What Must Be Done

By: Austin Ramsey

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 21st Nov 2021


Tuesday, November 16, 2021
Police Station
Manhattan, NY



“My Wife, My Life”


Austin Ramsey is in the Manhattan police station, and he is anything but calm. He fidgets with his phone but cannot concentrate. He decides to post a live video to try to sort his feelings.

Austin Ramsey: So, to all of Toddy’s Rockstars, I’m here at the Manhattan police station, waiting on them to release her to me. I’m exhausted, I’m broken, I’m battered, and I don’t give a fuck about anything right now except holding her and walking her outta here. Centurion is a good dude, and I thank him for saving my neck tonight. He told me that I let Chris Page beat me, and I can’t say that I disagree. I’ve been making hella mistakes lately. I need my Toddy; I need her.

Austin, who is usually angry or hyper-sexual on social media, begins to cry. He tries to wipe away the tears, but they are flowing. He can feel the hot sting on his cheeks as they drip down under his chin. He tries to move to wipe them, but he can’t. Austin hates feeling helpless, and he is utterly helpless in this situation. He felt less than a man because he couldn’t help his spouse. His mind began to wander as he sat on the uncomfortable wooden bench.

“What is happening to her back there? You..this is your fault! Of all the times you have failed her, this is the greatest. You are a fucking loser, Austin. You sucked at life, and you dragged her into this. You knew that you weren’t good enough, but you had to push and push, and now what? It’s always about sex, right? She was your first, and you knew it, you selfish prick. She was innocent, and you took that from her. Now what?”

The officers on duty do their best to look away from the broken shell of a man that is in front of them. Austin is quietly sobbing and shaking his head, and he is entirely unaware of his surroundings. The other parents and friends in the waiting room look at him, but Austin is recognized, and his reputation as a ball of anger is doing him no favors. No one approaches him, and he is all alone.

“What if this is it? I saw the jail documentaries; Toddy can hold her own, but what if I’m too late? What if she can’t? Is she a prison wife now? Do I need to get arrested to get her back? Yeah, that’s it, get arrested. At least I can hold her and protect her. Now, what to do to get arrested? What would Dr. Cook say?”

Austin latched on to that last thought. The other #Austins were trying to divert his focus for a meeting, but he held firm. The new #Austin was eerily quiet, and it allowed him to think. He knew this was in part that he managed to tell Toddy his thoughts before the arrest in their room during Venom; the #Austins could all hear what was happening on the surface when they were near the train station in his head. #NiceAustin was unappreciated by the world because he tirelessly stayed by the train stop to hear what was happening and sacrificed his free time.

He knew he had to do this because some of the other #Austins were followers and needed guidance. The new one was a problem, but until last week, he hadn’t directly challenged #NiceAustin. He wasn’t a fighter, but as the alpha, what was he to do now? Little Austin, who they were all sworn to protect, seemed annoyed the last time they spoke, and could he even approach him directly? Toddy was always the soft spot with all 28 #Austins, and even the new one couldn’t break that hold.

#NiceAustin was losing his grip as the alpha, and he knew it. How to fix it before this faction of rage and malice took over was the dilemma. He was clueless without Toddy to help him. The alpha was failing in the ecosystem. The other #Austins didn’t know it, but they knew the new and unliked #Austin was big trouble. An elderly lady beside Austin on the wooden bench touches his shoulder, and he is violently snapped out of his thoughts, and his first instinct is to drawback to hit. She cries out, and it stops him from hitting her.

He looks at her with apologetic eyes, and she lets him know that it is okay. She sees he has demons in his life and is okay. The other people in the waiting room silently exhale a sigh of relief. Austin looks guilty and embarrassed; usually, Toddy would tell him if it’s appropriate to leave the room or stay. There is no Toddy here, and this moment is excruciating. Austin looks around the room and feels outnumbered; it didn’t matter much because if something popped off, he’d fight them all. His heart just wasn’t in it. He missed his bride, and he needed to see her. He couldn’t see her; his head and heart were hurting. There was no one to lash out at per usual.

Usually, he had an opponent to focus his rage on, but tonight, he couldn’t focus it on one person. He hated Chris Page for the incident, he hated Henry for buying the audacity on bulk to call him out and call him a kid, he hated Amari Kent for being a cunt to Todrick, he hated Ricky Rodriguez for being a mindless bitch, he hated Samuel Chatman for not joining Fight to be a tag team partner, he hated Miss Michelle for the audacity to bid for Toddy’s Manhattan Championship when she was living her best life with an entire championship.

He hated Dave for challenging Michelle and winning at Venom. How the fuck does a bitch ass D-rated Marvel character beat someone of Michelle’s caliber? She lost on fucking purpose was his thoughts. He was pissed at both of them. Toddy needed a break, in his opinion, but when he brought it up, he was rebuked. Toddy was a fighting champion, but there is something about fucking and loving someone that negates that in your mind. Michelle was better than that. How DARE she lose that match!

That means she thinks she actually thinks she has a chance against Toddy.

“Dafuq, does all of this even mean? She did that shit on purpose. Now I wanna be mad at her, but she’s my sister. Brandon is my brother, so how can I be mad at her? I love little Ezra, and I get to babysit. That’s a big deal to me, I want kids, and me and Toddy aren’t in the same place right now. I want them.

Austin sniffles, still unaware of his surroundings.

“I get what she is saying, but I would be a perfect dad. People take my mental disability and use that against me, but my kid…my KID…comes first. If someone trusts me to babysit with or without Todrick, I will die before I let something happen to them. Real talk. B has been talking to me about some things, and I hope Michelle is trying to sell Toddy on those, but B is my brother. We are doing that shit regardless. We are having a kid soon, though. B will help me get through that. His words make so much sense in my bundle of confusion. Pauly cut me off, and I don’t know what to do with that cause Joe keeps telling me everything is okay. Why are all my male friendships fucked? B is the only one relating to me right now. I’m gonna listen to him and tune the rest of them out. B can lead me to get past my emotions of fighting Dru’s dad. And fuck that dude that keeps insisting on calling me, kid. Yeah, I loved..past tense Dru cause she’s gone but fuck you, old dude.

Police Sergeant: Austin Ramsey?

Austin stands up and slowly walks towards the thick bulletproof glass. He looks defeated, and the officer slides a clipboard under the glass. Luckily, it was Monday, so Toddy had already had a hearing for bail. Austin didn’t care about the amount; he signed the form and put his black card down on the small clipboard. This was why he worked so many jobs to make sure Toddy never wanted for anything. Her bail was no different. Austin would die before he saw Toddy want for something.

The card was charged, and the desk sergeant nodded with respect to Austin as he slid the card back underneath the windowpane. A buzzer sounded, and the door opened. Todrick Tabor-Ramsey came through the door, and Austin rushed her. He picked her up and spun her around as his heart and head went to a quiet calm. He kissed her and forgot his surroundings. Toddy led him outside and took his phone to call the rideshare that would take them back to FIGHT Tower. Austin had done his part to get Toddy, and now he was focused on the rest of the night.

He had talked himself out of rioting, burning down the police station, fighting with the front desk of the police station, and as far as he was concerned, Austin had been a good boy. His libido was always up, but Toddy fell asleep on his shoulder on the ride home. Disappointed as he was, he knew this wasn’t the time. When they arrived home, he carried her into the house and upstairs to their room. He knew Toddy had a thing about street clothes in the bed, so he changed her and put her under the covers. He took the dogs out and came back in and climbed behind his spouse and held her close, and fell asleep.


Tuesday, November 16, 2021
Austin and Todrick’s Bedroom
Manhattan, NY



“The Morning After”


Usually, Austin was the early riser in the household, but today it was Todrick. She didn’t move because Austin still had a grip around her waist, and she didn’t want to wake him. She also didn’t want to move because the dogs would wake him up if she didn’t. He had a rough night, and she knew that is why he was not already awake. As if he could sense their heartbeats weren’t aligned, Austin woke up. He was confused and sat straight up.

Austin Ramsey: What day is it?

His breathing was erratic, and Todrick gently took his face into her hands and explained that it was Tuesday and they were at home. Austin began to focus and slowly gained his bearings. Austin nodded to let Toddy know that he was fully present, and the two fell back into the comfort of the pillows as Austin held Todrick.

Austin Ramsey: You know I can’t let this go, right?

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: You can, and you will. This is between Chris Page and me. He got me all the way fucked up, and I’m going to show him that I AM that bitch.

Austin Ramsey: No, no, no! I ain’t letting this go. You cannot possibly expect me to.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Austin Fayzan Ramsey, I can, and I do expect you to.

They look into each other’s eyes, and neither relents. Austin knew that Toddy was serious because he used his full name, and he was going to lose this fight even though his middle name meant ruler in Arabic. Austin finally broke eye contact and tried to switch tactics. He began kissing Toddy’s shoulder, and Toddy wasn’t buying any of it.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Stop it, Austin. Say it!

Austin is defiant and tries to press himself up against Todrick, who let him know this wasn’t her first rodeo and that she was in control. She moves his hands and sits up, and leans her back against the headboard. She folds her arms across her chest and looks at him. Austin is agitated and rolls his eyes, and sits up as well.

Austin Ramsey: Not fair, you left me, and this is the treatment I get? Guess it’s leave, Austin month, you left, Dru left, my patience left. Fuck Austin, right?

Anger flashes in Todrick’s eyes; she knows that Austin is trying to bait her into an argument so they can make up later, and she isn’t having it. No response would fuck with him more, and she knew it. So she clenched her lips, and he slowly turned red with each passing minute. It was working; Austin was close to boiling now. This was not how this was supposed to be going. Mentioning Dru was supposed to change the game, but it didn’t. That pissed him off.

Austin’s rage behind Dru had been subsiding until Henry stuck his nose into it, and he kept calling Austin a kid, which pissed Austin off to no ends. Kid was extremely disrespectful to someone who had survived everything that Austin had. He hadn’t been a kid since the first time his mother traded his innocence for a joint. He had to become a man that day to survive. With every man or woman, more of his childhood slipped away.

Henry’s words were a trigger for him. Sure everyone knew that Austin was a ball of anger, but no one, except Toddy, Sam, and Akasha, knew why. He never got to experience the joys of childhood. That little boy that sits in the dark room managing all of the #Austins was robbed of his life. The #Austins were created to keep his innocence until he was able to face the world like everyone else. That little boy was all that pure inside Austin, and he had to be protected at all costs.

Henry didn’t know, and he didn’t care because he was grieving for one of his daughters. Still, he had been asked nicely, which was something Austin wasn’t very good at to dial it back. He chose to press forward. His timing was horrible; Austin wasn’t in the reasoning mode. Chris had seen to that. For the first time, Austin couldn’t use his fists or his dick to fix everything. Survival always was a matter of fists or dick slinging. It’s what he knew, and he knew he had the looks because the “clients” had always commented about it. He was a piece of meat, but that was his life. He was entitled to his anger because these people should’ve known better. His parents should’ve known better. Austin refused to self-destruct and give up. He was going to be a survivor. Fighting bareknuckle was so much more to him than winning a championship; it was his outlet now.

Toddy had the wrestling game on lock; it was her game, it was Dickie’s game, but this was his now. His love for Dru couldn’t negate his path. He had been boxing for several months now, and it was his edge, it was his outlet because Toddy was always there to remind him of healthy releases. He needed this style of fighting just to let go, and there were no restrictions. It was better that it was Henry now because his love for Dru was a distraction.

She was in the halls of Valhalla now, and Henry wasn’t; he didn’t owe him shit. Austin wished he had a parent that protected him like Henry, but he couldn’t get past the “kid” part. Henry had mudded the waters after being asked politely to stop. Henry was treating him like he was “the other Ramsey” they all were.

“Fuck them and this “other Ramsey” bullshit. Toddy is the dominant…NO! I’m the dominant Ramsey. I’m not afraid to try it on my own. I don’t care if I’m right or wrong because I’m going to keep it real. I can’t be jealous of my wife.”

Austin pauses his thoughts as he kisses Toddy on her forehead.

“I said, my wife. That’s different; I usually say spouse, partner, or wifey, never just wife. I’m evolving, and it took me so long to start using the pronouns she/her or even the #WCW posts. To be honest, I did that to stop the fights, but I think it’s natural for me now. Yeah, she said she/her, or he/him is cool, I know what she wants. Isn’t complete acceptance the ultimate goal?

Toddy doesn’t want to lose Austin, and she gently calls his name to bring him back to her. She can see his eyes are wandering, and he comes back to her quickly. He melts into her, and the two are one in that moment. Austin was not used to that outside of Todrick, and he didn’t resist. He smiles as he holds Todrick, and the two fall asleep.


Tuesday, November 16, 2021
Pier 84 at Hudson River Park
Manhattan, NY



“A Misguided Father”


One of Austin’s favorite places was on the water, he had driven himself to Pier 84 because it was so beautiful and he was at peace here. He needed to not be around his partner right now. He had a mission to address the disrespectful cunt, Henry. He had asked him to not call him a kid, but Henry was getting off on doing just that. All respect had gone out the window at this point. Austin was ready to let the #newAustin do what needed to be done. Toddy wasn’t here, and he didn’t care what people thought anymore. Toddy going to jail, had reshaped both Ramsey’s and Austin had rage that he’d never felt before. He wanted to talk to his people directly and went live.

Austin Ramsey: I can’t believe I believed everything would last with our respect level, Henry. My respect was our past, and that was Dru. I was naïve, to believe that you would respect my wishes when it came to respect. I’m through playing by the rules of game. It’s too late to second guess your intentions, it’s time to defy gravity. It’s time to let you know that you won’t bring me down. I through accepting your disrespectful comments, I can’t change your arrogance. If I lose love because I maim you, I am willing to lose it. You won’t bring me down.

It was silly of me to believe that one day we would have a common bond in Dru and her legacy. It was foolish of me to think that you would be able to back down from this asinine dream to defend a championship that no longer belongs to her. When I face you and do what I have to do, there is a strong possibility that I will have to be my own best friend. I didn’t want this, I didn’t’ want to fight you. I wanted to challenge for the title, I paid for the right to challenge for it. I earned that right, Henry.

Hurt is a bitch, and I get it, but until the end of time, it will be there. You are pretending when it comes to me. You think think it’s over, you think I’m going to play by the rules of your game. You challenged me and now it’s too late to go back to sleep. It’s too late to try to defy gravity. You can’t bring me down. I’m through excepting limits because someone says they are there. I’m not afraid of you or losing love after I do what I have to do to you.

Do you really think this is what she wanted? Do you really think that this is how she wants to be remembered? Go grieve in peace as a father should. I don’t want this on my conscience, but I dream of having the Bareknuckle Championship. I’m not wrong for following my heart. I’ve realized that I only have me, myself, and I in the end. Dru left me, and Toddy has her endeavors, so I’m my own best friend. What you need to realize is that the tears have stopped falling.

I’ve let myself go free. It’s over, the pain, the anger, the sadness, because something changed inside of me. I’m not playing by the rules of that game anymore. It’s time to close my eyes and leave. I’m defying society’s rules on grief. You won’t bring me back to that place. I’m not accepting limits in this match and neither of us can change my feelings. Henry, you won’t bring me down because I don’t see you as a grieving father anymore. You are a disrespectful man, who tries to push my buttons like everyone else. How dare you!

Dru’s death didn’t make you a changed man, so now I’ve moved on. I’ve realized who I am, and what I have to do now. There will be no reason to cry when I’m done with you in the end. From now on, Austin is his own best friend. What I’m going to do to you is not right, but it will be okay. You asked for this, I didn’t, so I won’t be guilted about what I have to do. You won’t affect my mind as we go to battle. My heart is just fine with what has to be done. You are going to feel my pain and all that I’m going through.

Austin stops the video and it uploads to social media. He sits on the dock of the bay silently as the the scene fades to black.