The Search

By: Eoin O’Rourke

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 18th Mar 2022

-In Orlando, Eoin O’Rourke is working out on leg press. He was pressing his legs hard with the weight set at 70lbs. His brother, Eric was spot checking for him.-

Eric: You’re doing great bro, just do another two more reps.

-Eoin nodded and proceeded to complete the last two leg presses and with a little assistance from Eric, Eoin got off the machine. The Irishman wiped his face and poured water over his head.-

Eric: Jesus dude. You feeling good?

Eoin: More than good little lad. I feel like I can carry an ape with my legs now. After all that shit back in New York, I’m raring to go again.

Eric: That’s great bro. I’m glad I can help you out again. Even if you almost killed me.

Eoin: Eric my lad, I am sorry that it happened, okay? Did I mean it? Yes, I do. If you didn’t stop me, I would’ve let you go right then and there on Christmas eve. But I didn’t, and I probably won’t try to drop you from FIGHT Tower again. Or at least something similar.

Eric: Oh so you won’t make me famous like what happened to the guy who your facing right?

Eoin: Eric my lad, I have nothing but the utmost respect for Preston. Not everyone can survive an entire tower falling on top of them. He’s one tough son of a bitch to be still standing and fighting against the world. Someone I can admire. When a world falls on you, you just come back and spit in the face of doubters.

-Eoin walks over to a table that has a pitcher of water and pours more water over his head-

Eoin: Christ that feels good.

Eric: Wow… I mean, you usually don’t like anyone in this place man. Cept for Liz I mean. And you like this dude bro who you’ve never met before.

Eoin: I wouldn’t say I like him. I’ve never talked with him before Eric. But I do respect Dane, and I am glad he survived with everything intact. It’s only half the reason I’m training this hard. Harder than usual. I want to give Preston everything I can dish him, and more. Because a person who can survive what he went through, needs someone who can match him in every category, and I will give him all I have. In the end though I will give him my respect that he deserves. This is a man who deserves my best so I will give it to him.

Eric: I know you will brother. I believe you will give it to Presteen. It’s who you are.

Eoin: Aye.

-Eoin makes his way to the exit of the gym, while Eric follows close behind. The brothers went into the large mansion home of Eoin’s godfather Craig. Eric went to the kitchen and grabbed a blender and started to put watermelon in it with cups of ice.-

-Eoin also was in the kitchen, he held a glass and poured whiskey in it then calmly went to the living room and while sipping it. After taking a breather, he sat on the couch and pulled his phone out to see if he missed anything.-

Eoin: Mm, ah, Craig. Let’s see what he’s got for me…

-The message read: “Hey kiddo, I’ve got some good info for your trip to Mexico! Yeah lad. Come meet me at Cuba Libre!”-

Eoin: Ah, well then, that changes my plans for the night. Hey Eric?

Eric: Yeah? What’s up?

Eoin: I gotta go. Can you hold the fort down while I’m away? Make sure that nothing bad happens? Or any unwanted guests arrive?

Eric: Oh you mean like that van?

Eoin: What?

Eric: Haha! Gotcha bro!

-Eoin would shake his head and walk away from Eric while he was laughing. Eoin changed into another set of clothes as if he was going out in the town and proceeded to leave the mansion.-

-Eoin got into one of his godfather’s auctioned motorcycles. Which sat well with Eoin as he never liked cars all that much. Most of his life he always rode bikes or walked. He’d rather drive out of danger’s way or drive into it rather than be trapped in a boxed roof where anything could get one trapped.-

-Eoin rode into downtown Orlando, Florida. The bar that his godfather told him to meet was deep in town. Despite being Irish and an alcoholic, Eoin was anything but a sociable drinker. He usually drank alone, at his home or with those he was close with. This time he would be meeting Craig in a Latin American bar called Cuba Libre.-

-As the sun settled over the horizon, Eoin arrived at the bar. He looked at some of the patrons who eye’d him suspiciously. Mostly because he was not in the crowd that they are familiar with. When he entered the bar, a few of the patrons looked at him, wondering what he was doing in their bar. Eoin stood out like a sore thumb. He cautiously walked up to the bartender.-

Eoin: Hey. Hey!

Bartender: What do you want gringo?

Eoin: I’m looking for someone mate.

Bartender: We all looking for someone amigo. This place is good for that man, stick around. I’m sure someone will come looking for you.

Eoin: I’m looking for my godfather, has any old men come through here?

Bartender: Nah man. Only old men who come here are from Cuba. An you don’t like the type hombre. You getting a bebida?

-Eoin sighed and looked around at the crowd of people before turning back to the bartender-

Eoin: Gin.

-The bartender smiled and cheekly walked away as Eoin leaned back against the bar and looked again at the crowd seeing if he could identify his godfather.-

-After another minute of sticking out like a sore thumb, the bartender brought Eoin a drink. Eoin drank it whole but realized after it wasn’t gin, but tequila which Eoin wasn’t expecting and almost gagged as a response.-

-The patrons laughed at the Irishman, as Craig finally pulled up to the bar-

Craig: Hey! Great to see you guys! Eoin me boy! You’re here too!

Patron: ¿La mierda nombra a su hijo Owen?

Craig: Oh his ol momma did that. I know, crazy name of all Irish names eh?

-Eoin shoves Craig out of the way as he walks outside in a huff, while everyone laughs at him. Eoin walks around back of the bar and catches his breath from drinking the tequila. Craig walks around back with a big smile on his face-

Craig: Jesus kiddo what were you doing in there before I showed up? A drinking contest?

-Craig offers his whiskey flask and Eoin takes it immediately and drinks a lot of it-

Eoin: Fuck whatever that shite was! God… Where were you?

Craig: Oh I was over at the gentlemen’s club mate. Gotta make sure the ol fella still got the blood pumping. Didn’t think you’d want to hear what I’ve got so quickly lad.

Eoin: Good god, yes I want to know! I figured you were already down here by the time I got here. This is very important to me Craig!

Craig: Right. Sorry lad.

-Eoin regained his composure and leaned against the bar.-

Eoin: So what do you got?

Craig: I found your guy, but he’s not who you think.

Eoin: What do you mean?

Craig: Well, Joe Aguilar doesn’t exist down in Mexico. But he does exist. I’ve had my contact there look all over the capital, and she couldn’t find anyone with that name. She did though find an almost exact match of the description of who Aguilar was before he fled to Mexico. He goes by Franco Trejo. He does meetings for another person in terms of smuggling and exchanging.

Eoin: Alright, you have a name, you have an occupation, do you have a place?

Criag: Thought you’d never ask. He does his dealings at the closed Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico.

-Craig hands Eoin a phone that has photos of Joe inside of the museum-

Eoin: Thank you Craig… I’ll repay you for this one day.

Craig: I know you will kid. You can start by helping Elizabeth first.

Eoin: Yes… I’ll need time to prepare.