What now? ????

By: Miss Michelle

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 26th Jul 2021


The cameras come to life in the middle of the Cedars-Sinai Medical Clinic in Los Angeles. People were going in and out the automatic doors faster than the door could keep up. Slowly the people walking blurred and the sounds of the constant chatter was muted down as the cameras found her.

She was sitting in the corner of the waiting room, one arm crossed over the front of her and resting on the wooden arm rest of the chair she was sitting in, and the other arm rested underneath her chin as she stared off into the ozone. She had her legs crossed and she seemed to be watching her surroundings intently.

She watched as women passed by her, stomachs of all sizes and wondered how far along each woman was. She glanced down at her own stomach, and it looked the same to her. She couldn’t see any difference in herself, which only fueled the thought of Xavier and Le playing this cruel trick on her.

But why? What do they gain by doing this? Do they want me to leave?

She sucked her bottom lip in a bit before biting down on the corner of it while she watched them. There were a million things going through her mind. And the more she thought about it, the more upset she became with herself.

She should have known. This is her body!

All the coffee she had been drinking – oh God. How is she going to give up her coffee if this is true?†

All the alcohol she had been drinking when she had been hanging out with P. That definitely can’t be good.†

Speaking of P, he was going to talk so much shit to her. She already knew. All the shit she talked to him when he told her about Madison – how she said that neither one of them should ever have a child. How could she have a baby after saying that? This has to be a cruel,† cruel joke.

And then there was the big blood money fight.† Her body was battered and beaten, there’s no way possible a baby could survive what she went through, right? It wasn’t even just blood money either – she had that match with Ophelia last week too. I guess its a good thing its still early, right?

She glanced down at her stomach again, no visible bump has to mean its early – but those numbers were so high on that lab report.

And who is the father? She sure picked a fine time to whore around..

The look on her face changed as she uncrossed her legs. Her eyes darted around the room and she rose to her feet.

“I can’t do this.”

She started walking towards the doors, the black Jimmy Choo heels that Todrick had gotten her clicking on the tile as she moved across the room. She made it a little more than halfway to the door when she heard someone.†

“Mrs. Moore? The doctor is ready for you.”

Her heart hit the pit of her stomach as she turned around to face the nurse. She took a deep breath and nodded at her, before walking towards her. As she approached closer, the nurse turned around and led the way to the room.†

As they approached the door they could hear talking from inside, the nurse looked at her with a puzzled look on her face. She grabbed the door handle and pulled it down, pushing it open and as she did, you could see the source of the talking – it was the doctor and Paul Montuori?

“Hey about time!” He said. “I was just answering some questions for the Doc.. When would you say was your last period? Last month?”

“Wh-what?” She asked.

“I mean, bruh, you were really bitchy – I’m talking like, mega bitchy around the first of last month.”

“I..um..” she turned her attention to the doctor and nurse. “I need a minute, please.”

Both of them give her a nod as the doctor grabs the chart from the table and they head towards the door. Paul grabs the doctor’s shoulder, stopping her.

“Ay Doc, go ahead and get that fancy picture machine ready while you’re out there.”

The doctor walks out of the room, closing the door behind her.

“What are you doing here?” She snapped at him.

“Waddya mean? Youíre my homegirl. And I figured you wanted some company. This really isn’t something you should do alone,” he said,† shrugging his shoulders.

“How did you even know where I was? You stalking me?”

“Stalkingís a bit extreme. Youíve been acting super sneaky lately so I did some detective work and found out what was up and came out to support you.” He smiles. “What I can’t figure out though is why youíd come all the way back to California to see a doctor. You know there’s doctors in New York right?”

“Yeah, I guess. I don’t really know much about New York, yet. This is familiar and I just needed something familiar.”

“Lame answer.” He nodded, agreeing with himself. “Also, whatís up with your outfit? You donít think you couldíve worn something a little better for this? You look hideous.”

She gave him the nastiest look, before bringing up her middle finger and flipping him off.

“Fuck you, Paul. What do you think this is? Prom? Should I have worn a damn gown?”

The door handle began to jiggle and P just kept on running his damn mouth, she had tuned him out but as the door swung open she elbowed him in the ribs.

“Shut up!” She whispered.

The doctor stepped into the room and P leaned over into her and whispered back.†

“..you shut up!”

She gave him a dirty look before turning her attention back to the doctor who had just reentered the room. He has a smile on his face and a folder in his hands.†

“Christina is waiting for you at the end of the hall. The door is marked ultrasound #1.”


Both of them stand up and walk out the door and head down a long hallway towards the ultrasound room. As they approached the door, from around the opposite corner came her husband, Brandon Moore. Brandon and Paul stand, staring at each other for a moment.

“Whatís he doing here?” They both said in unison as they pointed at each other.

“That baby came from my bawls.” Brandon said.

“Did it though?” Paul asked.

“What? Y’all thought I was playing when I said I was still blowing Michelle’s uterus out her back? The better question is cheapshot, is what the fugg are you doing here?” Brandon asked.

“Iím THEE friend. The one that sticks around. The kind that doesnít just dump you for no reason,” Paul replies, with a hint of sadness in his voice.

“Oh here we go, still stuck in your fantasy of frolicking through the meadow holding my hand. I didnít dump you sir. You, like that bitch, dumped me. I understand why she did it, but you? You broke my heart over a fucking goat.”


“Enough, people are staring,” Michelle says.

“No, I wasn’t finished.” Brandon interjected.†

“You chose to run off with your butt buddies, allow your stupid ass brother that failed us as a leader to continue grabbing hold of your coattails and riding you like a beat to death horse.” He stops to breathe.

“Oh for fucks sake!” She exclaimed, looking at Brandon and then back at Paul. “Could you guys please not? Just one fucking time could you not act like immature little assholes? I am so tired of this! I am nervous enough being here right now, I don’t need to be worried about what you two boneheads are going to do or say. Look. I’m going in here for this ultrasound, to see if there even is a baby.. if you think you can shut the hell up for a few minutes,† you are both welcome to come but if not.. please just go. “

She shakes her head and walks between the two of them and into the room, as she does she can hear them mumbling.†

“He started it.” Paul said.

“He started it.” Brandon repeated, mockingly.†

She snapped her head around, giving them a dirty look before turning her attention back to the tech inside the room.†

“Mrs Moore?” She asked.

“Yeah, that’s me.”

“Here, put this on and we can get started.” She said, handing her a gown.

“I guess you should have worn a gown, huh? Guess ol PMont was right..” Paul said.

She glared at Paul as she walked into the attached bathroom to change into the gown. As she is changing, both men make their way into the room, sitting down in the empty chairs alongside the bed in the center of the room and bickering amongst themselves.

She comes out of the bathroom shaking her head and stops at the door.

“Enough! Both of you, out!” She hollered, pointing at the door. “I can’t do this with the two of you going back and forth like this. I am stressed out enough.”

Brandon tried to speak but she shook her head and pointed to the door.

“Don’t make me have her call security. “

Both of them stood up from their chairs, shaking their heads at her as they walked out of the room, headed for the waiting room while STILL talking shit to each other. She looked towards the sonographer.

“I am so sorry. “

“Its perfectly fine. Are you ready to see your baby?” She asked.

She nodded and a smile involuntarily crossed her face as she walked over and climbed onto the table and she began the ultrasound. As soon as the wand touched her stomach, the heartbeat nearly echoed the room and she lit up. She watched the screen in awe, tears welling up in her eyes.

“Do you want to know the gender?” The nurse asked.

She nodded and everything was literally silent for the rest of the exam as she sat and watched in disbelief.

She finished the exam and changed back into her clothing. The nurse hugged, congratulated, and handed her a photo, she was still in shock.† In a zombie-like state she headed towards the exit. Not seeing the guys in the waiting room she headed towards the parking lot.

A million thoughts racing through her mind. She was in a complete state of disbelief.††

She sighed as she handed the young guy at the valet stand her ticket and he rushed off. She glanced over to her left and she sees Paul and Brandon standing over there next to an elderly man in a wheelchair and they are passing around a blunt, what-the-fuck?

Just as she was about to holler for them she heard her phone vibrate in her pocket.† She reached behind and pulled it from her back pocket and clicked open the message. It was from FiGHT, informing her that she was facing Ryan Elias at Venom this week. She closed the message and slid the phone back into her back pocket.†


She froze. In that thirty minutes she spent in that room she had forgotten all about her career.

Everything came crashing hard, hitting her all at once. How could she be pregnant and still be a serious competitor in FiGHT? She just got here! This just started! She had already taken an extended break from the business and she was finally regaining her steps and now it has to end?†

This is literal bullshit!

After the loss of her first baby all those years ago, she never wanted another child. She could never picture herself as a mother.

What if it happens again? She would be completely crushed.†

But what about Venom? What about Ryan Elias?

I mean, she’s been pregnant this whole time anyway..

“This just might be your lucky break, Ryan.” She said with a sigh.