Turn out the lights, the party is over

By: Enforcer

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 3rd Dec 2021


::Enforcer and his wife, Justice Cross, are walking into their Central Park West highrise apartment. The Enforcer is untying his tie. He sets the tie on their dining room table and walks over and grabs himself a glass and pours himself a glass of scotch.::


Justice Cross:Didn’t you drink enough at the Fight NYC Christmas Party?


Enforcer:I had dodge that damn dinosaur the majority of the night.


Justice Cross:What? He likes you. It’s cute because he just wants to be your friend.


Enforcer:I have enough friends.


Justice Cross:Oh really? Because with the exception of the kids and I you usually keep everybody at arms length.


Enforcer:That is because people usually suck. 


Justice nods in agreement.



Enforcer:So pardon me for needing another drink after playing hide and go seek with Dino. 


Justice Cross:It is actually Dave. Dave the Dinosaur.


Enforcer:Whatever!By the way, how in the hell did he ever get a Bronx championship match much less beating Michelle to become the champion?


Justice Cross:That will be one of the world’s greatest mysteries.


::Enforcer smiles just before taking a sip of scotch from the glass he is holding.::


Enforcer:Regardless of having to dodge that dinosaur the majority of the night just like I have to avoid getting jumped on by that damn spider monkey.


Justice Cross:You damn well know you deserved much worse for what you did to Ani a few months ago.


Enforcer:Which is why I tried to make amends. 


Justice Cross:Did you really think she was just going to just accept your apology just because you asked pretty please?


Enforcer:That fucking apology was genuine!


Justice Cross:I didn’t say it wasn’t but you can’t really blame her for not trusting your attempt at a reconciliation.


Enforcer:I know, babe. My asshole tendencies can get me into these predicaments. 


Justice Cross:Maybe…just a thought but you could try to not be an asshole.


::Enforcer quickly turns his head to look at Justice.::


Enforcer:Say what?!?!?! Did you really just suggest that shit to me? Oh no you didn’t.


Justice Cross:Hell yeah  I suggested that shit. So you should really consider dropping those assholeish tendencies. 


::Enforcer doesn’t look amused.::


Enforcer:I’ll think about it.


Justice Cross:If I were you I would try to do more than think about it.


Enforcer:(Forcing a smile)Of course, dear. 


Justice Cross:Not so convincing response. May I suggest that you try harder and do better  at taking my advice?


Enforcer:Yes, of course, my love. Thank you for bestowing your wisdom onto me.


::Justice begins to laugh::


Justice Cross:You are such an asshole. While you stew in being an actual real life asshole I am going to go get ready for bed. 


Enforcer:I’ll be in after I finish this drink.


Justice Cross:You better. I don’t want you sleeping on the balcony again because your one drink turned into twelve.


Enforcer:Who me?


Justice Cross:(As she is walking towards the hallway that leads to the master bedroom)This guy with the jokes.


Enforcer:What can I say? I can be funny.


::Enforcer sets his glass down on the dining room table and then slides off his jacket. Enforcer puts the jacket on the back of one of the chairs. He picks up his glass and takes another sip of the scotch.::


Enforcer:As everyone saw I couldn’t get one by our resident spider monkey because she is understandably still upset that I turned on her to join The Cure several months ago. So fine, you want to fight me, Ani? That’s cool with me and we can have another go around. This can be our rubber match because as we all remember despite me pushing you to the limit you were able to walk out the Immortal World Heavyweight champion and I got my retribution when I pulled off the upset and beat you to advance in the Cosa Nostra Tournament. So here we are, Ani. What do you say we go one more time for old time sakes? What do you say at the three night major spectacular that Fight will be throwing? Countdown? You good with that, Ani?


::Enforcer sets his empty glass down on to the dining room table.::


Enforcer:Now this week at Silent Fight:Season Beatings I’ll be facing three people in the first annual reindeer games. Who knows what sick and degenerate bullshit that has been thought up and classified as reindeer games. Knowing my luck the reindeer games include Vhodka force feeding me Nacho Cheese Doritos. 


::Enforcer puts his right hand over his mouth.::


Enforcer:Oh shit! I just threw up in my mouth a little. Fucking disgusting ass nacho cheese doritios are the devil.


::Enforcer takes a deep breath.::


Enforcer:Not only am I facing off with Ani in these reindeer games but there is the guy who might not be wearing a big red nose but the hair on the top of his head will make up for that. Good looking out, Eoin. But you and I both know you ain’t shit and won’t be a factor in this upcoming match. That just leaves us with the woman who I was about to beat before Ani decided to ruin my evening by losing her shit. I doubt you were bummed in the slightest about not having to face me. So, I have got to wonder, Kasey, is your head in the game? When you walk into the Fight Tower on Monday night will you be able to kick all of our asses? Me…I have my doubts you will be ready to do so. Now I am not saying you don’t have what it takes to do so because I have seen you inside this ring when you are on your game and I know you can stand toe to toe with just about anybody. But that desire to step on someone’s throat and finish them off in the most gruesome way possible. I know I will be ready to do so because my ego requires it and there is a pesky little spider monkey who will end me if I am not.So, I’ll definitely be ready to do so. 


::Enforcer walks towards the hallway where the bedrooms are and just as about to walk into the hallway he shuts the lights.::