The Winner Gets The Purse, The Loser Gets The Title

By: Mason Alexander Vanderbilt

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 2nd Aug 2021


< When it comes to any form of competitive sport, winning IS everything. If youíre not a winner, your clout automatically drops. If youíre not a winner, you can kiss the biggest payday possible goodbye. Winning is important, and winning is the reason why we do this. Yes, we can do it for the love of the sport. Yes, we can do it simply to say we followed our dreams. Well, if your dream involves you never having your hand raised in victory, thatís an issue. If your dream never involved you becoming the biggest name in the business, thatís an issue. If your dream did not include your name on the marquee, with thousands upon thousands of rabid fans screaming your name, that dream was a nightmare. No wrestler gets into this business without dreams of becoming the next big thing, but thereís an unfortunate reality to becoming that big thing. We canít all be the biggest thing going. No matter how much talent, no matter how much charisma, sometimesÖ we just canít get it together. Unfortunately for me, I hadnít had the best string of matches in FIGHT! NYC. I do not know what Iíve done for my karma to be so bad, but Iíve never had a string of poignant losses like Iíve had now. Blood Money, sure that was a massive clusterfuck of an event. YetÖ losing to Amari Kent, that did something to me. Amari has proven to me that he is an athlete beyond what I believed him to be, but that still doesnít make the loss sit right in my psyche. No matter how much I know that Iím great, it still stings. No matter how many people tell me that I have everything it takes to be the best in this business, Iím starting to really believe thatís a lie. Iíve worked hard to hone my craft. This has been my dream for years, and Iím faltering harder than I ever thought was possible. At Venom, I was handed my third consecutive loss in FIGHT!. Anthony Cross was an athlete that I truly respected, but I believed that I was truly better. We had a great match, to me, the best match Iíve had since joining this company. Yet, I was still unable to take home the winnerís share of the purse. Instead, I was once again defeated. Once again, my shoulders were placed on the mat, and I lost. However, this loss was different. This loss was the first time I can truly say that a miscommunication cost me my opportunity. This was the first time that Sienna Sharpe had become an issue for me. Thanks to Sienna Sharpe, I am now stuck in a must-win match up. Thanks to Sienna Sharpe, I am stuck in a match where the Maverick can obtain wrestlingís form of the Scarlet Letter. Thanks to Sienna Sharpe, I have to win my matchÖ or I become the Queen’s Champion. Now, most people would love the grandeur that comes with holding a championship, but this is different. This championshipÖ is for losers. I refuse to let anyone or anything stop me from winning this contest. Mason Alexander Vanderbilt refuses to be the champion of the losers.>


Venom was quite the wake-up call for Mason Alexander Vanderbilt. He could not fathom what had just transpired at the show. There he was, center of the ring, once again looking up at the lights. Once again, he showed his astonishing wrestling skillsÖ only to take home the leftovers of the loserís purse. It was beginning to become a tiring experience. With each loss, he would have to come up with a new excuse in his brain to reconcile with it. For Blood Money, it was simply too big of a match to truly take control of based on his style. Against Amari Kent, maybe he just was not hungry enough to take down someone who was starving to prove the world wrong. Now, how could he justify his loss against Anthony Cross? Anthony was a behemoth, no doubt about that. He had proven himself to the masses back in OPW, and had once again done it in FIGHT!. Yet, Mason could only take that loss in stride for one solitary reasonÖ Sienna Sharpe. Sienna had proven to be a worthwhile asset for Mason thus far. Sheís beautiful, intelligentÖ and knew how to get the attention that he coveted for his movement. Yet, this was the first time in which his buxom blonde sidekick had become a noticeable issue. The plan was flawless in theory, distracting a man with a product that he couldnít resist. Cool Ranch Doritos were enough to distract any man who coveted his commitment to his woman. Yet, that simple miscommunication was enough to cause Mason to lose his third match in FIGHT. He still couldnít believe it, so it was simply easier to blame it on Sienna.

A few hours had passed since the end of the match-up. Mason, still disappointed in the loss, quickly gathered his things. Upon leaving the FIGHT Tower, he hadnít spoken with Sienna after the match, though she did try countless times to speak to him. He simply wanted to be alone in his thoughts after losing yet again. Now, he found his way back to his loft in Manhattan. He threw his bags down on the side of the couch with a tinge of aggression. Letting out a deep breath, he undoes his blazer, takes it off, and throws it to the floor as well. He walks over to his bar, grabbing the decanter. He lets out another controlled breath before undoing the top, and pouring his Bourbon into a glass. Putting the decanter down on the counter before taking the glass into his hands. Almost instantly, he places the glas up to his lips and takes in as much of the bourbon as he can. Within three gulps, he finishes off the drink, and places the glass back on the bar. Shaking his head, he whips the excess liquor off of her lips as a soft knock comes onto his door. Another deep exhale leaves his mouth as he walks over to the door. He takes a second to look through the peephole before opening the door. In front of him stands his manager, Sienna Sharpe. Sienna, with a somber look on her face, walks into the loft. Mason quickly closes the door behind her. She takes a seat on the couch, crossing her right leg over her left, before letting out a deep sigh.

”IímÖ sorry. I know that I cost you that match, it was unfortunate. You know, I have nothing but your best interest at heart, I really thought that plan would have worked. Iíve never once had a man in my life who wasnít distracted by my feminine wiles. I really donít know why either, that shit sucked.”

Shaking his head, Mason takes a seat in the chair adjacent to the couch. He clasps his hands into each other and places them onto his lap.

”You knowÖ that was my third loss in this company. I am winless in both my personal and professional life, Sienna. I really donít know what horrible things Iíve done to deserve being shit on like I am right now.”

”The answer is absolutely nothing. Mason, you are one of the most phenomenal people that I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know. Personally and professionally, youíre a wonderful fucking human. Yeah, I maybe get to see sides of you that others donít, but thereís nothing wrong with that. You protect yourself a lot, and thatís caused a lot of people to look at you the way they do.”

A quizzical expression befalls Masonís face. He shifts his eyes over towards Sienna, and scofs.

”I protect myself because thereís no point in trying to make people understand me. Sienna, what value is there in friendships with any of these people in this company? All that has happened in the months that Iíve associated with them is me somehow being an outcast. No one gets me, and I am sometimes happy about that. Itís hard to just let people in and be okay with making yourself seem less than. Iím a fucking wonderful find for this company, they know that. Hell, they say it themselves. Yet, somehow I still canít get this shit right. Maybe, it really isnít me.”

Sienna grabs her phone out of her pocket. She takes a moment to look at it, before responding to Mason.

”You have proven yourself, in my eyes. They understand that you are a masterclass athlete, but there are some things that we just havenít gotten right. Thatís okay, thatís life hon. You still have a great opportunity to show them all what youíre made of, and thatís just going to take time. I donít want you to sit here and continuously question why you havenít been able to show them.”

Letting out a soft chuckle, Mason rises from his seat. He once again walks over to the bar, and pours another shot of Bourbon.

”My actions have obviously not worked. My words have obviously not been backed up by my actions. Sienna, how can you think I wouldnít question why this isnít working for me. Thatís the only question that Iíve had for weeks. I should have beaten Amari Kent, I have no doubts about that. I should have beaten Anthony Cross tonight, I donít doubt that. Yet, I couldnít get either of those things done. So, why shouldnít I sit here and question why I didnít win. Why shouldnít I question why I was not good enough? Well, I think I really know the answer to it. I really just think this place isnít for me. Maybe my style isnít good enough for them.”

He quickly takes a swig of his drink.

”I do not believe that one bit. Mason, Iíve been around a lot of wrestlers, and I think youíre one of the best. Yeah, maybe your style is a bit different than the rest, but you still have everything that it takes to be the best there. I think the answer to your question is simply timing.”

Letting another scof leave his lips, he fixes another shot of Bourbon from the decanter.

”TimingÖ right. I guess my problem has always been timing. You know, I met the love of my life in Christina, and that didnít work. I guess that was just a big problem with timing. You know, I married her and had children with her, then we got divorced. I guess that timing is what made our marriage fall apart. I made something of myself in the military instead of following what I wanted to do at first, I guess thatís why the timing with this is just all off. Maybe if I had gotten into wrestling right out of college like I planned, I would have been a worldís champion by now. I guess timing has just always fucked every decision that Iíve ever made right up. So, when is timing going to make our partnership go fucking upside down? When is the timing going to make sure that I am the laughing stock of an entire organization? Sienna, when is timing going to fuck me up enough that I simply sayÖ fuck it?”

Taking a deep breath, Sienna watches Mason take another shot.

”Well, your next match has been announced. Youíre going to be facing Murphy Doyle Maher for the.. Queenís Championship.”

Mason lets out a chuckle as he shakes his head. Once again, he pours another shot of Bourbon from the decanter.

”MDM.. and the Queenís Championship? You really want me to believe that this company likes me so much that theyíve put me in a match for that? They have so much faith in me, that theyíve put me in a match to where if I loseÖ I have to wear that scarlet letter? If I lose to MDM, they want me to become the champion of the losersÖ thatís such a vote of confidence in me as an athlete.”

”SeeÖ I think youíre looking at this the completely wrong way. This isnít them trying to give you some kind of punishment, this is them trying to motivate you. Think about it, this isnít to make a joke out of you, this is to motivate you to pull out a victory. You win, you finally get your share of the winnerís purse, and you donít have to hold a title that is just there to show who the king or queen of the losers really is. I look at this as your wake-up call, and I hate to say it, maybe the one that you needed.”

Taking another shot, he gulps as he looks over at Sienna. Letting out a soft laugh, he shakes his head.

”YeahÖ itís a motivator, trust me. I never thought that I would see the day that I wouldnít want to hold a wrestling championship, but that is one they can definitely keep. I am not going to be branded as king of the losers, thatís definitely not my style. Look, Iím just upset. Iím tired of things not going our way, and it has to end Sienna. Iím not about to spend my career losing to people that I know I could have beaten a year ago. If I had never taken that time off to rehab that injury, I think I would be dominating the world right now. Instead, I spent a year watching my life fall apart both personally and professionally. Iím just ready to get my mojo back, and I sincerely hope this is the time that it happens.”

Sienna takes a deep breath as she uncrosses her legs.

”So, I do have to ask about your personal life for a moment. Have you decided when youíre going to question Christina about what you received three weeks ago?”

Taking a long pause, Mason fixes yet another shot of Bourbon. He quickly inhales it, before placing the glass down onto the bar. Walking away from the bar, he finds his way back to the chair in which he was initially seated. Letting out a sigh, he looks over at Sienna with a serious expression.

Mason nods as Sienna stands up from the couch. She looks over at him with a faint smile. She nods her head as she begins to walk to the door. Stopping at the chair, she reaches over with her right arm placing her hand onto Masonís shoulder. She gives it a rub as he looks up at her with a smile. After a moment, she lets go and walks over to the door, opening it and leaving the loft. Mason takes a deep breath as he relaxes his body into the chair. He raises his head, and looks over at the wall in front of him. His eyes stay transfixed on a picture of him, and his two daughters, Star and Selena. He knew that the question of why Christina had always treated him this way needed an answer, not only for himself, but his daughters as well.

< Marriage is truly the most important commitment that two individuals can make. When you marry someone, it takes the bonds of love to a new level. With every relationship Iíve ever had, I knew that marriage was a step that I often dreaded the discussion of. I would have never labeled myself as a cad, but it was the reputation that I was given in my teens and early twenties. I loved women, sue me. There was something about knowing that in their eyes, I was an appealing motherfucker. There were few women that were out of my reach at any point in my life, hell, even now. Yet, there was one woman who I never questioned that I wanted her to be in my life for the rest of itÖ Christina Charles. Christina was absolutely breathtaking. Every little thing that she has ever done has made me want to be with her. The way she walked, the way she talked, the way she lookedÖ she had it all. I knew when we met, I wanted her to be mine. So, I changed my ways. I could not longer sit there and act the way in which I was, so I changed it. I no longer was about adding notches in my belt, I only wanted to take off hers. Eventually, I got the opportunity that I wanted, and I wasted no time ensuring that we would be together. So, I did everything that they say youíre supposed to do. We had a long courtship, and I was the perfect gentleman. Eventually, I joined the Army. While she was never happy with that fact, she never questioned why I wanted to serve our country. It was to her, the better opinion between that and professional wrestling, a dream of mine she has never supported. She was the best girlfriend that anyone in the world could ask for. She supported me through my entire time of my deployment, and thatís when I knew I had the one. When I returned from my deployment, I did not reenlist. I was ready to spend the rest of my life with the future Christina Vanderbilt. We got married on New Yearís Day in 2015, and our first child followed shortly thereafter. Christina always wanted to be a model, and I supported that dream. Somehow, she roped me into her passion. While I never wanted to be a model, it was a unique income to have. Yet, I always wanted to be a wrestler, and I decided I could not allow myself to not follow my dreams anymore. This, unfortunately, caused a change in our relationship. Once I began training with Cornelius, she stopped supporting my dreams. We began to fight, all the time, yet we never ended our relationship. We had Starr to think about, and that is what kept us together. So, adding another child was somehow the solution to our issues. Once we had Selena, things naturally got worse. The more I fell into my obsession with professional wrestling, our relationship suffered. Eventually, it was too much for her to handle. She filed for divorce, and we went our separate ways. Now, we have two daughters, and thatís the only reason we usually speak. It is time for this to change, and change it will. >

Though the circumstances of the meeting were not Masonís favorite, he was happy to have the opportunity to sit down with Christina. He longed to see his children, but unfortunately they were with Christinaís parents for the rest of the summerÖ a decision made without Masonís consultation. Instead, he decided the best place to meet with Christina was in public. Mason chose the Riverpark restaurant, which had become quite the favorite place of his. He walked into the restaurant, dressed in his favorite blazer and khaki pants. He quickly scanned the restaurant to locate Christina who was already at the establishment. He sees her sitting at a table near the window, enjoying a glass of cabernet sauvignon. He takes a deep breath as he walks over to the table. When she notices him, she sits up in the chair, grabbing her glass of wine. Mason takes a deep breath as he pulls out the chair across the table from her. He unbuttons his blazer, before taking a seat in the chair.

”Mason, you look nice.”

”As do you, Christina.”

She takes a sip of her wine as she looks over at Mason. Taking a gulp, she places the glass back down onto the table.

”So, what exactly made you want to see me? I told you that the girls are in Glens Falls with my parents. I donít know why you would want to see me, you know we have nothing for each other. Divorced couples donít normally do stuff like this.”

Mason lets out a soft laugh.

”Well, this isnít a social visit, I promise. You see, I wanted to ask you a question that Iíve always wanted an answer to.”

Christina rolls her eyes, then darts a quizzical expression Masonís way.

”A questionÖ you made me meet you to ask a question? You know, you could have done that over the phone. Youíre literally wasting my time to ask a question, thatís so stupid Mason.”

”Are you sure about that?”

Mason lets out a chuckle. He then opens the lapel of his blazer, and reaches into it. With a smirk dawning his face, he takes out two sheets of folded paper. He looks over at Christina and slides it across the table. She lets out a laugh before rolling her eyes. She grabs the paper, unfolding them. Suddenly, the expression on her face changes. With the smirk on his face turning into a full-fledged smile, he lets out a soft laugh.

”You seeÖ you look absolutely fantastic in that mugshot. You always wanted to be a published model, I guess that would have been a great start. You see, the only problem is, why is it that this arrest was never made public? You see, Iíve been racking my brains for the last two weeks trying to figure out exactly what you did to make sure that this was buried.”

”How didÖ

Mason lets out a loud, sarcastic laugh causing Christina to stop her statement. He crosses his arms over his chest before beginning to speak once again.

”That doesnít really matter, does it? The point is I know that you were arrested for a DUI and child endangerment, which means you had my daughters in the vehicle with you. You have told me that I was not fit to be a father to my children, only because Iím a wrestler. Yet, youíre over here sipping and swerving with my children, and I have to be okay with that? Chrsitina, I need answers and I need a solution to our problem.”

She takes a deep breath.

”MasonÖ I made a terrible mistake. I made a mistake that I cannot take back, and I have atoned for my sinsÖ”

”No, you havenít. If youíve made good with yourself and what you did, you wouldnít be sitting here downing a glass of wine. You would have taken the consequences of your actions, and you didnít. Instead, you somehow got out of this. You somehow got this swept under a rug, and youíre walking around trying to make me seem like some absolutely terrible parent, when youíre obviously the worst. So, how are we going to fix our issueÖ thatís the question I want answered.”

Completely gobsmacked, Christina grabs the glass of wine, and puts it to her lips. She does not stop taking in the substance until it is completely gone. Putting the glass back down on the table, she takes a long, deep breath.

”… Okay, I did call in a favor to get this swept under the rug. I didnít want you to know, because I didnít want to get more leverage on me than you ever needed. I had a rough period of time, and I was struggling Mason. I didnít want to endanger our childrenís lives, thatís never something I would ever do. You know, I justÖ I made a mistake, and I didnít want you to have ammunition. Now, you know, and I quite frankly cannot afford for you to blow up my life. Iím engaged, and I donít want you to do anything to ruin our family. So, Iíll honor the part of the custodial agreement that I havenít. So, when you want the girls, you can have the girls. Iím sorry, IÖ I canít do any more than that. You justÖ cannot blow up my life.”

She takes a deep breath. Grabbing the papers, she places them inside her purse before looking at Mason. She throws a hundred dollar bill onto the table before pushing the chair out. Quickly making her way to her feet, she grabs her purse and quickly walks away from the table. With a smirk on his face, Mason lets out a soft chuckle. Suddenly, a waitress walks over to the table.

”SirÖ where did your date go?”

He once again lets out a chuckle before looking over at the waitress with a smirk.

”She had to go figure out some things. She left you a nice tip on that glass of wine.”

”Well, is there anything I can get for you?”

”No, I got all the answers that I need. Have a good night.”

The smile that is on Masonís face is now bigger than ever. Mason stands up from his chair, and buttons his blazer. Nodding at the waitress, he walks away from the table feeling his first victory in a long time. He knew that it wouldnít be as easy as this was, but he knew that he was able to finally obtain the upper hand for the first time in a very long time. Now, it was time for him to receive a different type of victory, a victory in the FIGHT! NYC wrestling ring.


The now all familiar backdrop of the Mason Alexander Vanderbilt message can be seen in full view for the audience to see. The Vanderbilt sign still signs just as erect as ever, though his message had clearly not been well received. After a few moments, there is a cinematic fade that now puts the Vanderbilt podium into view. After a moment, the vivacious Sienna Sharpe can now be seen walking to the podium. Ms. Sharpe, dressed in a tight-fitted blue dress. Walking behind the podium, she takes a moment to take a deep breath.

”Ladies and gentlemen, the man that is about to come and speak to you all is beyond pissed off. Mason Alexander Vanderbilt, is a man with a mission. Mason Alexander Vanderbilt is a man who wants to bring professional wrestling back into prominenceÖ for all of you! This is a man with a vision, and a man that deserves the respect and adulation of all of you! Yet, somehow he does not get that adulation. Somehow, you people would rather look up to the lesser-thans that have somehow made an unfortunate impact on all of you. You have all held up Amari Kent to some unbelievable standard. Yes, the man is the Brooklyn Champion, but that is something that I do not believe should have happened. That is a championship that is made for MasonÖ AlexanderÖ Vanderbilt.”

She takes time to take a deep, controlled breath. Then after taking the moment to compose herself, Sienna begins to speak again.

”Last week, Mr. Vanderbilt suffered a loss to Anthony Cross, a loss that I wholeheartedly take as a result of my antics. My miscalculation cost Mr. Vanderbilt a well-deserved win, and for that I am sorry. However, that is now in the past. Mr. Vanderbilt is now looking towards the future and making his time here in FIGHT! New York City as fruitful as it can be. With that said, ladies and gentlemen, I present to youÖ Mister Vanderbilt!”

Stepping away from the podium. Sienna turns her attention to her left as she begins to clap. After a brief period, Mason Alexander Vanderbilt walks over to the Vanderbilt podium. Mason, dressed as only he could. The sharply designed black Armani suit fits his body perfectly. He takes a moment before speaking, as Sienna continues to clap for the Maverick. As she finishes up her applause, Mason begins to speak.

”It is hard for any real man to admit, but this has not been the best period for my movement. When I made the decision to come into this business, I wanted to bring tradition back to the forefront of the sport in which we all love. I truly believed that my movement was going to gain the correct traction necessary to make our movementÖ a revolution. Now, I have failed to capitalize to make our movement successful. Since my time in Fight has begun, I have not proved to be worthy of your support. I have no qualms with admitting that I have not done the best job, and for thatÖ I apologize. To my followers, I apologize that I disappointed you when I was not successful at becoming the Brooklyn Champion. To my followers, I apologize that Miss Sharpe cost me my match against Anthony Cross, an opponent I should have been able to easily vanquish. To my followers, I am sorry that you have to watch your maverick in a match up against MDM. Picture it, MAV versus MDM. The maverick versus the joke that is proud to be the Queens Champion. In most cases, an individual should be proud to be a champion. Hell, being a champion is what we all get into this business to begin with. Being a champion is the highest honor that most wrestlers are able to attain in this business. When you are a champion, it means that you have found a way to be successful. We have found a way to become the bestÖ of the best. Yet, FIGHT has found a way to truly outdo themselves. You see, the Queens Championship is a belt that no real wrestler should want to obtain. You see, Queens is often seen as the worst of the worst when it comes to the Big Apple. Well, I truly believe that Staten Island is the worst, but I digress. With Queens being the worst, the Queens Championship is now a championship for the worstÖ of the worst. This championship is akin to the scarlet letter that Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote about. Instead of being given to an adulteress, this company has introduced a championship to award to the biggest loser. Itís quite the unique concept, let us reward the biggest loser that we can find with a championship.”

Letting out a sarcastic laugh, Mason looks over at Sienna who nods her head in agreement. After a moment, he turns his attention back to his podium.

”Murphy, you were given the championship as a result of your loss to Paul Montouri. You have been awarded a championship based on the fact that you have lost a matchÖ and you are wearing this as a badge of honor. You are proud of the fact that this championship was given to youÖ for a loss. I seriously have to question why you are in this business to begin with. You see, I didnít come into this business to be awarded a champion for being a loser. I am in this business to be the best athlete that I can be. I am in this business because I love it, and I believe that I am the true future in this business. There is not a chance in hell that I would believe that I need to be a champion of losers. Yet, you are perfectly fine with having part of this sideshow championship. Well, I can say that itís time for you to have exactly what you want.”

Knocking on the podium three times, Mason lets out a soft laugh.

”Itís time for you to have exactly what you want. If you want to be the champion of Queens, well, I guess I shouldnít stop you from doing that. I shouldnít stop you from living your dream of being, how did you put itÖ the best of the worst. Well, MDM, I am not going to sit there and be okay with the best of the worst. You see, I want to be the best wrestler in the world, and I cannot do that while holding the championship that you have. There are plenty of other championships within this company, I am not interested in holding what you now covet so proudly. So, I am going to do everything in my power to ensure that the Queens Championship stays precisely where you want itÖ upon your waist.”

A rare smile comes over Masonís face. After a moment, the smile goes away and the usual stern expression comes over his face once again.

”Murphy Doyle MaherÖ allow Mason Alexander Vanderbilt to give you a present. Allow me to give you exactly what you want. If you want to stay the Queens champion, I have no issue with that. In fact, I do want you to stay champion. So, hereís is what the Maverick proposes that you do. If you want to stay the Queens champion, step into the ring with me. Step into that ring, and take the loss that I am absolutely itching to hand you. I am proud to hand you a loss. I am proud to take the winnerís share of the purse. I am proud to add more blood money to my collection. I am proud to add my name to the list of wrestlers that have beaten you. I do not want to hold onto a championship that is known for being given to the loser. I do not want my scarlet letter. You can gladly keep your Q, I donít want it. What I want is a victory. What I want is to step into the ring with you, and do what I do best. I want to wrestle.I want to show that i am better than the losses that I have been handed. I am better than losing to Amari Kent. I am better than losing to Anthony Cross. I will be damned if I lose to you Murphy. I respect you, I respect that you are in this business, but I will not take your scarlet letter. I will not be the champion of the losers. I would rather take my ball, and my movement, and go home than to hold a championship that is obviously an embarrassment. You can be proud of that championship if you want. You can hold this championship until Joe Biden is no longer the President of the United States. I donít care, I donít want it. So, MDM, you better be ready for the MAV to kick your A-S-S. I cannot, and I will not, lose this match to you. I have a movement to continue, and this would be the absolute nail in the coffin, and I will not stand for that. This movement has a world of followers riding upon it, and thatís a movement that will not die. Mark my words, Mason Alexander Vanderbilt will not be the next Queens Champion, and you have my word on that. Murphy, I sincerely hope that you are the exact kind of champion that you long to be, I want nothing to do with the legacy that you are trying to lay. Itís time for the Maverick to become the Man of the Moment once again, and that will not happen with that albatross of a championship. Iíll see you at Venom, and mark my words, I will defeat you. I will defeat you, and I will raise your hand as you will still be the Queens champion. Iíll happily make sure that you are able to walk out with pride, because only you would have pride in holding that.”

Mason backs away from the podium. Sienna comes near him, as the two stand next to each other, the scene transitions out.