We should be helping

By: Ricky Rodriguez

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 3rd Dec 2021

Having already been at the party beforehand, there wasn’t much confusion on what had happened that caused him to leave and return, both of which were with Sahara. Showing that kindness again and bending down so Ricky can kiss her before the two went their separate ways, for the most part.


Being friends with a good portion of the Fight roster, Ricky was bouncing from person to person, laughing and having a genuinely good time. It was the season. His favorite, really. From Halloween till the New Year, things just felt..different. It always brought about a peaceful feeling in him.


Even with his Bronx Championship Match against Dave the Dinosaur looming right around the corner. Even with his lackluster record in championship matches, the thought of Dave just made him snicker. Not because he didn’t think Dave could bring it in the ring, cause Ricky knew for a fact that he was. Especially since he defeated and won the Bronx Championship from his former stablemate Michelle.


It was cause of the whole dinosaur thing. Ricky didn’t know the whole story, that much was true, but that didn’t make it any less funny to him. He went from talking to people like Jennie Fenix and Ashlynn Cassidy, people who he hadn’t known for very long but still found to be pretty cool people and quickly became pretty good friends with to Austin and Todrick, despite issues, still being his two best friends. Even to have a few words with Joe. While things were getting better than they were following Ascension, there was still a lot of apprehension there. But after his conversation with Sahara, things started to move a bit differently in his mind. Why shouldn’t he benefit from Joe’s generosity?


He was a bit taken aback by the train of thought his mind was taking. Shaking it off, he excused himself before making his way outside. Almost instantly, the cold night air aided in getting his head right. As did the long drag off of his dab pen. After a couple more, Ricky had the bright idea to pull out his phone and record a little something, going into his match with Dave.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘You’d think after three straight losses in championship matches, I’d be a bit more..I don’t know how to put it? Nervous..I guess? But I’m not. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’m not lookin past Dave. Not even a lilbit. Michelle did that. She made that mistake and look where it got her. She can call it whatever she wants but I know..and Dave knows..she fucked up.


It’s not nervous, it’s..anxious. See, things are different now than they were against MAV or against Toddy. I’m different. The way I see things. The way I approach this. I’ve been makin change after change after change and it feels like it’s finally payin off. And if you don’t wanna take my word for it..just ask Ash.


She found out, first hand, that I ain’t fuckin around anymore. In a world full of liars, thieves, and all around shitty people, this is what I hafta do to keep up..to excel. It’s not somethin I’m happy bout but that’s just how it hasta be. I hope you don’t take offense to it and realize it’s just business.


That look of seriousness took over the features of Ricky. He moved around to get a shot of himself standing before the brightly lit cityscape.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘This is my redemption. All of the failed opportunities that came before, they happened so I could be the man standin here before you. The man who is ready to take every advantage I can get. The man who is ready to do whatever I hafta do to be successful. Otherwise, what the fuck am I even doin here?


It’s more than the pay off of all the growth I’ve went through. So much more. See, I’m tired of seein the shit here that I see every day. I want my piece too. And that’s where you come in, Dave. You’re a great guy, I’m sure, but you got what I want. That Bronx Championship and all the spoils that come with it. The better apartment. The better pay.


Before Fight..before the last moments of OPW, I busted my ass for nothin but recognition. I hadda work a side job just to keep myself goin financially. But that changed once I got here. Everythin has definitely become better. But it’s not enough. I want more. I need more. I wanna be the one rollin up in cars that normal people hafta work a year for. I wanna be able to rent out a whole fuckin club just cause I wanna. I wanna be champion. And most of all, I want everythin that comes with it.’


With his free hand, Ricky firmly rubbed his hand across his forehead. 


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘I gotta show you the same aggression to you that I showed Ash. I hafta get back into that headspace and I hafta push for victory. Doesn’t hafta be a five star match. Doesn’t even hafta be a fair match. Justa successful one. But luckily, I’m not gonna hafta break any rules to do that.


A Gingerbread Hell in a Cell Match. In what has been first after first after first, here I stand, in front of another first for me. I’m not even sure what this match is gonna be like. Are the walls gonna be made outta gingerbread? Like..do we gotta eat our way out? What the fuck?’


Shaking his head, clearly starting to really feel the effects of the rather copious amount of drinking and smoking he’s done tonight, not to mention his and Sahara’s getaway. He takes a step which turns into him slightly stumbling back. Moving to rest against the wall behind him, he took a moment to recover.


After a couple minutes, he felt good enough to back in and join back up with everyone. Deciding to take it a bit easy on the drinks, he took a seat and took a moment to observe the various members of Fight’s roster mingle. It didn’t last long as he caught sight of a rather tipsy Eion O’Rourke taking a seat where Ricky was. He took a drink from his glass before uttering a single statement.


Eoin O’Rourke: ‘We should be helping them.’


Ricky grew confused after hearing what Eoin had to say. The only real interactions the two have had were the occasional brawl so with that alone, he was confused enough. But add in what the big man had said and Ricky was on a whole new level of confusion and, of course, Eoin picked up on it.


Eoin O’Rourke: ‘Apathy and Sahara.’


Despite the pretty clear answer, Ricky was still a bit lost. Eoin rolling his eyes at this, he turned to face Ricky.


Eoin O’Rourke: ‘They’re fighting a fight we should be fighting with them. But instead, here we are at this stupid thing.’


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘I mean, we can have their backs. That’s a pretty good start.’


Eoin’s expression shot daggers at Ricky before taking another drink.


Eoin O’Rourke: ‘They need more than a pretty good start. They’re fighting to make this place better for guys like you and me. We should be there, by their sides, ready to do whatever that needs to be done.’


The words of Eoin sent Ricky back to earlier when he slipped away with Sahara. He nodded firmly at Eoin before speaking up.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘You’re totally right.’


Eoin O’Rourke: ‘You’re goddamn right I am! They’re fighting against the worst parts of this business and we’re just..sitting around on our asses!’


Ricky’s eyes widened in shock at the sudden outburst of Eoin 


Eoin O’Rourke: ‘I’ve had enough of this shite!’


Eoin yelled from the top of his lungs and through the cocktail he had at the wall. The glass shattered in a million pieces. Some people, including Ricky, looked at Eoin in surprise, while others ignored, and some chuckled. Eoin looked at the crowd and then looked Ricky in the eyes before walking into the crowd, mumbling to himself.


For a moment, Ricky stood there, absolutely stunned by what had just happened. The few lingering looks in his direction were met with a shrug as Ricky went to get a drink and return to his seat. Reclining back in his chair a bit, sipping on his drink, Ricky thought a bit more about the coming match against Dave.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘I ain’t gonna take the loss again, Dave. It was funny as hell to see you beat Michelle like that but you know damn well she ain’t happy bout that. And one thing I do know bout her? She just don’t let shit go without gettin her getback. Look at Bam. Brandon blew his ass up and Michelle still got hers on him. What makes you think that won’t happen again? You took somethin of hers.


I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if she decided to give herself an early Christmas gift and fuck you outta this match. I mean, that’d be a pretty shitty endin to your reign as Bronx Champion but in all honesty? I wouldn’t care. I wouldn’t hesitate in the slightest to benefit from her attackin you before or durin this match.


A win is a win and a win makes me Bronx Champion. That’s all I care about. That’s all I want from this match. I honestly don’t care if it’s received as the worst match in Fight’s short history. As long as I walk away with that title draped across my shoulder..then I’m happy. It’s time for that, Dave. It’s time for me to be happy. It’s time to get what I want. And at Silent Fight? It’s gonna be at your expense.’


Ricky looked as if he was going to continue on but the sight of Sahara at the bar totally distracted him from any thoughts that just so happened to be running through his head. He sat there, a soft smile lingering across his features. When she turned around and caught sight of Ricky, a smile of her own grew across her face.


Drinking down the rest of his drink, Ricky set the glass down and got up from his seat. As he walked across that room, he saw nobody else there except for Sahara. God, she was beautiful in his eyes. Even with the faults she has, as everyone else does, there was nobody better in his eyes or his heart.


Once he made his way up to her, he wrapped his arms around her waist and, thanks to those damn heels, tilted his head back a bit to look up at her in adoration. She lowered down and the two shared a brief kiss but when Sahara went to pull back, Ricky tightened his arms around her, stopping her.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘That..thing..you showed me in your apartment? I’m in. Let’s do it.’


The eyes of Sahara lit up and the two shared another kiss. Only this time it was much deeper and more passionate than the one before. The two continued their embrace, not even noticing anyone else around them. Just the two of them. Their arms around each other, lost in one another. Even with how shitty things were at times, moments like this made it all worth it.