“The Suite Life..”

By: Miss Michelle

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 3rd Sep 2021


Michelle has just shocked the world and climbed the ladder to retrieve the Bronx Championship herself at thirty one weeks pregnant. She stood tall at the top of the ladder, the championship belt raised high as she watched the crowd blow up! Poptart did damage control at the bottom of the ladder and damn near dropkicked Bam Miller’s head right off! Even her brother, Damon Riggs, sat shocked at ringside and even though he hated her, he was still yelling for her to get the hell down before she hurt herself.

She dropped the Bronx championship belt down to Poptart who caught the belt while he held the ladder steady for her to climb down. Once she reached the bottom he handed her back the belt and she held it up one more time before her and Poptart made their exit from the ring.

The view switched to behind the curtains as the two of them walked through it. Backstage personnel congratulated them as they walked through and they were stopped in the hallway by Miss F who held a key card in her hand.

Let me be one of the first to congratulate you on becoming the inaugural Bronx Division Champion. You fought hard and did what you had to do to ensure victory. You have fought hard these past few weeks in the spot of Michelle and we have noticed your growth in the ring.” She paused, turning her attention to Michelle. “And you, despite becoming pregnant, you have stuck it out and instead of leaving this company for the duration, you have found someone willing to do your dirty work for you in true Michelle fashion.

Michelle smirked at Miss F, who reached her hand out and handed the key to Michelle.

This key will open the fully furnished suite on the thirteenth floor of the tower labeled for the Bronx Champion. You may stay in it for as long as you hold the championship,  but if you happen to lose the championship – you lose the suite as well.”

After she finished speaking, Miss F walked away with not another word to say. Michelle looked at Poptart..

I think she just said party in the Bronx suite..

That’s exactly what I heard too.” Poptart responded as the scene ended. 

She still can’t believe the situation allowed for her to be able to climb up that ladder herself. Hell she can’t believe she waddled up that damn ladder.

What the hell was she thinking? Good thing Poptart was there to stop Bam.. he really was going to knock her ass down from there. Who goes after a pregnant woman on a ladder? What a dick.

Oh well, where was I? Oh yeah, what the hell was she thinking? She was thinking its been a long fucking time since she held a championship and she damn sure wasn’t going to let the chance slip away. I mean, technically she was the one stated to be in that match. The way the card was written it said Miss Michelle versus everyone else, it did not say Poptart on the card at all.. so, it was only fair, right?

Meh, who cares if you agree or not – she did the damn thing anyway! 

And wouldn’t you know – being the inaugural (that means FIRST, for you dumbfucks out there) Bronx champion looks amazing on her if I do say so myself. I mean, can you imagine one of those other losers with this belt?

Makes me wanna throw up too.

Anyways, where were we? Oh yeah, the Bronx Championship,  she sure is a pretty belt and the best part is? It ain’t Bams belt. ?

So she got the belt but he has to defend it already. Quick turn around if you ask her but she doesn’t have to do anything so she really doesn’t care. And his opponent this week? Eoin ORourke, won’t be too much of a problem. 

Poptart steps out of the bathroom and into the camera’s direct line of sight and looks so fresh, too. Dressed in a pair of straight leg, acid washed blue jeans and a crisp white Ralph Lauren polo with the collar popped just right. 

He walks across the room and onto the balcony that overlooks the city from lucky number thirteen feet high on the FiGHT tower. 

He runs his fingers across the top of his head and through his perfectly coiffed hair and took in a deep breath of the fresh air.

It’s been about a month since I was asked to step up and fight in place of Michelle against Ryan Elias. I will admit that I was a smidge over-excited when I agreed and I went out there and despite what I thought was a damn good showing, I got my ass kicked.

I wouldn’t call it a slaughter, nor would I call it a smash for Elias, but perhaps somewhere in the middle? I don’t know really but what I do know is that I learned from that shit. 

I got up, I dusted my ass off and I put in the work to better myself in the ring.

I am not a wrestler. Before a month ago, I never trained to fight in a ring. Sure, I’ve thrown down, I’ve thrown hands with B, but I had never done this shit so competitively, ya know?

He rested his arms on the railing of the balcony, staring out into the city.

But I ain’t no damn quitter, that’s why I did what I had to do and I trained with B. He kicked my ass but you know what? I won the next fucking match I was in. That Kasey Winterborn bitch thought that she was going to have an easy ass time because of my previous performance, but fuck was she wrong. 

Of course her bitch ass fucktoy didn’t take too kindly to the ass kicking I gave her and he decided to jump me after all was said and done – don’t think I forgot about that shit. 

Hey Shawn, next time how bout instead of me fucking her up in the ring I just fuck her and send her back to you with the smell of my dick all over her? I know you’d probably like that you little bitch. Probably licking my Tart all off her damn lips and chin. Everybody knows that once you get a taste of the Poptart, it becomes the desire of your heart.

He smirked at the camera before continuing on with what he was saying. 

And that brings us to last week.. Toxic Tag. They booked her in a damn ladder match for the Bronx Championship against, like  five other people or some shit. That mean X had enough faith in me to put me in that spot to fight for my Queen’s honor, her white knight ‘n all that shit. Now, I won’t lie.. ya boy was a little nervous at first. 

I mean, first of all – I ain’t never been in no damn ladder match. I can’t even tell you the last time I had even seen a ladder before the match. 

Second of all – well actually there isn’t a second of all because I have fought five guys at once,  hell on time me and the other two bastards took on a whole fucking bar of schmuck. So being in a fight with five other men didn’t bother me.

But that ladder.. that bitch was daunting. It was a glorious sight but I won’t lie, I was a little bit excited – can you just imagine how much damage I could do to someone with one of them? And I did, I fought and I fucked those guys up..

And I didn’t even have to climb that big ass ladder, because when I slid in to do so, I saw her already at the top with her hands on that belt. Damn she was sneaky, but I ain’t gonna shame her for it, the opportunity presented itself and she took it. Had to take Bams fucking head off though, he tried to knock her off. 

He doesn’t know it but I saved his fucking life with that drop kick.  Brandon would have yanked every innard out of that cocksucker if he would have knocked her off of there. Y’all might think ya know what B can and will do, but that Bam twat needs to look into my eyes right here and right now..

The shit I’ve seen..

He is a bad man. Michelle is a baaaad woman. And guess what Leon? Eion? Whatever your damn name is..

I’m a fuckin’ bad guy too.

That’s why we are thicker than blood. That is why no matter what, through the storms and laughter, the slaughters and Brandon’s foolish thoughts that he was anything without her..


and Moore are coming soon.

As he finished that last sentence there was a loud knock at the door. He made his way back inside and to the entranceway of the suite before reaching out and opening the door.

Standing on the other side was Michelle, dressed simply in a pair of black jeans with rips in the legs and a soft pink colored shirt. 

She walked inside the suite, and he followed her as she did until they reached the living room area.

I love what you’ve done with the place..she said, laughing as she looked around. No, but seriously it’s nice, do you like it?

Shit, I like that its free.He responded, with a laugh of his own.

Its only free as long as we have the belt.

He nodded his head at her as she looked around at the suite. She decided he could keep the suite, he earned it after-all.

I’m about to live in this bitch forever then because I don’t plan on losing this belt.

He shrugged his shoulders and plopped himself down onto the black leather loveseat and reached over grabbing a pre rolled blunt from the glass coffee table.

She turned around and looked at him as he placed the blunt between his lips and lit the end of it.

Don’t flop down on the furniture. I agree though,  you probably will be staying here for a long while. I mean, first defense against Eoin ORourke? No fucking problem. The guy hasn’t done much of anything in his career and I highly doubt he’ll just randomly start now.

He took a long hit from the blunt, nodding his head at her.

I mean, the only reason he is still here is because of Apathy and the Cure. He serves no other purpose than being the weak little errand boy of the Cure. He doesn’t have the ability to beat you even if you tied one hand behind your back. Lets just chalk up another check mark in the victory column for you.

Fuck yes we will.

Her phone buzzed and she looked down at the screen.

Brandon said to tell you he’s waiting down in the gym for you.

 No other word was needed – he asked the end of the blunt and stood from the couch. He made his way out of the suite towards the FiGHT gym and she followed behind.

They entered the elevator and hit the button marked with weights and rode it down. As the doors slid open, Poptart stepped out of the elevator only to be nailed from the side with a kendo stick by Brandon Moore.

Rule number one, fucker.. pay attention to your surroundings. They can’t sneak attack if you’re always ready..

Michelle made a “yikes” face while looking down at poor Poptart.

That’s my cue.. I’m gonna get coffee. You two play nicely..

Brandon smiled at her as she stepped forward and up onto her tippy-toes, giving him a quick kiss before she walked out leaving them alone.

Rule number two..

Fade out.