With a Dropkick… It’s Toxic.

By: VooDoo

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 25th Aug 2021

Catch a fire, Fire it up
Corrupt stirring it up
It’s buring hot, drifting, hitting every slot
With a drop kick, It’s toxic

The elevator door opened and the Femme Fatale walks out and makes her way down to the office where the therapy sessions that Vincent wanted the mothers of his children to go through in hopes that they can work out their differences, caused by him, so that way they didnít have to have two different birthday parties and the kids given the choice of which parent to stay with during the holiday and the other one assuring their kid they werenít mad because of their choice. As soon as the secretary saw VooDoo she picked up a shock collar and itís trigger and placed it on the desk. Candice Wolf, I have an appointment. Yes, Maíam, I know who you are. I hate to ask you this, but I need you to put this on.

Really? VooDoo looked at her for a moment.

Your ex-husband made this part of the process. Said it was probably safer for the doctor. Heís already in there speaking with Mrs Black. She looked at the clock on the wall. Their session is almost over. If you want to have a seat and wait.

VooDoo takes a seat and less than five minutes later the door to the doctorís office opens and he and Vhodha Marie step into the lobby. Both VooDoo and Vhodka stared at each other and then both their eyes shifted to the trigger to VooDooís collar sitting on the desk. Both move at the same time, Vhodka had a straight shot, but VooDooís knee tripped her up and put her off balance. I wouldnít do that if I were you, Mrs. Black. Good thing youíre not me. Everyone watched as Vhodka smiled real big with the trigger in her hand and pressed the button as hard as she could and her body tensed up and jerked a little before she fell to the floor. VooDoo saw her down, charged over and as soon as she got ready to kick her in the head. The Doctor used the trigger in his hand and VooDoo was soon on the ground, too. When Mr Black told me this would happen, I didnít believe it. But here we are. Ms Wolf, whenever youíre ready, so am I. VooDoo and Vhodka Marie slowly stood up and looked at each other. Be seeing ya, Vhodka. Be seeing ya, Voo. VooDoo made her way into the office and took a seat. So, weíre here today because you and your husbandís new wifeÖ New wife that he carried on a relationship with almost our whole marriage. And is that why you are fighting each other all the time? Because you lost your husband? Is that why you appear to be mad? No. I couldnít care one way or another about losing my husband. As a matter of fact, when we first entered a relationship, I told him, if he ever wanted to end it, that was fine with me. What I am pissed about is my children now have a part time father, a “get a phone call from him” father. So many things that they are going to miss out on, because their father wasnít there. Thatís what I am mad and angry at. I grew up without my parents and I vowed that my children would always have theirs. …and here we are. For the next hour, the Doctor asked VooDoo questions pertaining her marriage, divorce and children. What it was like being a wrestler and if she that one dayÖ in the future if she and Vhodka Marie would ever be civil to one another to where family gatherings could be had with the whole family. Honestly, I donít know? But I do like to hope so. The timer went off on the clock letting them know that the time for the session was up and that VooDoo was finally free to go. The Doctor told VooDoo she could leave the shock collar on his secretaryís desk as she left, just like he had told Vhodka Marie earlier. She thanked him for his time and began to unbuckle the clasp on the collar as she made her way to the door. Vincent had been smart with them, every time things got heated between the two women, the Doctor would get ready to hit the button and they would both calm down. Maybe that would be the key to having a peaceful family gathering? She placed the collar on the desk and made her way over to the elevator and pressed the button and stood there waiting. I hope that Vincent, LeíAndra, Xavier, and whoever else thought that family therapy would be a good idea is happy. The elevator door opened and VooDoo stepped in, she had a busy week ahead of her and she was going over her 50 to-do lists for the photoshoot this weekend. Had she been paying attention, she would have caught a glimpse of Asher Jules as he stepped from behind a bushy ficus tree after checking to make sure that the coast was clear. He walked over to the desk and looked down at the two collars laying there; he looked around once more before he scooped them and the trigger buttons off the desk. He looked around again, then took off as quick as he could and disappeared into the door to the stairwell, Vincent had instructed him to drop them off; the Doctor could explain what happened to them, maybe he would find Ms Ani have her work her magic fingers on the eye in the sky?

Trouble, like your girl in a mosh pit, I’ve lost it
And that the only way that we rock shit
Banging heads and ripping threads
If i wasn’t rocking shows I’d be better off dead

When VooDoo made it back to her apartment, the first thing she did was a bag check, all four kids bags and two extra bags, for Roger and the masked nanny, One. The only one that was missing was hers; she could hear everyone in the kitchen area, so she made her way to her room and began to pack up some things. Including a couple of her favorite tails. Itís funny that the first dance that Vhodka and I are in are with not one, but two men, that I would just like to bash their heads in as much as possible over the same damned thing. My niece, Allison, sheís not really my niece, but as soon as she started calling me Aunt Voo, she became one. Both of you, you should be ashamed of your actions. Joe Montuori comes up in here with his bullshit and grabs a cheap way to put him closer to Allison; he saw the game Sahara was playing with Dane and used it to his advantage, just like she used his game to hers. And really, Dane? You thought Allison cheated on you? Thatís just as silly as you thinking she was cheating on you. You both fell for JMont and Sahara and their smooth lies. She pauses for a moment.

And donít think youíre out of the woods, Ms ARP. Yaíll both fucked up. Just like Dane needs his ass beat, so do you. Dane has put up with your and your fathers shit for the longest time and you would think he would throw that away over some thirsty piece of ass? She smirkes. Yeah, I called you a thirsty piece of ass, just like Iíve called Vhodka a thirsty piece of ass, too. You can place the blame on the man all you want to Sahara, but the truth is, everyone caves if the devil is on their shoulder and whispering in their ear. If neither you and Joe stuck your noses in their marriage, it would still be going strong.

She sits down and pulls a blunt out of the table and lights it. Not even sure I am going to have to worry about facing off against my ex, Vincent. Shit, him and Dollface may have already killed each other for all we know. If we do get this far, to where Vincent has to face off against the mother of his children, what will he do? I am feeling that with our antics the past few months, that he might just use this as a way to beat the shit out of us and make it look like heís doing it because weíre in the wrestling business. Shit, then again, maybe they are all going to do to me like Dollface and the Cure did to Ani? Dollface is going to pop a squat on a post while Mr and Mrs Black beat up the first Mrs Black. Talk about a “This is Us” episode. She laughs lightly. Speaking of my “This is Us”.. Anicka. You know what to expect, these people, these fans, they didnít get to see Anicka Swan the early days, they didnít get to see you crying in tears after taking a 12 hour beating in the Church. They didnít get to see as you were molded and shaped into the fighter you are now. Has the pupil overcome the teacher? I guess we will find out if we step into the ring. Do try to give as many pointers to Apathy as you can, you and Vincent are probably the only ones who actually know my weaknesses. Then again, might not have to worry about the two of you, since youíve got to make it through Brandon Moore and Shawn Warstein. She puffs the blunt a couple times and then smiles.

That was for you, Brandon. Congrats to you and Michelle with the baby coming up. It really does change your whole life. It changed mine, a lot of people think it made me softer and weaker, but it did just the opposite. Made me stronger, made me have to think about something other than myself, it made me have to grow up and stop acting like an overgrown child. Which is what Brandon acts like sometimes, heís that one dude that sits in the corner whoís watched too many scary movies and everyone thinks is weird, but he uses it as a shield, because heís afraid, not of the darkness mambo jumbo he claims to have inside, but heís afraid of the light he may carry within. My only hope is, he doesnít bring down Shawn. Shawnís been doing good since he stepped into FIGHT!, good enough to win a match up against me and Vhodka Marie, nah, not even with theÖ Big Dog Dub-Dub GOAT God himself. She thinks for a moment. I think I got everything BMoore has called himself the past year alone. Anyway, good luck Shawn, if you make it to have to face off against Vhodka and I, youíre damned sure going to need it.

She crushed the blunt back out and closed the drawer again.

PMont and Dickie Watson. I really donít have any beef with you, Dickie. Youíre a damned good wrestler and anyone out there saying otherwise is a liar. Good enough to carry olí PMont, I donít know. But I wish you the best of luck with it. Just know what if you make it to Vhodka Marie and I, youíre going to wish you had another partner and be someplace else. Vhodka might have no beef or issues with PMont, but I do. Man, why havenít you helped your brother out? He is still doing the same shit he was doing back in 2005. Step 1.. Enter fed. Step 2.. Claim another man’s wife and children and try to ruin their lives over ratings. Think about how you would feel if someone coming out against Alexis? Wouldnít you feel like Dane and want to punch a mother fucker out? I know I would, him and his mouth running brother.

She looked around the room one last time doing a mental checklist just to make sure that she had everything that she could possibly need for the trip.

You know, I am not exactly sure what Vincent sees in Asher? Maybe itís the same thing that I saw in Ani all those years ago? A raw talent just below the surface that just needs the right person to take a polishing cloth and turn them into something that could be considered an unstoppable force in the ring. She smiled a little. Of course, that might not help Druscilla right now, when she needs him the most. But after the last tag team partner she had, at least itís a step in the right direction. Maybe she will have a chance and a shot this time?

She smiles.

So many different ways all these matches could go and it really all depends on whether or not each of the teams can work together as a team. She laughs lightly. Weíre all going to lose, some losing harder than others.

With a wink, she turned and made her way through the bedroom room and back through the foyer where she dropped her bags, time to get her wild bunch on the road.

Toxic, loud and obnoxious FIGHT! NYC’s toxic
With that, rock your block Shit
Toxic, popping more lip. We love to talk shit
Rocking you block with that straight out the block shit, Toxic

The flight had been an interesting one, VooDoo, the kids, Roger and the Prestons flew from New York to Parts Unknown to pick up Damon, Jenna and the twins. Before Damon even got on the plane, he had pulled Allison and Dane aside and spoke to them. Not sure if Damon was aware the wind carried some of the conversation, but Allison knows her father loves her and believes her and Dane knows Damon still sees him as his son in law and part of the family. Dane and Allison, those two were a hot mess; VooDoo caught the both of them looking at the other when they thought no one was looking. VooDoo just wanted to bang the both of their heads together for being stupid; VooDoo stands with Allison; she doesnít believe that test. She thinks the both of them were stupid to believe that the other cheated on each other because then they DID cheat on each other and really fucked things up. Dane looked like all he wanted to do was hold her in his arms and tell her everything would be okay and Allison looked like all she wanted was for Dane to take her in his arms and tell her everything would be okay. Maybe there is hope?


When the mini bus pulled up to the docks, all of the kids went crazy; it was just like VooDoo had described it. It was a pirate ship, although just a tad bit smaller than the normal ones that sailed the seven seas. The owner of the mermaid tails company and the photographer were already there. The photographers crew had already set up camera equipment both in and outside of the water and were basically waiting on their models. As soon as the door to the bus opened the kidsí made a mad dash to the docks but were reigned back in by a loud whistle that echoed across the river that came from Rogerís lips and the words “I beg your pardon.” slip from Vooís mouth. Everyone in the group stopped except for Jenna, who continued walking down to the dock holding her grandkids hands.

Anyone else scared to move? Damon looked around.

Glad I am not the only one. Roger said feeling a little better.

Will you stop it? VooDoo chuckled and rolled her eyes as the kids came running back. Surely everyone didnít forget their bags? The kids ran to the back of the mini bus where the driver had opened the back door. Make sure to grab an extra bag while youíre in there so you donít forget next time.

They were 6 hours into the photo shoot and everyone had been taking a break while waiting for the male model to play the pirate to show and finish the shoot. The kids were all on the deck of the ship with Jenna and Damon, who had dished out some snacks to hold them over until dinner. For the past hour, VooDoo sat on the dock wearing a dark tail highlighted in orange on the lower half and on the upper half she was dressed as a pirate. She waved and smiled at the boats that went past them along the river as the occupants waved or took pictures, parents pointing her out to their kids. VooDoo, despite all appearances, was wishing the shoot was over. She had paid the owners extra to let them have six extra guests for the night because VooDoo thought it would be great for the kids to spend the night on the pirate ship, especially while they still thought things like pirates and mermaids were cool. Voo, I am so sorry about this. I have no idea where this guy is. I swear, itís what happens when you use someone who you donít know.

Donít worry about it. VooDoo put on a smile. Think one of your guys would be able to substitute?

Actually, I am thinking one of yours. He pointed up to Roger, who was up with the kids. Heís got the longest hair. Danny! Ricky! Come help move VooDoo down on the little beach by the riverís edge. I need to go talk to a cowboy about becoming a pirate.

An hour later after every possible picture of VooDoo and Roger together in and out of the water, even under the water, VooDoo, Roger and the photographer resurfaced and he began giving more instructions. Okay, this last shot.. Youíre going to kiss as you slowly float to the surface.

Excuse me? Roger had to make sure that he heard the man right.

Beg your pardon? She, too, wanted to make sure she had heard his words.


EEEEWWWW. Collectively echoed from the twins.

What? Marie looked back and forth between the twins.

He wants our mom and your dad to kiss. Marie wrinkled up her nose. Thatís gross.

Thank you, peanut gallery. VooDoo shot at the kids. She looked at Roger, who looked right back at her. Both of them had the same face reflecting the same question, what should they do? Letís just get this over with.

And with that the three of them went back beneath the water, all meeting as deep as they could get. The photographer motioned them both together as he got ready to snap the pictures. Roger wrapped his arms around her waist and she wrapped her arms around his neck and then they slowly leaned in, closing their eyes, and pressed their lips together and slowly floated to the surface. Once they broke the surface, they quickly let go of each other. Are you two related or something? No, why?

You kissed like you were brother and sister. He looked back and forth between the two of them. VooDoo, youíre a mermaid, youíve used your voice and your beauty to seduce a man to his death. Roger, you condemned yourself to death, just to be able to taste her lips once. There should be passion, fire.

VooDoo and Roger stared awkwardly at each other for a moment as their family and friends made slick comments here and there. Letís just do this and get our public humiliation over with.

A few more breaths of air and everyone was back under the water, and this time, VooDoo and Roger gave the photographer just what he wanted. There was passion, there was heatÖ and when their lips finally parted after they surfaced, still holding on to each other as they
stared at each other for a moment; both wondering where in the hell that came from. Then they realized that everyone was staring at them in silence because they had kissed way longer than what was needed or had been expected. VooDoo pushed herself away from Roger and cleared her throat and started over to the docks.

I hope that was more believable. From the deck of the ship, Damon watched all of this with both hands digging into the railing as he clenched up his jaw over and over. Beside him, his wife, Jenna smiled a little and rested her head against his shoulder and patted him on the arm. She knew the type of bond that he and VooDoo shared and even after Voo and Vinís divorce, wasnít worried about it or threatened by it, not even when the tabloids were saying that it was only a matter of time before Damon left her. Itíll be okay, love.

He finally looked at his wife and gave her a half smile as he thought, it better be.

We infiltrate your chromosomes, No clone
Our DNA has got a strain Of its own
And it’s Toxic.