Wishing you an Ani-mas

By: Anicka Swan

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 12th Dec 2021

The sun was shining bright as VooDoo stepped out of the Velvet Rabbit and into the bright sunlight and put on a pair of sunglasses. When she got a phone call from Anicka Swan, one of two of her proteges, she could only imagine what she had up her sleeve; not that Anicka wore sleeves much, the only real time VooDoo has seen her with them is when she’s riding her motorcycle. Anicka was waiting for her at the American Museum of Natural History, which was a less than ten minute walk away from the Rabbit so she opted to walk it and stop by the Parliament Espresso and Coffee Bar and pick up a cup of coffee. It seemed like it and Monster drinks was what she was running on these days. Just as she was about to head inside the coffee shop, she heard her name being screamed out.

She looked down the street to find Anicka Swan having climbed halfway up a light pole outside of the museum and waving her arm. VOO!!! COOFFFEEEE! I better get me a double shot. She gave her a thumbs up and went in and got the coffee and within about five minutes she was handing Anicka her cup of coffee, with enough sugar to send a diabetic into a coma. So, why am I here?

Ani thought you could use a bit of culture in your life. She took a sip of the coffee and turned and started towards the building.

I beg your pardon, I’ve got culture in my life. VooDoo started after her. And if I wanted to be insulted, I would have called my very pissed off children who didn’t get to come to New York this week cause mommy had business.

Anicka shot VooDoo a sideways glance and a smirk. It was business, Ani. I am not like you and all up on a man’s junk after a few drinks and a few smiles. Besides, I was going with the Anicka Swan rule. What’s that? I was wearing pants.

So, was Ani.. Anicka snickered softly and took a sip of her coffee.

Are we even talking about the same thing?!? She was confused now.

Oh we are, just about different people.

How about why you have me here at a museum? She asked as she continued to walk at Ani’s side. I didn’t even know you knew what one was.

If Ani wanted insults, she would have called Sahara. She could have told Ani to shut the fuck up and she’s a slut, etc etc.

Sorry, that was wrong of me. She sighed a little. She was tired and still hung over. So what are we doing here?

Ani needs your help. She needs to know if you think something would be a good present for her secret Satan. She spent a lot of time and a lot of thought into this present. Because like really, what do you get a guy like that? I don’t know? When you told me, I was clueless. Mine was easy for me, I don’t even think yours would use such a thing. Yep, so then Ani had to put her thinking cap on and had to think of something this person would probably just love. At least she hopes so, because it could make him upset, too. Relatively speaking of course.

Look at you being all smart with your words. VooDoo teased.

Well, Ani’s in a museum, might as well be smart Ani for a change. They came up to the gift shop and VooDoo started to go inside there. Oop, wrong direction, Voo.

Oh, where are we going?

Ani told you, to see what she wants to buy. Anicka looked at her. How much did you drink last night?

Alot. Just keep walking. The two women continued further into the museum until they came to the dinosaur room, Ani led VooDoo over to the big T-Rex display and stood there looking up at it. Well, what do you think? Think he will like it?

I think he would love to have a replica of it. VooDoo took a drink of her coffee.

Good. Anicka turned and looked at her with a big smile. Because Ani just bought this one.

VooDoo choked on her coffee, sending the black liquid spraying everywhere, including on Ani. Are you mad, woman? How much have you drank today? Come on, Voo, tis the season and all. Anicka looked back up at the dinosaur, quite proud of this purchase, as her friend and mentor shook her head beside her, amazed at what she had done.