Trouble In Paradise

By: Todrick Tabor-Ramsey

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 18th Mar 2022


Tuesday, March 15, 2022
5:18 p.m.
Master Bedroom, The Ramsey House
Manhattan, NY



”I’m Tired”


🧞‍♀️ ”Hey Lord, you know I’m tired
Hey Lord, you know I’m tired
Hey Lord, you know I’m tired of tears
Hey Lord, just cut me loose” 🧞‍♀️


Todrick Tabor-Ramsey sat at the vanity table with tears, and the heated liquid slowly fell down her cheeks. The cat was out of the bag, and Denzel Porter had broken the story about the constant fighting between her and Austin. Trouble in paradise was right. This had been brewing for several weeks now. After Blood Money 2, all was right with the world until it wasn’t. Austin had a strong showing, and he did exactly what he set out to do. She should’ve done more, but it was not in her cards that night. It was okay with her that Austin was the dominant Ramsey that night.

Then the unthinkable happened, and Prince Eric and Ariel caught COVID. The two were stuck at home, Austin was able to appear on Venom 17, but Toddy was too sick. The next day, Austin was confined to the bed as well. The couple was isolated with only themselves, which was new to be around each other for a 24-hour period with no breaks. The dogs went to the doggy hotel because they did not want them to catch the virus.

They survived it, and while Toddy was apprehensive about getting back out there too quickly, Austin was back at the Velvet Rabbit a day after they got the all-clear results. He jumped back into the swing of things like he never was gone. About a week later, Toddy was back at his side. There was a night that clearly Austin was talking to Joe Montuori, and he mustered the courage to ask Toddy to be his tag team partner. Toddy told him that she’d think about it but had never gotten back to him.

Thinking back on it now, that’s probably the initial spark in this giant rift between the two. Austin always did whatever Toddy wanted and supported her no matter what. She had not been the same with him lately with anything that he wanted. During the quarantine period, they had some interesting conversations, and Austin had really been pushing the issue of them having children. Toddy would get quiet and still, and Austin would sigh, pull her closer, kiss the top of her head, and pretend that she didn’t hear him.

The signs of his growing agitation were prevalent, but she had taken for granted that Austin would let it go like he did everything else. She had wildly miscalculated this time. In fact, he had doubled and tripled down on his position, but she still took it for granted because she always got her way. Indeed the newlyweds Ricky and Jennie Rodriguez were not having these issues. If she didn’t get her shit together, they would mop the floor with her at Venom #18, and she wouldn’t even be able to sniff “The Blood Money Briefcase” in their match.


🧞‍♀️ ”Hey Lord, you know I’m fighting
Hey Lord, you know I’m fighting
I’m sure this world is done with me
Hey Lord, you know it’s true.” 🧞‍♀️

Toddy dabs at the tears that are falling. She is trying to regain her composure, but she is so overcome with emotion. Ricky and Jennie had the perfect relationship; they were in the middle of marital bliss, and they were the unit that Austin and Todrick used to be. Previously they made it a point to say that competition wouldn’t matter when they were in a match, but Toddy was not naïve that when it came to them versus her, she wouldn’t matter. This match was something she would fight for, and she’d have to face reality for the first time, Austin Ramsey was not on board. He initially spazzed out as everyone expected him to. His bride was in a handicap match of sorts.

Anyone who knew the two of them knew that he would never stand for his girl to be in a situation where the deck was stacked against her. He saw the card and came in hot, but that heat subsided. Surely Ricky and Jennie noticed, and Toddy was in a place that made her tired. But she wasn’t tired behind Austin. It was her this time. People were still blindly defending her on social media and in-person, and Austin wasn’t putting up with it anymore. Toddy stood up, looked at Austin lying in bed and watching TV, and got lost in her thoughts.

”Look at him; he is sitting there looking all scrumptious. I’m sitting here ruining this, and he is just allowing me to think I’m getting away with this.”

Austin breaks eye contact with the TV and looks at Todrick. Everything within him wants to comfort her, but he doesn’t move. He just glares at her but doesn’t say a word. It’s an intense stare from Austin, which is not lost on Todrick. Austin does not need to rub it in. He doesn’t need to say a word. He had made himself clear. Surely Ricky and Jennie were clear in their relationship and what would happen in this match.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey:Austin, will you record me as I do my promo work this week.

Austin Ramsey: Yeah, sure, whatever you want, Toddy. It’s all about…nevermind.

Todrick ignores Austin because she has to get through this. Her heart is not in it, but she is a competitor, and she refuses just to hand Ricky and Jennie the match. Austin wouldn’t ruin this. But he was trying to hurt her like he was hurt. He starts recording her without letting her get ready so her mascara is smeared, and she looks worse for wear.


🧞‍♀️Now the tide is rolling in
I don’t wanna win
Let it take me
Let it take me
I’ll be on my way
How long can I stay
In a place that can’t contain me?
Hey Lord, you know I’m tired
Hey Lord, you know I’m tired.” 🧞‍♀️


Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: “I’d be an idiot to come here and address all my Rockstars as if everything is perfect. It’s not, and you know that things with Austin and I aren’t okay. But we both want you to know that we don’t want you to get discouraged. We will work this out. But you need to focus on your girl’s upcoming match with Ricky and Jennie Rodriguez. It’s not always a unified front that wins matches. They are both competitive and want to win the match.

That’s what gives me a fighting chance, given all the things that are happening in my life. If you want to give up hope, Austin is the camera guy right now. If things were that bad, we wouldn’t be together. I need all of your love and support to survive this match while I fight for my marriage. And I’m fighting more than you know. Don’t come after Austin in this because I am at fault. But I need to focus on winning against the newlyweds.

I need focus and all of my Rockstars to get me there. I love all of you the same way I love Austin. I need you most now, I’m going to give you all I got. Be with me.


🧞‍♀️”Hey Lord, you know I’m trying
Hey Lord, you know I’m trying
It’s all I got, is this enough?
Hey Lord, I wanna stay
Hey Lord, you know I’m fighting
Hey Lord, you know I’ll find it
I don’t know when or how today
Hey Lord, I’m on my way.” 🧞‍♀️