When the Queen Becomes the Pawn

By: Allison Riggs-Preston

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 10th Sep 2021

The elevator doors opened on the floor where the Islands Suite was located and Allison Riggs-Preston stepped out into the hallway and walked into the direction of the apartment that belonged to the tag team champions. She was dressed in sweats and a tank top that she wore while downstairs training in the gym. Over her left shoulder she had her gym bag and in her right hand a cardboard carrying tray with two cups of coffee. She stopped in front of the door to the suite and opened it with the key card and went inside. Dropping her gym bag by the door she made her way into the kitchen and put the coffee on the counter. Grabbing one cup she walked over to the couch and sat down then pulled out her cell phone.

Sahara. Coffee. She took a sip of hers and put it down on the table.

Down the hallway one of the doors opened and Sahara walked down it and stopped at the counter and picked the cup up. It was pumpkin spice. She glanced at the name and rolled her eyes. At least they spell your name right.

Hard to misspell the letters A, R, and P. Her cell phone started to ring and JMontís name came up on the screen. Let me get this over with.

After a brief conversation with Joe Montouri and him needing to talk to her, she hung up the phone and shook her head with a sigh. She glanced up to see Sahara still standing there, just sipping away at her coffee.

I wonder what Joe wants. She said with a hint of accusation in her tone. Maybe to see if he can slip the python to you again?

Really? Allison looked at her.

You do remember who weíre talking about, right? Sahara rolled her eyes a bit as she watched Allison shake her head. If heís coming over Iím going to make myself scarce.

Shame I canít. She told the woman as she turned around and made her way back down the hallway and closed the door behind her.

Allison picked up her coffee and took a drink. The past 30 days have been one of the weirdest of her life, not even halfway through September and the weird just keeps amping up with each day. She and her husband, Dane, really took a shit on their wedding vows. Not that many people probably donít think they already have since they have a mutual girlfriend. Things got so bad that they started sleeping in separate bedrooms and then in separate apartments in NYC and when Dane and JMont won the Toxic Tag, Dane moved into the other bedroom.

Even more bizzare, Sahara was also staying in the suite. When they returned from the island adventure, she had knocked on the door and grabbed a room. Daneís, of course. What was thought to be for only a night, ended up with Dane moving his stuff out of the room and sleeping on the couch while Allison slept in the other room.

Shortly after the island incident, Allison had received a letter, you know one of those weekly letters that come out just to fuck with you and see what you would do. At first she had laughed at it, the very thought of forgiving and accepting what happened between Dane and Sahara. Granted she did have to accept it, it did happen, but did she have to forgive it? Was that something that she could forgive? Or had she already and she didnít realize it? The two of them went through something together on the island, something that could almost be considered life changing. Maybe life was too short to think about things that canít be changed? When Sahara never left the suite, but stayed there with them, Allison didnít really have the heart to tell her to leave. She was for the most part alone and Allison didnít want to be that person that Sahara thought her to be, even if the whole world thought she had every right to be. She thought back on all the conversations that they have had before, during, and after the island; they had long and deep ones to where even though they were as different as night and day, yet, in some ways they were the same. Allison could have been Sahara if her father hadnít been the great Damon Riggs, and vice versa. It was about 20 minutes later when there was a knock at the door and when she answered it, it was Joe. They had one of the most eye opening conversations that she had ever had with someone. He had told her that everything that he had said and done up to this point had been to get at her father and her husband. He had used her, she had been a pawn in his game, not his Queen. He was even going to go as far as to fake a pregnancy test to make her believe she was pregnant by him. It was when he bent over and grabbed his bag, that Allison saw Sahara tiptoeing to the front door. She put her finger to her lips telling Allison to be quiet and she did so, the last thing that she needed was them two getting into it. Allison forgot all about Sahara as soon as JMont handed her the ARP belt; the belt that he had custom made after their night together. She really wanted to bash him over the head with it, but she decided against it, she didnít want to get blood on the couch. After they said their goodbye, Allison went to her bedroom and walked over to the dresser and pulled the bottom drawer open with her foot before she bent over and put the belt in and covered it up with a few t-shirts. She had no idea what to do with it, but what she did know was that she didnít want to see it. She took a seat on the edge of the bed and stared at the closed drawer. Well, Iíll be damned. I wanted so hard to be able to prove everyone wrong about JMont, but Iíll be damned if he wasnít everything that everyone told me he was and I allowed him to use me and my family to prove it. She shook her head.

Way to go, Allison. She clapped for herself. Really, way to fucking go. You walked yourself right into the lionís den and got yourself eaten. She smirked. Literally. All I know is that I hope Mia was watching as he was telling me all those things that I am sure that heís been telling her and look what it got me? Heís already moved on to “the next big thing”. What will happen when he moves on to the “next big ass” that comes his way? Lord knows heís made a lifetime of bouncing from one to another, including mine.

She takes a deep breath. Dane and I are talking one day at a time. Weíve decided to work through this. And we are, slowly but surely. The more we talk, the better and easier it is for us to realize that, despite everything that has happened, we do still love each other. We both love our kids, we both love Bella and we just want things to get back to as normal as they can get. I think itís just a matter of us getting over what happened and weíre getting there. She shakes her head. I wonder what Paul must be thinking right now? Did he know? Or did Joe keep him in the dark, too? As much as Joe likes to brag, I am thinking that he knew all about it, but right now, as mad as I am, it doesnít matter if he knew or not, a PMont is just as good as beating up a JMont right now, since they both have the same damned last name. I mean, Joe decided to pick me because of my last name, so I can take my anger at him out on his brother just as well. She smirks a little

How about that one, Paul? Youíre about to get your ass whipped over something your brother did. I donít know if youíre sitting back and totally shocked with everything, especially with the diary updates you kept making on the wedding plans and how good Joe is at treating me and all that bullshit. Or were you sitting there side by side with him and coming up with the next big stunt. Getting high and laughing with him about what was happening and helping him countdown the days until he “blew my back out”? She smirks a little. As good as Joe was, he is no Dane Preston; hell, he wasnít even an Xavier Black, and if I were you or him, I wouldnít brag too much, since Iíve only slept with three men and Joe was one of them.

She chuckles lightly. I donít know what you, Montuoris, want but if you want a fight, youíre going to get it, you best believe it. You all have the chance and the opportunity to leave all that bullshit in the past, but you decided to bring it to the here and the now and itís all front and center for all to see. You could have left the vendettas the two families had against each other alone, but you decided to pick it back up. You used me to get my dad back in the ring and when that didnít work, you decided to put it to work against my husband. I hope you enjoyed the fuck out of it, because itís the last time you make a laughing stock out of me or my family. From the living room, Allison heard Dane calling her name, she got up and made her way in there to find him in the kitchen making popcorn. It was movie night, it was one of the things that they did to try to get things back to normal; it was one of the things they did before everything happened. Sometimes, it really did feel like things were normal; even felt normal the one night that Sahara did join them. Although, she mostly kept to the room. What do you feel like watching tonight? How about Pretty Woman?

Itís as good as any. Dane really didnít care what they watched ever. All he cared about was that they were together and that they were talking. Even in the Before. They sat down on the couch and started the movie. Are you okay facing Paul this week?

I am more than okay. She told him matter of factly.

Any Mont is as good as any Mont?

Pretty much, Iíll fight P-Not just as much as I would J-Not. Or any of the 100 Nots they have living with them. She shook her head. Joe came by just a little while ago.

What did he want? He could feel himself getting angry.

He told me the truth. She sighed.

Which was? All of this was his fault. He planned it all. There was no typing error. He meant to get close to me. He knew exactly what he was doing. He told me that he told Mia what he was doing and that she told him what he was doing was wrong. And that she couldnít be with a man like that. So, he told me the truth to prove to her that he was serious about their relationship.

I am so sorry, Princess. He clenched up his fist and grit his teeth together. Mother fucker, I swear I am going to fucking kill him.

Calm down, Dane, letís not ruin tonight. No reason for you to be sorry. Youíre not the one who did this. She gave him a half smile. How about we just forget about it for now and watch the movie?

No complaints from me. Halfway through the movie, Sahara came walking into the apartment. They had asked her if she wanted to join them and when they told her the name of the movie, she laughed and said pass and went to the bedroom she was using. They looked at each other and shrugged and went back to watching the movie. But Allisonís thoughts were still on her match, she was going to make Paul pay for what Joe did, just like Joeís made her pay for what her father had done.