Tis the Season to Ho Ho Ho

By: Anicka Swan

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 3rd Dec 2021

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The scene fades in as it usually does and we find ourselves in Anicka Swan’s penthouse apartment inside the Swan Imports building, the third tallest building in Manhattan; made of steel and glass it shone bright and blinding in the sunlight. She, herself, didn’t come up with the design of the building, but the man she took it from in a corporate takeover from within did. Took her almost a year, but after doing things that could rack her up enough federal charges to put her away for a while, she finally toppled the giant. Her apartment took up three floors; with 2 elevators, one that was the main elevator for the residential units and one that was just for her apartment. Each floor, the entrance gallery had white marble floors that led to custom smoke-gr[♥]]] [♦]]] [♣]]] [♠]]]ay solid oak floors in either direction. The natural light shone in all the windows, almost making the place shine like a palace in the sky except for one room and that was the master bedroom located on the first floor, which was almost black as night with the blackout curtains with only a sliver or two of sunlight squeezing through cracks between the curtains. The entire place was quiet like a tomb, that was until the sound of the elevator chiming echoed through the hallway, followed by the sound of the elevator doors sliding open. Anicka who had been laying on her stomach in the darkness opened one eye at the sound of heels clicking on the marble tile. She automatically knew by the stride of the steps that were taken exactly who it was and groaned. She grabbed the sheet and pulled it up over her head, as well as the head of an enormous lump laying in the bed beside her. The Femme Fatale, Candice “VooDoo” Wolf walked in the room, dark brown dress that went down to her knees that despite being made of a thick material still clung to her every curve and brown leather boots that went up to just below; that gave just a peek of her partially tattoo’ed knees with each stride. She made her way across it to the windows, reached up and grabbed the curtain and clung them open. She walked to one side and took the curtain and walked it all the way over to the wall, then walked back and did the same with the other side. She turned around with a smirk on her face and got ready to say good morning but stopped when she saw two lumps laying in bed instead of one. I didn’t know you were letting “dogs” sleep with you, Ani. The sheet was flung back and a massive man covered in nothing but tattoos and muscles quickly got up out of the bed and whirled around and caused her to take a step back. It wasn’t because she was scared of him, because she feared no man, woman, nor beast; but it was because of who he looked like. It shocked her; clearly it couldn’t be HIM, but she be damned if the dude didn’t look just like him.

I am not a dog. He stood there and looked at her with not a stitch of clothes on but sporting some impressive morning wood.

He looks just like Joh– She started but was cut off.

Don’t you say it, Voo. She turned to the guy. Voo didn’t mean it. She’s not used to seeing Ani actually sleeping in the same bed with someone. She turned to VooDoo. Voo, this is Mark. Ani likes Mark, he’s her friend.

I see. VooDoo crossed her arms over her chest and nodded. Dick appointment.

Mark, how about Ani call you later. She gets out of bed, she is also buck ass naked. Cause she’s only going to get worse.

VooDoo chuckled softly as she watched “Mark” grab up his clothes and tell Ani bye; there was no kiss between the two of them or anything sentimental, like VooDoo had said, dick appointment. Once he left the room, Anicka turned towards VooDoo. Really, Voo? You really do have a type, don’t you? Yeah, it’s called nice to Ani. What are you doing here and what time is it?

It’s 9am and… Anicka held up her hand silencing VooDoo as her brain processed the new info, then she lowered it and stared at Voo. You heard me correct, it’s 9am.

You know Ani put Lana in charge so she could sleep late.

Get dressed, Ani. VooDoo finally said and as she walked over to the vanity table and pulled the seat out; she glanced at the seat itself and saw nothing of a moist nature and said a silent prayer that it being pushed under the table meant it was a safe place to sit. We’re going to the Rabbit.

Well, hell, Voo… why didn’t you lead with that? Anicka made her way over to the door to the closet and disappeared inside.

So, big match coming up this week and Silent Fright, bet you’re kinda wishing that Kasey wasn’t even in it. Anicka stepped into the closet doorway, she was dressed in a matching red thong and bra set.

You have no idea, Voo. And not because Ani is scared of her or Ani doesn’t think she can wrestle… because Ani would love to be in the ring with both Enforcer and Eion at the same time and for Ani to KNOW that it was going to be HER against THEM. Ani would have had a chance then. She disappeared back inside the closet.

Not that you had a chance in the first place, Sarah and Apathy were pulling those strings. Anicka stepped back into view again, this time she wore a pair of black jeans.

They aren’t pulling those strings now. She said with her hands on her hips. Ani knows to watch her back now. Ani really didn’t think she had to with Enforcer. Not after hanging out with him in Syndicate.

Can’t trust people who eat cool ranch doritos it seems. VooDoo smirked a little.

Not even funny. Ani can’t help but think of the night that she invited him and his wife to dinner at the Black Swan. Like he literally sat across from Ani, broke bread with Ani, knowing what he was going to do. And then had the audacity to try and apologize.

If you can imagine? She shook her head. Just thought he was going to walk up and knock on Ani’s door and be like… Sorry, my bad, didn’t mean to. She slipped back inside the closet.

But you showed him didn’t you? VooDoo laughed. Man, thank God for occhi. The look on his face was just priceless.

Right? Anicka said as she came walking back out wearing a pair of black chucks and struggling into a black hoodie as she made her way over to VooDoo and the vanity table. He sure didn’t expect that one.

In what sane world, does anyone ever expect themselves to have someone just jumping on their back?

It’s Ani’s world, Voo. She said as she picked up a hair tie and not even bothering to brush her hair put it up in a messy bun then smiled. Everyone else is just a squirrel trying to get a nut in it. He should have known.

I guess everyone knows now, not to turn their back on Anicka Swan. She stood up and started for the door.

If you do, you’ve got a chance of the bitch jumping on it. Anicka took a run and jumped on VooDoo’s back.

Get the fuck off me. VooDoo said as she flipped Anicka over her shoulder and watched as she rolled across the floor and laughed. I have half a mind to kick your ass all over this floor and them not have to worry about you showing up.

That was so totally worth it. Anicka said as she got to her feet and pressed the button to the elevator.

Listen Ani… I need smart Ani right now. VooDoo said as they waited for the elevator to show up. At least for the next few hours.

Okay, smart Ani. Anicka nodded. Her whole playful demeanor changed to a more serious one. You’ve got her.

The elevator door opened and the two women stepped in, one wondering what the other was planning and the other with a slight smile on her face, because she already knew what she was doing.

[]]] []]] []]] []]]

Less than ten minutes later, taking the scenic route of cutting through Central Park on 65th Street, the uber black that VooDoo had waiting downstairs pulled up to the Velvet Rabbit, VooDoo’s Gentleman’s club. The Rabbit has been the talk of the town here lately now that Fight NYC was stationed there and some of the wrestler’s there started hanging out. More and more wrestlers from other federations started making it their place to go, Chris Page, Centurion, Chris Evans and his wife. VooDoo has had to hire more Does, she’s had to hire more security for the place. They stood there silently staring up at the gothic style building that at 4 stories seemed to be dwarfed by the others surrounding it.

I’ve got to expand. VooDoo finally broke the silence, never taking her eye off the building, she almost felt like it was her 5th child, er, 4th that is.

Um.. Anicka looked around at the area they were in, every inch was covered by a building or the Rabbit’s parking garage that was half owned by the city. Ani don’t know how to break this to you but there’s no room.

VooDoo’s trance was broke from the Rabbit and she turned and looked at Anicka, her face clearly spoke the words that she didn’t need to voice… really, Ani? What? Don’t look at Ani with that tone of voice.

Where I am going Ani, I don’t need room. She looked back at the Rabbit. I am talking about building upwards. Adding floors.

Anicka looked back up at the Rabbit and suddenly began to see her friend’s vision; more clubs, different types, different venues. A one stop entertainment venue of almost limitless possibilities under one roof. She looked back at VooDoo and couldn’t help but smile; she almost looked glowing.

Come on, let’s go inside. Anicka looked at VooDoo. Tell Ani more about your little rabbit hole.

The two women went in and the first thing they were met with was the sound of the day crew as they got ready to open the doors for the lunch crowd. Standing behind the bar was the head bartender, EY and Lizzy, his number one, who helps him keep the madness down. Lizzy’s face lit up. Voo, why didn’t you tell us you were on the way?

That would spoil the surprise of me showing up and seeing what you all were doing. She looked around; everyone was busy; whether sweeping or setting up bottle service at the VIP tables or rag in hand polishing something shiny, everyone was busy. Everything seems to be running the way it is supposed to be.

Did you expect anything less? Ethan asked her as he slid a Mountain Dew from the fountain behind him across to her.

Please… Anicka said as she took the specialty drink that Lizzy had already started making, the Mongolian MF’er, it’s like a Long Island iced tea, but on steriods. She knew better.

I know it’s kinda early but some wings would be great. And ANION rings. It’s too early for that, Ani. Oh, but you asked for this. VooDoo said nothing as she looked at Ani and turned around and walked over and took one of the seats. EY looked at Anicka and smiled. Weren’t you here less than six hours ago feeding you? Sweet jesus, we’re going to have to start charging you rent. Please, you love Ani. I do. My girlfriend, not so much. ANI! Focus! Anicka walked over to where VooDoo sat and took a seat with her and sipped on her drink. So, tell Ani your plans. I called Kal, Wolf Construction is arriving Monday to put the scaffolding up. Of course, keeping it in the family.

Kal won’t cut corners, Kal won’t use cheap ass materials. VooDoo told her. Plus a portion of the Rabbit’s profits gets funneled into the family fund. He sees a good business venture when he sees it.

Ani sees that a few people have seen the Rabbit as a good business venture. Lizzy came out with more drinks and the food and placed them on the table in front of them, she told them if they needed anything else to let her know and then made herself scarce; she got the feeling this wasn’t a social visit at all.

I’ve spoken with Le’Andra. She picked up one of the wings. There’s going to be a Club Lex here in New York now.

Oh nice. That will cater to those who don’t like the whole strip club thing. Yep, as well as those who are under 21. We can tag them with a stamp that will let everyone know that they are under 21 and not to serve them. Place will have so many security cameras there would be no way to claim they served me. All we’d have to do is pull the video feed and present it to the police. Oh speaking of, as the Godfather to Baby Lex, Ani thinks we should start talking about a baby shower for Le-Le. I was thinking the same thing. What in the hell do you get a woman for a baby shower present that already has everything?

Nothing. VooDoo smiled. I am almost certain Le’ would be upset if people thought they needed to get her or the baby a gift. She would want it to be more of a “welcoming Lex to the family” kind of thing.

You think Le’s ever going to come back? Both women looked at each other silently for a moment.

You know, I don’t know. VooDoo leaned back in the chair she was in. That’s a good question. I know that when I had the twins, I couldn’t wait until I was back in the ring. When I had Call, I would have died at the thought of going back. Guess it depends on which side wins, the warrior or the mother wins… or keep your fingers crossed that both sides can find a way to live with one another.

If there is anyone who can show her how Voo, it’s you.

VooDoo looked at her for a moment with a sad look on her face. Sometimes wrestling can tear a family apart.

How are you going to get the pool in the club? Anicka said, shifting the topic at hand back to a different one.

Same thing, we’re going to build up. It’s going to be just maybe knee height. Anicka sat there and looked a VooDoo for a moment, before she reached into her back pocket and pulled out her checkbook and opened it. VooDoo narrowed her eyes for a moment and watched as she pulled out a gold pen and began to write. After a moment, she put the pen down and ripped a check from it. She placed the pen back inside and then put the checkbook into her back pocket again. The whole time, she never said a word to VooDoo nor did she look her way. She picked up the check, looked at it and then looked at VooDoo and slid it across the table to her. VooDoo looked at the check and then at Ani before she picked it up and looked at it. It’s a blank check, Ani. You know I don’t need the money.

Ani knows. She smiled. But this is how you show someone you’re committed to investing in their business.

This is Ani whipping out her dick. VooDoo said as she chuckled and folded Ani’s check and slipped it inside her small clutch.  Both women knew she’d never actually use it, but it was the thought behind it

Yeah, that, too. The two women continued to talk more about the expansion of the Velvet Rabbit, the more and more VooDoo talked about it, the more and more Anicka got excited, because it opened Anicka up a whole new playground to build some castles in.

[]]] []]] []]] []]]

It’s days later and Anicka Swan is getting dressed for the Christmas Party at Fight Tower. She went with the classic little black dress that clung tight to her upper body flared out at the waistline; it was cut so short that if she sneezed everyone would be able to see how far her tattoo went down. Her hair was done and she was finishing up her makeup. She didn’t know what the night held for her, but she was wearing a dress and if you knew Ani, pants were for fighting, dresses were for fucking. She was getting laid tonight one way or another.

Ani wonders if everyone is going to show up tonight? Ani knows Eion will be, he’s going to be right by Apathy’s side. Ani likes Apathy, they have a lot in common, except Ani doesn’t let her dogs hang around with her. Ani bets that Eion is going to try to somehow use a win like this to show how much he loves her. Look what I did, I beat Enforcer for you, who turned against us. I beat Anicka Swan for you, who’s been a pain in your ass since first hearing her name, I beat that one chick, from New Status Quo. She smiles. Then again, maybe Ani will just beat the shit out of him? If she hasn’t already clipped his nuts outside of the ring, Ani’s about to do it to him inside of the ring. Maybe Ani can show her that inside of the ring, he’s just as worthless to her as outside of the ring. How do you like that one, Eion? Maybe Ani will show Apathy the man you are, and then her and Ani go get some drinks and have a long talk? Lost her to Eric outside the ring and lost her to Ani inside the ring. Then what will you do, Eion? Will you man up and continue to fight? Or will you crumble and fall? Guess we will find out won’t we? You wanna know something?

Her next words came out in a whisper.

Ani’s kinda rooting for ya. Back to her normal voice. But Ani’s damned sure not betting on ya. Ani sees a bad investment when she sees it. And you aren’t the Rabbit, even you fuck as fast as one.

With a laugh, Anicka gave herself a once over in the mirror before she slipped her feet into the pair of black heels on the floor next to her. She walked across the room, much like a big cat that was going out to prowl for its prey.

[]]] []]] []]] []]]

Not long after, Anicka had parked a spot at one of the tables at the Turnbuckle Inn at Fight Tower where the Holiday Party was being held, she had a bottle of tequila in front of her and she was chasing it with a mixed drink, in a few hours, Anicka would be feeling no pain. Everyone was dressed to the nines. It was Joe Montuori and his now fiance, Mia, that came walking over to Ani first. How’s the second most beautiful woman in the room tonight? Don’t, don’t even start.

What? I was paying you a compliment. He looked at her. Really, I am a changed man. I love this woman right here. You had your chance.

Ani never wanted a chance. What did you want, Joe? Nothing, just wanted to wish you good luck on your match tomorrow. I am hoping that it becomes a girl on girl fight. There’s just something about watching two girls fight, you women in the ring are a lot scarier to watch facing each other.

That’s because we have a lot more to prove. Joe glances past Ani and sees Chris Page.

If you will excuse us, Ani, I need to go talk to Chris. See you guys around. Good luck on your match too, Joe.

Bye Ani. Mia gave a wave as she was pulled away with Joe. Anicka could do nothing but shake her head; she did not see that one coming.

Ani wonders if Kasey Winterborn will be here? Maybe she and Ani can have a talk of sorts? She sits things out and let’s Ani take on Enforcer and Eion, you kinda like letting Ani get some pay back in. She won’t have to worry about getting tired out for fighting them. Ani will be tired as fuck when she beats them. If they manage to take out Ani, they will be tired as fuck an her fresh as a daisy. It’s a win-win situation. She laughs and takes a shot and chases it. Don’t think Ani doesn’t consider you a threat or anything like that, Kasey, because she considers everyone that she steps into the ring to be just that. And a person, well, they have to take out all threats. Ani’s been watching you since you’ve come to fight, she’s watched your wins and your losses, she’s been checking out your style and what you can do in the ring. Just like she hopes you have been doing the same. Because if you haven’t, you’re coming in completely unprepared and you’ve lost the match before it’s even started. She smiles.

See, this season, Ani’s on deck… and it’s about to get interesting for you and actually a whole lot of you. Ani’s the loose cannon that they kept on a leash for the first season, she’s the monster, she’s the beast. She’s the one that they’ve been waiting to unleash. Just to see what you really can do. She leans forward a little. Bring everything that you have and borrow something from someone else, because you’re really going to need it… especially when you see what Anicka Swan can really do.

Ooh my God, Ani. Vhodka Black came running up to her and grabbed her by the arm and started to put on her left wrist as hard as she could. Omg, you’ve got to come here.

Why’s Ani got to come here?

Because Ani, we hired a Santa. She smiled really big. And I think Santa needs a lap dance. She grabbed Anicka by the wrist and started tugging again. Don’t you ruin this for me.

Anicka took one more drink from her glass and stood up and allowed Vhodka to pull her into the direction she had least seen Santa, it was time for her to go put some ho-ho-ho into the party.

[]]] []]] []]] []]]