Who Will Rise, Who Will Fall

By: Allison Riggs-Preston

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 13th Oct 2021

Last Week

I was never more than happy when Dane said he wanted the twins to join us. I’ve never missed my babies so much. But there was no way in the world I wanted them to be around their father and I while we were… well, being stupid on my part. It was rough there watching them grow up in pictures and videos. Not being there for them when they fell down and needed to be picked back up or just tucking them in bed. I thought I was going to cry when they reached the last step and saw us standing there on the tarmac and came running to us both screaming mommy and daddy at the same time. Allison Riggs-Preston dropped to her knees as soon as the twins were close enough and held out her arms; both flung themselves into her arms. Behind her, Dane smiled, his family was back together. Damon and Jenna finally caught up to them with Bella Zanetti and nanny, Two close behind, both carrying diaper bags. When the kids moved from Allison to Dane, Allison stood to greet her parents. Mom, Dad.

She hugged them both; Damon spending a little more time holding her than usual, he wanted to know how proud he was of her when she kicked Joe Montuori in the nads and for her and Dane to leave him to NSQ. He also told her how good it was to see her smiling again. She turned to Bella.
Hey, Bellz…

Hey… I am going to go put this in the car. And she kept walking. Oh yeah, she was mad. And Allison couldn’t blame her either; not only did she and Dane cheat on each other, but they also cheated on her. Allison took her being there as a good sign, period. Maybe that meant she was willing to see it through, too? At least she was giving them the chance to talk to her about “things” and see where they went from there.

You both have some serious making up to do with that woman. Jenna told them both, she had pretty much stayed out of their love life from the very beginning and had taken their side a few times against her husband. When they added Ani to the mix and then Bella, she reminded him that a person can love more than one person at the same time. Case in point, VooDoo; as soon as Vin left her, everyone was telling Damon that now was his chance because everyone knows his feelings for her. If her taking care of your kids while you were off doing… doing.. Doing what the fuck ever it was you were doing, isn’t a sign she loves you, the both of you, I don’t know what is.

Damon, Allison, and Dane all looked at Jenna; the masked nanny, Two, on loan from VooDoo since the day the kids were born who had been standing behind Jenna just slightly decided to continue on to the car. Been holding that in for a while, haven’t you? It’s not funny, Allison!

I know, I know, Mom. She sighed a little. Right now, if it wasn’t for laughing about it, I would cry. But come on, this family is fucked up one way or another. This is our fuck up. Michelle turned against the family with Moore was her fuck up. Jason and his drug abuse, his fuck up. I haven’t quite figured out yours or dad’s yet. But I know there’s one in there somewhere, just haven’t found it.

Our fuck up was we didn’t take care of the Dynasty way back then and you’re having to deal with them now at Ascension. Damon cut in. If we had, Joe would have never crawled out of the woodwork and back into our lives.

That’s technically my fault. Allison cut in. But I’m going to make that right…


…we’re going to make it right. Dynasty is just barely making it. Paul is supposed to be the Captain of the team, but we all know that it’s Michelle. She smirks a little. It’s that Riggs in her coming out that she keeps denying. She’s having to lead both of the Monts around, telling them what to do and what needs to be done. They can’t even lead their own families, let alone a team to win. Michelle’s just hoping to keep them FoCuSeD long enough to get to the top of the building for the win. I literally know what she’s going through with Joe so I can’t imagine it’s any better with Paul. Kind of feeling bad for Ricky and Todrick though. They’re guilty by association, kinda like Sahara is being with FYA, they’re being dragged into a war that’s been going on with some of us almost my whole entire life. Toddy has to worry about whether Austin is going to fuck things up for her to protect her from being hurt. Hell, he could be one of the Mercs in there that join up with Dynasty.

Are mercs allowed to help a team? Ani as a merc, after what we saw at Blood Money..

Imagine the hole she could plow for us to walk through. Allison chuckled. I feel bad for Sahara, she really likes Ricky and he really likes her, too, it looks like it. Something like this could ruin a relationship just starting out. Probably what started the decline of Rogani. They were perfectly fine up until they had to face off for the Immortal title.

We all kinda tanked with her after that with her, especially with that stupid contract with X and her hanging around Johnny again. Let’s talk about the elephant in the room with Brandon being the Captain of Team Apathy? I got to respect her in terms of being a wrestler, but as for a leader, not so much. For a person to successfully lead, they have to be dominant in nature, and I am just not feeling it from her. Not anymore, she’s had how many people come in and out of the Cure and she still can’t get it right? Kinda makes you wonder who’s actually running the Cure? The only dependable member of her team is…

Don’t say it. He said knowing who’s name she was going to say.

…someone who is family. Someone I grew up with, someone whose loyalties Apathy doesn’t have to worry about. Or does she? Sarah.. Damn it.

…and with her and Brandon having ties to members on other teams, I’d worry. Granted her and Kal are at odds, but last I heard we’re not at odds with her. She pauses for a moment and thinks. Poor Apathy, how scary it must be going into battle with people who say they have your back, but still questioning whether they have your back because it’s sometimes true that blood is thicker than water. Truthfully, the only one she knows for sure is with her is Eion. Enforcer, he’s been known to say he’s got your back, but not have it. It’s how he got into the Cure in the first place, turned on Ani during a match with them.

Glad we don’t have to worry about this anymore. Jenna slid her arm through Damon’s.

Lack of luggage and us not getting in the car means you’re not staying…?

Still observant, good, the twins should have that fixed in a day or so. Jenna laughed. Nope, your father and I are going to get away until Ascension.

Not to an island I hope. Allison said with a smile, Dane couldn’t help but chuckle beside her.

Jeez, kidnap someone once and leave them on an island that a hurricane comes through on and you never live it down. With a round of hugs and goodbyes with everyone, Damon and Jenna were back on the jet and Allison and Dane had joined the rest of their family in the limo for the short ride back to their new apartment. When we got back to the apartment, Two was nice enough to take the twins into the kitchen and get them set up with something to eat, so Dane and I could talk with Bella. This apartment that VooDoo was living in was so much bigger than the one we were in further downstairs; she had to have a big one with the 4 kids…21 or 39 she has depending on the number that comes out of her that day. We went upstairs and out on the indoor veranda and took a seat, she took the love seat and we sat in chairs on opposite sides of the couch. Boy, did she let us have it. She told us that we made her feel like her feelings didn’t matter and that she was just a convenience in our lives. Someone to help with the kids and someone to fuck. She told us she felt like she had been sent away with the kids, so we didn’t have to deal with her because we were too busy trying to one up each other. I am not sure about the one upping, but I am thinking that was us fucking around to get even with each other. Trying to figure out who one up’ed the other better. Sure he got the hot blonde that he still gets to hang around with but to put the man, the myth, the legend in his place in the bedroom like a bitch, priceless. I don’t care what stories he may have about how he fucked Damon Rigg’s daughter, no, bitch, Damon Riggs’ daughter fucked you. He should consider himself one of the few… one of the proud… one of the brave; come on, you all’ve seen my dad. We talked about Lauren and how she would be staying with us for a while, at least until everything with Joe has come to an end. Yes, even I have started calling her Lauren in a private setting. Sahara is the persona the world knows and sees, Lauren is the person she is. Kinda like most people call me ARP. She was not happy about Lauren at all. She felt like we were keeping one of the devils in our den still. She felt that at any time she could try to worm her way back in Dane’s pants or even worse, since her little lion was part of the Dynasty, giving over our secrets. Of course, I don’t know what kind of secrets she was talking about. It’s no secret, the goal is to get the Captain to the top, fuck up as many people in the process. That’s pretty much every team’s goal and every team’s secret. She didn’t understand how I could allow her to stay, even suggesting that letting Joe have his way with her would be the best way to get rid of both of them. Maybe so, but she’s not had the talks that I’ve had with her, she didn’t survive a hurricane with her. Hell, if she hadn’t been there, Dane would have gone out, gotten drunk, and probably killed someone. We asked her to remain civil with her and not start shit at least until all of this was over. Bella will start some shit for sure. By the time it was over, she had cried, I had cried, all of us cried. And just like Dane had with me, we told her that we would allow her to make the first move, when she was ready. After one final hug, the three of them walked back to the stairs and down to join the rest of the family that was already sitting at the kitchen table eating, the kids’ favorite; chicken nuggets and mac and cheese and tater tots. Despite it all, sitting there with all of them, something just felt like it was missing.

[]]] []]] []]] []]]

Couple Days Later

Allison is sitting on a white divan that was overlooking Central Park, she’s dressed in sweats and a t-shirt. Dane was in the bedroom doing the whole night time thing with the kids and last she had seen Bella and Sahara they were polishing off the last of the bottle of wine they had opened. That thing that was missing, was found when Sahara came waltzing back in just like the hurricane that nearly blew them away and unloaded on Dane. And damned near threw that “be civil” conversation they had with Bella right out the window.

Man, was ever so glad when she came in and said what she said to Dane. He and I have already been through so much, I think that if it had come from me, he would have felt differently. He wouldn’t have been able to separate our personal life with our business life. He would have seen it as an attack on him as the man as compared to him as the wrestler. Dane’s always had this thing about his appearance to the kids. It has everything to do with making sure his kids didn’t grow up in the same environments that he did. I, myself, don’t understand it. I literally grew up playing in my dad’s War Room and he and the family talked about what they were going to do and to whom they were going to do it to… and I turned out okay. Okay, for the most part.

I mean followed in my parents’ footsteps, been making waves in all the ponds I’ve been in since I hit the ring. I hadn’t even turned 18 before the contracts started rolling in, everyone knew by pedigree alone I was going to be something when I hit the ring. And sure enough, my first seven matches won; it didn’t matter where I went or who I faced whether win or lose… they would know that Allison Riggs had been there.

After I had the twins, I thought I was out of the game for good. I thought for sure that I would turn into my mom and become the happy housewife. That was until VooDoo gave me a call. It all started with her wanting me to team with this girl she had found Abby. And then she called in Ani and before I knew it; Abby was going home crying because she couldn’t handle training with Ani and Ani and I had a contract with Action Wrestling and I was back in the business slowly clawing my way to the top. aW, NEW, OpW… FIGHT… my mark has been made in each company I’ve been in since my return.

FIGHT. Yeah, they’ve really been the ones to put my name on the map that’s for sure. I can’t go anywhere without someone asking me about the fame of being at the top and what it’s like. It really depends on the person’s idea of fame. Some people think it’s the amount of money you have, the fancy toys, the houses, the cars, the spending $300 dollars on a meal that has you hungry 30 mins later because there wasn’t enough in the 10 different tastings to feed a rabbit. Other people feel it’s having your name in everyone’s mouth; hanging on to every word you say and everything you do. People on twitter hearting your words and retweeting some brilliant thing you’ve said. Really? That’s fame? Have you seen some of the bullshit Ani tweets and gets retweeted?

Truth of the matter is, as the Daughter of Damon “HavoK” Riggs, I’ve always had the fame. Because of my family, I grew up with money and all the toys. Because of what I have done in the past, present, and future my name as been in mouths all #BreakingNews. As for the retweets and the likes, I don’t give a damn about them, have at those all you like, because they don’t really mean shit when it comes to being in the ring.

That bedroom is amazing. Dane’s voice cut Allison out of her thoughts.

Fucking hell, Dane. Walk louder or something. He chuckled as he crawled into the divan with her and laid half on her with his head on her stomach. She reached up and began to caress his hair causing him to close his eyes. Whole apartment is amazing.

Mhm. He nuzzled into her stomach a little bit. But I was thinking, once this is finally over with Joe, once you’ve decided that Sahara is safe enough to be released back into the wilds on her own.

Really, Dane? She gave his hair a tug.

Ow, ow.. Damn. He acted like it hurt, but she’s actually pulled it a lot harder. Anyway, I was thinking that we’d move to the NJ Compound.

Away from my parents? Yes, we’ll even build our own house so that way your parents have their own place to stay at. Same as when we’ll visit parts Unknown to see them. And let’s face it, I can’t see us moving the twins back and forth like Voo and Roger do their kids, I can barely get ours to bed. They need to give seminars on that shit. In our defense they do have more practice at being parents than we do. Plus Voo’s scarier. We’ve got a busy day ahead of us tomorrow. A lot of FYA stuff. We’re meeting with everyone, to talk about what we’re going to do. Win?

Yeah, but how to do it together as a team. He headbutted her stomach playfully. And you call me an asshole.

The Prestons talked about how great it was going to be with the kids there with them, instead of saying good morning and good night to them via Facetime, about the amount of window cleaner and paper towels they were going to go through with all of the fingerprints on the windows. So much they were considering putting in a half wall in their bedroom at least. They talked about Sahara and the kids. Sahara liked kids but to go from living in a house with none to coming home to two of them running around. Maybe the kids would be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and Sahara would run screaming from the apartment as fast as her legs could carry her. They talked about Bella and Sahara, sure everything was cool and all that when last they saw them sucking down some wine, but all it would take would be one wrong word and it would be game on. Unlike Mia, BellaZ knows how this business works and she knows how to fight. They talked until Allison could feel her eyes grow heavy and then they crawled into bed.

[]]] []]] []]] []]]

The Next Morning

Allsion was awoken by the sound of four little feet running down the hallway, with Two telling them where to go, as he has every place they’ve lived until the kids knew it by heart. Dane and her were attacked and would occupy the twins while Two would make breakfast. I missed this. As I watched Dane get his ass handed to him by toddlers, I realize how stupid I had been even to give into JMont’s little folly. I could have lost the life that has most people jealous. Before I could go further into a tirade about my “blonde moment” in life, Two yelled breakfast was done and it was chow time. I paid close attention when Lauren finally joined us. She grabbed one of the coffee cups on the counter and poured herself a cup. The whole time I could see her looking out of the corner of her eyes at the kids with just a touch of a smile on her lips. Like I keep telling everyone who doesn’t understand, the woman and I have talked. A lot. And dare I say despite everything, I even call her a friend. She turned around and leaned against the counter and watched us, looking back and forth between Dane, me and the kids. I have to admit, you two made a couple of cute kids. I could tell that she really meant it, too. It was the tone of her voice, the look in her eyes. Couple of mean ass kids. All parents say that. I watched as she walked over and tousled the top of Luke’s hair a little and took a seat beside him and continued to sip her coffee and watched as Bella fought Layla for her sippy cup. She needed to eat more food instead of guzzling more juice.

She’s got her mother’s love for the juice. Allison joked.

She’s also got her mother’s eyes and smile. Sahara quietly added in. She’s going to be beautiful when she grows up.

Got her mother’s temper, too. Dane said under his breath.

That’s a lie. On the other side of Layla, Bella coughed into her hand and while coughing said bullshit at the same time. What? He’s got a temper, too.

We sat there and talked business over breakfast. It took me back in time for a moment when my parents used to do it. Talk about coming full circle there, right? While we talked, I watched Sahara. Not exactly sure what was said in the conversation between her and Luke, but whatever it was, it was good enough to where Luke offered her a half eaten sausage link. Which she graciously accepted and faked eating it with a little bit of slight hand to eye trick, palming it in her hand and when he turned back around to face Dane slipped it back on his plate. She then caught me watching her and she shrugged her shoulders and smiled.

Okay, maybe she wouldn’t be running out of her faster than those legs can carry her? When breakfast was over, Bella and Two took over with the kids, while Dane, Allison and Sahara got ready for the day ahead. They had to sit down and talk with the other members of FYA and formulate some sort of plan. But from where most of them were probably sitting, the only real plan was to get Dane to the top of the Tower, no matter what.

[]]] []]] []]] []]]

It was well after midnight when FYA finally called it a night. The uber pulled into one of the local 24 hour markets, Dane jumped out of the back and held the door open and waited as Allison came out followed by Sahara. When Sahara came out, she didn’t have her footing and almost fell; she reached out and grabbed Allison by the arm, who then reached out and grabbed Dane’s arm.

Jesus Christ, Lauren. Allison said as struggled to hold on to Dane and her as the other woman pulled herself up.

I’ve got this. Sahara said with a smile as she straightened up her dress and flipped her blonde hair. I’ve totally got this.

But Sahara didn’t have this, all three of them took steps and again, Sahara started to go down, she reached out and grabbed Allison, who grabbed Dane. He looked at the two women and shook his head, just slightly amused by it all. You guys can stay in the car.

We will not. She stood up straight and tall with a defiant look in her eye.

Yeah, what she said. Sahara said beside her, doing the same.

Then walk straight. He walked to the market doors and opened one of them. How can you all not be able to walk? You’re barefoot.

Both women looked down and sure enough they were barefoot, they looked at each other. They had ditched the shoes an hour earlier. Maybe that’s the problem? They made it inside without further incident and Dane made his way straight for the milk while the other two made their way slowly up and down the aisles as if they were walking through a Channel store. All he wanted to do was stop and get milk, Two had texted him and said they were dangerously low. What is taking so long? We’re shopping. You’re in a convenience store. They might have something we need.

Gods, these two. He wasn’t waiting for these two, he reached in his back pocket and pulled out his credit card and placed it on the counter. Whatever they want…

The sound of glass breaking and giggles come from where Allison and Sahara are. Sahara’s head pops up over the aisle. Clean up, aisle 3.

…and whatever they break. He turned back to the two women. I’m going to be in the car.

And that’s what he did.

Thank you, Lauren. Allison said.

For telling the guy we broke something? No, not for that.

For what then? She was looking like a confused little bunny right now.

For telling Dane just what he needed to hear. You took the kid gloves off.

Oh that, whatever. She looked at Allison with a smirk. Still no thank you for Mia and the coffee table?

You and that coffee table. Allison shook her head and smiled. She grew quiet for a moment. Even with what you did, I don’t think it’s enough to give Joe enough fire to get Paul to the top. I am thinking New Status Quo is the only real threat in the match. Dane was able to pull a win over on Dickie..

But they think that because they unstrapped you, that you’re not competition here. Won’t they be surprised. That’s my goal. I would love for them to make it to the top and only to fling open those doors to find us already standing up there celebrating. And there’s only one way to do that. Get our king to the top.

Yep, get the king to the top. She looked at Sahara with her steel blue eyes. And I will go through every man, woman and beast, to get him there.

Then let’s make sure we get him there. It was almost a half hour later, when he got out of the car again and was about to go in and pull them out, they walked from the doors, each carrying a white bag full of stuff.

It’s about damned time. Sahara was the first in the car and as Allison got ready to follow her in, he tried peeking in the bag. What did you get?

Nothing in this bag for you. She snatched it away with a smile.

Kinda is. Sahara’s voice said from inside.

Hush you. Hushing. The whole ride up the elevator, neither woman said a word to him or each other. Although they would look at each other and giggle a couple times as soon as the doors opened on their floor, they were out it and disappearing down the hallway and into the main bathroom door while Dane went to the kitchen.

Where’s Blonde and Blonder? Bella was standing at the kitchen sink washing sippy cups out.

Main bathroom. Bella looked at him with a what the fuck look on her face. I don’t know, there was a bunch of giggling on the way home. He chuckles a little bit. Go supervise before they become Dumb and Dumber.

Bella half laughed as she dried her hands off and made her way through the apartment to the main bathroom, the closer she got to the door she could hear them giggling and Sahara’s voice. He’s sooo going to kill you. He is sooo not.

Bella stepped into the doorway. Oh, my goodness… was all she could say when she looked in.

Bitch, get in here before you get us killed. Sahara reached out to grab her arm and pull her in, but Bella was quick enough to pull herself arm out of the way.

I’ve had it about enough with you calling me that.

Bitch, get in here before you get us killed. Allison reached out and grabbed her by the arm and pulled her in the bathroom and Sahara closed the door.

At the end of the hallway, Dane stood there and shook his head. Whatever was going on, he hoped all three of the women made it out of the room in one piece. He had changed and was sitting in the living room when he heard the bathroom finally opened, he literally had no idea what went on in there. Bella had come out of the bathroom once, grabbed a bottle from the wine rack, three glasses, gave him a smile and made her way back down the hallway. It was her that came walking to the living room first and took a seat in one of the white chairs. Sahara came next but she stopped just inside the doorway.

Just want to warn you, big guy… There’s a new woman in town. And she’s not about to take shit from anyone. A whisper came from down the hallway and after a moment Sahara added. Including you. I present to you, Allison Riggs-Preston.

Dane sat there for a moment, wondering what in the world was going on as he watched as Sahara raised her arms up as if she were a showroom model next to an exhibit. After a few moments, Allison hadn’t walked through the doorway, she turned around.

For fucks’ sake, Allison, what’s taking so long? She paused and listened to Allison. It’s a little too late for second guessing now, dumbass.

What has she done? Dane looked at Bella who made like locking her lips together and throwing away the key.

Dane watched as his wife’s shadow came down the hallway and then into view. Gone was his beautiful blonde wife and she was replaced by a dark haired beauty. He didn’t notice Sahara motion for Bella and her to vacate the living room. All he saw was his wife and he said the only word he could think of right then. Wow….

The scene slowly fades out to black.