“The Royal Takeover..”

By: Miss Michelle

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 14th Apr 2022

So now, I’m not normally the one to come out and brag when something goes my way. I’m not usually so boisterous with my ‘I told you so’s.’ 

Just kidding, yes I am!

Ya girl did exactly what she said she was going to do and that was walk into Venom 19 and whoop Apathy’s ass and become the new QUEEN OF BROOKLYN! 


I keep telling you all to stop sleeping on me, to stop doubting me and my abilities to go out and destroy your favorites. But I mean, if Apathy is one of your favorites, what’s wrong with you? Yeah she’s strong, she’s big and she’s not ugly.. but she’s slow and mediocre, and not really that pretty unless you turn the lights down real low.

I know, I know. This is wrestling and not a beauty competition but hey, I’d beat her at both! 😂

So yeah, she hits hard and man does she have a rough ass choke hold but like everyone else she’s just not got what it takes to pin the Queen.. poor peasant. At least she got what she’s wanted her entire career, what she’s been waiting for, her three seconds of fame.. but times up Apathy, back to the land of not good enough for you!

But my good time at Venom didn’t end after I took Brooklyn. Nope. I got myself a front row seat to watch the sexiest man in fight (James Raven who?), the man with the best hair in the business, your KING and my man, Paul Montuori give Shawn Warstein, the second biggest peasant on this planet the ass beating he not only deserved but was begging for.

Venom 19 was a good night for your King and Queen but Venom 20? That’s the night we take the Islands Championships from those losers James Raven and Atara Themis and claim our spot at the top of the tag team division, where we belong.. DubDub who? We’re building a new Dynasty and no, I’m not talking about the group that bitchass Joe ruined either.. 

We’re flying down the Hills and drifting corners in Paul’s Lamborghini Huracan convertible. He always complains about my driving but he hasn’t died yet! The wind blowing through our hair, we look so fucking good. Literally the perfect hair commercial. I’d buy whatever we were selling.

The music is so loud and it’s not some “..baby one more time” Britney shit that B used to blare, nah this is more “fuck tha police” NWA shit, my baby’s a gangster. Look at his fine ass, over there nodding his head to the music, I’m bout to pull this car over and rape his ass right here. 

Why did I wait so long to admit and succumb to my feelings for this man? All the years I wasted on Brandon, waiting for him to be more like Paul, why didn’t anyone ever just tell me to trade him in for P? Why did he stick around after being friend zoned for so long? I wouldn’t have blamed him if he had ran off with someone else.. 

The car veers to the left a bit but I manage to bring it back without wrecking and killing us both – and he says I can’t drive. He looks over at me and smiles. He says something but I can’t really hear him over the music, but he looks so sweet. 

What?! I holler out over the music.


He smiles and shakes his head. He’s so damn sexy, Jesus christ. I spot an open parking slot and slide the car into it all slick like. I put it in park and killed the engine before hopping up out of my seat and over to straddling Paul’s lap. He looks confused at first but doesn’t stop me as I lean in and shove my tongue down his throat.

I pulled back and reached down between us to undo the button and zipper on his pants, reaching in and pulling him out. A smirk crossed his face as I leaned back into him, this time I latched onto his bottom lip, sucking it just a little before moving to kiss his chin and then his neck, the whole time using my hand to stroke the python.

It didn’t take much convincing for him to be standing tall. I look at him and he kinda chuckles, shrugging his shoulders before wrapping one arm around me and sliding the other hand up under my dress. A look of shock crosses his face when he realizes that there are no panties to slide to the side. 

I can’t help but laugh at the look on his face before raising up just slightly and using my hand to direct Mr Python to his exact destination. The look of pleasure on his face as I slowly lowered myself onto him, taking him inside of me inch by inch is a spectacular image. He let out a moan and as he did, he bit down onto my bottom lip.

Is it just me or is there something exciting about fucking in public? Senses heightened just a bit further as I rocked my hips back and forth and rode the monty python. I could feel the small, microscopic hairs on my body standing and a shiver going up my spine as I was reaching climax. 

A little bit later..

Paul and I are inside of this baby store looking at baby stuff for two people I wouldn’t piss on if they were on fire. Paul believes in his beautiful head that he and James Raven are friends and he feels as if he should get him something to celebrate someone carrying his evil seed. I’m on the fence but maybe I’ll find something cute for Ezra.

If it were possible to resemble an emoji,  Paul would most certainly be ‘heart eyes’ right now. He is so enamored with all the baby things right now and I can see him slipping into his feelings right before my eyes. 

So uh.. Do you want more kids? Like.. With me? he asks, glancing at me.

Well.. P, I need to tell you something,” I say, nervously. I uh..

Do you need any help?” 

We look over to see a store employee suddenly standing in front of us.

Nah bruh, we’re good,” he says as he looks back at me, I avoid eye contact.

Well, if you need anything, I’ll be around,” the employee says again.

Ok fuck, take your ass on, he says, trying his damndest to shoo them away.

Rude, they say as they turn and leave. 

He turns his attention back to me, I can tell he’s anxious and really wants to know what I was going to say 

Sorry about that. What were you going to say? he asks.

Oh uhm.. Nothing. I think we should get them the swing. And if they don’t like it, fuck them.

I can’t tell him.  Not here, not in a baby store. 

Yeah uh.. That’s fine, he responds.

I feel like I’ve kicked him in the balls. Like he really wanted to know what I was going to say but I just don’t think the timing is right. I’m not ready..

Since you’ve been good, want to get ice cream? I ask, smiling as I look at him.

Can I get a cone with two scoops?

You can get three if you want,” 

The smile returns to his handsome face as he grabs me and pulls me into him, his arms wrapped around my waist and resting just so he’s able to squeeze my ass as he kisses me.

We exit the store and he makes a beeline for the ice cream stand, leaving me with the perfect time to address our upcoming match at Venom for those Islands Championships. 

To say that this has been a long time coming, would be an understatement, wouldn’t it James? How long have you been stalking me? How long have you been watching and finding any reason you can to be near me, to touch me? How long have I been the apple of your eye? How long, James?

I can’t speak on exact timing for you, but I’ve known about it since Ascension. You showed up and inserted yourself into the gang wars, you butted your head where it didn’t belong and you eliminated me from the match,  and subsequently caused Paul to lose his shit. Now I know that the whole thing wasn’t necessarily all your fault, but had you not inserted yourself into something that didn’t involve you, Paul and I would have eliminated Shawn Warstein and the NSQ and everything would have been different.

Why were you even at Ascension, James? NSQ didn’t even want you there. I have even heard that had some of them known you were going to show up, they wouldn’t have. What does that say about the type of person you are, James? The people you showed up and helped win a pretty big match don’t even want you here.. I don’t blame them.

See up until Ascension, I had no idea who you were, James. I had never even heard your name but that’s not true for you, of me, is it? No, you’ve been watching me, admiring me from afar. I mean, you even did your whole big introduction to Fight with a cute little commercial of your action figure ‘wrestling’ with mine. So cute. I bet you had pretty good sales after that one, didn’t ya? You’re welcome.

I’m actually a little more curious on what you’ve been doing with those action figures since then. I bet you have a whole set up for them,  maybe a Barbie Dreamhouse that they live in? I can only imagine..

I bet you wish that I was more impressed with your being than I actually am. I bet you wish I actually cared about your ‘status’ a little more. I know you have spent many nights wishing that it had been me who came between you and Betsy. Unfortunately for you, I have higher standards than that. I don’t find you attractive and I’m pretty sure you have your abs airbrushed on before shows. Sorry not sorry.

I thought we had moved on from your obsession and crush on me but then it all just came back to light at Blood Money 2, didn’t it? You sat back and waited, watching as I was having the time of my life. Man, I fucked up Joe and I even used a shovel to fix Drucilla’s ugly ass face, not to mention leaving Pheelys ass in a heap. But you, you can’t ever stand to see me having any fun without you.  You had to drive the damn Jungle Cruise boat directly over me. 

Now I wasn’t going to call you a bitch for that, but come on James, you really are a bitch for that. How can you be considered the GOAT when you needed a whole ass cruise ship to take little ol me out of the match? You had your chance to prove that eliminating me at Ascension wasn’t a fluke and you chose to show the entire world just how big of a coward you actually are..

You know, I spend a lot of time telling everyone how big of a piece of shit Joe is, but honestly, you’re no better – actually I’m pretty sure you and him are pretty damn equal on the shitty person meter. I mean, let’s count the ways that you’re similar, shall we?

You both cry if you don’t get enough attention.  You both have to get in a sneak attack to win. You both destroyed the very stables you belonged to. And the number one thing you’ve got in common? You both impregnated otherwise worthless bitches. I don’t know how many times it has to be said, but you can’t turn a ho into a housewife but there’s always that one dumbfuck who thinks that they are an exception to the rules.

You’re not now and you never will be an exception to any rules and I don’t care what anyone says,  you aren’t the GOAT of anything except being a simp to Atara. 

You ain’t shit but a hat rack with arms. You’re useless without a sneak attack and it’s going to be my absolute pleasure to leave you laying flat on your back, like the bitch that you are. Maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll let you kiss my ass before I leave with the only reason you’re still employed, those Islands belts.

Paul comes rushing back over to me with a massive waffle cone and 3 scoops of ice cream 

I just had the best idea.. He says, grabbing me by my hand.Come on, I wanna show you something.

I interlock my fingers with his and walk with him down the sidewalk. We’re passing stores and I really want to go inside of them but he just keeps walking until we reach the car.

Just 10 minutes later..

I am standing in the most beautifully decorated room I have been in in a long time. Gorgeous red roses and white lilies filled the room, making it not only look nice but smell amazing. The sun had drifted off behind a rain cloud which darkened the room, but the flickering flames of the candles along the tables lit the room nicely.

I stepped forward a few steps, standing in front of the opened French doors looking outside. The view is just overlooking the city and I swear you can even see a bit of the ocean in the distance. I take a deep breath, breathing in the smell of the flowers and taking in the beauty of everything.

Paul, this place is beautiful.” 

I turn around to look for him and find him down on one knee in front of me. I give him the strangest look as I look down at him. He looks up at me with that sweet smile of his, holding his hand out for mine.

Oh, Paul! I say flustered and so surprised.I don’t know what to say.

He gets back up to a standing position and looks at me awkwardly. 

Um.. I was just tying my shoe.” He says.

I quickly turn away, trying to hide my embarrassment and play it off.

I know! I was just uh..” I chuckle a little nervously. I was just playing along with you, it was a good joke.

He laughed, he knew damn well what I thought and the way he was down there, he knew what he was doing. He walked over, putting his arm around my shoulders and pulling me in close to him and kissing the top of my head.

I told you that you wished. He says all cocky and shit.

Yeah, yeah. I elbowed him in the ribs. Why’d you bring me here?

Because it’s perfect.  I wanted you to see how nice it is before the party.

What party? I asked.

He looks at me like he’s shocked that I don’t know what he’s talking about. Is it his birthday or something? Fuck, I should know this..

The babyshower for James and Atara?

Oh my God! You are really getting on my nerves with this shit.” I told him.Neither one of them like us and they damn sure aren’t going to come to a babyshower thrown by you.

Well, with a stank-ass attitude like that, you’re right. He says, shaking his head.

I’ll wait for you in the car. I sigh and shrug my shoulders before walking away and to the car.

We’ve actually been here a few times, haven’t we Atara?  I want to say that you were my first opponent back in that one place, Fade 2 Black. I remember you bragging about how you were going to pretty much destroy me because you were trained by some wrestling legend who taught you everything,  but what actually happened during that match?


You lost. Got your ass completely handed to you, like it wasn’t even close!

You hyped yourself all the way up and then fell all the way down. I don’t even get it. Was your legendary mentor embarrassed at least? I bet he was. I bet he deleted you from his memory and told you to never mention him again. Probably called you into his office and gave you a cease and desist and sent you on your damn way.. I know I would have.

Your new mentor probably made you sign a confidentiality agreement so you couldn’t embarrass them.

But Atara, that wasn’t the only time we faced each other, was it? While I was out competing in the tournament for the World Championship in F2B, you went out and beat someone worse than you and got yourself your own little championship, didn’t ya? You know me, never won the big one and I damn sure couldn’t let someone who I’d beaten have a championship and not me, so I did what I had to do and I kicked your ass and took yours.

I must say, I expected you to put up a better fight than what you did, I mean, you had faced me before and you knew what to expect. You should have been able to do more than you did but alas, you didn’t. It worked for me though,  facing you the first time definitely made it much easier to beat you the second time. You kind of lack self awareness and to be honest, wrestling you was kind of like wrestling with uncooked spaghetti. Just stiff and stupid.

I’m doing pretty well with all these examples of why you ain’t shit, Atara, maybe I should leave out the time where I threw your ass in the dumpster? Yeah, I think I’ve gotten my point across.

So here we are, in the now. Atara Themis plucked a page from Vhodka Marie’s handbook and destroyed the beautiful relationship that was Betsy and James. I never really pegged you as the homewrecking type, but I guess when you don’t have any talent, you’ll do anything to stay relevant. 

Good for you though,  you found something you’re good at and you ran with it. Look at you now, you and James Raven are the Islands Champions, you got a little baby Raven on the way – you’re on top of the world.  Too bad the sexiest man in Fight and I are going to have to kick your knees out from under you and give those Islands Championships a better home.

Atara, you’re pregnant. I admire you for wanting to stay active in your career while you carry your guaranteed paycheck for the next eighteen years but I don’t think it’s a good idea. What if something terrible happened to you and the baby in the ring? What if you run into Bam Miller backstage? What happens to your child support then? You gotta think about this stuff..

You know what else you gotta think about? How you probably shouldn’t step into the match on Monday at all. I will do my job and if you step into the ring, I will put my hands on you and I will hurt you. I will remind you of all those other times we stepped in the ring and I will have no issues beating you. Pregnant or not, if you step into the ring, I will destroy you. 

Paul and I deserve those Championships and we will do whatever is necessary to get them. If that means you and your fetus have to get these hands, well then, I hope you at least square up. 

Listen, I hope you’re not that stupid where you’re going to go out there and put you and your unborn child in danger, Tamagotchi.. but I’m serious, if you do, I can’t be held responsible when something bad happens and it will..

But hey, no matter what you decide to do, just know that the outcome will be the same. You and James won’t win and I can’t wait to hear the announcement at the end of Venom, it’ll go a little something like this..

The KING of Manhattan and the QUEEN of Brooklyn – your NEW Islands Champions..

Two Belts Chelle 


Dos Straps Paulie

Sounds fucking amazing.


A little while later..

We stood on the air strip as the workers loaded our bags into Paul’s private jet. P tried to get me to hire a driver to drive us back to New York in the bus, but I quickly shut that shit down – Bambi is also going to be taking that bus back with a full refund when I get back, too.

Paul and Maddie are saying their goodbyes and it is truly heartbreaking. He loves her so much,  I can’t imagine what he must be going through. He wanted to be the one that took her home but some things came up and he has a few sponsor meetings tomorrow, plus it gives me some alone time to speak with Michelle about letting Maddie come stay with us in California.

Paul wrapped his arms around Maddie and lifted her up in one of his big ol bear hugs and caused her to giggle. As he set her back down onto the ground he kissed her forehead.

I love you, kiddo.

I love you too, Dad.”

She stood up onto her tippy-toes and kissed him on the cheek and he pulled her into him for one more hug before she walked away from him and climbed up into the plane.

I walked over to him, wiping the small tear that had crept from his eye and landed on his cheek. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me in close to him.

You good? I asked.

I will be. He responded. I just wish I was coming with you guys.. To talk to Machelle and ask for just a little bit more time.

I told you, I’ll handle her. I’ll make it right and Maddie will come home with us.

He lets out a sigh and I know he’s worried that she will say no. I bring both my hands up, placing them on either side of his face and pull him down to me, pressing my forehead to his, our noses resting against each other and looking into his eyes.

Stop worrying.. I’m good with words.” I say.

He chuckles a bit before turning his head and pressing his lips to mine and we share just a quick kiss before I pull my head back.

Now quit being a little bitch and go home. I’ll call you when we get to the room.

I start to walk off towards the plane when he grabs me by the arm and pulls me back into his body, his arms wrapped tightly around me.

I don’t care how much it costs.. He says. Whatever she wants.

He kisses the very top of my head before letting me go. I turn and walk towards the plane. I turned back around and blew him a kiss before I climbed up and inside the plane.

I made my way onto the plane and as I did, Madison pat the seat next to her. I smiled and walked over and sat down. I looked out the window to see Paul pull his phone from pocket and press it to his ear. He walked back to the car while on the phone and the plane began its ascent into the air.

I tried to get comfortable in my seat but I just couldn’t. I had literal knots in my stomach because I didn’t know what I was going to do. I just knew that I had to do something. I had to figure out how to get Machelle to give custody back to Paul. 

I know he fucked up but he didn’t mean too, and Maddie was never in any danger or not taken care of. Paul made sure she always had a team of family members and staff around at all times. Everyone loved Maddie. And shit happens, Machelle should know that.

I look over and Maddie has her feet propped up and her seat reclined. She has her headphones in and looks to be watching a movie on her tablet. She’s such a good kid and as much as I care about Paul, I might care just a tiny bit more about her. She has to come back with me.

Madison was right though, her mother absolutely despises me and would rather see me dead than do anything to make me happy. You’d think that she would want to do it for her daughter though, give her a chance to bond with her father but Machelle only thinks of herself and her hatred for me and Paul, by default, trumps all else.

This woman spent her entire wrestling career, if you want to call it that, copying me. Kind of like Dawn Marie did with Tammy Sytch but a lot less successfully. Maddie was just a pawn in her game, I know it. She thinks that she has some sort of bragging rights over me because she slept with Paul and had a child with him. She doesn’t deserve Maddie.

Paul wants me to give her whatever she wants, he even gave me his checkbook but I don’t know. I feel like something else has to happen. Something that when the money runs out she can’t just change her mind. Something permanent.

And then it hit me.. I know what I have to do. It’s not the most moral but no one ever said I was a perfect person, but I am close to it.

I feel a relief in my chest and stomach as I let out a relieving sigh. The tense feeling leaves my body and I am able to relax for the remainder of the flight.

Sometime later..

I drove the car up the long pathway before putting it into park in the driveway. I haven’t been here since before Blood Money 2 and honestly, I probably shouldn’t be here right now. In fact, Paul might just kill me if he finds out I came here tonight.. but I had to.

I look over at Madison and smile, she has no idea what’s going on or where we are and that’s probably for the best. She smiles back at me and then looks out the window. She’s never been on the island, Paul literally hates it here, he says it’s creepy as fuck and while I didn’t think so before, I’m starting to see what he meant. 

I remove my seat belt and open the door and step out, taking a deep breath. The air smells stale and feels humid but I shrug it off and walk around the car. Maddie steps out and walks up next to me.

This will be quick, I promise. I said to her,

It’s fine. I really need to pee anyway.

We walk up to the door and I bring my hand up to knock but change my mind. I look at Maddie, she looks at me and I just grab the doorknob, twisting it and pushing it open. I can’t believe they don’t have this door locked.  Entering the home, I point Maddie in the direction of the bathroom and make my way down the hall.

She skips past me towards the bathroom as I make my way upstairs towards the bedroom. I don’t think anybody is here, which is going to work out wonderfully. I reach the top of the stairs and move my way down the hall to the master bedroom, I grab the doorknob and shove the door open, walking inside and flipping the light on.

The room looks exactly the same, he hasn’t changed anything. I thought I’d feel some type of way if I ever came back but I can honestly say that I don’t feel shit. I spent too many years being unhappy in the hopes that things might change, but like they always say.. once a piece of shit, always a piece of shit and also, can’t rely on a junkie.

I walk over to the nightstand on B’s side of the bed and look down at it. Taking the longest, deepest breath I reach down and slide it open.. Jackpot. A plethora of drugs and paraphernalia,  anything you think of and even some you’ve never even heard of, are in this drawer.

I sigh and reach into the drawer grabbing a few small baggies, some pills and a couple needles and slide them into my purse. I close the drawer and walk out of the room, turning the light off and closing the door behind me. As I start off down the stairs I hear a door open and Mama steps out.

Who’s out here? Announce yourself! She says.

I freeze, I don’t know what to say. I know she’ll recognize my voice and who knows what kind of bullshit Brandon has told her? And then I remember, Montana is here. Brandon’s stupid bitch sister is visiting and wants to see me, bruh, Ill fuck her up.

It’s just me, Mama. I say, straining my voice a little. I came up to grab my smokes from the room, that’s all.

I don’t even know if she smokes but let’s face it, this entire family is a bad decision full of mistakes and things that you should never do.

Well take a shower, will ya? You smell like dollar general potted meat and vaseline.

Man, fuck you. I’m so sick of Mama’s shit, I could fuck her old blind ass up and no one would know. I just roll my eyes and walk away.

Fast forward

We arrive in the same shit-hole neighborhood in Jersey that we always go to when dealing with Machelle. We’re walking up to the door, she’s holding my hand and she’s happy to be home, but you can tell she’s sad to leave.

We don’t even reach the doorstep and the door flies open. Machelle stands with her arms crossed.

You’re late.

You know New York traffic..

She rolls her eyes, I’m starting to feel less bad about my plan.  Maddie gives me a big hug but then runs to embrace her mother. Machelle watches me the entire time.

Thanks for letting her spend her spring break with us. I say.

I didn’t do it for you.

I know you didn’t..

Before I can even finish what I’m saying she starts to close the door.

Hey! Can I use the bathroom please? I blurt out.

Machelle reluctantly opens the door and lets me in. She points me down the hall and her and Maddie go off in the opposite direction towards the kitchen. As I’m walking down the hall, I start to get second thoughts and start doubting whether or not I should do this.

But then I remembered P’s face. How sad he was when he was saying goodbye to her. How he told me to do whatever it takes to bring our girl home with me.

I walked into the bathroom and turned the light on, closing the door. Reaching into my purse, I pulled everything I took from B out. I dropped some needles next to the toilet, shoved some baggies into the medicine cabinet and left some pills on the counter.

I flushed the toilet and turned the faucet on and back off before I exited the bathroom. As I made my way back out towards the front door, I noticed Machelles bedroom door was open and I took what was left and just tossed it into her room. As I approached the door, I hollered out my goodbyes. Maddie ran out and hugged me once more before she ran back to her mom.

I walked back to the car and stood there for a moment. I grabbed the bottom of my shirt and ripped it open and then taking my hand I scratched the shit out of my own stomach. I grabbed a baseball bat from the back seat of the car and proceeded to bust out the windows of the car,  which caused the neighbors to peer out the window. I tossed the bat at the car and it shattered the windshield as it landed. I grabbed my cell phone and dialed a number. 

911 what is your emergency?

I am dropping off my goddaughter with her mom and her mom went crazy! I say.

What do you mean she went crazy? What’s going on?

She freaked out because we were late. I tried to tell her there was traffic but she just lost it. She ripped my shirt and scratched my stomach, she attacked my car and busted all my windows out with a bat..

I’m dispatching officers to your location right now. Does she have any guns in the house?

I don’t think so..

Okay, sit tight,  they’re on their way.

Thank you!

I hang up and I can hear the sirens. I bite down onto my own lip as hard as I can until blood comes to the surface. I even go as far as to slap the shit out of myself to leave a handprint.

At this point the sirens are loud af and the lights are lighting up the night sky. Machelle being the nosy bitch she is, opens the door and steps out as the police roll up. I instantly start to scream belligerently, crocodile tears just flowing down my face. Machelle stands there, confused and dumbfounded, just deer in the headlights.

Two officers exit the vehicle and approach me, asking what happened and I explain it all again, just as I did to the operator. They excuse themselves and walk over and begin talking to her. I chuckle to myself and enjoy the show.

They start to question her and she loses it, calling me a liar, a bitch, every name in the English dictionary. They come back to me..

She’s saying she didn’t do anything tonight but she seems a little off.. Do you know if she has any medical conditions?

I don’t.. what do you mean by off?

Well she’s having trouble keeping eye contact and her words are a little slow and slurred. Do you know if she’s on any medication?

No but I do know that she used to get high all the time, I don’t know if she still does though. I’m really worried about my goddaughter though.

They look at each other before excusing themselves again. They approach Machelle who starts swearing she’s never touched a drug in her life and the dumb bitch even agrees to let them search her property.

After a few moments a police officer comes out and immediately places Machelle under arrest. She’s screaming and hollering and swearing she did nothing wrong.  The other officer comes out with a zip lock bag and whatnot as well as with Maddie.

So we’re going to take her into custody, we found some things and after running her name we found out she also has a felony warrant.

Maddie snuggles up against me, obviously a little scared from the commotion and everything. 

Is there any family she can stay with? He asks.

Her father is in California, can she stay with him?

As long as he is listed on her birth certificate and is willing to have her, I don’t see an issue.

Okay. I will make sure she gets there then, thank you officer.

Not a problem. You ladies try to relax tonight, stay outta trouble.

Fast forward one more time..

I slide my hands into the front pocket of the hoodie that I took from the car before I called an Uber for a ride back to the hotel. Maddie runs off ahead of me and into the hotel. I follow behind as she runs up the stairs and then down the hall. She stops and slides the card through the door lock but nothing happens. She does it again, same thing.

I approach the door and hand her my card to try and still nothing. I shrug my shoulders and we head back towards the lobby. As we’re walking, I’m watching Maddie and she just seems so happy. Not a care in the world, she hasn’t even asked me what happened back at her house. Once we reach the lobby I approach the desk.

Good evening! How can I help?

Our cards must have gotten demagnetized or something because they’re not working. I responded.

No problem. What room are you in and do you have the credit card you checked in with?

I reach into my back packet and pull out Paul’s black card and slide it across the counter. 

We’re in room 115.

She does some clickety clacking on her keyboard and then slides the card back to me.

I see the issue, Mrs Montuori. It seems we have upgraded you to the presidential suite for the evening. Your new room is on the 8th floor, room 1.

I stare at her for a moment, Madison giggling to herself.

Uh, thanks. I say.

Maddie and I walk off and enter the elevator. She pressed the number 8 and we’re off. The elevator stops and Maddie holds her arm out towards the door.

After you, Mrs. Montuori. She says.

I roll my eyes, reaching over and tickling her sides, causing her to giggle as she stumbles out of the elevator. She slides the card and the door beeps as it unlocks. She pushes the door open and as she does Paul is standing there. She leaps into his arms and hugs him so tight, she’s witnessed a lot tonight, perhaps more than any twelve year old should. She just watched her mom be arrested and she doesn’t know why, she can’t control her emotions and just sobs in her father’s arms.