I let out a cute little moan as I rolled over to look at him, hoping heíd be happy with what he saw. He merely glanced over his shoulder. I couldnít help myself as a devilish smile spread across my faceÖI wanted him again–

”So that really happened?” ”You bet your sweet ass it did. Multiple times. And…it…was…GEE-LORIOUS!” ”Godsdammit Lauren! We just did exactly what she was accusing us of doing!”

”Well, yeah, idiot. So? Theyíve probably been fucking the entire time and you make me practically beg you to fuck me, IN FRONT OF MILLIONS. Me. I mean, have you seen me?! So, anyway, youíll have to excuse me if I simply donít give a damn.”

I playfully walked my fingers across the bed and slowly crept them up his back. ”So what say you come over here and give me a rematch?”

”No!” He jumped up out of bed and started grabbing for his clothes. As quickly as he could, he pulled his pants on and collected the rest of his things and headed out the door.

I heaved an annoyed sounding sigh. What the fuck. Please tell me he isnít gonna go crawling back to that stup– I heard a knock at the door, which brought a knowing smile to my face. Rolling out of bed, my bare feet touched the floor as the sheets fell from my naked frame. Grabbing the keycard he left behind, I sauntered over to the door and opened it, making sure he had to gaze upon every inch of my nakedness. ”Can I have my keycard please?”

”You can if you give me a kiss.” I gave him a bit of a devilish smile and watched as he closed his eyes and leaned in. But that wasnít gonna happen. ”Eyes open, loverboy.” He opened his eyes as our lips locked. As he pulled away, I bit softly on his lower lip so heíd know whatís what as I handed him his keycard.

I watched that sweet snack of an ass turn around to open his door.


New York, New York
The Return to FIGHT Tower

Sahara walked the halls of FIGHT Tower with a singular thought racing through her mind; I told ya so! The devilish smirk plastered on her face was enough to know sheíd done something, and Sahara was practically screaming what it was off the top of FIGHT Tower.

”Morning, Sahara”, said a random FIGHT Tower employee. ”How is everything?”

As the blonde brushed past whoever this person was, she practically twirled around, ”Everything is cherry, my buddy friend. I fucked Dane Prestons brains out last night!”

The woman’s eyes opened wide, which merely caused the blonde to laugh. ”Yeah, you heard me! And I came four times!”

Sahara let out a resounding, ĎHA!í, that practically echoed through the halls as she left this woman slack jawed and in stunned disbelief. She continued roaming the halls of FIGHT Tower, spreading the news to anyone and everyone she happened to pass. ”Hey how you doiní today?! Good? Thatís great. I fucked Dane!”

She would have preferred to stick around for more fun back in Stamford had Dane not up and left in the morning, but whatever. He was probably feeling that regret soak into his angelic soul. He was such a good man, almost annoyingly so. Or at least, he really tried to be. It was cute in a way, because it came from a place of sincerity. And that made this all the more Ö devilishly fun.

Dane never had a devil on his shoulder quite like Sahara. He was so upset after what went down on Maury that she took full advantage of the situation, just as the devil herself had intended. Now that this was no longer just rumors, but a full on public affair, the fiery blonde was soaking it in. Feeling Dane accept that repressed hatred and finally letting loose was like pure intoxication. There was nothing like the feeling of a man letting his anger consume him, and unleashing it within her. And unleash it he did. Over and over. The mere thought of him taking her from behind and pounding his hate into her practically made her giddy… But as much fun as this brag fest tour of FIGHT Tower was, another thought slowly began to creep into the blondeís sex-addled thoughts. Venom.


Wrestling Lesson Number 1: Never let the wrestling business find out about your personal drama.

This was the mistake Dane and Allision Riggs-Preston made. For Sahara, however, this was more of a Ďnever let a good crisis go to wasteí type of situation. For all intents and purposes — other than a few spot appearances here and there — sheíd been out of the wrestling business for years. Then that mysterious business card arrived from someone in FIGHT and it changed everything. She felt like Michael Corleone when he said, “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” Well, she was back in. One-hundred percent. And committed. But these days, you canít just be another wrestler in a sea of wrestlers. The business had exploded, reminiscent of the old territory days where there were multiple promotions all vying for the best of the best. So she knew sheíd have to set herself apart, somehow, someway, and it wasnít gonna be by landing on her head fifty fucking times a week like these indy ping pong balls that have no idea the toll this is taking on their bodies…

So when she arrived at FIGHT and saw the Dane/Allison/Joe train leaving the station, she knew immediately she wanted a seat on board that fucking locomotive. This was how sheíd set herself apart. Become a part of what was sure to become the hottest angle in wrestling. Itís rare when it happens, but when the right story comes along, with the right players involved, you just know itís gonna be big. The mere thought of it brought a sinister smile to her face. She already had history with Dane and Allison, and didnít really care who the other guy was so long as he held up his end by getting that bitch out of her way. This was like predestination. From the moment she received that business card inviting her to FIGHT to right now, the stars had aligned and opportunity not only knocked, but kicked the door in and said, “Hey, blondie, right fuckiní hereÖtake this ticket and get on board the goddamn train!”

Thereíd always been something between her and Dane. Heíd deny it — he always has — but it was there. She could remember feeling that spark when he belly to belly suplexed her back in the day. Dane affectionately calls it, “That time I Boobplexed you.”, but that didnít bother her. Whatever floats his boat of denial. What should have been a violent action felt more like a turn on. She remembered the feeling of their sweat intermingling and while she couldn’t recollect the impact of the move, she sure as hell remembered her blood boiling and her skin tingling when it happened. As for Joe Monturoi, she never really stopped to consider his thoughts or feelings on the matter, because, well, his thoughts didnít matter.

This so-called “wrestling lesson” was something Sahara never really understood. The fans want passion. The fans want to believe. We are their escape from the everyday mundane lives they lead, so what better way to draw them in than with real life drama violently playing out in real time right before their eyes?! When Sahara blasts that condescending bitch right in the face, the fans wanna feel just as satisfied as she does when it happens. And they will. Why? Because itíll be for more than just blood money. Because this wasnít just business. This wasnít just some prize fight they can see anytime they turn on MMA. This Ö was personal. And the fans can always feel the difference.

Wrestling Lesson Number 2: N.S.S. Never. Stop. Selling.

Imagine watching Return of the Jedi and three quarters of the way into the pivotal action scene between Luke and Vader, the cameras pull back, and you hear the director yell cut–

Nobody wants to see that. I mean, there you are sitting on the edge of your seat and Darth Vader suddenly takes his mask off because he needs a drink of water? Well, maybe if he was on the set of Game of Thrones in the final season thereíd be one lying around IN the scene, but, whatever, you get the picture–

So donít go posting selfies of yourselves palling around after you just put out promos swearing youíre gonna kill each other. The beauty of something like this is you canít stop selling it. Because itís real. Itís not like Sahara could forget how annoying the perfect little pretty-pretty princess Allison Riggs-Preston is, with her hyphenated fucking name– The bitch is flat out annoying. The people wanna get lost in the moment, and they were lost in this Allison/Dane/Sahara/Joe drama. Hit up Reddit and look at all the fan theories about how they have proof Dane is already “smashing” Sahara long before it actually happened and how that cum-guzzling two-timing whore ARP has been “smashing” Joe for weeks. There are literally people writing full on smut sessions between them on weirdo wrestling subreddits, where perverted fans get off on fantasizing about us banging each other backstage while weíre puttiní on a show, as if thatís all that goes on backstage! Sorry kids, but Miss Michelle and I have NOT had a train pulled on us while we were making out and the entire locker room emptied themselves into us. Shame on whoever made up that rumor, by the way. Nevertheless, the never stop selling part was only one facet of this equation. The other was the fact Dane Preston was already having regrets and obviously hadnít let go of Allison, despite being humiliated on national television. This wasnít just some little problem. This was a huge issue that needed to be put to rest. If JAllison could effectively turn this into Sahara and Dane fighting singles matches — while they continued working as a team — it was gonna be game over before the game even started. And another thing, what the fuck was Daneís problem?! I didnít hear him complaining while he was banginí me all night long, and he did some pretty unexpectedly kinky shit. It was hot, but still. Anyone that says Dane isnít all man is a fucking idiot. And with that being said, he still needs to get his head on right. Weíre a team, and theyíre our enemies now. But I wasnít about to negotiate how we would fight in that tag-team match. If he was in there with Allison and he was the fresh tag, heíd better stay and fight her stupid ass. This is the big time, so my big boy better show up with his workiní boots on, because I ainít about to lay down for JAllison, or whatever the fuck peop–


Sahara landed hard, square on her ass having just walked full on into some lumbering fucking dip–

”Owww, you stupid fucking moron, watch where you–“, looking up, she stopped herself.

”DANE!” Holding her hand out, he grabbed hold of it and yanked her to her feet. ”You really should watch where youíre going, Lauren.”

She let out a little laugh, ”Lauren?! Thatís not what you were calliní me last night, baby.” She then turned and rubbed her right ass cheek with a bit of a grimace on her face. ”Sorry, I was daydreaminí and didnít see ya.”

Dane looked around, noticing a lot of people staring at them. His brow furrowed, ”I uh-I heard you were looking for me.”

”You heard right.” She rubbed her ass again and scrunched up her nose, ”Thatís gonna bruise. The least you could do is massage it, or do somethiní else with it if yanno wh–“

”LaurenÖ”, his tone was stern and it was clear Dane wasnít up for her flirtatious bullshit at the moment. He kept looking around at the various people staring at them, making a mental note of the random whispers. Finally, she rolled her eyes. ”Fine, whatever. Letís go somewhere a little more private cuz we gotta get a few things straight about this match with bitchface and dipshit.”


”Okay, fine! Whatever. Allison and Joe! Now get in here.” Sahara opened a door to a small conference room and yanked him in. The first thing she noticed was the conference room table. Maybe he could bend me over and take me righ–

”Lauren, what the hell is going on around here, why has everyone been staring at me since I got back to the building?!”

”First, stop calling me Lauren with that weird fatherly kinda tone. After last night, you donít get to do that anymore. EVER. And get over it, Dane. It fucking happened.” Her voice purposefully rose a few octaves, ”You fucked my goddamn brains out and everybody knows it, thatís why theyíre stariní at ya!”

Dane quickly grabbed hold of the blonde and covered her mouth with his hand. She didnít bother putting up a fight as he held her close. She merely gazed at him with those bright blue eyes and he could feel her smile beneath his hand. He released her as she stood there, backed up against the conference room table, their lips mere inches apart. Thatís when Daneís eyes darted up to the Occhi camera behind them and took a step away from Sahara.

”Donít be like that. I didnít cheat on you with a guy thatís been calling you out publicly for months. She did. So donít take it out on me. I was there for you when SHE chose to leave with HIM. Yeah, we did what we did, and Iím NOT sorry for it. And you shouldnít be, either. She humiliated everyone yesterday. You. Herself. Your goddamn kids. Her family. Everyone! I picked up the pieces, just like I said I was gonna do, so you–“ She jabbed a finger into his chest, ”You donít get to treat me like some second class citizen and shy away from me because people might see us together–“

She could feel the tears welling up in her eyes so she stopped and turned away from Dane, attempting to right herself.

Without saying a word, Dane reached out and placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder. A knowing smirk formed on the blonde’s face, which she quickly erased before turning back to Dane. As far as Sahara was concerned, she didnít come all this way with Dane for him to turn pussy and run back to her, especially in light of what happened.

”Look, just Ö forget about me for a minute. Iíll be fine. I just gotta remind myself you need time to reconcile all this crap. All I care about right now is you getting your head straight for Venom. We got an opportunity to make a statement against those two. They made a joke outta you, Dane. Nobody gave a fuck about Maury for at least a decade, and now that shits trending on YouTube, Twitter, and you name it. And I wouldnít recommend reading the comments on the posts. The wrestling world is waiting for you to come out so they can laugh at you.” Sahara shook her head, ”So donít fucking let them!”

Sahara took a step forward and gently placed a hand on his chest.

”We can reset the narrative at Venom. Show the world that WE arenít to be fucked with. But it canít be you versus Joe and me versus Allison. Itís gotta be us versus them. Because I assure you, there will be a them. We have an opportunity to go from tossed together tag-team to actual contenders with this one match, and we will do that so long as you show the fuck up and pop that bitch if she gets up in your face.”

Waiting a moment to gauge Daneís reaction, Sahara suddenly grabs him by his shirt, twisting both her fists in the fabric, pulling him in closer–

”Look at me! No. Look me in the eyes. Donít worry about the eyes in the sky that are always watchiní us. Donít worry about the fans. And donít worry about what other people think of us. I need you at your best at Venom, and I promise you youíll get me at mine.” She pauses a moment, letting her words linger. ”The whole world is watching us, Dane. So make a choice. We can either fall as individuals, or we can rise, together–

Finishing her sentence, Dane finally breaks his silence, ”–as a team.”

Saharaís lip slowly curls into a smirk as she nods, satisfied he understoodÖ ”I know you canít see it yet, but trust me, baby, everything that happened in the last twenty-four hours opened a whole new world of possibilities for us…”