The truth

By: Eoin O’Rourke

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 13th Oct 2021

“Making my way outta town… Walking (hic) fast. Faces blurry an’ I’m.. going to the shitter.”


-I’ve been left alone for all week. Been calling Liz, no answer. Eric left me for a new drug and hasn’t bothered to show up to see his brother. In response to this I’ve helped myself to a large amount of alcohol and I’ve been pleasantly drunk for five whole days.-


“Here I am… FUCK you like a cyclone… God damn it all to hell what am I even doing. Lets just…”


-I inhaled a vape pen and puffed out a nice white cloud-


“Clear our head and relax. Oh I’m at the toilets, at that special? Story of me life really. Living like a king, when I’m going nowhere in any direction I turn towards. The women in my life are either so distant from me or their dead. An’ it pisses me off because I try, I bloody fucking try an’ now the girl of me dreams won’t be around when I need to see her for the match that WE need to be in the same time an’ space together. Meanwhile, the emotional support of my only living family left is in God only knows where dot com. And I have… nothing to do. Nothing… To talk about. Nothing to continue on in this bloody shitehole of a company that has disowned me like pigskin games disown its coaches or players. I hate it here. Where all my efforts to make a new family just forgets that I exist. All I want is to be with those who can look at me like a brother an’ be there when they need me… But they just push me away. She pushes me away. Liz… Me girl.”


-I leaned back against the concrete walls of the restrooms in Central Park and pulled out a whiskey flask and took a swig of it-


“I’m a flawed man, but I never wanted to hurt yeah like I did in Ireland lass…. I have repented the sin’s that I did. Have entered into yer service willingly outta love and heart an’ care. You stayed with me, an’ loved me an’ made sure I was taken care of. Yet for some reason, you’ve just vanished to me. Three weeks ago I was tending to your injuries in my apartment, then after I come home facin’ Murphy… You’re gone. You’re gone an’ I call but ya never answer… You never answer when you always answered the calls before. Whenever I needed somethin’, you answered. When I wanted to fuck when you weren’t around, you answered. When I wanted to just take ya out to a nice dinner place out in Boston, or hell out here in York New, you answered. Where are you love? Where… Are you? Christ.”


-I took another hit from the vape-


“Then… (cough cough) Eric my brother… He’s not even here in the same state as me. The bloody tables have turned where I’d leave for some time an’ have Eric alone an’ he’d ruin the place… Now HE’S the one whose gone to fuck all, an’ I’m left by lonesome. Now I’m the one whose ruined the whole apartment, cause I knew that lad had some of that ‘shine in his room… Tasted like shit but I needed to get through this week on some booze an’ mother o’mercy I was gonna get drunk. What’s his is mine as it has been written in the family contracts… Don’t lie, everyone’s got one.”


-As I press the whiskey flask to my lips I stop-


“Come to think of it… Eric’s been missing for almost as long as Liz has… An’ Eric was always around me when I needed something in the Fight Tower… Wait. There was that time… That he was runnin’ around being orderly for Lizzy an’ he stayed being her running boy. He… No, he wouldn’t… Would he?…  Oh fuck me running.”


-I rose to my feet, beginning to panic, wondering where I could find Liz and I saw at my phone that the time was five to three in the morning. Liz always did night jogging, and if I was to find her, she would be near here. I turned around and eventually I see her jogging down the pathway getting her exercise, but I sprinted as my Irish hide could and once I got close enough to her, I shouted-




-She stopped dead in her tracks. Slowly she turned around to see Eoin, finally catching up to her. Her eyes narrowed and she tilted her head to the side, almost sneering. He was visibly tipsy. Word was he had been for the past two weeks. Seems the apple didn’t fall far from the tree as he had his old man’s vices. Trying to find the answer in the bottom of a bottle. He was panting a bit as he jogged up to me-


Elizabeth: Seriously? This is stalking. What do you even want? What business do we possibly have to discuss? I came out here to clear my head and get some last minute training in for Ascension. So again, Mr. O’Rourke, what do you want?


Eoin: Where the hell have ya been? Why haven’t ya returned me calls? What in the green hell is actually happening? Why are you even calling me ‘Mr. O’Rourke’? What is that shit, what happened to ‘Eoin love’? When I came back after Venom, you were gone, and I hadn’t heard a peep from you darling. Why? What is going on?


Elizabeth: Eric and I had a chat. He was very forthcoming with some information about a situation that was bothering me. So tell me Mr. O’Rourke, your friend with the FBI, is he your handler or was he just the go between? What did they give you that I couldn’t? What or who is he looking for in the FIGHT tower because I know HE is the only reason you are even living in that circus. No Eoin. If anyone owes anyone an explanation, you owe ME one….


-Eoin grabbed Liz by her arm and turned her around. He then put his free hand over her mouth to prevent her from screaming. Liz tried getting away from him but he kept his hold on her well, from past experiences. He then hurried himself and her to a nearby restroom-


Eoin: Lizzy! HEY! Listen to me! Look! I don’t want to hurt you, I didn’t come here to hurt you lass, I promise you. I just want to talk, thats all I ask. I want to speak, you, me and air thats all… 


-His grip loosened as he drug her backwards into the restroom, and she flung herself forward then turned around to find herself in a unsatisfactory situation. Behind her was a tile wall, no windows, and in front of her was a burly big Irish asshole who was blocking the door. She gritted her teeth and punched the tile wall, letting out a frustrated roar-


Elizabeth: I owe you NOTHING! No explanation, not a second of my time and there is nothing you could possibly have to say that I want to hear. You made your bed now lie in it with your scumdog FBI pal. Maybe you should just not even show up to Ascension. It is clear where your loyalties lie and that you have another agenda. You’re a risk that I’m not willing to take. Our business is concluded now let me fucking pass…mongrel.


Eoin: THIS WAS NOT MY CHOICE! Liz he- Malcolm, Malcolm Donaldson is his name. We both were in the orphanage, and he was adopted into a wealthy high class family. I haven’t seen him in over twenty fucking years! Then one day outta the blue, Malcolm was at an airport and that’s when all of this happened! He’s tried bribing me, to turn you in, throw you away and lock away the key while I’m in some sort of witness protection shite. Live a life made out of a lie! He wanted to take you all down! You, Jason, Korrupt, Koresh, even fucking Eric love! But I wouldn’t do it! I couldn’t do that… Not to you.


Elizabeth: Yet you moved into the building, at his behest. Eric told me everything over the course of a few days…with some coaxing. Dollface took her turns with him, then Karolina and finally myself. I know everything. Now I know what I truly wanted to know, who he wants. Me. Yet you hid all of this from me like a dirty secret. There was no trust. No faith in me or whatever “love” you had for me. You kept me in the dark. You were scheming behind my back. I don’t give second chances Eoin. Must I do the same heinous things to you as was done to your little brother to get all the information out of you? I can arrange it. 


Eoin: What did you do to my brother? An’ WHO THE FUCK is KAROLINA?!


Elizabeth: What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, pulled a little trick out of your book, Ketamine. Karolina is a very important woman, a priestess. She was drawn to my energy and I accepted her. Your brother really stood no chance. The things Dollface did to him were, well, unorthodox? It is what it is. The point still stands, I owe you nothing…we’re done here. 


-Eoin bit his lip hard, so hard that blood can be seen and he stepped to the side. Then waved his arms in the direction to the exit. As Liz walked her way to leave Eoin once again put his arm in the way of Liz and looked at her with anger-


Eoin: If you won’t give me anything, then I will give Malcolm to you… He has to be put away, this has to end! Give me time… And I promise you my love, I will let it all out.


Elizabeth: Tell me one thing mo stor, why does he want me? How am I compromised? Your answer will dictate whether or not I am willing to allow you to prove yourself. Why me?


Eoin: It was Jason. And the complete destruction of the Koresh family. And thats to say nothing about what happened with Scotty. They’ve been following you for… I think he said, years now-


Elizabeth: You had my curiosity, now you have my attention. First we deal with Ascension. You…and I….will take the next steps from there. Elysia has shown me her generosity on this night.