This was the business I chose; Or, had it chosen me?

By: Druscilla White

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 18th Feb 2022

I won’t hold a grudge. I won’t hold a grudge. I won’t hold a grudge. I won’t hold a grudge.

Ok, maybe I will… I felt betrayed. Despite the fact I knew damned well this was a free-for-all. No holds barred. No friends. Just business.

I knew I wasn’t going to make it to the finals, but I had figured I’d survive longer than I had. Was I off my edge?


The highlight? Meeting the newbie and skullfucking the fear of who I was into him. He knew me. To him, I was a Goddess. An unattainable creature of pure light, venom and bloodshed.

Poor, sad Clown.

The downside? I was eliminated by one of the people whom I absolutely loathed on a fucking cellular level. Michelle. Fucking. Moore. That cunt was going to be looking over her shoulder for the rest of her career.

Flying back to New York after Blood Money II was over, I had time to think. I’d been through so much the past year; ups and downs, twists and turns, that I hadn’t really had time to consider what I wanted. Whether it was what I was currently doing for a career or what direction my club was going. Robi was still in a coma, and with her, my soul slept. My being wept.

The fire was dimming. Maybe…

I needed to focus; the Valentine’s show was coming up.

A 10-Person match.

This was serious.

But… I couldn’t get my head to quiet down.

The Beast in my dreams haunted me, everywhere I was, he was there. I still hadn’t seen his true face, but I knew his voice and I knew his touch. But the identity of who he was, was still doused in mystery.

Only The Beast could quiet my head. Push me to focus on the match I was in. Promising me he’d come to me after that night.

Now, he was right. I was more than I thought. I was stronger than I had ever conceived. I was more fierce; more vicious. But harnessing that fire… that was where I was weak. I had been so beat down in my life, that being able to believe in myself was out of my reach.

But Robi believed in me.

Miss F believed in me.

The Beast believed in me.

But now, I needed to believe in myself.

I needed to trust in the fact that I knew what I was doing.

I needed to trust that I was everything I needed.

Priscilla and Mama and Henry had stayed down in Florida after Blood Money, whereas I sat alone in my apartment. Looking out my bedroom window over the city; I began to wonder. What was I doing with my life? Was I being what I needed, or was I shying away from what was the truth?

This upcoming show was in my sights.

I needed to show up and show out.

Reaper and Hel were elated. I had come home, and they curled beside me on the sil. A joint rested in my hand, as I watched the world spin outside, and was brought to my lips for a drag. I closed my eyes. I could hear The Beast in my head, telling me that I was so much more than imaginable: My beloved Druscilla, why do you not look skyward? The corpses that lumber along below you are the decay of the city; YOU are their salvation! YOU are the guiding star in the putrid tunnels of the hellish nativity that belies the world.

I leaned forward, pressing my forehead against the window. I sighed. I knew he was right. But, I couldn’t let myself act on it.

Enough times in my life I’d been struck down; I had become conditioned to doubt myself. Despite how many people kicked me in that ass, telling me otherwise.

I was determined, though, to change that way of thinking. I WAS worth it.

I WAS strong.

I WAS a winner.

No, I AM a winner. I’d proven that before and I would prove it again. The amount of people I had rooting for me had grown exponentially in the past year, including some people I never expected to stand behind me. Todrick. Austin. Bam. Joe. Dane. Allison. Vhodka. Vincent. Ashlynn. The list went on and on. It was almost unreal to me.

They had become my friends and my family in the past year, even considering everything that had happened. But now, I needed to show them that their faith in me was not unfounded. I was going to stand back up. I was going to continue to move forward, and reclaim everything that belonged to me. This was the career that chose me.

I was born a wrestler.
I was made a wrestler.

And now, I was going to prove it to the world.
The Valentine’s show was going to be my opening showcase; and this season belonged to me. To the Black Willow!

This is exactly where I belonged, and these people who stood in my corner the whole time are the reason I fight so damned hard. Their cheers kept me going. Their friendships made me feel again. Their love made me begin to feel whole.

And that’s when I began to get to work.

”You know, I’ve either faced some of you in the ring before, or I’ve watched you fight. Toddy, my darling, you’re more than impressive. You’re a fire in the ring. Burning bright. Deadly. Fueled by the oxygen around us all. You, my love, are the one I look up to.” I smiled, softly, sitting at my desk, working on the finishing touches to each gift bag that lay in front of me. “You and I are one of a kind, in our own rights, sweets. Titans of the game. We both stand tall. Fight hard. Leave it all in the ring. And we both go home every night to those that love us and we’re thankful for every fucking minute of it.” I signed the card and slipped it inside, grinning. My fangs flickering in the light of my office. I had been busy lately, but not too busy to give gifts to those I cared about.

”Joe, what can I say? You’re one of my best friends, and I am so happy for you. This past year was a rollercoaster for all of us in Fight. I watched you rise. I watched you fall. But, I watched you stand back up and demand more. You shocked the world with the shenanigans you perpetrated with Dane, but you shocked everyone again when they stopped. We all watched you grow up and leave the childishness behind. I’m very proud of you, Joe, and I am excited to get in the ring with you this week. You’ve cheered me nonstop this past year, now you get to see the ferocity first hand!” I chuckled, slipping the card I had just sealed into the bag marked “Joe and Mia”. I grabbed the ribbon and tied a small bow around the bag, lifting it gently from my desk and placing it with the others I had finished.

Some labels read “Vhodka”, “Dane and Allie”, “Priscilla”, “Mama and Henry”, “Vincent”, and the ones that weren’t finished also had tags. I nodded to myself and smiled, grabbing another card.

”Bam, sweetheart, you’ve had a hell of a few months. I saw what happened between you and Michelle, you almost fucked up big time, but you came back from it. We all were front row when your relationship blew up but we were on the edge of our seats when you and Ani started something. Hell, I think we’re all curious if Ani has staying power. I’ve seen you fight, seen you get your ass handed to you but you don’t quit. I respect that. I’m the same way. Facing you in the ring will most definitely be interesting. Once I start; I don’t stop. This will be fun.” One more gift bag added to the pile, as I continued on. I was determined to get this finished before I headed out.

”Ashlynn, we haven’t gone toe to toe yet, and I had hoped not to. I genuinely like you. You’re tough. You’re fierce. There’s a natural lust in you for the fight. But the powers that be have decided it was time for you and I to stand against one another. It’s nothing against you, I like you, which I’ve said, but this is the business we chose. We fight. Sometimes to the death.” Diesel had come in and grabbed up the finished gift bags, tucking them gently into the packs of my Packmates. We were driving to Vegas, and my Packmates would hand deliver these gift bags along the way. I had plans.

”Anicka, I’ve seen you take down some insane fighters. I’ve watched you dominate. I’ve seen you take the hits and keep coming. Admirable. Truly. You know I adore you, haha, we’ve never really crossed against one another before, so this should prove to be a quandary. We’re friends, outside the ring, but once we step through those ropes? You and I will dance, Ani, and only one of us will stand back up. Here’s to the victor, yeah? After the show, let’s meet at the Rabbit. Might be a surprise for everyone…” I grinned, flashing those fangs once more. I had a few tricks up my sleeves, some that had been a year in the making.

”Sahara… Lauren, my friend. I’m happy you found love. Proud of you for growing up and taking that next step. I’ve seen you do the same in the ring. Creepy as it may sound, I’ve watched you in the ring. How you move. How you discern what you need to do. Impressive. I mean that. But, I still owe you for Blood Money One. Don’t think I haven’t forgotten that. And I owe you for my Club and my Family. I love you doll, but it’s business. Maybe after the show, we could grab lunch sometime? Hang out.” I was genuine. I always was. But when it came to Lauren, there was a natural tug of war between us. She made some bad choices in her life; but who hadn’t? I couldn’t really judge her for them.

”Eoin, haven’t I kicked your ass a few times? I’m kidding. Kinda. You’re a decent fighter, Eoin, but your track record against me isn’t very good. That aside, stepping into the ring with you again this week will be fun. Maybe you can change your losing streak?” I sneered a bit, moving on to the last two gift bags. One I really wasn’t happy to make.

”Apathy… I’m supposed to say something nice to you, but given our history that’s a little complicated for me. So I’ll just say this; can’t wait to see you in the ring this week.” Diesel grabbed the newly signed card, shook it a bit to dry the ink and stuffed it in his own pack. I could hear the bikes roar to life outside in the parking lot; they were waiting for me.

”Last, but certainly not least, Jonny, Jonny, Jonny… Came back for more, did ya? Miss me that badly? Or, did you want more of that turkey leg? I’m sure I can find one for you, given we’ll be in Vegas. My hometown. It really can be fun under those bright lights in the city. I mean, you’re perfect for the showtimes. Tailored suits. Vibrant makeup. And that party trick… You really can make a turkey leg disappear! It’ll be magical to step into that ring against you; we haven’t quite finished our dance that we started in Florida, did we? Now’s our chance, BooBoo. Are you ready for fun? “ I smirked, blowing a kiss. ”See you in Vegas, loves.” As the screen went black, a wolf howled, echoing in the darkness, aiding the fear-factor.