“the Queen bows to no one.”

By: Miss Michelle

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 22nd Jan 2022

They say missing someone or something is one of the hardest parts of life. But if you miss them, it means you’re lucky. It means you had something special in your life worth missing..

I only had her for a short time, but I remember how she shined when the light hit her just right. I remember the way she looked, like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. I remember how she smelled, like the sweetest cupcake.

God, I miss Manhattan. 😢

She didn’t deserve that weak ass showing, she didn’t deserve to be treated with such disrespect. I’ll do better next time, I promise. 

Nope. Not doing that, not showing weakness.. weakness is for losers, like Sahara. 😒

So yeah, pretty sure you all saw me fail at Countdown. Pretty sure the entire world saw me go out there and fall flat on my face. I stupidly went easy on the broad and that’s why I lost Manhattan.  Not because she was better than me, but because I treated her like she was Todrick and clearly she’s better than that.

Losing Manhattan led to an onslaught of terrible things. I hate to even think about the horrible things I went through that night, but how can I move on if I don’t allow myself to look back and overcome? 

I really am trying to overcome it.. I am.

I went from being the Queen of Manhattan to the Queens champion in a matter of seconds, how could I have slipped so far in so little time? I was so ashamed, so embarrassed! 

And to make matters worse? When I stepped behind the scenes and sought comfort from my husband and my best friend,  only to be met with laughing eyes and disparaging remarks. What does ‘tough titty’ even mean?

So much disrespect, and from the two people who claim to love me the most.

At least those two assholes came through with what they said. That’s right, DubDub walked out there and handled the NSQ and took those pretty Islands Championships from them.  The world was a little bit better of a place after that.

I was still upset though and if you think I had victory sex with my husband, you’d be wrong. I was so mad at his remarks “at least daddy brought home gold babygirl.” Fuck you! I can’t think of a single second before that, that I had no gold and for him to even imply that I was unworthy just made my blood boil. 🤬

Let us not forget that the damn tower exploded, imploded? Windows blew out and shit started crashing everywhere. I don’t really know what happened, I was too busy with my own bullshit, but I heard it was a disaster.  I keep hearing rumors that the tower is unsafe and we won’t be able to regain access but it’s Xavier Wolf for fucks sake, if he wants it bad enough, he’ll take it back.

A black Escalade sat outside of Michelle and Brandon’s home on Eulogeo Island, the back hatch open as Poptart emerged from the house with a few luggage bags and put them inside. We follow Poptart as he re-enters the home and eventually finds Mama standing in the kitchen.

Mama has an opened bottle of Grey Goose Vodka sitting on the kitchen counter in front of her, as well as a plate of cut fresh fruit. She reaches over, dumping half of the fruit all over the counter and floor and a few pieces into a blender she has set up. She grabs the bottle of vodka and starts to pour it into the blender as well. While she was pouring, she hit the blend button, which caused the blender to turn on, the noise of the blender scaring the holy ghost from her body as she let out a scream, dropping the entire bottle inside and as she tried to run from the sound,  she stepped on a piece of banana and slipped, falling on her ass on the tile floor.

Pieces of fruit and vodka are flying everywhere in the kitchen as Michelle emerges from around the corner, looking annoyed already.  She reaches across the counter and yanks the cord out of the wall which ends the noise. She looks down to find Mama curled up on the floor, rocking back and forth and she can’t help but bust out into laughter. 

Mama, however, does not think any of this is funny..

Yeah, laugh at the old blind broad.. everyone else does.” She says as she grabs hold of the counter and pulls herself to feet. “Why the fuck are you still here anyways? I heard you guys talking, you’re leaving..

Relax dramaqueen, it’s not like we’re going to be gone forever.” Michelle responded as she grabbed a muffin from the fridge.

I hope you get lost..” Mama said, feeling around the counter for the bottle. “I hope you fuck off and can’t find your way home.

I hope so too, sometimes..” She said, almost in a whisper. 

What? Speak up, I can’t hear you with all those dicks in your mouth!

Michelle rolled her eyes at Mama, grabbing her black Louis Vuitton crossbody purse, sliding it over her head and arm, allowing it to hang across her.

Try not to die while we’re gone.” She said, while walking out of the kitchen.

Try not to come home, bitch!” Mama yells. “Piece of shit! You smell like a cheap whore!

Michelle chuckles to herself as she reaches the stairs in the hall. She grabs her phone from the table next to the stairs and turns to walk towards the door. As she reaches the open door, Poptart comes walking through and stops to talk with her.

Ezra is buckled up and has his bottle in the car and I gave the driver the exact directions to your destination.”

Thank you,” She replied. 

She walked out the door and he followed closely behind.

Tell B I will text him with the hotel information as soon as I have it.” 

She climbed into the car and he stood at the door.

I will, weird how that shit with unc came up at this moment when you guys are supposed to go to Orlando but..

Brandon will handle it,  he knows what he’s doing.” She interrupted. “Besides you know he’s a vampire and will melt in the sun,  he ain’t going to show up until the last minute – I, however, am in need of some vitamin D.

The two of them shared a laugh before he closed the door.

Have a good trip.” He said, before tapping on the back of the car.

Oh I will!” She was able to say before the driver pulled off.

She rolled the window up, looking over at Ezra peacefully enjoying his bottle in his carseat.

For now though,  we’re going to the happiest place on earth, outside of my bedroom that is. We’re heading out for Orlando and Walt Disney World will be the host of Blood Money 2.. oh the horrors that mouse will have to witness.

I mean, I’m sure Mickey has scrapped with Donald before but probably not to the extent that is about to go down. I can’t imagine this being an event for all ages but then again, you know X dont give a fuck. I will say that I was a little unsure of fighting and hurting people at the Magic Kingdom but when I actually sit and think about it? Fuck that! So many people have fucked me over since Fight began and I think it’s time I started getting my get back.

Let’s start at the beginning – Blood Money 1, I didn’t know what to expect, hell, no one did. Still I went into it with an open mind and with my best friend. A lot of shit went down at og blood money, but P made sure I was good the whole time until that bitch Valkyrie showed up. Talk about annoying. She thought she was so tough rushing to her inept sister’s defense. She thought she was the queen of the world when in all actually, the bitch got lucky. What happened at the next show when she was scheduled to face me? Oh that’s right, she shit herself and ran away.

That actually happens to me a lot, I’m not even surprised when it does anymore. Remember when Tara Fenix was so mad about me beating Jennies ass that she begged for a match and then bailed when she got it? 🤣 

And then there was the time when Ophelia thought she was gonna strut out and kick my ass but found out the hard way that she was just as delusional as everyone else who jave thought the could beat me. To make matters worse, I found out I was pregnant right after that, so yeah Ophelia ain’t shit. 

Season one was a big blur for me, being pregnant and not really around for the hoopla. I kept my appearances and found a way to stay involved with Poptart doing my dirty work, hell,  even managed to win myself a shiny while pregnant and that really bothered someone..

Imagine having so much hate in your heart that the very sight of seeing a pregnant woman climb a ladder disrupts your entire way of being. That the idea of being second best to someone you can’t even put your hands on, sets your whole core on fire. Knowing that the only way you have a chance is for her to be.. gone, and even then you weren’t good enough. That’s exactly what happened to Bam Miller. 

Bam was so intimidated by the thought of me that he tried to end my life, literally. I’ve moved on from this situation, mostly, but just because I’ve moved on with my life, doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about it. Bams jealousy over me winning that Bronx Championship and keeping it from him almost killed his career,  stepping to me at Blood Money two? Career over. You only get one free pass in life, Miller, and you already used yours.

The SUV came to a stop in the middle of some shithole neighborhood in some bullshit town in Jersey. She sighed as she looked out the tinted windows at the two story home. She reached over, unlocking the door before opening it and stepping out next to the car. 

Lock these doors and don’t open them for anybody but me or Madison.” She turned and looked back at the house. “I can’t believe I’m going in there, no way am I risking Ezra’s health too.”

She closed the car door and walked along the sidewalk, up the driveway towards the front door, the whole time mumbling to herself how much he owed her for this. Stepping over a garbage bag that was lying in the middle of the walkway, she shook her head and stopped at the door. Bringing her hand up, she knocked twice before using her arms to secure her purse to her side. 

A few minutes and four cop cars with sirens on pass by as she sighs. Knocking again, a little harder this time and the door is opened almost immediately. Standing in the doorway, in all her glory was my arch nemesis/number one fan from the land before time. 

Machelle placed her hands up on her hips and looked me up and down. I knew she was upset, mad that I still looked good. But it wasn’t like she looked terrible.  She wasn’t fat, which is always a good thing and her hair wasn’t gray. Her face wasn’t that bad but you could tell it had been through some shit.  Her skin was so tight that when she tried to smirk at me you could visibly see the cracks form in the corners of her mouth. 


She sucked her teeth before she spoke.

Michelle.” She was standoffish. “He couldn’t pick his own daughter up?

He had some errands to run, plus you were on my way.” That’s a lie, I would be nowhere near this shithole if it weren’t for Maddie.

She stared at me for a minute. I could tell she had something she wanted to say but it was almost like she was afra..

So are you fucking him now?” 

There it was.

What?” I had been waiting for her to ask me this. Shes never been able to be friends with, let alone look at a man without fucking him. “No, P and I are just friends.. I know the concept is strange to you, but that’s all it is.”

She stared at me. She doesn’t believe me and I don’t give a shit. I don’t have to prove myself to someone who spent their entire career trying to be me.

Madison!” She hollered out. “Michelle is here!” She turned her attention back to me. “Friends my ass, you tell Paul I expect to hear from him nightly and I want random pictures of Madison so I know she’s being taken care of!

Madison came running around the corner with a stuffed duffel bag in her hands. Her face lit up like a Christmas tree as she leapt into my arms with an excited squeal. Her mother was less than thrilled but offered her own embrace once we had finished ours. 

She wrapped her arms tightly around Madison, kissing her forehead before releasing her and telling her how she hoped she had a wonderful time. Madison picked her bag back up from the floor and took off running out the door towards the SUV. 

Thanks again for letting her come with us.” I said as I turned to walk away from the house.

Yeah..” She said back. “You and Paul have fun playing house with my daughter.

I stopped in my tracks and turned to face her in time for her to slam the door in my face. I rolled my eyes and walked down the sidewalk, stepping over that bag again and back down and into the car.

Madison had already made herself comfortable in the seat next to Ezra and was playing with him as she got in and the car took off towards the air strip.

Ascension. Honestly, I think Ascension was a set up the whole time. A set up between Xavier Wolf and that asshole Joe Montuori. Why the fuck else would Joe have picked that exact time to just be like, ‘oh hey, moms alive!?’ 

I can’t fucking stand Joe, I never could. I try my best to get along with the man for business or for Paul, but I’m so tired of him fucking over me and the people I care about. Joe only cares about Joe, fuck everyone else and their feelings. 

Anyways, at Ascension I vowed to help Dynasty make it to the end, to come out as victorious, even with the shitty team that P had assembled. I tried to tell him that we couldn’t trust them to help us. But he wouldn’t listen, P always wants to help the less fortunate,  I sure hope he gets over that.. 

Joe Montuori, the man who thinks he’s God’s gift to wrestling but I’d actually more like God’s gift to garbage. The epitome of a piece of shit, who likes to bring up the past like he’s still living it. Joe likes to walk around, acting like a Saint, like everything he has ever done wrong in his life is some sort of retaliation against something someone else did to him, when in reality, Joe is just looking for a way to justify being the world’s biggest dickhead.

Joe is the type of person who tells the entire world that he’s your friend, but when you’re not looking he’s throwing daggers in your back. Joe has spent the last fifteen years kissing my ass, talking about “we got history.” No Joe, we really don’t. The only thing we have is the same career choice. I’m only nice to you when it benefits me and even then it’s a fucking chore. 

Joe is so flashy,  so quick with the backhanded compliments and always willing to treat someone like shit and throw a Franklin on em like a bandaid. Joe pretends not to give a shit about people but then turns around and pays for everyone’s drinks at the Rabbit. Joe’s a bitch and he fucking sucks. But everyone already knew that. 

With all that being said about Joe, you should all know something.  Joe talks a big game. He wants everyone to believe he is this big bad guy, the kind of guy no one wants to be around, which that part is true. But not because he’s scary, but because he is sleazy. Joe’s the kind of guy to shit in your bags and tell you Vhodka did it. Why? Because he’s childish and immature and who wouldn’t believe that Vhodka would do that?

I hope I run into Joe at Blood Money 2.. I’ve been waiting a long time to knock him the fuck out.

I defended the Bronx Championship that night against Bam and because Bam ain’t shit, I went into the big fight more than ready to fuck shit up. My boy P, he was looking a little down after his loss to Dickie but I knew he was ready to throw down, I can always count on him. My ride or die.. the best,  best friend ever. ❤

But those other guys, what a waste of a jockstrap man..

First you got Ricky Rodriguez, the little boy who literally has no business being anywhere near me. The guy who is so worried about being liked and being over in this business that he just sucks at life. Has Ricky ever won a match? I can’t remember a time. Not only that, but he has spent the majority of his career hanging from the overly abused and stretched out vagina of the locker room slut, and Sahara. 

Ricky was more worried about what Joe was going to do to his Rottweiler that he couldn’t focus on anything else. Ricky spent all his time watering what he thought was a beautiful lily, trying to get it to flourish and be his happily ever after. Sad he had to find out that the lily was really a horrible, stinky and poisonous corpse flower. I guess you really do reap what you sow in this world..

And that’s why you’re stuck curtain jerking the pre-show, Ricky. I know, I know, you’ll come out and say that it ain’t about winning and whatever else is written in the loser handbook, but the fact of the matter is, if you ain’t winning you ain’t trying and Ricky,  I don’t think you could fight your way out of a wet paper bag,  even if you tried.

You’re a confused little boy, Ricky. You spent all of season one trying to decide if you loved or hated Joe, you spent all of season two on the Sahara soap opera.. spoiler alert: she did fuck that doctor. I hope by Blood Money two you have figured out how to think for and handle things yourself. Just remember though, this isn’t Blood Money og, i know what to expect and I want you to know that if you step to me, I will leave you laying in a puddle of your own piss, like the little baby back bitch you are.

There was also Todrick Tabor-Ramsay, but I don’t feel the need to beat that dead horse again and I mean that with all the disrespect in the world.”

The car pulls up into the private air strip in who knows where. As we are pulling Madison remarks how big the plane actually is when you’re next to it. It really is a big ass plane, Paul Montuori ladies and gentleman, the man never does anything less than flashy.

The car came to a stop and Madison was quick to fling the door open and bail out. She ran a few feet across the strip and dove into her father’s arms. Watching those two together could warm anyone’s soul, it really could.

I stepped out of the car as P had made his way over. He was dressed casually, a pair of jeans and a white tee. His hair blew in the wind as he approached and wrapped his arms around my waist, lifting me up in his embrace. He was so fucking annoying but he was my bestie. ❤

I returned his embrace and then smacked him upside his head so he would put me down. 

Why do you always gotta hit me?” He asked.

Why do you always gotta pick me up?

I can’t help it, you’re so damn short. You look like a toddler and  what you do to kids when you hug ’em. You twirl ’em around and make ’em feel like they’re flying and shit.”

He’s so damn annoying, he thinks he’s funny though. I shake my head.

Oh go to hell, Paul.” I say. “I see you borrowed the jet from Joe..”

He doesn’t like that. He hates when you mention Joe’s name lately.. I love to do it and piss him off though.

I didn’t borrow shit from Joe.. fuck Joe.” He said. “This is mine.. Joe wishes his jet was this nice.”

I pat him on the back. 

I know, P. Yours is much bigger than his too..”

I know you’re just being a bitch and patronizing me, but I don’t care. Mine is bigger than his, fuck that puto.”

I laugh as he reaches into the car and grabs hold of Ezra’s car seat and pulls the whole thing from the car. Ezra smiles up at P and I as he carries him to the plane for me. As we reach the Boeing 737, P’s housekeeper Rosa appears from inside and offers to take the baby, to which P obliges. 

The two of them enter the plane behind Rosa and take their seats as the crew load their bags into the plane. Stepping into the plane, Paul heads over and takes his seat, propping his legs up across the seat next to him and looking over at her.

You sitting over here or nah?” He asked.

I looked around the jet. Maddie has made herself comfortable with her legs propped up on the seat next to her, headphones over her ears as she watches what could only be assumed as TikTok videos. Rosa has taken up another row of seats as she has taken on the role of nanny for the trip, I guess. She has Ezra’s car seat buckled in and proceeds to buckle herself in. 

What choice do I have?” 

You could ride with the bags?” He says.

You can kiss my ass..” I responded.

Bring it here..”

He laughs, he thinks he’s so damn funny. He gets on my damn nerves sometimes. I walked across the plane, smacking his legs down before plopping down into the seat next to him. Reaching into my purse, I grabbed two tablets and tossed them into my mouth, swallowing them.

So now you’re just popping pills? Has he and Sahara worn off on you to this extent? Can’t even go on a trip without getting high?” He asks.

I look at him completely dumbfounded.

What? One was a dramamine and one was half a Xanax..

He looked at me like he didn’t believe me.

I get motion sickness and anxiety on planes!

I knew there was something wrong with you..

There he goes laughing at himself again. I reach over and grab him by his nipple and twist it a little. He smacks my hand away and rubs his tit.. still funny asswad?

The door on the jet closes as the engine starts. I look over at P..

Stop talking, you’re giving me a headache and I just wanna nap..”

What am I supposed to do if you’re sleeping? Beat it?” He asked me.

Ew, please don’t.

I roll my eyes and get all comfy in the seat, resting my head against the back of the seat. A stewardess walks over and stops in front of P and I, can’t she see I’m trying to sleep?

Mister Montuori, can I get you and your guest anything?

I’ll take a shot of Teremana in whatever fruity ass juice you got in the fridge.”

Ofcourse, anything for your friend?

I sigh heavily, not opening my eyes to acknowledge this bitch.

Nah, she’s rude. There’s nothing you got that can fix that.

This guy.. 

She scampers off to fill his drink request as I start to fade into dreamland. As I fell deeper into my slumber I could feel my head sliding from the back of the seat and onto his shoulder. He sighed, flipping the arm rest between them up and pulling me over and letting me snuggle up into his chest to sleep. She returns with his drink and as she goes to speak he shushes her and she walks off.




The sound of Ezra fussing causes me to wake, I look around and the jet is no longer moving, but has actually landed. Rosa is walking around, bouncing Ezra trying to comfort him. I look to the other side and see Madison, she’s shoving her headphones and  iPad into her backpack. I glance up and I’m laying on P’s chest, and he’s passed out.

He looks so peaceful in his sleep, aw.

Wait, why are he and I cuddling in our sleep? I sit up and nudge him with my elbow.

Go away, I’m sleeping.” He says.

I nudge him again, this time harder and he smacks my hands away. 

Fine.. we’ll just leave you here.

I go to stand up but he grabs my wrist and pulls me back down.

Don’t leave me.”

I reach over and pinch his stomach.

Then get up, we landed.”

He sighs, still not opening his eyes.

10 more minutes. I was just getting to the good part.

I swear to God, if you make me sit in this plane for 10 more minutes so you can get dream fucked, I’m going to pinch your balls..

You won’t.”

I reach over into his seat and cup his entire crotch in my hand.

“I’ll rip it off..

Wouldn’t you know? He jumped up.

We exit the plane on Mickey Mouse’s private airstrip and enter the awaiting car. A few moments pass before we arrive at the Grand Floridian Resort, P really went all out I’m surprised.

As the car came to a stop, P wasted no time and opened the door himself. He stepped out and like a true gentleman, the best bestie in the universe he was, he reached in and grabbed my hand, helping me out of the car. 

Take the kids inside and check-in while I make sure they don’t drop my Louis bags,” he says to me. “Rosa, niños inside.

I didn’t know he spoke Spanish, I never really paid attention before but damn, it’s kind of hot.

Si Mr. Montuori. Ayudame Madison con Ezra?” Rosa says, looking at Madison.


Help her with Ezra,” P tells her before turning back to me. “See if they can get us a suite.”

I’ll try,” I responded.

He’s so damn bossy, but I guess it was a reasonable request.

Try with that bubbly personality you fake sometimes.”

He smiles as he says that and all I can do is bring my hands up under my chin and flash a smile back at him before heading into the resort, leaving him to supervise them with our bags. I step up to the counter in the lobby to speak with the bitch behind the computer. 

Welcome to the Grand Floridian, do you have a reservation?” She says in the fakest customer service voice I have ever heard.

“I do not.” I say as I reach into my purse and pull out my wallet, sliding my ID and Ps black American Express card out and setting them on the counter. 

Is that my dad’s card?” Madison asked. 

I quickly shushed her before turning my attention back to the lady behind the counter,  sliding my cards over to her.

I was hoping you may have a suite available?” I said.

This bitch has the nerve to let out a slight chuckle before passing my cards back over to me.

You can’t be serious.” She said.


Oh you are serious.” 

She’s really starting to piss me off now. 

Look, you can’t just come in here without a reservation.  We are literally booked solid for the next year and a half.”

I sigh as I look at Madison. But before I could speak she started running her mouth again..

If you’d like I can call over to the Days Inn and see if they have anything for you?

I slam my hand down onto the desk and get ready to really lay into this bitch when P comes walking into the lobby all loud as fuck.

“What’s the problem?” He said as I turned to look at him.

She said they’re completely booked and there was nothing she could do. And she’s being fucking rude about it,” I tell him and give the clerk a dirty look. 

I’ll handle this,” he says, as he places his hand against my stomach, pushing me back from the counter as he steps up to it.

Good afternoon Mr. Montuori. It’s a pleasure to see you again,” this bitch says with a huge smile on her face.

Sasha, you’re working here now?”  he asked.

How the fuck does he know her name?

Transferred last month,” she says.

You know her?” I asked, half-confused/half-annoyed.

Oh yeah, I’ma Elite Member here. I’m practically best friends with Donald Duck,” 

I roll my eyes at his answer.

This fucking guy. Mr. I’m besties with a duck, I thought I was his fucking best friend?

Oh I’m sorry, is she with you Mr. Montuori?” Sasha asks.

Yeah, she is,” he replies as I stick my tongue out at that bitch.

I apologize, I didn’t know you were bringing a special needs child. We weren’t expecting your group for another month.

Special needs? Child? Did this bitch jus,” I ask, knowing as I start to walk toward that bitch with my fists clenched, I’ll show her special needs.

P grabs me by my waist and stops me dead in my tracks. 

Behave Michelle. Mickey frowns on violence at his properties,” he says as I roll my eyes and step away. He turned back to her. “Sorry about her, she hasn’t had a Starbucks in a few hours. She gets a little grouchy.

It’s totally fine. So what can I do for you today?” Sasha asks. Fuck her, I’ll catch her ass outside when P ain’t around. 

Wondering if you had my regular room available?”

For you? Absolutely. Let’s see here,” she says as she starts typing away. “Currently occupied by someone named Sahara but they haven’t checked in yet. Let’s bump them.. And here’s your magic bands. You can use them to access all of your usual VIP access.”

Thank you Sasha,” he says as he takes the magic bands and hands them to me.

We’ll have your bags brought right up to your room. If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to call. May you and your family have a magical day Mr. Montuori.”

You too,” he says as he turns around to me. “Such a lovely lady.”

Family?” I ask with a scowl on my face.

Ha, look at that. She thinks we’re a family.

I shoot him the dirtiest look and roll my eyes. We head over to the elevator and P presses the button which causes the doors to open, we step inside and ride it all the way to the top floor.

P literally leaps out of the elevator and uses his custom made magic band to trigger the suite doors to open. I stepped inside the suite behind him and I must admit, I was rather impressed. It was a beautiful and large three bedroom suite, how the fuck was Sahara going to pay for this? What is she gonna do? Fuck the mouse for free room and board?

This is where you usually stay?” I ask him, confused.

Yeah, why?

It’s a three bedroom. You don’t have any friends besides me. No way Vin is coming to Disney World.”

We’ll uh.. One bed is for beating, one bed is for sleeping and one bed is for incase I get lucky.”

He didn’t just fucking say that, not in front of Maddie..

Ew gross Dad,” Madison says with a disgusted look on her face as he shrugs. 

Es nothing bad. It’s natural. Y Señor Montuori knows si necesita ayuda, I’m here to lend a hand,” Rosa says.

See it’s natural. And no Rosa, no gracias. Or maybe, I’ll let you know,” he replies, giving her a wink.

I really hope she’s not jerking you off,” I say, disgusted.

Of course not. We’re just joking. Or are we?” He says, winking at her again.

Wait, so there’s three beds.

Yeah Madison gets a room, Rosa gets a room and I figured uh.. We share a bed.

Share a what? Uh no you can sleep on the pullout couch.

You didn’t say that when you crawled into my bed when B kicked you out.”


Nothing.. Who’s ready to have some fun?!

Madison leaps up from the chair she was sitting in, her eyes filled with excitement as she grabs her dad’s arm.

“Me! Memememe!” She exclaims.

P laughed and looked over at me.

You coming?

I smiled at him as I grabbed Ezra up from Rosa and pressed his sweet head against my chest, rocking him lightly.

Soon, but not yet.” I said, as he gave me those eyes, trying to wear me down. “Ezra really should sleep or he’s not gonna be very much fun to be around and I could use a shower.”

He nodded, reluctantly before walking over and grabbing the sides of my face and kissing me on the top of my head.

Yeah, you really could use a shower.” He says, making a gesture that I smell.

Oh my God, whatever! Take Maddie to the arcade or something,  go have some fun.”

Paul and Maddie exit from the room and Rosa offers to take Ezra from me, to which I nicely decline.

No thank you, Rosa. I will feed him and get him down, you go enjoy yourself for a little while.

Gracias señorita, iré a ponerme al día con mis telenovelas.” She replies, damn even she sounds hot as fuck speaking Spanish. 

Rosa takes off and enters one of the bedrooms in the suite, closing the door behind her. I grab a bottle of water from the kitchen before heading off towards the master bedroom of the suite. 

Laying Ezra in the center of the bed as I open up the diaper bag and pull his bottles and formula out – all the while he coos and giggles while playing with his feet.  He’s so damn cute, I love him so much. 

After preparing his bottle, I slip the Nike forces off and climb up into the bed,  laying next to him in the center, with my left arm wrapped around his sweet little body. He smiles up at me as I shake the bottle, making sure the formula is well mixed before allowing him to suck on the bottle. I laid there and watched him feed, his little eyes focused on mine the entire time.

Other than P up and leaving without a word, besides telling me to fuck off at the end of Ascension, things seemed to level out for me. I mean, I went on to successfully defend the Bronx Championship against Jennie Fenix. No one was really surprised that I beat her though, look at her. The littlest member of the blue man crew. It was so cute when she came stomping out like a big girl, claiming that she was different than everyone else, saying that while everyone else overlooked me that she saw only me. Thats cute and everything,  a little stalker-ish, but cute I suppose. 

Jennie has a cute infatuation with me that most don’t get to witness. I guess it was just a small crush when we were on the Charity Cruise and she got her ass handed to her, but it’s grown to full-blown obsession since she saw me at my guest appearance for the Rabbit. If only the rest of the world could see the thirst this girl exhibits for me on an almost nightly basis, whether we’re at the Rabbit or the fifth turnbuckle.

Flattery will get you absolutely no where, little Fenix,  and no matter how much you kiss my ass – I won’t spare you at Blood Money. You can fawn at me and post all the pictures you want, you’re never gonna make “us” happen. I really hope that you don’t go into Disney thinking we’re gonna be cool, cuz we’re not. I kicked your ass before and I have absolutely no problem doing it again.

And then I met a man named Dave. A man who is well, a man, but thinks and acts like he is a dinosaur. Weird right? It’s crazy to me. He walks around dressed like an overgrown toddler and wears a dinosaur mask. I really don’t get it.

Maybe that’s why things didn’t go my way in the match? Who really knows. Things are still a little blurry for me from that match. I still don’t quite understand what the fuck was going on. I had him, I should have beaten him. The only thing I can honestly remember is rolling around on the damn mat with him and then suddenly he’s announced as the winner and new champion. I don’t know.  But I refuse to rewatch the tapes and find out.

If Dave wants to be extinct like his heroes though, he can roll up into Orlando and find me. I’d love a second chance of shoving his head up his dinosaur ass.

Losing to Dave allowed me to obtain Manhattan though and I’ll never be sorry for that. What I am sorry for is the way I performed the last time I held her.

I took down Todrick for that belt, someone that seemingly no one could defeat for the Manhattan Championship. I walked out to the ring and I ended her reign, causing her world to crumble to her feet. I took the only good thing she had going for her and look at her now – back at the bottom of the barrel, crawling around, begging for a crumb to be dropped. 

Don’t believe that she’s out here begging for crumbs? Why else would she challenge Ricky to a match when she had already beaten him once? She can sit here and say it’s because Ricky gave her a good match and made her push her hardest, but the truth is, she challenged him so she wouldn’t be left sitting on the losers bench with Sahara. She challenged him because she knew she had beat him before and she wanted to show everyone that she was still relevant and that she could still beat someone. It killed Toddy that I beat her and took her title. It killed her that I was the new Queen of Manhattan and what a humble and deserving Queen I was.

Until little Miss New Status Quo popped out of her hidey-hole and caught me off guard. Betsy Granger knew that she didn’t deserve to be in that match, but she snaked me anyways. She couldn’t win a right for the match the fair way so she ran and cried and got it handed to her. Such a NSQ move.

No but really, Betsy Granger was one hell of an opponent. I wasn’t ready for her to be as good as she was. I totally misjudged her abilities in the ring and that was my downfall. 

I had a chance to go back and watch the promo she put out for the match and I’m sure you all could see how I could underestimate her, right? I mean, she said the same damn thing everyone else says about me, so why should I have expected her to be any different? 

I don’t get why people think that coming at me about my “absent husband” bothers me in any way.  Do I have stupid written across my forehead? You guys aren’t telling me something I don’t already know. But I’m trying to get it under control,  trying to get things back to normal.

But Betsy, there were a few things you said that are still ringing in my ears. The first one being when you mentioned Ascension and how I fucked you up all the while telling you that Dynasty were the big dogs.. I didn’t believe that but I needed to say it so I had a reason to be fighting.  Dynasty was a fucking disaster but Paul is my best friend and I’d walk through hell for him and he needed me to believe in the team that night.

Second thing you said was that I was bothered by the NSQ, that I had a problem with the NSQ as a whole. Reality is, I only give a shit about your group of fuckboys and Kasey when it pertains to me.. and ever since Ascension, nothing you’ve done or said has had anything to do with me. No stables? I’m not in one. Fined blood money for forming groups? I don’t have a group.

You’re rules are stupid, but like I said, it doesn’t bother me. 

But, you’ll just come out here and call me a liar anyways.

A few hours had gone by and I started to wake, realizing I hadn’t fed Ezra nor had he cried to eat. The room was dark and I felt around, not feeling Ezra in the bed. I pushed myself up to a seated position and felt around for my phone. Switching the light function on, I used it to look at the bed. Ezra wasn’t there. I shifted in the bed, feeling the weight of something around my waist. Shining the light over that way I see P sleeping, his arms wrapped around my waist. I must have fallen asleep with Ezra and didn’t hear him and Maddie come back, but where is Ezra now?

I look at P sleeping, he looks so damn peaceful, like an angel baby.  I lean in and whisper his name. No response. I turn my body completely over in the bed to face him and he pulls me in closer to him.

P, where’s Ezra?” I ask him quietly.

Rosa took him so you could sleep.” He mutters out.


I laid back down on the bed and turned the light on the phone off. I tried to scoot away from P a bit, but as soon as I got a good distance away, he pulled me right back. Fuck it, I say as I snuggle into him and fall back asleep.. who says friends can’t cuddle anyway?




I am awakened by being kissed on the neck behind my ear and one hand rubbing across my ribs and down over my stomach just a bit and another groping on my tit. The arm brushing and rubbing against my side is under my head, but wrapped around the front of me and squeezes me closely to his body. His kisses have moved from beneath my ear to my neck, moving closer and closer to my jaw. 

I open my eyes and look up at him, he appears to be sleeping but who knows. I know I should stop him but why? I lean in and kiss him on his collar bone and bring my hand up from under the blankets and run it across his gorgeous toned abs and kissing his beautiful bare chest. I let my hand slip down under the blankets and go to grab hold of him, but he grabs me by the wrist and looks me dead in the eye.


I lean up to kiss him softly on his chin.

Why?” I asked.

He rolled me over onto my back and laid over the top of me. I brought my legs up and wrapped them around him, before bringing my hands up around his neck and pulling his head down and giving him two small kisses on the mouth before slipping my tongue into his mouth. 

And then the bedroom door flew open, Madison came running in excitedly and jumped onto the foot of the bed before realizing what she had walked in on. P let his arms give out and he fell down onto the top of me and I slid out the side a bit next to him. 

Madison gasped and her face turned red.

Oh my God! Were you guys about to..

No!” I blurted out. 


We were trying to decide what we were going to do first today and I wanted to go get mani/pedis and your dad wanted to go straight to the park, so I told him if he could pin me then we’d do what he wanted and if he couldn’t then it’s what I want.” I said, interrupting her.

“Oh.. okay.” She says, a little confused still. “Wait, dad was on top of you, does that mean he won?

Almost,” He mumbled, quietly. “Hell yeah I won, I always win. Go get dressed, we’re going to Disney World.”

Madison joyfully leaped from the bed and ran from the room. P looks over and wraps his arms up around me again. I laugh and push him off before rolling over and sitting up on the edge of the bed. 

Wait..” He says.

I stand up from the bed and turn to face him. 

Gotta get dressed to go to the park..” 

I smile at him and start walking towards the bathroom.

If you come back, I’ll take you for mani/pedis.” He said, laughing as I walked through the bathroom door. He sighed and let his body fall back against the bed while saying.. “I should have locked the damn door.

I closed the bathroom door and leaned against it. What is going on with me? Why would I do that? Paul is my best friend, how could I have even thought any part of that was okay?

I step up to the double sink counter in the bathroom and turn the water on, splashing some of it into my face. Maybe everyone is right. Maybe Brandon being so distant and almost non existent at times is really starting to get to me. He has been really busy building Eulogeo and dealing with Uncle Vlad.

I turn the cold sink water off and walk across this huge ass bathroom to the shower. Opening the glass doors and stepping inside as I reach in and turn the water on before slipping out of my clothes and stepping into the stream of hot water.

As I wet my hair under the water I couldn’t help but think about a few weeks ago when I got caught up in the shower with Ashlynn. Her beautiful body in all its glory and my hands dancing across every curve of her. What is wrong with me? Why am I fooling around with my friends all of a sudden? Is my subconscious trying to tell me something? Does my brain know something I don’t?

With Ash I know we had the excuse that we were drinking – and we did drink a lot. But also, she’s been a really good friend to me these past few months. I’ve told her things that I haven’t been able to tell anyone else. I’m comfortable around Ash, and maybe I don’t know how to handle that. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a friend of the same sex, but she’s good people.

And Paul.. I don’t know. We’ve been friends for so long. We have been there for each other through some serious shit. Maybe that’s it.. maybe we’re just too close. Should I create some distance?

No, I love P.. I can’t just distance him, he’s been there with and for me for almost my entire life. I need to figure this out and hopefully soon..

Turning the water off and opening the door, I reach out and grab a towel from the rack and wrap it around my body. I grab another towel from the rack and use it to dry my hair before I open the bathroom door. Peeking into the room and not seeing P, I enter the room and go right to getting dressed. 

Brandon has been out on a spiritual journey or some shit, I don’t really know. He’s been kind of wishy-washy and secretive on what he’s been doing but I mean, that’s B. He does shit like that but he always comes back, it just feels weird for some reason this time though.  I can’t put my finger on it, I can’t tell if it’s him or me that’s weird,  I just know something doesn’t feel right about us. Needless to say though, I trust him. I trust that while yes, this blood money event is every person for themselves, that he won’t hurt me. 

Brandon and I have always had this kind of unspoken agreement, kind of the same as Le’Andra and Xavier in a sense. We always said that if ever there was a time where we had to fight each other, then we would. I have been married to this man for thirteen years, if he was going to violently hurt me, he would have done it already, so yeah, I’m not worried about what will happen if it comes to him and I at Blood Money. I’m not afraid to put my hands on him if I need to and I fully expect him to put his on me. I don’t expect him to go easy on me because I’m his wife, but I just want him to know that I’m not going to go easy on him either.

Another person I’m not afraid of putting my hands on is my niece, Allison. Her and I have come to blows on more than one occasion,  sometimes she wins and sometimes I do. I am fully aware of the stress she is under with Dane being in the hospital though, and while I suppose some could say that could make her more determined,  I however choose to see it as a handicap for her. How can she focus on what needs to be done to win an event such as Blood Money when her husband is lying in a hospital bed, surviving on v8 juice and ensure?

Sure, she will get to take some of her frustrations out on whoever has the bad luck of finding her – but she’ll lose stamina quickly. She won’t be able to last long, if at all. She’s had to be the backbone of her family since Countdown – hell she made the decision to keep Dane alive when she should have just pulled the plug. That takes a lot out of someone, emotionally, mentally and physically as well. If it comes down to it, like I’ve said before, taking Allison out will be easy-peasy.”

Just as I finished getting ready, I turned around to see P coming in with Ezra in his arms. The two of them are fully dressed, P wearing a pair of faded and torn blue jeans and black NSQ t-shirt, why is he so weird? He dressed Ezra in a pair of baby blue jeans and a white cocomelon onesie. Both of them were wearing the cutest matching high top black and white chucks. I shake my head..

Did you really match shoes with my son?

Gotta keep my godson lookin fly.” He says, “Gotta be the coolest baby at the park today.”

I laugh as he walks out of the room with the baby. I grab my things and slide my feet back into the Nike air forces that I took off the night before and head out of the room and made our way to Disney. 

P was like a kid in a candy store all day, he knew where all the good rides were, all the fun attractions and even where the best food was – he was the perfect tour guide of the park. He took us on the carousel and to meet the evil step-sisters, I don’t know why they call them evil,  they didn’t even wanna talk shit about people with me. 

We went on the teacups, I don’t even wanna talk about those, just thinking about it makes me want to throw up – again! He tried to get me to ride space mountain, I’m not sure if he meant the actual ride or, you know. I pacified him and told him maybe later and he giggled like a little girl. Then we went and picked out Mickey ears, that was fun and very difficult at the same time. Who knew there were so many different ones? P kept ranting about not getting the cheap ones, he said no price mattered – something about your first pair of ears being special, he was right. We all looked so cute in our ears and the kids were so happy, even Rosa got a pair.

Oh my God, I almost forgot the funniest part. We came across Gaston, you know from Beauty and the Beast? Anyways, we ran into him while we were walking around and he said something to P, and you know P – jump now ask questions later. He starts going in on him and I’m not talking quietly either. He somehow went from talking about who was a better lover to how he beat Reynolds and Raven for the Island titles and people were starting to crowd around.  He had a serious case of tunnel vision and you should have seen his face when Gaston told him he was scaring some kids. Fucking classic, man.

From there we went on the Haunted Mansion ride, I don’t know who enjoyed the dancing ghosts more, Paul or the kids. It was actually really cute to watch them having such a great time, really warmed my cold bitch heart a little bit. 

We finally decided to sit down and enjoy some churros, who knew fried dough rolled in cinnamon sugar was so good? Not me, that’s for sure. Anyways, while we’re snacking on them P starts going on about what Princess we think he would be. He thinks he most resembles Rapunzel and proceeds to tell us all about it.

I fade away listening to him and start to think to myself, if I were a princess who would I be? There were so many good choices but when it came down to it, I knew it was Elsa with Maleficent as a close second. It’s really hard to decide between the two, though. 

I mean, I related a lot to Elsa because like her I was kept hidden, locked away by parents I thought were my parents but turned out to be my grandparents who didn’t think I would be able to survive in such a home. All my life, everyone has made choices for me based on my gender, while Elsas family hid her out of shame for what she could do.

But just like Elsa, when I finally broke free, when I finally got away – people got to witness me. People got to see who I was and what I could do. No longer looked at like a helpless little girl with figurative gloves on, I was finally free to be me.

My princess thoughts are interrupted by Madison saying my name, I don’t really know what’s going on but she seems to be grilling her dad for some kind of info. I let them be and focus on making sure these churro pieces are small enough so that Ezra can try them without dying – he can’t exactly chew them yet. 

Paul and Madison are going back and forth about what Blood Money means and whether or not he’s worried about being being in the match or not. He goes on and on, talking about NSQ and how he already managed to take out two of the five, how Dickie got away and what not. He’s so damn hot when he gets to putting people down like that. Wait, what?

Anyways, I ask him if he’s being over confident and he agrees but he has reasons to be. He’s on a roll, telling his little girl how dangerous he is and shit, she’s eating it up. She absolutely adores him. 

We get our messes cleaned up and Rosa cleans the baby for me as we toss our trash in the garbage. P wisps us away, talking about getting a good spot to watch the fireworks but honestly I didn’t know there was a bad one. He assures me that he has the perfect spot, right up front.

As the fireworks started to go off, I watched the kids faces. They were so happy, and so enthralled. I’ve never seen Madison smile so big. And I look over at Paul, he’s so proud. He’s watching the children with such admiration. He watched the fireworks and I couldn’t help but stare at him as a warm, tingling sensation rushed over me.

I never knew he was so.. wonderful, so sweet and so caring. He always put on such a front around me. But this, this is a new Paul. He was thoughtful and he went through all the trouble to make sure we had the best time today. I don’t know, he just looks so different to me now, feels different too. 

He looks so sweet, so perfect as I watch him eating his ice cream, watching him lick it is actually kinda sexy – wait a minute, what the fuck is he doing? 

P, what the fuck?” 

He doesn’t say anything back to me, just looks at me with the ice cream dripping from his chin as the scene..

Hold on, wait a minute.. I forgot someone. 

Someone who would be so fucking butthurt if they thought they got left out. Someone who spends so much fucking time trying to be me, she delusionally thinks it’s the other way around.  

A week ago she was literally hanging from my thong, telling me how wonderful I am and fetching coffee for me. She used to tell me how pretty I looked and how much she wished she had a body like mine.. I would buy her things and even pay her tabs at the Rabbit – I don’t know why,  I just liked having a little poor girl as a friend. Something about it just made me feel even more superior than I already am.

Then she went out and met Chad or whatever the fuck his name is and now all of a sudden she thinks she’s too good? Fuck that. She couldn’t be better than me if she tried, and believe me, she spends a lot of time trying. She thinks that a little money makes us equal? She’s got another thing coming. There is literally no way she can hold a candle to me – at anything. I mean let’s be serious..

Shes either popping pills and lying about it or telling everyone how I envy her or want to fuck her flavor of the week. I don’t know how to tell her that I’m not interested in anything that’s brave enough to dick her down – so I fuck with her and make her think I’m going too. You should see the look of horror when I engage in flirting with this man. 

All her time is spent comparing everything I do to something she’s done. Newsflash, bitch, anything you can do I can do better.


Just like everyone says, you’re nothing but Miss Michelle wannabe. You’ll spend your entire career trying to emulate me and mine but you’ll never be as good as I am. You’ll never be billed as the bitch or the competitor, hell even half the woman I am. Enjoy second place bitch, cuz that’s all you’ll ever be. 

Wanna try and prove the critics and I wrong? Come find me at Blood Money.. or maybe I’ll just come find you?

See ya soon. 💋”