The Poisoned Apple

By: Anicka Swan

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 26th Jan 2022

When Anicka Swan heard about the big protest that was going on down at the Velvet Rabbit Friday, nothing was going to keep her away. Some reverend or priest, Father Cheney or something or another decided that he was going to try and make a big name for himself and jumped on the hottest thing around and that was her mentor, Candice “VooDoo” Wolf and her club, the Velvet Rabbit. She wasn’t going to miss it for the world. Plus Atara Themis and Jennie Fenix were hitting Stage 1 as the guest Does for the night. Plus, alot of big names were there, it would do Ani some good to get out and mingle with them. Oh who are we kidding? Ani’s going there to show her ass in front of a bunch of religious people, find Bam and party the rest of the night away.

With the protest starting at 8pm, Anicka waited to show up until a quarter after, she wanted to give the protestors enough time to really get into it before she made a grand entrance, the black sedan pulled to a stop at the end of the block down away from the protest and it’s driver got out and opened the back door. A single six inch white thigh high boot came out and then was followed by another, the driver held out his hand and a hand with a perfect french manicured tip came out and was slowly followed by the rest of Anicka Swan. Despite it being 22 degrees out, Anicka was a sight to behold. She wore a short skirt made of white feathers that showed off a good portion of her caramel colored upper thigh, a matching bustier with feathers and angel wings on the back also made of feathers. Ani will call you when she’s ready to leave. If you get hungry, call over to the Rabbit, have them put it on Ani’s tab. Will do, thank you, Ms Swan. With a caress to his cheek, Anicka made her way down the sidewalk to the protestors, the driver stood there with the door open as he watched her leave; adjusting his pants just slightly before he shut the rear door and then leaned on the drivers door and watched. Ani walked towards the protestors like a big cat on the prowl for some prey, if the protestors weren’t already mad enough with the mobile stripper pole and the fact that VooDoo had Does out there handing out coffee and hot chocolate to the protestors who were brave enough to take them. The NYPD had barriers set up around the entire corner block that the Rabbit sat one and VooDoo had called in Bishop with the Phoenix Squad. She walked in the midst of them, making sure to caress and rub against them as much as possible as she walked through them. She smirked and laughed at the names they called her…




Clearly meaningless words that she’s been called before, she stopped in front of the mobile stripper pole which was a cube truck with the cargo area with a stripper pole and all sides glassed in so you could see one of the Does inside working the pole while nice and warm and safe from the protestors. Anicka grabbed the light pole beside it and began to twirl around it and then grinded against it for good measure. She got a loud pop from the line waiting outside the Velvet Rabbit to get in as well as the Doe inside cheered her on. Once she was finished, she laughed and walked across the street to the Rabbit, hugged a couple of the Phoenix Squad that she hasn’t seen in forever, before Shaun opened the front door and let her in. Anicka didn’t even bother with the Red Room or the Empire Room; Red Room was packed full of people that Anicka really didn’t know, mostly fans and wrestlers from other federations that she didn’t know. She knew the CCPE had the Empire Room on lockdown, which really didn’t mean a thing to her, since she was a card carrying member and could come and go as she pleased, but it was CCP’s big night with his people and Sahara was there and all it would take would be one slick comment from her and she was going to have to pay Voo for all damages and more importantly, have Voo made at her. And damn, who wanted Voo mad at them? Plus, there could always be a repeat of Blood Money 1, where she took Sahara out of the game. She went straight to the elevator and straight on passed the 4th floor where the main stages at the Rabbit were and stopped on the 5th. She had one of the small burrows reserved that overlooked Stage 1 for when Atara and Jennie took the stage; it was Bam and her favorite burrow, small enough for them and a few others. She walked down the main hall, each Doe, Buck, server and bartender she passed greeted her until she reached the Stage 1 Overlook and looked down at the packed stage area below. Security member Holden Ross walked over to her to let her know that her Burrow had been vacated and cleaned before she got there and he’d send one of the Does her way with her usual starter order.



Once inside the burrow, she walked over to the sliding window that was opened out to the stage area and opened it wide to let the music and the sounds from the club in. She sat on the window ledge and looked out; a few fans from across the way yelled for her and called her name prompting her to smile and give a wave back. In less than 15 minutes one of the server Does walked in carrying a platter with all of Ani’s favorites; Buffalo chicken lollipops, mozzarella sticks, coconut shrimp from the Empire Room and the specialty drink named after her.

Hey Ani, they told me you were here. She placed the tray down on the small table and then pointed to the two displays on the wall where it had a list of the new monthly specialty drinks as well as the drinks just for tonight. Would you like to try any of the new drinks?

Ani’ll try one of each tonight. She walked over and picked up the white and red drink and took a sip from the straw. But Ani’s gonna wait until Bam gets here. He’s downstairs, Ani texted him and let him know when he can get away, to come on up.

Sounds good. I’ll let security know he’s on your list and I’ll start sending drinks over as soon as he gets here. Perfect. The serving Doe left and Anicka quickly shimmed out of the angel wings and grabbed one of the buffalo chicken sticks and nibbled on it as she laid back on the red velvet couch and she thought about the upcoming match at Disney World with Blood Money 2. She smiled.

You know, Ani was a beast during the first Blood Money and she had plans on being a beast in this one. She smirked a little. Funny thing about last season, not too many people had to deal with Ani and Ani’s shit, other than Enforcer. And shit, last Blood Money we fought by each other’s sides. Can’t see that happening this time around, but that’s okay. Ani didn’t need him then and Ani sure doesn’t need him now. Since she was thinking about Big Man E, her thoughts drifted to Ashlynn Cassidy. Ani knows what will happen if she and Ash run across each other. Ash is going to think this is the perfect time for her to get even with Ani for getting in her match. Ani assures you, Ash.. now is not the time. Not that any time is a good time really.

Ani grows serious for a moment.

Ani doesn’t really know what’s going on with Dane and Allison. But she’s gonna find out on the plane, bet that. Ani heard they were catching a ride down with us. From the looks of things, they’ve been trying to protect us, or protect themselves from the situation. There have been times when people have thought that Ani has two different personalities, just by the way she acts, just by the way she talks. It confuses them, they’ve seen and heard the comments made about her, so Ani can understand why they’ve been keeping things to themselves, but they can only keep them that way for so long. Ani runs into them during Blood Money, she will do all she can do to make sure they get to the end. She grows quiet. But if we make it to the end together, they know, as well as Ani knows, what is going to happen. Just like in “Highlander”… there can be only one.

She takes another drink from her glass. So many variables going into this match with everyone in it. Those we’ve battled with for decades, those we’ve battled for months, even those we’ve never battled before, who are taking the chance that maybe they will be able to do what Dickie Watson was able to do, walk away with the Biggest of Prizes. She reaches over and presses a passcode on the drawer under the stripper pole and opens the drawer to find her stash of blunts; being a member of the Empire Room did have it’s advantages. She placed one to her lips, lit it and inhaled the smoke deep into her lungs.

Ani’s been watching, she’s been listening, as everyone has been going down the roster line up and calling out names left and right of who they need to worry about and who their targets are like it’s some kind of hit list. Really people? She chuckles and shakes her head and takes another hit. Fact is, the only wrestler you need to worry about is you. You need to worry about surviving everyone and everything that’s placed in your path to bring you down. And that my friends, has been a way of life for Anicka Swan.

Another hit from the blunt. In a way, Ani’s kinda like Snow White. When she was a young girl, her family did her wrong. They didn’t want to kill her because she was more beautiful than the wicked stepmother but they tried to kill her spirit. Ani did the only thing she could do, she ran. She ran until she came across a house in the woods and instead of Seven Dwarves, she got the Wolf, the Black, the Riggs and the Preston families. And there she lived happily ever after as she fucks her way through the human race looking for her Prince… or Princess Charming.




From the main floor, over the PA system came the sultry voice of the Femme Fatale, Candice “VooDoo” Wolf, the DJ had a clip of her saying a Rabbit tagline at 9pm before every show.



Where you at?

Anicka got up from where she sat and walked over to the window and picked up one of the cash cannons, Atara and Jennie were about to hit the stage. It was time to make it rain. It was a quarter til the second set of the night, when the door to the burrow opened and Bam Miller finally walked in and as soon as he saw Ani sitting on the windows ledge, he made his way over and pulled her to him, wrapping his arms around her waist causing her to lightly laugh. After a long and deep kiss, he buried his face in her neck and dark hair.

That was so naughty of you, Ani. Bam said as he nibbled on Anicka. Every time I would look up, you were showing me those tail feathers..

Ani was trying to get your attention. She whispered in his ear and nibbled on it.

Oh, you had my attention. He reassured her as the DJ came over the PA system to let them know what the second set was getting ready to start. Shit, you had Page’s attention, Ricky’s attention, the attention of everyone on the other side of the room who happened to look up at the right time..

Show’s starting. She laughed softly.

Anicka pushed herself away from Bam, who groaned; if there was one thing you could fully appreciate about Ani, it was the almost constant state of being edged when you were around her; you hated and loved it at the same time. She grabbed one of the cash cannons and walked back over to the window and for the next half hour, Bam stood behind Anicka as she swayed with the music with her back side up against him, they took turns firing off a couple more bands as the show came to a close, it was when Atara and Jennie took their final bow, that Bam grabbed Ani by the waist and picked her up and pulled her screaming and laughing back into the privacy of their burrow.




A couple days later, it’s early morning in the darkened bedroom in the penthouse suite of Swan Imports and two bodies lay on the bed in a tangle of legs and arms. Bam Miller lay on his back, his eyes closed, sound asleep with one arm resting on the pillow above his head and the other resting around the shoulders of Anicka Swan as she lay half draped over him with her head resting on his chest. The two had been spending more and more time with each other since it all came out in the open with what happened between them with Bam’s very public split from his girlfriend, Diamond Dior. They started meeting each other at the Velvet Rabbit and leaving together; then surprising a few people that run in their circle, by waking up together. Anicka opened one eye and looked around the room before closing it again; still alive, she thought as she rolled over on her back and off of Bam. She reached up with her right hand and rubbed both of her eyes at the same time with her index finger and thumb; she blinked a couple of times as she reached down with the same hand and scratched under her right tit. She can’t remember when they finally made it back to the apartment; she also made a note to check the elevator security camera to make sure there wasn’t anything on it she needed to delete. Anicka looked over at Bam and silently groaned inside as she thought about Blood Money 2 coming up. It was the only bad thing about being involved with people that you work with; although Ani’s kinda been involved with a few of them already, it was different when she was actively involved with them. Not that she still won’t do all she can do to whip that ass; it’s how she became OpW’s First Immortal Champ fighting her then boyfriend, Roger Wright. It’s how she lost the OpW Immortal belt when she fought against her friend with benefits, Xavier. What’s going to happen if and when she and Bam run into each other? It was one thing with the Queen’s title; it will be another thing at Blood Money. If one was eliminated before the other, nothing to worry about, but what if they meet? What if they team together and take out everyone in their path, much like she and Enforcer had done at Blood Money 1? What if the fight… came down to just the two of them? Would they be okay… afterwards? Interesting questions you’ve got going on around in your mind, Ms Swan, interesting indeed. Ani slipped from the sheets and swung her feet out of bed and sat there for a moment bare ass naked and rubbed her eyes again. They had done waaay too much partying at the Rabbit last night, but that was just another day that ended in Y for them, and just about everyone who was a regular at the Rabbit. Where are you going, Ms Swan? Ani turned to find Bam looking at her with a mischievous look on his face. Ani was tempted to crawl back over to him and start the day off with some Vitamin D, but Ani only had one thing on her mind right now.

Ani’s got to check and see if Lana sent her over a few documents to look over. Anicka slipped from the bed, before he could even think to grab her. She put the robe that had been laying on the arm of the chair on and turned around as she tied the belt in place. Ani’s got to make sure they are right before they are sent off to the client.

Then I can make us some breakfast. Bam got out of bed and slipped into his boxers that were on the floor beside the bed.

They made their way down the hallway, taking the spiral staircase downstairs to the first floor, hanging a right at the bottom and making their way down the short hallway that ended at the dining room. After a brief kiss, Anicka went one way in the direction of her office and Bam in the other, in the direction of the kitchen.

Anicka walked into her office and sat down at her desk. She pulled the silver briefcase from under her desk and opened it to pull out a silver laptop. It was her private one, it’s contents were protected under 2 different passwords and if one keystroke was entered wrong, the harddrive would erase and set the laptop back to factory settings. To even get a whiff of her firewall, you have to be able to ping her off all seven continents and two different satellites; her firewall would make the NSA proud if they knew of its existence and of the two times an attempt has been made, they’ve always met with a black and white gif of Ani painted as a skeleton and laughing.





On this laptop she was known in the cyberverse as [redacted]. It was here that she orchestrated a coup d’etat that spanned multiple continents against Thomas Marke, the man that raised Xavier Black. A man who didn’t see it coming when his son put Anicka in his place at Marke Imports, all he saw was the party-girl whore. He, like many others, didn’t know that there was a secret side, a smart side; he didn’t know that X had placed a snake in the henhouse and told it to go after the rooster. Where Marke was now is anyone’s guess, but his last name was replaced on the sign with Ani’s in the middle of the night. Once the computer was on, she brought up a search engine and typed in the name Ashley Miller, Parker, Texas, to see what it brought up. Despite what Ani said about being thrilled for him to find his sister, she felt the need to make sure things were on the up and up. This was a sensitive issue so to speak and she wanted to make sure that Bam wasn’t going to get hurt. She had grown quite fond of him and if this lady wasn’t who she said she was, it could really hurt him and Ani wasn’t going to let that happen on her watch.

She read four web pages, all saying about the same thing; owns a casino, makes donations, pillar of the community, blah, blah blah. Anicka brought up a telnet and typed in the name of a search program she had on her laptop and then typed the same thing she had in the first. In less than an hour, Anicka would know her life story, including the results of her last check up with her doctor. She would know if Ms Ashly Miller was who she claims to be.

You want me to bring your plate in here or… Bam said from the doorway.

Sneaking up on Ani like that, she thought to herself as she causally closed the laptop lid, the program itself would continue to run on the main server that she had at an undisclosed location.

Nope, dining room. Much better view. She said as she got up and walked over to him. They walked back down the hallway to the dining room. Something smells good.

It’s the steaks. He already had the table set with their plates; steak, eggs, fried potatoes and toast. When Ani sat down, all she could think of was damn, she could get used to this. She picked up the knife and fork and cut into the steak and watched as the blood started to blend in with the grease for the eggs. She took a bite of the steak and it damned near melted in her mouth.

Damn, Ani’s mouth just had an orgasm. She busted the yolk on the eggs and watched as the yellow yolk began to blend in before she took another bite.

Ani will too, after we finish breakfast. Bam gave her a wink as he cut into his steak.

And then we have to get packed for the trip down to Disney. Howling Wolf One will be here to get us. Wait. What’s a Howling Wolf?

Oh, it’s the Family’s 747, we’re all catching it to Florida and you can ride with. She paused for a moment. Do you already have a ride to Florida?

If I do, it’s canceled now, I got a new one. Bam couldn’t remember if he did or didn’t have an actual ride; there has been a lot of partying that’s gone on and it might have slipped his mind but he couldn’t help but want to ride with Ani and the people that she is most close with. He’s hung out with people with money before, but not people who had their own custom 747 jumbo jet he could just ride his Harley up in the back.

Roger’s flying in with all the kids. She started back on her breakfast. They are so excited and can’t wait to go to Disney. Le’Andra is flying down with us, as well as the nurse from FIGHT Medical. Of course, Mr Chan, he’s been almost connected to her hip since she got pregnant. X is already in Florida. Vin and Vhod, Ani, thinks is catching a later flight, but Ripley’s coming with Roger and the kids. She pauses for a moment and looks at him. Ani never would have seen that coming? Them all being.. Friendly. Ani still thinks Vin would rip a man’s spine out if he didn’t treat Voo right. Kinda feel bad for the Cowboy. Oh and we’re taking our bikes.

Bam sat back with a smile on his face as he listened to her ramble on about the things that they were going to do down there. She told him about the house that VooDoo had rented for the stay and how she had invited them to stay with them. The more he listened the more he was sure this was going to be an interesting trip, he’s never really been around such a large group of people who were “family”. Maybe she was his Esmeralda after all?





Five hours later, after a romp in the bed, a shower and a romp in the shower, packing and sending their bags ahead to the airport in the back seat of his new ride; they couldn’t decide to take it or the bikes, so VooDoo told them to bring both and sent her nanny, One to pick up the car. Right now, Anicka and Bam were on their motorcycles barreling across the RFK Bridge and hitting the Grand Central Parkway on the way to LaGuardia airport, where Bam kept himself at a nice cruising speed, Anicka pretty much drove like she acted; dropping behind him and switching sides, popping up on the rear tire and driving between both lanes of traffic ahead of him and disappearing only to reappear beside him pulling up behind him. As they got closer to the airport, Anicka motioned eyes on her as they pulled off the exit ramp; she’s driven this route before, she knew exactly where to go and where the jet would be. They took a private entrance to Parking Area 5 where the private jets were parked, the people who had planes parked here didn’t have to go through airport security and were actually dropped off at their plane. Except this time, there was no dropping off. When they rounded the end of parking 5’s terminal, the first thing they saw was the enormous black jumbo jet with the emblem of a howling wolf’s head in red on the tail fin. The rear belly was lowered down into a ramp, Ani took the lead and Bam followed as she rode her bike up the rampway and into the plane’s hold and pulled to a stop beside Bam’s car. Bam followed behind her, this was indeed a first. They both turned off their engines and removed their helmets and got off their bikes.

Ani should warn you. She said as they started towards the spiral staircase that led to the upper level. She used the most serious tone she could muster while keeping a straight face. Ani’s about to be attacked by a pack of wild children. Don’t try to save her, it won’t do any good; just save yourself.

She opened the door and they walked down to the main lounge area and just as she had predicted, five heads ranging from 6-12 years old looked up at once and screamed Ani’s name from the other side of the area and ran over. They began to jump around in circles around her, all of them talking a mile a minute, Bam stuck in the circle pressed up against Ani, looking for a gap to jump out. He felt a hand on his jacket and him being pulled backwards some out of the circle and turned around to find VooDoo standing there. She looked as stunning as ever dressed simply in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, long red hair pulled back in a ponytail with her makeup flawless.

You look like you needed to be saved, Bam. The Devil’s favorite Redhead said with a smile. I promise you they don’t bite and if they do, they all have their shots.

Thanks, Voo. Bam said with a chuckle.

No problem. They watched as Anicka did as she always did when she met up with the kids; Baby Wolfpack. She knelt down on one knee and the kids followed suit, all lined up in front of her. She narrowed her eyes a little and stared slowly around at all the kids making sure that they were all ready.

Baby Wolfpack. She put up wolf ears on her head with three from each hand and howled into the air. All five kids followed her lead and howled into the air with her.

I can’t swear to it, but I think L2 just howled with them. Le’Andra “Fury” Black came crashing between VooDoo and Bam with her assistant, Mr Chan and maternity nurse, trailing behind her like a mini entourage. She took off the white fur coat and tossed it to Chan and took a seat on one of the leather couches. And just like that, Ani was old news as the kids all ran over to Le’Andra ready to give her belly some rubs. Nearly everyone loved Le’Andra, nearly everyone, Sahara sure didn’t. Again, Anicka couldn’t help but hope she ran across Sahara at Blood Money, she’s gonna knock her teeth down her throat for the way she talked about Ani’s baby mama.

Damn, little traitors. She stood back up, but then quickly joined them with the tummy rubs.

While they had been down in Bent Fork, at Vhodka Marie’s family’s house for Christmas, the kids had learned that if you rubbed Le’Andra’s belly and L2 was awake, she would kick against them playing. At least they hope it’s playing, they joke once the kids have grown bored and are out of earshot, L2 last playmate didn’t make it through their playdate.

Don’t. Le’Andra said as she watched the nurse open her mouth to say something but quickly silenced her. If you say.. She looked at Anicka. What’s that phrase again?

Jack or Shit?

Yes, that’s the one. Thank you. She turned back towards the nurse. If you say jack or shit right now, I will throw you off this plane. The nurse opened her mouth again. I promise you, if anything comes out of your mouth other than the words, yes ma’am, where should I take a seat, I will throw you off this place.

Both Le’Andra and the nurse had a staring contest; what felt like an hour went on for less than a minute before the nurse finally said. Yes, Ma’am, where should I take a seat?

Le-Le, Ani… language. Roger’s 6 yr old daughter, Marie said.

Sorry, potty mouth police. Le’ grabbed the little girl and hugged her tight.

I’ll show you where to sit. Chan said and pointed her into the opposite direction of Le’.

Ms. Wolf? A woman’s voice came from the upper deck where the attendant stood looking down at them.

Yes? Yes? Both VooDoo and Le’Andra said at the same time and then looked at each other.

My bad. Le’Andra said as both the women chuckled. I was just getting used to Wolf when we switched again.

We’re ready to take off, if everyone would take their seats.

Thank you. VooDoo looked at the kids. Seats, everyone, buckled in. All the kids screamed at once and ran to the spiral staircase that led to the sitting area upstairs. Pardon me, safety checks and I am going to go let the Riggs clan know we’re taking off, too. VooDoo followed up behind them with both Roger Wright and masked nanny, One.

Is Dane and Allie here? Ani questioned as she and Bam took one of the small couches and buckled themselves in.

Yes, they are. Le’Andra answered her. Dane’s worried about his “issue” and he has himself away from everyone. She paused. Jenna said it was because he was worried about me and the kids being here.

No one has to worry about Dane. VooDoo said as she came back down the stairs minus Roger and One who opted to sit with the kids and make sure everyone stayed buckled in. It’s Dane being worried about “things”. The both of them are doing just fine around the twins.

Ani and Bam will have to go up and see them once we get in the air.

I think Dane would love that. VooDoo walked over and took a seat beside Le’Andra and buckled herself in. While she did so, she noted the way that Ani leaned towards Bam and the way his hand rested on one of her thighs. She really didn’t know what to think, but he couldn’t be any worse than her last boyfriend, Johnny Stylez. She reached over with her right hand and placed it on Le’s belly; this time it was her turn to play with L2. Where you at, babygirl, Aunt Voo’s here.

Everyone watched as the right side of Le’s stomach raised up and then her stomach moved in a way that made you think that there was something other than a human child in there and then Le’s stomach raised up under VooDoo’s hand an inch and a half. Candice, by the Gods, if you want to play this game with her by all means, carry her.

I would if I could, Le’. Voo smiled and kept rubbing her stomach. I’d give birth to an army if I could.

Ani bets you and the Cowboy would make a pretty baby. It was only the four of them in the lounge area, Le’Andra slapped her hand over her mouth to hold back the laughter, but the way her stomach bounced was a dead giveaway. VooDoo’s head snapped in Anicka and Bam’s way and she narrowed her eyes. Don’t you wish that evil on me, Ani Bobby, don’t you dare.  Besides, have to be alone in the same room together.

I don’t know what’s going on. He didn’t know what was going on, but with the look in Voo’s eyes, he wanted nothing to do with it. But I’ve heard stories about you but if you’re about to shoot lasers out of your eyes, let me know so I can move.

And stop saying THAT out loud. Anicka pulled Bam towards her and whispered something in his ear. He looked at VooDoo and said “ooohh” softly. Which didn’t mean whispering IT into someone’s ear.

If it makes you feel better, Candice. Bam started. Whatever IT is, isn’t any of my business, just like what IT is with Ani and me isn’t anyone’s business. Both Le’Andra and VooDoo looked at Bam with almost the same look, as far as they were concerned Ani’s business was their business. Outside of this room, that is.

As Howling Wolf One taxied down the runway for the take off, if just getting on the plane and seated was this “eventful”, Bam Miller couldn’t wait to see what the rest of the flight had in store. He had never seen a more motley crew of people who called themselves a family that seemed to love or hate each other depending on the week.