“What do you know about him?”

By: Jennie Fenix

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 30th Sep 2021

September 28, 2021
Hartford, CT
Tara’s Residence

“This thread goes through this hole… here…” Jennie muttered to herself, and strained her eyes to see the hole that she soon began threading then turned her attention over to a tablet with a YouTube tutorial video up. “Hey! I’m getting it!” She said with enthusiasm. The house filled with the pitter patter of other people in the house, but Jennie seemed lost in the moment of her knitting when a voice could be heard calling out to her.

“Aunt Jennie!” the innocent voice of a child, as Edward, Jennie’s youngest nephew came up.

Jennie’s gaze shot up to see her nephew wearing a nice vest, and a backpack on his shoulders. She sat her project down beside her, being careful not to lose where the hook was, before extending her arms out as Edward ran in to give her a hug. “EDUARDO! Good morning! Where are you off to at this ungodly hour?” Jennie asked mockingly, and even sold it by picking her phone up to take a glance at the time. “What am I doing awake?” she said, and blinked her eyes several times. Eddie took a step back and wrapped his hands around the straps and seemed to be a beaming bundle of joy, and Jennie picked her project back up to resume knitting.

“What are you making?” Edward asked.

“It looks like nothing right now, but when I’m done: it’s going to be a beanie! That’s a hat.” Jennie answered with a certain joy, and flare on her voice that you would question whether she was the one who was adopted or not.

“I know what a beanie is!” Edward scoffed.

Another person walked into the room. Of course, it was Tara. She had a confused look on her face as Jennie seemed to find her rhythm in knitting. “Mornin’!” Jennie said and appeared to lose herself in the music in her head as she danced with her upper body and head tilting back and forth to the same rhythm in which she was knitting.

“Good morning…” Tara answered with now audible confusion, “What are you doing?”

“Knitting! Duh!” Jennie answered, and got a giggle out of her nephew. She rolled her eyes toward him and gave a look of her own giddiness; she didn’t say it aloud, but she was thrilled to have her baby nephew back and more importantly to see him happy.

“I can see that, but what are you knitting?” Tara continued.

“Beanies! For Team Raven for your cruise thingy. This one is for Betsy!” Jennie answered and Tara looked down beside her to see a stack of beanies; there were already four.

“Don’t you have a match this week?”

“Yeah huh.” Jennie said with a slight nod.

“Have you prepared at all?”

“Nuh uh.”

Tara blinked several times, and her jaw just dropped in astonishment that this was in fact her sister. The two were very different in their approach to the ring; Tara was a worker, and Jennie was more like the drunken master. “What’s his name?”

“Hey, hey! How dare you! I know his name!” Jennie said, and had the strongest urge to slam the beanie down but she didn’t want to ruin it so just shook it at Tara, then went back to the knitting, “It’s Enforcer. Don’t you have a man to harass now?”

“He’s asleep. Luckily I’m your sister. His name is ANTHONY CROSS, he is nicknamed as The Enforcer. Dru recently fought him, and successfully, so you could probably give her a call and go over some tactics with her because he is much larger, and much stronger than you, so you are going to have to approach this tactfully.” Tara said. Near the end of her statement, she began walking toward Edward and put an arm around his shoulder, “I’m going to take Edward to school, and then we’re going to start training!”

“Can I at least finish this beanie?” Jennie asked in a whining voice.

Tara called back while walking with Edward toward the door, “If you finish it before I get home.”

“Bye, Aunt Jennie!” Edward called out.

“Have a GREAT day, Eduardo!” Jennie called back.

The door closed as Tara and Edward left the house, and Jennie shook her head and began muttering to herself in a mocking tone over everything that Tara had told her.

“Du tláa x’éigaa át.” The voice spoke in a language hardly known to anyone outside of Southeastern Alaska, and had caused Jennie to jump in her seat and she looked over her shoulder, and to no surprise: there stood Sabin. He had his elbows propped on the stairway railing. “You should probably be preparing harder for this. At least get in his head. Y’know?”

“What did you even say?!” Jennie shouted at Sabin.

Sabin, with a hop in his step, went down the staircase, and answered while en route, “I said you should be preparing harder for this–“

“You spoke English there! I know that part! THE PART BEFORE!” Jennie said and gave a playful swat at her nephew who feigned a dodge; she picked up the bundle of yarn and set it in her lap so that Sabin had a spot to sit.

“I said that she was right. You need to take this a little more seriously, you know? Like when I am scheduled for a match, I’m already looking up everything I can about my opponent. By the time I’m done, I’m going to be able to tell you their favorite restaurant, but you–“ Sabin shrugged, “–you seem to just be winging it. And it worked for your last opponent, but it’s not going to work every time.”

“I know, but Tara is just so intense! I don’t need her help with everything… I want her to just be able to watch, and know that I’m able to honor the family name without her having to intervene. And then with PWV, she’s getting her nose in my business.” Jennie did her best to reason with Sabin. Sabin gave off a slight shrug, but nodded his head in agreement. “She’s gotta let me fly free! To an extent! I don’t want to lose her, but she needs to know that I can handle my own business.”

“So handle it! What is your number one thing to do inside of the ring?” Sabin said.

“I just want to be part of the family business. I want to have fun with it. If I’m not having fun, I’m not doing it.” Jennie asked.

“So you have zero aspiration to win a championship?” Sabin sounded confused. It wasn’t often that anybody would step foot in the ring with no ambition to capture a championship, but just because it wasn’t her number one goal did not mean that it was not there.

“It would be cool! But right now, it’s just about proving that I can do this, too.” Jennie answered.

“What do you know about The Enforcer?” Sabin asked.

“I know that he’s a pretty big guy… He’s strong.”

“That’s because my mom just told you that.” Sabin said.

“I know… His name! I watched his match, okay?! With Dru.” Jennie said with a little more enthusiasm.

Sabin cleared his throat, and began to give Jennie the information she needed, “The Enforcer, Anthony Cross, has won quite a few championships during his time in the ring whereas you, past and present, have not won one, but back to Anthony Cross: most recently at Fight, lost to Druscilla White–“ Jennie couldn’t stifle a giggle because of what had to happen on account of that result, “–he is also at the UWL in which he also suffered a loss. That means that he is on a bit of a cold streak, so you have that over him! I mean… you’ve only had one match since returning, but it’s something! Most of his moves seem to focus on, but he’s also got a submission arsenal. Now, we’re going to do what Mom suggested, and we are going to get you in touch with Dru… She’s going to be able to help you, but for now–“ Sabin picked up his aunt’s phone and held it out to her, “–you’re going to cut your promo. Right off your head! Let it flow! GO!” Sabin said, and immediately retreated, “Don’t get me in there!”

Jennie nodded and put the bundle of yarn where Sabin was previously sitting; she stood from the couch and began typing onto the phone.

Title: Anthony Crossed the wrong road!
Tag: Fight! NY

Jennie held the phone out in selfie mode before using her thumb to tap the “live” button, and with her other hand held up her two fingers in a peace sign before giving her introduction to the audience which was quickly climbing.

“Good morning, fans! Thank you for tuning in, and I know that ALL of you are going to be tuning in this Saturday when your girl steps into the ring at FIGHT this week! I’ll be in the ring with this big, bad, Enforcer that should get a legal name change because his nickname does sound a little more intimidating than his name… Anthony…” Jennie switched to a mocking tone, “Hey, who are you fighting? Oh, just ANTHONY! Y’know my heart was broken by an ‘Anthony’. But that’s whatever, that’s neither here nor there, that’s just… a mistake. He was a mistake. ANTHONY! Isn’t that a restaurant? Don’t they serve pizza? ANTHONY!” Jennie scrunched her face up and shook her head, “It just– it– it doesn’t sound as intimidating as THE ENFORCER! But truth be told? I know just a little bit about you, but believe me, bucko; as soon as I’m done with giving you a piece of my mind, I’m going to be sure that I know more about you than I know about knitting– AND THAT’S NOT A WHOLE LOT! But not to worry, because still– I’m going to learn everything I can about you. You’re going to be calling me up to ask what you’re in the mood to eat, and I’m going to be able to tell you. Got it? Good!”

Jennie pursed her lips together, and her eyes focused on where she was walking rather than the audience briefly; a door could be heard opening and closing behind her as the background visible on her phone shifted to the outside.

“You are quite a specimen, indeed! Quite a specimen, indeed! Now– I did see your latest match at Fight against my girl, Dru, but I was totally watching for her because I love her, she’s a total sweetheart, she’s been great, welcoming, hospitable– bet you didn’t know I knew that word, I know a lot more than I like to lay on because there’s just so many of you that are taking this just sooo seriously, like… all the time… and it really does put a damper on my mood, y’know?” Jennie pauses, and her eyes roll up as if to question something, “What was I talking about? Oh, right!” she snapped her fingers together, “ANTHONY!” It was clear she was pacing while talking to the camera and she did her best to keep her eyes on the camera but she wasn’t the type of person to stay focused on one thing for too long.

“You were defeated by the lovely, unmistakable, Druscilla White and we got to witness one of the greatest things in history– I think that deep down you knew about the bet that was made, and you took a dive! Because you wanted to hear it, too! Admit it! ADMIT IT!” She began pointing at the camera in an accusatory fashion, “Fine, don’t admit it. You’d probably receive a hefty fine if you took a dive because we, the fine people of Fight, do not tolerate taking a dive even if it’s to settle things with your bookie. That’s something you handle on your own terms. But I BELIEVE that you had more in the tank on that night! I think Dru was able to catch you off-guard just long enough to score that pin fall, to the shock and awe of the crowd and the woe of all of those that had the nerve to bet against honey bunches! You see– that’s just what stands out about you to me, you are a big man! You are like the FINAL BOSS! It’s like if I were a female Link– YES! Link is the DUDE! ZELDA IS THE PRINCESS! STOP CONFUSING THEM YOU BUNCH OF FAKE NERDS! Anyways, if I were a female version of Link, and you were Ganondorf, I know that I’m in for the fight of my life! I was able to defeat Korrupt who looked more like a Shadow Link who really is not on the level of Ganondorf, because… well, you should know, Shadow Link is just one boss of a small dungeon, while Ganondorf is the BOSS of the GAME! You have that size, Anthony. You have that size of Ganondorf that’s just– intimidating! But you don’t have a cool name like Ganondorf does. But do you want to know what I remember most from that game?” Jennie gives an exaggerated pause.

“I win! Every time! Without fail! Ganondorf is all like ‘I have the Triforce’ and I’m over here like: ‘That’s cool, bruh!’ and then I take the MASTER SWORD and hack him down a few times and roll END CREDITS! That’s what’s going to happen at Venom, Anthony, you are going to be HACKED down to size and you are going to be sorely disappointed when I take all the parts of the Triforce and bring peace and prosperity back to the land! Until the next game comes out. Can we talk for a minute about Breath of the Wild, and how–“

Sabin’s voice can be heard shouting from a distance, “NO!”

“Fine! Fine! Listen up, Anthony… to make it quite simple for you, to make it simple for everybody watching– love y’all, by the way– Anthony Cross-ED! That’s CROSSED! Like– okay, you get it, he CROSSED the wrong road this week when the fine people of Fight saw fit to put me in the ring, because I’ve always been told that the bigger they are, the harder they fall, and you are a mountain of a man! But I’ll chip you down to size, bob, weave, as if I were knitting you a beanie, razzle-dazzle, float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, and then in the MIDDLE of that very ring! I am going to score the one–“ she held up one finger at the phone’s camera, “–two–“ second, “–three!” and finally the third.

“I’m one match in, and you’re goddamn right that I’m going to do absolutely everything I can to ensure that I take this streak and turn it into something BIGGER! Something BETTER! This is about sending a message to–“ she gives the finger gun salute, and shoots at the camera, “–EVERYONE! Don’t discredit me. Don’t count me out. I am fully, one-hundred-and-TEN fucking percent able to step into the ring with each and every single one of you, and do you know what I’m going to do EACH and EVERY time? I am going to get in your face–“ Jennie pulled the phone close, and turned her head in a gesture as if welcoming a free shot, “–like this. I’m going to tap my chin–“ Jennie continued acting out what she had narrated, “–like this. And I’m going to sing HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME–“ she stretched her arm back out letting the camera back away from her, and punched at the air, “–because shit’s about to get real, and if you don’t knock me out with that first shot, YOU’RE NOT KNOCKING ME OUT! Anthony Cross is going to learn that on Venom, and just like I do in my gaming: I’m going to win!”

Jennie gave a kiss to the camera, “Smooches!” and tapped the button to end her live feed.