Through the Looking Glass [ Part 1 of 2 ]

By: Allison Riggs-Preston

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 24th Aug 2021

[?]]] [?]]] [?]]] [?]]]

As Allison Riggs-Preston made her way around her bedroom in the Islands Champion suite, she packed a weekend travel bag; it was where she has been staying since her and Joe Montuori returned from the Maury Show and everything that happened with it. That had been the longest ride of her life, she looked out the window and wondered what the Hell happened the whole time that JMont talked. After the first 15 minutes of telling him No, not going to happen… she just let him talk and boy did he. If you thought that twitter shit was big talk, that paled in the dreams and plans he talked about. He even talked about changing the twins last name to Riggs if she wouldnít change it to Montuori. If she had food on her stomach she would have barfed on him then and there. Make no mistake, she was staying there alone and despite Denzelís sources, there were no secret meetings between her and JMont in the middle of the night.

She was getting ready for the photoshoot with VooDoo and the kids at some pirate ship. VooDoo was doing one of her mermaid gigs and had invited her and Dane to bring the kids, this was before all the nastiness of the Maury Show happened. Allison would have tried to get out of it, but she knows that there was no way in hell that VooDoo would allow her to back out. Her or Dane either one for that matter just to make things as awkward as hell for them. She packed a couple changes of clothing and sleepwear and a bathing suit. VooDoo told her to make sure it was a 2 piece just in case they needed an extra mermaid. She hoped they didnít need an extra mermaid. While she packed all she could think about was the upcoming match, they had literally placed her in a match where her tag team partner is the woman who’s been banging her husband. Talk about some fucked up shit right there.

Fuckiní AÖ how am I supposed to trust the one person in the world I have no reason to trust, to actually have my back? Not one time, but three times, to win this shit? I donít even know how weíre going to make it to the ring to face off against myÖ She raises her fingers and makes air quotes. Uncle Vincent Black and his partner, Dollface. The Uncle who spent a better part of a year running around making fun of me like he was his sonís age. Then againÖ the world could be making bets on him and Dollface can make it to the ring, too. DollfaceÖ eh, you might scare some people, but when your uncle is Brandon Moore not so damned much. You two watched too many “Hostel” movies or something.

She shakes her head a little bit.

Sitting here thinking about the names in this matchÖ Brandon Moore, my uncleÖ Vincent BlackÖ uncleÖ Anicka Swan, ex-girlfriend but still my friend. She pauses and shakes her head. Fuckiní VooDooÖ the damned bitch that taught me everything that I know, but I know she didnít teach me everything SHE knows. And I call you that with all the love in the world, Aunt Voo.

She added hoping to take the sting off the beating she knows she and Sahara will face if they face off against VooDoo and Vhodka Marie; that is THEY can make it to the ring without killing each other first.

I am torn right now with Dane and Joeís match against VooDoo and Vhodka Marie. I donít want to fight VooDoo or Vhodka Marie. Like literally, fuck all that shit, everyone better hope they take out each other before the night even begins. Contrary to what was predicted by olí Denzel, if THEY stopped fighting each other long enough, they would walk away with it. But if they lose, that means I could have to fight my husband and Joe. She smirks a little. Not that beating on them both would feel a little good.

She chuckles and shakes her head.

I donít really want to have to step into the ring with AniÖ Sheís just as nasty as Voo and Vhodka. She donít give a fuck and will not stay down until you put her down. Apathy has put her down. Them two together, could go the same way as Voo and Vhod, not something I would want to see, much less have to face. But I will, if I have to.

She nodded a little.

Just like I donít have any problems facing any of the teams out there. Brandon, he knows my pedigree, his partner, Shawn Warstein doesn’t, so I hope he at least gives him a heads up and letís him know that I am no slouch in the ring. I canít be, not with the last name Riggs. With him out of the ring for good, itís up to me to carry the Riggs Legacy on. And I canít do that if I half ass in the ring. My life may be a shit show, but my ring skills are not.

She looked at her watch, cursed the time and quickly made her way around the room grabbing things that she might need, just in case, but knowing that anything she might forget, is just a phone call away.

Might be good to step into the ring with olí PMont in case I donít get the chance to step into the ring with JMont. Taking my anger out on one Montuori is just as good as taking it out on the other, right? I know heís just gonna be all like “but I was just supporting my brother” and all that shit. Fuck, man, support your brother when heís not trying to fuck up someone elseís marriage. One that was happy until he put his ass in it. She smiles and nods. Shame, Dickie got stuck with him. Kinda like I got stuck with my own Montuori many months ago. Kinda like I am stuck with Sahara. Dickieís no slouch in the ring, when he walked away with the Empire Belt, I think it made people who have been thinking they can beat whoever thatís placed in the ring with them take notice and put a target on his back. She smiles a little. And much shit as people talk shit about Dane, I hope people took notice that my husband beat him.

She pauses and thinks for a moment.

I am kinda on the fence with Druscilla, last I heard she was on Team Preston. But I canít help but wonder if sheís just saying that? I am pretty sure that she might think that I forgot about all those times she was calling him daddy and pookie right before Sahara slid on up in here. Maybe she felt bad for him? Didnít want him to feel alone as she watched his marriage slowly start to crumble, not realizing that Dane and I still love each other? I donít know the reason for her change of heart, maybe she canít see through JMontís bullshit like the otherís are blinded by it? She shrugged her shoulders a little. Kinda feel bad for herÖ put her with the same loser she was paired with the week before, who peters out on her, only to be put with Asher Jules. Talk about your crap ass luck. The boy can barely whip his way out of a wet paper bag. I donít know what my uncle Vin sees in himÖ but if there is anyone who can make a wrestler out of him, itís Vin. Hell, he helped make a wrestler out of me.

She glances back at her watch and groans a little bit; her and Dane together with her parents and the kids. There was going to be uncomfortableness all the way around. She could just feel it.

Everyone bitching and complaining about their tag team partner, fuckers, get the fuck over it, because right now, Iíve got the worst one ever. The woman thatís been banging my husband. Maybe VooDoo will take it easy on me, if we have to face them? She knows what itís like. Or maybe, itís business as usual for her? She was one of the people who instilled that in me when facing off against people you love, people you call friends and family. Itís one of the reasons I agreed to honor my contract with Joe Montuori…

She sucks a breath in through her teeth.

…So it would make me kinda a hypocrite if I didnít uphold it with Sahara, wouldnít it? So, I am going to stick with what looks like the only thing I am good atÖ this business and I hope Sahara decides to do the same. Because push comes to shoveÖ it doesnít matter who I hold the gold with as long as I am holding the Gold. Sooner or later, JMont and I will lose the belts and we can claim our shot at the gold. But then again, 10k in Blood Money sounds pretty good, too.

But before we can decide all that, We have to win it.

Her cell phone rang with JMontís entrance music, interrupting her. She took a couple deep cleansing breaths as she got ready for their never-ending battle of words; after the 4th time of feeling the cell vibrate in her pocket, she pulled it out and placed it to her ear.

WOW, this is a new low for her. 5 rings and not an answer. She has lost her mind if she thinks she can treat me like this.

Funny thing is, after that 5th ring, she answered the phone but didn’t say anything. She heard what J Mont had to say the whole time.

You just keep running that mouth, donít ya?

Damn it, I really need to pay better attention when that ring stops and there is a click. You just get me fired up sometimes and don’t even realize it.

So, what can I do for you today, Joe?

I wanna know how you truly feel after that amazing night we had together!

Joe, I donít really know what you want me to say. I mean, I know what you WANT me to say. But I canít say it. But I will stick to my words when I say that you are going to make some woman out there very happy.

So you are going to sit on the other side of this phone, probably in something sexy with your peach ass hanging out and tell me you werenít satisfied or want more of J Mont?

I am wearing sweats and a tank top, and packing a bag for a trip. If you think thatís sexy, then I am all sexy. She paused for a moment. As for that night, we had a great night. Itís how I expected even, you did a great jobÖ but as for wanting more.. I just canít. I am sorry, but I canít give you that.

So you’re telling me if I book a trip for 2 to The North Island in Seychelles where there are only 11 Villaís on this private romantic island, you would tell J Mont and the Monty Python “NO”?

Really, Joe? I canít even believe you would ask me that.

I’m asking because I want to take you away from everything but me for a week and just have fun and laugh like we used too. Allison literally canít believe what sheís hearing. You can’t deny the bond and chemistry we have for one another. This would be a dream trip for the both of us. We could even make a calendar out there as Island Tag Champs. We already have a top 5 seller in the ARP title belt and shirt.

We may have a bond and we may have chemistry. But I have a husband, I have children, I have a girlfriend and I am not going to give up my life with them. If I even still have one with them. I am not going on vacation with you, sorry. She pauses for a moment. I hope that when you do find that woman thatís yours, no one does to you all, what youíve done to me. I got to go, Joe, the car will be here soon. You know how VooDoo gets if youíre late and if you donít, youíre lucky.

Tell VooDoo I’m here pouring my heart out fighting for what I want, so she can wait a moment, and if she doesn’t like it, she will see me at Toxic tag and we can settle that in the ring. But for right now, I need to work on and fix US. Allison stifled a laugh, oh yeah. Sheís telling Aunt Voo for sure.

Weíre fixed, Joe. Weíve got the belts, weíre solid. She chuckled, yeah, she was going to tell him she was, too. You bet Iíll tell that to Aunt Voo, I am sure sheíll love to hear that. You and Dane better work together and make sure to take her and Vhodka Marie out first. Hell, that should be what everyone doesÖ take those two out first.

How do you expect me to work with Dane, let alone be in the same counseling room as him? Don’t you realize I hate this guy more than Joe Biden in office?

Not my problem there. She laughs. I can assure you, he hates you just as much, if not more.

At least tell me thisÖ. I’m the best Partner you ever had? Allison had an idea where he was going with this; she wasnít playing.

Youíre the best Island Tag partner Iíve ever had. Probably wonít be my last, but you were the first.

Think about it one more time before you answer. Am I the BEST partner you ever had, not just Island Champs, but since day 1?

Ani and I did pretty good in aW as the champs there, Dad and I did pretty good when we were in OpWÖ Yep, she knew what he was trying to get her to say. Sure, since weíve been tag champs, youíve been the best TAG partner Iíve ever had.

You’re a pretty smart woman, Allie. I was trying to catch you off guard with the question but you didn’t fall for itÖ.Makes me want you even more now. Joe chuckles and blows a kiss through the phone to Allie. I miss you.

I caught on about 5 mins ago. She rolled her eyes and laughed. Daddy didnít raise a dumb girl, well, he did, but he didnít. Listen, I really got to go, if we donít make this flight to this photoshoot, VooDooís going to kill me and then no one has to worry about whoís going to win the girl. The girl will be dead.

Damon, as much as I hate him, did one thing right. He brought you into this world which in turn brought you to me. Thatís a blessing. And I swear. You tell VooDoo that she is on my shit list now for making you RUSH off the phone with me. Does she not realize we have a lot of shit going on right now?

Pretty sure Voo doesnít care about your shit list. Vooís got her own shit show going and besides, this was something that was planned way before we even became partners. This is something my kids are involved in. So forgive me, if I think about my kids and put them first before you.

I have always said it and you know I do. Our kids firstÖ Allison gagged a little. …and US second.

Iíll see ya Wednesday night

Ok, take care of the kids, and tell them I said HelloÖ. Also, when I see you, I will have flowers for you and a sexy dress so we can have dinner and talk about future plans.

Sounds great, Joe. By this time, sheís not even listening to his words as sheís hitting the end call button. See ya then.

And with that, Allison hung up the phone on her end and took a few deep cleansing breaths; working with this man has taken a toll on her. Not just with her marriage, but mentally and emotionally. She looked at her watch and realized that VooDoo and everyone would be there soon and quickly got up and grabbed her bag. She had full plans on being down there waiting for them when they pulled up. Last thing she wanted was VooDoo to use her as an example about being on time.

[?]]] [?]]] [?]]] [?]]]

The ride to the airport with everyone wasnít too bad, having the kids made it less awkward than what it could have been, they were talking about everything. They were excited about staying overnight and kept asking if Allison was going to let them put Luke and Layla in fins. Most of the flight, Allison lay on the floor and colored pictures with the girls; she would sneak peaks at Dane as he looked out the window. Occasionally, she would catch VooDoo catching her staring at him; VooDoo would give her that Way to go, dumbass, but I still love you. look on her face. Which would have Allisonís cheeks flushing red and her looking back down at the coloring book.

When Howling Wolf One landed in Parts Unknown, Allison was the first one out the doors and down the steps to the twins, who had finally been turned loose by her parents after the 747 came to a stop. She dropped to her knees, ignoring the pain that jolted through them as they both wrapped their arms around her neck and yelling mommy over and over; she ignored her fatherís look of disapproval and heart break. They did the same to Dane when he came overÖ and then it happened.

I need to speak to the both of you.

Thatís my cue to take the kids and get them on the plane. Jenna took the twins by the hand and led them over to the flying palace. Damon said nothing but stared back and forth between the two and Jenna until she was well out of earshot and giving a hug to VooDoo; who looked over at them as she and Jenna talked.

Dane, if you will give me a moment with Allison? He looked at Dane, who then looked at Allison, both shared a here it comes look before he turned and walked about 10 feet away from them. Damon stared at her for the longest time before he finally found his voice. Youíre my daughter, I will always love you. But thisÖtrystÖwith Joe Montuori, I will never approve of it. Iím sorry if that makes me an asshole, but I stand by it.

I can live with that. I should have known better. She nodded her head. For what itís worth, I am sorry. I feel like I took away Michelleís title of worst Riggs ever. I do want to go on the record, that was the only time. First and last.

Youíre the best Riggs.

Damon stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Allison and hugged her for all it was worth. His eyes filled with tears as he felt his daughterís tears dampen his shirt. He felt like he had failed to protect her. After a few moments, he let go of her and told her to get on the plane. As Dane made his way over to Damon, Allison passed him, she avoided eye contact; but he was no dummy, he didnít need to see all of his wifeís face to know she had cried. When he finally stood in front of Damon and saw the wet marks on his shirt that was about the same height as Allisonís face confirmed it. He looked after Allison just in time to see her disappear inside and then turned back to Damon. After what he felt was forever, Damon finally spoke.

You are my son in law, until this Montuori business, I couldnít have been happier for the two of you, even with your unconventional relationship. He paused for a moment. I would be a hypocrite to jump down your throat for cheating, you know, I did it too. Itís no secret itís why Voo and I are so close. While I donít know the facts or have all the answers, this isnít characteristic of Allison. Iím of the mind that all the rumors and Joe gaslighting her, combined with Sahara making a play for you right away, it may be what lead to them hooking up. But I believe my daughter.

I donít know how to fix this.

Talk to her, son. Talk to her.

Those were the only words of advice that Damon gave Dane, itís really the only words of advice he knew to give him. Talk to her and see if they could move forward. Together the Elder Riggs and his son in law made their way over to the jet

[?]]] [?]]] [?]]] [?]]]

While everyone was watching VooDoo and all the kidsí photo shoot, Allison watched from the dock as her parents sat in the sand of the small beach that had been built along the shore and smiled. She was glad her kids were too young to know what their parents were going through right now. Whatever happened to her and Dane now, she hoped that they would forgive them in the future. She looked up at Dane as he stood on the deck of the ship leaning on the railing, looking down at the kids, just as she was doing, she had watched as he and her father talked not more than 15 mins ago. She took a deep breath and turned around and walked over to the gang plank and made it up on the shipís deck and walked over to where he was. She nudged him as she walked past him and then leaned down on the rail with him, mimicking his exact stance and keeping a good 6 inches between the two.

Can we talk?

Thatís all Iíve wanted since the Maury ShowÖ But thatís the second straight time Iíve been held back from getting to you. First, at Blood Money and then at Maury. Itís beginning to feel like weíre the ones who got played and this was Joeís plan all along.

Dane, you know that those lie detector test results were a lie, right?

In my head, with all thatís happened in the last few months, Iíve had my suspicions.

Every time I turned around, Sahara was there somehow touching you. In Medical… you naked in the locker roomÖ when I saw you two at the show and how she was talking to you, touching you and trying to calm you down, almost as if you had shown her how. I just felt there was something more, that I wasnít a part of. You had given her my place.

Iím sorry Princess, but you left your place open for her to slide her way in. Dane looked her dead in the eyes and saw the storm of anger forming in them that caused him to slowly raise his hands. Iím not here to fight with you, nor place blame. My love for you has never waivered, sure, Iím an emotional mess because of all of this, but there must be a way for us to make things right and move past all of this. Whatever that is, the first step is you and Joe losing those Islands Tag titles. Just know one thing, Sahara has not been given your place, nor will anyone else.

For someone who isnít placing blame, sure as Hell felt like you were. She looks away from him and back down at the kids, she nods her head and then sighs. Iím a big girl, I can take it. But make sure you get it all out of your system right damned now, because I donít want to hear this was my fault for the rest of my life in every argumentÖ that is if we can fix this. And if we canít, I will go with whatever story you want to go with. Everyone will believe it anyway. Just like they are believing it now.

I didnít choose any of this, Allison. Your father purposely had Opt-Out clauses written into each and every one of our contracts since AW. For this exact situation. I get that you wanted to make nice with the enemy and prove that we do things better than your dad and company used to. But in the process, you opened a forbidden door, allowing doubt and suspicion to creep into our lives. Yes, you are a big girl, and Iím a big boy. We have to own our mistakes. My first one was by not insisting that we exercise the Opt-Out clause. Yours was going along with Joeís facade in the first place. We both shoulder the blame, for how this started, and for sleeping with other people without each other present. We both broke the rules. In a really big fucking way. And fuck what other people think or believe.

So, I guess we start working on repairing us after Joe and I lose the belts then?

I love you with all my heart and I want nothing more than for us to heal. But yea. Until ties are severed with Joe, we canít even begin to work on our relationship.

I can live with that.

Allison placed her hand on his back and gave it a rub before she walked away. She choked down the tears that tried to come up as she made her way down to the beach and joined their kids and her parents.

[?]]] [?]]] [?]]] [?]]]

The return trip had pretty much been the same, since Toxic Tag was taking place during the middle of the week, VooDoo and her brood went back to NYC instead of Parts Unknown. This time Allison and Dane didnít avoid one another or refuse to look at each other, but sat across from each other, alone at one of the tables as far away from the group as possible. The whole time they talked in hushed tones; occasionally their hands would touch and one would caress the other with a gentle finger, except for when they were crawling with toddlers wanting their parents’ attention.

When the jet finally landed, Allison and Dane had been laying in one of the bedrooms with the twins as they slept. Jenna came in as Dane and Allison slipped from the bed. Allison’s eyes filled a little with tears but she was glad they were asleep; it was always harder on her when they cried for her as she walked away.

The car had dropped Allison off at Fight! Tower where she was staying before taking everyone else over to Aniís place; she said her goodbyes to everyone and then looked at Dane and gave him a nod with a sad smile. She had made her way up to the Islands suite and dropped off her bag and then remembered she had left her gym clothes down in the main locker room and groaned before she turned back around and made her way back to the elevator and down to the lower levels. She came out of the elevator and turned left and ran into Sahara.

The only thing she could think wasÖ This is all I fucking need.