The Steps Towards The Truth

By: Korrupt

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 23rd Jul 2021

?- If you’re wondering where Korrupt is, even I do not know the answer to that. For, he did not even leave a note when he left.

We open to the figure, sitting on the chair usually occupied by Korrupt, within the chambers. Yet Korrupt is nowhere to be seen, and indeed, hasn’t given any indication to the figure who acts as his voice as to where he may have wandered to. Or even why he has decided that now is the time to partake in this venture, for there are still missions to fulfill. Acts to carry out in order to progress the cure. To ensure that all who stand before them, understand that they are condemned to falling. That their fate is held within the cure’s – and especially Korrupt’s – hands. Whether they wish to acknowlege that or not.

Figure- Yet I know he would have a purpose. A reason behind making this trip. From leaving these chambers, for he understands that the next phase. The next stanza is merely being set into place; the pieces are awaiting him to slot them into the machine. Piece like the man who FIGHT deem fit for the slaughter at the upcoming Venom, in Enforcer. A persona who fails to realise that this isn’t hockey. An Enforcer simply doesn’t hold the same value in a realm where everybody can stand up and knock you down. Where everywhere you turn, you are forced to stand before a foe who can send you to your final slumber – or in the case of Korrupt, forcibly ensure that your breaths within the ring when staring into his eyes are your last.

The figure attempts a smile much like the one Korrupt would give at this moment, but it only succeeds in looking like a corny imitation rather than the genuine article. For as much as he has studied the monolith, his facial expressions, he is not the man himself. As such, the subtle yet chilling nature of his smile cannot truly be replicated.

Figure- Trust me, Enforcer. If Korrupt wishes for you to be vanquished, then that shall be your fate. And the prison that lingers within you, shall be the only solace that is left as your hopes. Your memories. Your glory is all stripped away and laid before your eyes. Dancing as you find yourself with no other passage but the one that leads into the abyss.

He pauses, as a chill begins to rise in the air.

Meanwhile, within the confines of what appears to be a vacant office, sits Korrupt. Simply staring at a computer screen on the mahogany table in front of him, which is currently open to an empty word document. Could he be thinking of writing something? Perhaps about the flashes that have been flickering within his head in recent times? Or even about the path he is currently wandering down, with no idea as to how he found himself venturing this route? We don’t know, for we cannot read his mind; he doesn’t speak. Nor has he written anything down that might give us an idea of what exactly is churning within his mind. Heck, we don’t even know where this office is located.

***Maybe this holds the key. Maybe this cab offer some answers…***

Appearing to be deep in thought, Korrupt slowly places his right hand atop the keyboard, yet his eyes continue to be fixated on the screen. As if he is in some kind of hypnotic trance. Wishing to write something down, but not knowing how to convey it. Or perhaps not know what exactly to write.

***W…Why? Why can I not remember it? They felt so … vivid. So … real. Yet it’s as if they were a dream.***

A snarl leaves his lips, as he leans back. His eyes cold as steel as he continues glancing at the screen.

Back at the chambers, the figure softly inhales, the chill that has arisen within the room causing the hairs on his arms and back to rise; a gentle shudder to flow through his body. He knows that if Korrupt was here, he would be embracing this. For it is much like the chill that arises whenever he sets foot within the ring. Maybe it is a message from him. A sign that he wishes for Enforcer to know just who shall be standing across from him come Venom.

Figure- I hope you understand Enforcer, that none of this is personal. None of what shall happen is because of who you are. Or even what you may have done, for none of that truly matters. Your past matters not. This is simply because you are the lamb. You are the one who has been enmarked for your finality by the sands, and all Korrupt is – is their deliverance. He is the one who merely executes upon the fate that has been set forth.

The figure shoots a reassuring smile.

Figure- It could have been anybody else, and in time, it shall be everybody else. But that is not the dance that is coming forth. They are not the frontiers that must be crossed – at least, not yet. No. That dance. That frontier is you and I’m oh so sorry that it has to be this way. Believe me, I truly am.

The figure then lowers his voice into a cold whisper.

Figure- However, I know Korrupt won’t be.

The figure then returns his voice to its normal volume.

Figure- I know all he desires, is for you to understand that you were doomed from the start. That no matter what passage you may have chosen. No matter what route you took, you were always destined to meet your end at his hands. Whether that end be at Venom or later on down the road. To him, you are merely another puzzle piece. Another cog in the machine and as such, you must fall. You must be delivered to the abyss and the dancing flames within.

The figures eyes begin to shimmer.

Figure- Much like those who came before and shall come after. For you may as well be nameless; faceless. You might as well be a generic wrestler, such is the brutality and the callous desires Korrupt has prepared for you. Ready to enact when Venom arrives and you have no means of escape.

The figure chuckles, as he slowly rises from his seat.

At the office, it can now be seen that Korrupt has started a journal on the word document. One explicitly talking about his internal warfare as of late. Warfare that we have only slightly seen when he has felt a sensation within him. Causing him to almost appear as if he has seen some sort of ghost.

I wish I knew. I wish I could comprehend what these pictures. These images are attempting to tell me. The story that they hold, for I know there is – something – there. I can sense it. I can visualise the moments, yet it all becomes a blur. As if it is a dream, yet I am wide awake when the experiences arise. It’s as if I am paralysed and living a life I have no idea about. A life that at one point — may very well have been my own. Yet I do not wish to portray myself as a husk. A shell that was once a vassal. All I desire is answers.

His eyes appearing to be filled with tears, he sorrowfully looks at his writing. Knowing that if he is to obtain the answers he desires. If he is to truly put together the puzzle that has been taunting him. That lingers within his own chambers, then he must do so alone. Much as he is right now. It is why he left his cell, without as much as a letter or text to his supposed handler, for this to him, is a burden he; only he can hold. A war that he must confront by his lonesome.

***This is how it must be. I hope he understands that, lest he decide he wishes to wander into the flames. Once it is done, then I shall reveal it all to him. Not before.***

A gentle smile crosses the monolith’s face. As if he is pondering something. Considering a thought that has arisen from within. Whay that is, much like everything else, is unknown.

***I’m sure he will. For he should realise that this doesn’t impede the goals. The tasks that have been set forward within this battlefield. Those, much like the tasks that came before, shall be dealt with as desired. As the flames decree for them to.***

He then returns his focus to the document.

Figure- For it is how it must be, if your finality is to be sealed. I think deep down, you understand that, Enforcer.

The figure’s inflection is sadistic. Almost as if he is hissing each word that leaves his mouth, before he reaches the door to the cell. Taking a look at the walls to ensure he didn’t miss anything that Korrupt may have leave for him.

Figure- I’m sure you wouldn’t wish for it to be any other way either, for you wish to fight. Yiou wish to hold the single shard of hope that festers within; use it as a means to overcome. To claw your way towards the rope that you believe will lead you to the famed light at the end of the tunnel. When it is that very light, that spells your demise. You just neglected it, allowing yourself to fall into the same traps as those who came before. And much like them, you shall fall.

The figure continues his walk out of the cell, stating his final statement as he does.

Figure- And Venom, is where it shall all come to pass.