Turning Point in my mind

By: Enforcer

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 1st Oct 2021


::Enforcer sits down in a small dark room and shuts the door behind him.::


Enforcer:Forgive me father I have sinned. It has been sixteen minutes since my last confessional.


Father:Anthony, is that you?


Enforcer:Yeah, I told you I would be back, Father Milan.


Father:Milan:I just didn’t think you would be back so soon.


Enforcer:As you might have figured out from my last eighteen visits I have a lot to confess.


Father Milan:Look Anthony I can appreciate that you have been here way too many times over the last week or so…


Enforcer:When I realized I wouldn’t actually burst into flames when I step into a church I figured why not get some good use out of this place.


Father Milan:But I cannot take anymore of your confessions.


Enforcer:What I have told you thus far isn’t even half all the shit I have done during my life.


Father Milan:Please no! I can’t listen to your ass anymore.


Enforcer:Alright man relax.


Father Milan:Why do you really feel the need to confess your sins to me?


Enforcer:Who the hell else would I tell them to?


Father MIlan:I don’t know…Maybe the police.


::Enforcer chuckles.::


Enforcer:Good one, Pedro. 


Father Milan:Don’t you have more pressing things to focus one? Where exactly do your priorities lie?


Enforcer:Obviously my priorities begin and end with my wife and children. I have lived by the motto that as long as my people and my money are good then I am good. Let’s just say I have been very fortunate in both of those regards. And I make my money by what I do inside a wrestling ring. Everything else doesn’t really matter.


Father Milan:It sounds like you have everything all figured out, Anthony.


Enforcer:I do, don’t I?


Father Milan:You do.


Enforcer:You…you my friend. You are good.


::Enforcer stands up and walks out of the confessional into Trinity Church in Manhattan, New York. He walks down the aisle of the church towards the front door. When he arrives at the front door of the church he pushes the doors open and walks out onto Broadway Avenue. He begins walking down the street.::


Enforcer:I have to, I have to get into the right mindset because in just a short period of time I will be going back into the tower and stepping into the ring with Jennie Fenix…


::Enforcer walks out of cameraview.::


10 Hours Later

::Enforcer is sitting on the ground against the wall of a private gym in Brooklyn, New York. He is gulping water out of a forty ounce black Hydro Flask with sweat dripping down his face. He takes the hydro flask away from his lips and sets it down on to the ground next to him.::


Enforcer:I seem to be at a crossroads of my career as I have entered my silver anniversary of my long and storied career. The question has crept into my mind over the last few months of “how much longer do I want to keep going? When and where should I hang it up for good?”  Clearly the joys of getting to wrestle every match I have in Fight! Just minutes away from home has not gone as well as to be expected. Do I really want to be a shell of myself and just exist to tarnish everything that I have worked so hard for the last twenty five years? Every punch, kick, and punch I need to reconcile in my mind if it is still worth it. Because I’d like to actually do something I never thought I would do when I was a child. That it is to possibly make it to fifty years old. I have mentioned before that my younger days were rough to say the very least. 


::Enforcer pulls himself up off the floor and gets to his feet.::


Enforcer:So thinking I would make it into my twenties much less my forties with a loving wife and two children is nothing I really thought would happen but here we are. So what do I do you might ask? Do I go out on my back like a bitch or do I go out in a blaze of glory? (Chuckles) I supposed we will just have to see, right? My opponent at Venom ten and I have a bit of common experiences because like her I lost someone too. Which caused her to walk away from this business so she can find herself after a tragic loss. I have to wonder, Jennie, how did Druscilla convince you to step back into the ring and compete again? What did she say or do? Is your return to the living and the squared circle all is cracked up to be? Do you feel any undue pressure that you have put onto yourself or by others? That is obviously something you will only disclose to yourself or your inner circle of people who you trust most of all. But at the end of the day the only thing that matters is that you and I are on a collision course at Venom ten. It doesn’t matter at all about the legacy that was passed down to us or the careers we have created for ourselves. But like anything else in this business, from bell to bell all that other bullshit doesn’t really matter.


::Enforcer picks up his Hydro Flask and walks over to a desk in the office of the private gym. He looks at his phone and sees it is two minutes after four in the morning.::


Enforcer:All I can do is to focus on myself and continue to prepare in hopes that the work I put in will continue to pay off. Like I mentioned before Jennie, as confident as you might be in yourself and your family history which is obviously important to you and others of your ilk. Like my wife and kids are important to me. While you might be confident that you will come out victorious at the very least I will go down swinging and take others out with me.


::Camera fades to black.::