The Woman in the Shadows

By: Korrupt

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 10th Sep 2021

“Kasey Winterborn.

Who even are you? What is it that you truly desire within this realm? Why is it, that you wish to tand forth, even as the flames surround you? Even as they attempt to pull away everything that you hold? Are you doing this because it is what you desire, or is it because it is what they wish for you?”

The man that we have been familiar with heralding the arrival of Korrupt is seen, standing alone in the shadows. His charge nowhere to be seen.

“Don’t worry about where Korrupt is for now. That is not relevant. Just worry about what he has in store for you at Venom. For he wishes to use you as a reminder. A message of what he has been capable of.”

The man steps forward, into the passage of a dull streetlight. It is uncertain where he is, but it can probably be safely assumed that it is an unsavoury area.

“Something that people appear to have forgotten in recent times. Yet they cannot be blamed for that – as he would be the first to admit that he has withheld his wrath. That he has not been as true to the cause as you might expect.”

He sighs. Although Korrupt has never stated as such, he can tell by the empty, lifeness stare the being gives him whenever the topic is brought up, that those are his thougnts.

“That shall all change when it is you that steps into his realm, however. For he cares not about where you come from, or what it is that you crave. All he wishes for, is to see you on your knees. Cowering and with no other option but to face the fate that he has devised. No other route but to engage within the game that shall lead to your finality.”

The man pulls out a little box from his pocket, placing it in front of himself.

“This box holds the secret within. It holds all that he desires. All that he yearns for. Much as your own box, wherever it may be, holds all that you desire. All that you yearn for. The very same box that you shall bring the moment you walk through the door and enter the deep, dark abyss.”

He cackles.

“For that is what they have written.”

It is then, that the man turns around, having felt a second presense near by. One that inches closer to him with each passing second.

Man- Hello —.

Nothing. The voice simply echoes.

Man- Don’t make me call upon him, for I know that you will not like the outcome.

?- Do it. I dare you.

Stunned by the response, the man scans around the room, noticing a female. Standing there and looking him dead in the eye.

Man- And who might you be?

The female simply stares at him. Emotionless.

Woman- For now, that does not matter. What does matter, is where is he? Where is the one you have been speaking of?

“He will be there, come Venom. For Kasey, that is the worst news she could have heard.”

The woman shakes her head.

Woman- That is not what I asked. Where is he now?

The man shrugs.

Man- I do not know. I have not seen him ever since his bout v Noelle.

Disappointed, the woman takes a step closer, as the man gulps. A sense of panic beginning to run through him.

Man- B — But I can try to find him.

The woman simply smiles, stopping abiut 5 steps in front of him.

Woman- That would be good.

“Don’t invoke his rage, for he will ensure that it is the last mistake you ever make. Don’t cry for him, for those tears will be the last you ever shed.”

The man nods, before turning around and walking back to the streetlight.

“Just know, the end is nigh.”