The Prison Awaits Thee

By: Korrupt

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 13th Aug 2021

***Nothing truly matters. Everything comes to its end, when the nightmare comes around. When the screams of the night is the last thing you hear, before you fall into the pit of the mire.***

These words linger within the mind of the man known solely as Korrupt, as he sits within the darkness inside his own chambers. Yet the figure isn’t here, having gotten a message from Korrupt that he should take a vacation. Some time to himself, especially after Korrupt ventured out on his own the last time we saw him. Right now though, that is not the primary thing on his mind.

***I told Enforcer that I would bring about his end, and I did just that. All the Cure did, was set the stage. All that occurred. All that you witnessed as you faded, was me. Looking down at you, holding the fibres that you desired the most.***

A gentle smile crossing his face, Korrupt allows those words to linger within his mind, even if they cannot truly be heard, they can be seen. Jotted down upon pieces of a4 paper, positioned atop a mahogany table. Much like his previous thoughts. His previous statements he has wished to convey, even if the figure has been his voice. The one who has been preaching on his behalf. After all, Korrupt is still his own person. Cold and callous, yes, but you can see the faint glimmer of humanity under the surface.

***Yet they still don’t understand it. They still choose to believe that they still have hope. That their light shall be enough to pierce through the core of the Cure. Even though each and every second that we have been within this realm. Or well, more like when I have been in this realm, I have been in control. I have been the one peeling away at everything that once stood; I have been enacting the demise of those who have attempted to stand before me.***

He then lets out a gentle yet chilling laughter.

***Just like Ryan Elias shall learn, when it is him who is called upon to arise. To attempt to defy the passage that has been set forth for him.***

His eyes starting to glow, Korrupt stares forward. Envisioning a holographic version of Elias, encased within a coffin and laid upon the floor. Much as Korrupt wishes for him to be.

***If this is what he wishes. If this is what he truly desires, then I am more than happy to execute it. To ensure that his light, is slowly drained as he slips further down the passage to the abyss. For his heroism is his greatest curse. It is the weight that has eternally prevented him from being the man he was designed to be.***

Korrupt shakes his head, partially mocking the hologram in front of him before letting out a gentle sigh.

***Don’t worry though, Ryan. You can be the hero. You can be the knight in shining armour, slay the dragon. The stuff that you love manifesting and portraying within yourself. All you need to do, is find the escape rope. Find the means you have, in order to flee what awaits you at venom.***

Staring deep into the hologram, Korrupt begins to rock back and forward.

***Otherwise, you will just be like the rest of them. Broken and battered at my hand. Unable to hold onto the light you craved. So, what shall it be.***

More chilling laughter.

***That is all that is left to be told.***