The New Captain Of The Ship

By: Austin Ramsey

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 31st Oct 2021


Thursday, October 28, 2021
10:30 a.m.
The Chrysler Building
New York, NY


“The New Captain Of The Ship”

The elevator opens on the 5th floor of the Chrysler Building. Austin Ramsey and Todrick Tabor-Ramsey begin making a familiar journey down the hallway towards the double glass doors towards Austin’s doctor for his therapy session. Austin pushes the door open and holds it for Todrick as she walks in and signs Austin in at the front counter. Nurse “handsy” rolls her eyes as she sees Todrick, and she snatches the clipboard when Todrick is done.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Excuse me, Miss Thang, is there a problem?

The nurse turns red and looks shocked that she got called out. Todrick raises an eyebrow and purses her lips as she looks her up and down. She folds her arms across her chest and cocks her hip out. Austin smirks as he starts to get excited that Todrick is about to finally take this hoe to task. He wanted to exit to the bathroom really quickly, but there was no time for that now.

Nurse “Handsy”: No ma’am, I’m so sorry if I behaved inappropriately. Please forgive me.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Okay, girl, I just wanted to be sure because I believe in handling problems on the spot. Also, Austin says you get very hands-on with him when getting his vitals, and I’ll be keeping an eye on that as well. I know you saw that ring on his finger, so in the interest of no misunderstandings about who that man belongs to, I’ll be coming in the room. In other words, hands-off, heffa.

Todrick snatches her purse off the counter and turns to see a wide-eyed Austin covering himself with his jacket and sits down next to him.

”Holy shit. That was so fucking hot. I knew that Todrick would fix that shit because, for the last six months, she was doing too much when we went to the back. I felt violated, and she’s fucking ugly, so that made it worse. Everyone thinks Toddy is so sweet and innocent, and I’m the bad one, but they don’t get to see that side of her outside of filming for The Life NY. Still, she is beauty, and I’m the beast. I don’t mean to be; sometimes, I just can’t help it.”

Austin grabs Todrick’s hand, and Todrick goes to pull it away because she thinks Austin is about to try to put it under the jacket. Austin grabs it again and just sits there holding her hand as his leg shakes. He was starting to get anxious because today was hypnosis day, and Dr. Cook would try to communicate with #UnidentifiedAustin again. This was the third week in a row, and it had not been going well. This new one was tricky and had yet to reveal his name or his true purpose outside of sheer malice. He did not play well with others.

The nurse opens the side door and calls Austin’s name. He stands and helps Todrick up, and they head through the door. Todrick looks Nurse “Handsy” up and down and rolls her eyes as they pass. The nurse shudders and exhales nervously as they head to the vitals room. She is very cautious as she takes Austin’s vitals and is not a touchy-feely as she usually is. Austin smirks the entire time like a little kid whose parent just cussed out the teacher.

Nurse “Handsy”: Everything looks good, Mr. Ramsey. Let’s get you into the doctor’s office.

She leads them down the hall and into the doctor’s office. She quickly makes her exit. They sit down on the couch, and Austin’s anxiety is rising. He hated this part because he didn’t like people messing with his head. Todrick believed in therapy and was insistent that Austin attend regularly. The only good thing that came out of this was the “medicine” he got now. Dr. Cook comes into the office and sits in the chair beside the couch. Austin lies down with his head in Todrick’s lap, and Todrick takes off his baseball cap and runs her fingers through his hair to soothe him.

Dr. Cook: Good morning, Ramsey family. Austin, how are we feeling today.

Austin Ramsey: Alright, I guess. The last few weeks have been going pretty well on the personal front, and I finally got a match over at FIGHT. I’m facing Dane Preston on Monday.

Dr. Cook: That’s terrific news. I know that has been an issue for you these last few months with you not having any matches. Still, I notice you seem a bit anxious. What’s on your mind?

Austin Ramsey: I don’t know; I know that we are going to go through that hypnosis stuff, and you want to talk to the new guy. The other #Austins are all agitated about it.

Dr. Cook: We need to understand who he is and what his primary purpose is. He has yet to reveal it, and that is dangerous given his behavior when he does surface.

Austin Ramsey: Let’s just get this over with.

Dr. Cook begins speaking in a low, slow, soothing voice. He draws his sentences a little longer than usual.

Dr. Cook: Let my words wash over you, and take the suggestions as you desire them. Everything here is safe, calm, and peaceful. Let yourself sink into the couch as you relax deeply. Your eyes feel heavy and want to close. Let your body sink naturally down as your muscles relax. Listen to your body and my voice as you begin to feel calm. You are in complete control of this time. You will only accept those suggestions which are for your benefit and that you are willing to accept.

Take deep, organized breaths in and out. Breathe in deeply now, filling your chest and lungs. Slowly let the air out of your chest, completely emptying your lungs. I want you to pay attention to the poster on the ceiling. Let your eyes and eyelids relax, growing heavy. Relax your toes and feet, now your calves. Relax your lower leg, now your upper leg. Relax your back, shoulders, arms, and fingers. Now finally, I want you to relax all the muscles in your face.

You are letting yourself slip deeper and deeper into a calm, peaceful trance. You can feel yourself relaxing now, and you can feel a heavy, relaxed feeling coming over you. As I continue to talk, that heavy, relaxed feeling will get stronger and stronger until it carries you into a deep, peaceful state of relaxation. You are sinking down and shutting down, shutting down completely. Imagine the train picking up the new #Austin, and he is riding up to the surface. Is he with us now, Austin?

Austin’s face contorts, and a smirk is on the corners of his lips.

#UnidentifiedAustin: Eh, what’s up, Doc?

Dr. Cook: Hello. Thank you for joining us today.

#UnidentifiedAustin: I was around and didn’t really have shit going on today. Besides, I do love our talks. Are you frustrated with me yet?

Dr. Cook: Why would I be frustrated with you?

#UnidentifiedAustin: Because you ask me questions that you and I both know I’m not going to answer them. You keep asking me my name and what my purpose is, and I’ve made it clear to you and all the others that it’s none of your business. None of you were getting the job done, and so I had to come and fix it all. You all let Austin become a chump, the punchline of jokes, and forgotten. No one is going to forget him ever again, starting with Dane Preston at the next Venom.

Let’s skip all that today, Doc. That’s where you all go wrong; you get all touchy-feely and be nice just because that is what is expected of you as a societal norm. I don’t subscribe to that bullshit because that makes you weak. I have a job to do, and that means to make sure Austin is never taken advantage of and that he gets everything that is owed to him. When y’all fill his head with nonsense, I’m there to get him back on track. Starting with the garbage, you feed him to modify his behavior.

Dr. Cook: So, you are here as a result of his therapy sessions?

Austin laughs out loud and sucks his teeth.

#UnidentifiedAustin: You thought it was going to be that easy? C’mon, we have been doing this dance for a few weeks now. It doesn’t work that way, man.

Austin looks at Todrick.

#UnidentifiedAustin: You don’t have an issue with me either. I’m the one that fucks you when you have your bonnet on. I’m the one that makes you hot cause I do that shit you like. We both know you don’t really want me to go away. Or do you? Your star power is on the rise, and I’m the one that checks that ass when you need it. I ain’t holding your fucking purse; I got shit to do. I’m going to make Austin’s star rise. Since I have been on the scene, people are talking about Austin again, and he has a match on the opening night of season two. I don’t see anybody else righting that wrong.

Dr. Cook: Why do you feel that people are forgetting Austin? What wrongs are you trying to right?

#UnidentifiedAustin: That Todrick’s husband shit has to go. Why did Austin not have more matches? Why is he always put in situations where he can’t showcase his full talent and abilities? Look at Ascension; the other mercenaries were featured throughout the show, but where was Austin? Why was the card he was given to be seen at the end of the show, and we didn’t get to wreck shit? That is the wrong that has to be fixed. Everyone whispers about it, but this match against Dane is supposed to be an easy one for him so that he can build himself back up after all those losses.

So, let’s feed him Austin because Austin is cannon fodder, and no one really takes him seriously. Austin is disposable, so feed him to the man that finally proved to the world that he wasn’t the Queen after all. This should be a quick match that puts Dane over with the world again. He finally toppled the Montuori mountain, so Dane is back. That’s horseshit, and we both know it. Dane is still broken, bruised, and battered. You don’t go to war, win and come back unaffected. All the mind games that Joe played to break him down are still weighing heavy in his head and heart.

He still has all the craziness of his home life to deal with. You can tell from times we are all around one another out in public. I don’t really give a shit about all of his issues because that isn’t my concern. He is in my way, and I’ll do whatever it takes to topple any obstacle in my path. I’m going to make a name for myself again. The ultimate goal is to defeat Dru for the Bareknuckle Championship. I need to do something drastic to make an impression again. I’ve already let the guy know once that I’m willing to do whatever it takes.

He might have taken it as I was going to kill him, but I wasn’t literally going to kill him. Hurt him; sure, I’ll hurt anyone to get the focus back on Austin. The Phoenix is not who you all will be getting; you are stuck with me. That happy-go-lucky turd is finished. Austin needed me, and now I’m here. I’m bored with all this now, so I think I’ll make my exit. You get what you wanted, Doc?

Dr. Cook: I thank you for taking the time to talk to me today.

#UnidentifiedAustin: Yeah, whatever. Let’s not make this a habit, okay. Austin doesn’t need fixing, and this is all a big waste of time.

#NiceAustin takes over, and Austin comes out of the hypnotic state. He sits up and looks around, regaining his bearings.

Austin Ramsey: Well, that went swimmingly. We are no closer to finding out anything about the new guy than we were before.

Dr. Cook: Actually, we did. He is a result of your therapy sessions. You have always been adamant about the fact that you do not like people poking around in your head. This was progress, even if it was not a large amount of information.

Austin Ramsey: Look, I’m not feeling too well. I need some air.

Austin stands up and leaves the room. He heads out of the office and down the stairwell until he reaches the first floor. He heads to the parking garage and gets in the car.

”What if this new guy is right? Have I really lost my edge? If he is correct, then I need him to defeat Dane. Things have to change around here. The other #Austins have created a mess, and this guy is here to clean it all up. This new guy takes no shit from anyone. That is what I will need; Dane is experienced, but I’ve seen the guy in action, and I know he can go the distance. I need the aggression and the power boost that this new guy provides.

This is a new era for me, and I have to seize the moment. No one will ever laugh at Austin Ramsey again. No one will ever take me for granted again. They have all taken my condition as a joke. I’ll show them, I’ll show them all. Dane Preston won’t get the best of me, not this time. He has gotten the drop on me before, but I’m ready for him for time. I’m prepared for them all. I’ve been watching how Dane moves in the ring, and I have his number.

I doubt that he has even taken the time to study me or my moves in the ring. I’m going to wrestle and bring an element of street fighting to my moveset, and he won’t be expecting that.

Dane will be expecting the Austin that wants everyone to be his pal. I bet he thinks that we have some sort of relationship because he explained my disorder to the crew once. The other #Austins have gotten complacent, and that is always the beginning of the end. I want to see what this new guy can do in a sanctioned fight. He is full of rage, and that will put me over the top. That is what I need to stand a chance against Dru when we face one another. Welcome to the shit show, and it now has a new captain.”

Todrick gets into the car, and Austin looks over at him.

Austin Ramsey: You got nothing to worry about with that new guy. All of the #Austins have strict orders when it comes to you.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: I’m not worried about me; I’m worried about you. This new guy is dangerous and full of rage and malice, and I don’t like where you go when he takes over.

Austin Ramsey: I get that, but I need him in this new chapter of my life and career. I’m not the same Austin they are all used to. Dane is my first victim to show the world that Austin “MF’in” Ramsey is not for play play. At Venom, I will introduce the world to the Austin that gets shit done in the ring. I will never be put on the shelf again.

Austin cranks the car, and the two drive away, and the scene fades to black.