The Story of Her

By: Le’Andra Fury

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 3rd Sep 2021

August 30, 2021; 1:16pm – 230 Central Park South #PH16

Throughout the apartment, the sound of hammering is going on as THIS Black family’s drywall man and his team finished putting the final touches with the trim in the nursery. Once Xavier gets home from work tonight, Le’Andra, him and Chan would be heading to the Mandarin Oriental for the week and staying in Suite 5000, which was basically a 2 bedroom apartment with a full size kitchen. Le’Andra thought her husband and Chan were being just a tab bit protective over the smell of fresh paint, but if it eased her husband’s mind with the baby, she was all for it. He already has enough to worry about with L2 and her, with work, with his sister, Sarah. If staying in a hotel and Le’Andra getting spa treatments for a week helps ease his mind about paint fumes, she was willing to take one for the team. The hotel was two blocks away from work, he could walk it if he wanted to.

Le’Andra was sitting at the small desk in front of a window overlooking Central Park in the master bedroom. She had a leather bound book on the desk in front of her; despite it looking old, it was actually brand new. Her mother had bought her this book when she was born and had put it away for Le’Andra when she had her Firstborn. So she could tell her child… “The Story of Her”. Le’Andra picked up the ink pen and began to write… You little girl… are so loved and wanted. I want you to know that first and foremost. Your daddy would agree. And so would everyone who loves you. Between your two families… you are going to live a lifetime of adventures. I can already feel it. There are so many people just waiting to love and meet you. Le’Andra put her pen down, sat back and looked at her words, her thoughts going back in time.

Le-Le, Firstborns are never late! Le’Andra’s mother was young and beautiful, her hair was blonde and her skin absolutely flawless. She was dressed in full viking gear and ready to fight in the Clan Wars later on that afternoon.

Coming, Momma. Le’Andra came bounding into view, she was five. She was finally old enough to play in the De Små Clan Wars. It was for those between the ages of 5-13. She was dressed in her own viking gear with a cloak and shield painted in her family’s colors. Her hair was braided and she had a look of excitement on her face. She was excited about representing her family officially as Firstborn.

My goodness, look at you, Le’Andra. Mother beamed with pride. I’ve got goosebumps. You are the spitting image of me when I was your age.

I hope I am as pretty as you when I am your age, Mamma. She wrapped her arms around her Mother’s waist and hugged her tight.

Will be even prettier. But come, you can be prettier on another day.

Today, I become a warrior. She gave her mean face and growled.

Yes, my Førstefødte, today you become a warrior. And Le’Andra was. She had learned the speech that her mother had given her word for word, so that way when she took the rock formation in the center of the battlefield she could give it without looking at the paper. She had been nervous at first but as she looked out into the crowd while she gave the rallying battle speech in front of thousands of spectators that had everyone in the stands cheering her name as if she was their own pint size clan leader about to lead them to war. She lost any feelings of nervousness or fear. When she was finished, no one was sitting in their seats, but standing with their fists in the air and their voices roaring together with their cheer. Le’Andra led her clan’s young ones to a victory that day. When the others tried to lay down because they had been too tired or hit too hard, she would pull them back up and push them on to fight harder. And in the end, when she stood atop that rock formation, bloody and battered, trying to catch her breath as she held the Battle Flag high, she felt a sense of pride in who she was and where she came from and she swore she’d never turn away from her clan or family. Le’Andra sighed and looked down at her belly and placed her hands on it and wondered what the girl inside her and Little Le-Le would be thinking of her right now? Le’Andra said that she would never turn away from her family’s customs and that she would always be there for family and clan. She would make sure that her children knew the ways of her family, that they knew the warriors’ blood that coursed through their veins. But has she kept that vow? Has she kept that promise? Her Clan was there for her family when they needed them, but was she there for her Clan? Would the little girl she once was understand and forgive her because she had left her home country in pursuit of something more than what her Clan had to offer? Or would the little girl she once was understand that she didn’t turn her back on her Clan or her clan’s ways but instead she did what her Clan’s first leader, Rusla the Red Maiden, did. She set sail to expand her Empire. She chuckled softly and gave her belly a few soft pats.

That will be our story and we’re sticking to it.